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2014. Crimea is not Polynesia!

There is such aphorism: история teaches that no one learns from the mistakes of others. In part, this is correct: knowledge is not transmitted sexually, every letter of the documents has to be rethought, in the light of new circumstances proposed by the world agenda. The history of the now living peoples and ancient civilizations sometimes gives us a ready-made scenario, a template that rulers will realize (or reject).

In December, the 1835 of the year (historically accurate time, almost yesterday on the time scale), on the Chatham Archipelago, which is approximately 500 kilometers from New Zealand, the independent existence of a local Moriori people that lasted for hundreds of years came to an unexpected and terrible end. 19 On November, a ship arrived with a team of 500 Maori warriors armed with rifles, clubs and axes. 5 December of the same year came the second ship, which brought another 400 reinforcement man. The detachments of the soldiers who had landed, bypassing the villages of the Marioryan villages, announced to the inhabitants that from that time on they were becoming Maori slaves, and killed those who dared to object. Organized resistance at this stage could have put an end to the threat of capture and enslavement, since the number of Moriori was twice as great as the invaders. However, on Chatham they are accustomed to settling conflicts amicably. Gathered at the council, the Moriori decided not to resist, but to offer peace, good relations and a fair division of resources.

Moriori did not have time to bring their proposal to the conquerors - even before they attacked them with all the troops. Over the next few days, Maori killed hundreds of islanders, consuming the bodies of many for a victorious meal, and the rest were turned into slavery and in a few years almost killed Moriorians without exception, taking the habit of taking the lives of their new slaves at the slightest whim. According to the recollections of the Moriorian who escaped, “Maori began to slaughter us like sheep ... we fled to the forest in horror, hid in holes, underground and everywhere where we could hide from the enemy. But in vain, because we were found and killed indiscriminately men, women, children ”(isn’t it, eyewitness messages vividly resemble pictures from the Warsaw ghetto under the Nazis). One of the participants of the attack explained: “We captured this land ... according to our custom, we captured everyone, not one left from us. Some fled - these we killed, and not only these. But so what? After all, so says our custom.

Such a brutal outcome of the Maori clash with Moriori could be easily foreseen, Moriori were a small tribe of hunter-gatherers isolated in the ocean, with the simplest technique and weaponscompletely devoid of combat experience, costing no cruel leadership and organization. Maori invaders from the New Zealand's North Island, on the contrary, grew up in a densely populated agricultural area whose inhabitants fought among themselves unceasing fierce wars, used more advanced equipment and weapons, were accustomed to strict command and military subordination. It is not surprising that when these two populations came into contact with each other, it was Maori that was brutally cracked down on Moriori, and not vice versa. Similar tragedies occurred before and after, in modern and ancient history, when well-armed warriors won crushing victories over a numerous, poorly armed mob. But one circumstance makes the sad lesson of the Maori-Morioria conflict particularly vivid: both groups were descended from a common root and separated from each other in history less than a thousand years before the events described. Both tribes belonged to the Polynesian family. Initially, the descendants of the Polynesians colonized New Zealand (approximately in 1000 AD), then some of these Maori colonized the Chatham archipelago in turn and began calling themselves Moriori, leading a rather full life and little anxiety to the problems of survival.

Let us return to the winter of 2014 of the year, to the Crimea, and imagine a situation where Russian troops look blankly at the arrival at the stations of the “Friendship Train” from mainland Ukraine filled with armed fans of football teams infected with pro-fascist ideas. The troops received orders not to interfere "in the internal affairs of Ukraine and to strengthen guard duty." I think it would take a very little time for Friends of Fans fans to put down cuckers and throw down herbivore deliverers of apartments and sellers of cooked corn to the sea who dared to doubt the thesis “Ukraine above the whisker”. Any bleatings about the rule of law would be nipped in the bud. 21 February 2014 of the year in Simferopol rally of supporters of independence and opponents of European integration numbered about 2000 people. Approximately the same number was counted by the unarmed “Antimaydan” in Odessa, recall that this 2 confrontation ended on May 2014goda with the tragedy in the House of Trade Unions, a tragedy similar in its cruelty to Khatyn. According to Official Data, 214 people suffered and more than 50 died. The subsequent reaction of the authorities and Maidan activists against the “anti-Maidan” put an end to the pro-Russian movement in Odessa for many years. All that was missing was the Polynesian ritual of eating human meat to the camera, although the press and the Internet of Ukraine were full of jokes on this subject.

Let us say more: the regular formations of the protection of the rule of law of an individual, medium-sized or small city are not able to solve the problem posed in interethnic clashes. 9 May 2014 of the irregular fascist detachments of the Ukrainian junta attacked the city of Mariupol and completely burned down the police department of Mariupol, killing 46 police and more 100 civilians.

Arriving at the seizure of Mariupol were in camouflage and balaclava, armed with automatic weapons. Having simulated the delivery of the detainee (the role of the detainee was performed by one of the arrivals in civilian clothes), they were able to deceive the person on duty and broke into the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Only towards evening, having met fierce resistance from the city militia, the nationalist units left the city.

We also say that in the new Russian history there was a difficult episode when 14-19 June 1995 195 terrorist group of people led by Shamil Basayev took hostage more than 1600 residents of the town of Budyonnovsk, who were driven to a local hospital. Those who refused to go were shot. Local police tried to resist the terrorists, but almost all were killed. As a result of the armed seizure of hostages in Budennovsk, 129 people died (including 18 police officers and 17 military personnel), 415 people received gunshot wounds of varying severity. Neither the Beslan militiamen in the 2004 year, nor the Nazran militiamen in the same 2004 year, could not hold back the terrorist detachments.

As for the reaction of the “world community”, we should not forget that the Australian fishing ship, accidentally entering Chatham on the way to New Zealand, brought the New Zealanders the news about the islands, “where there are plenty of fish and shellfish, the lakes are teeming with eels, and the land is overgrown with karaoke ... There are a lot of islanders, but they don’t know how to fight, and they don’t have weapons. ” Of these News it was enough that 900 Maori gathered in a short time and went for easy prey to Chatham. The world practically did not notice this.

From the above, we can make a logical conclusion: in the 2014 year, Crimea avoided the Polynesian scenario solely due to the vigorous actions of the Russian army and the resolute will of the country's political leadership.
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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee April 10 2018 05: 51
    Crimea escaped the invasion, and Donbass is still in the fight! Courage and resilience!
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 10 2018 05: 59
    As long as there is Nazi-Fashington power unnecessary, I will be provocation both against Crimeans, and against Russians, and all of Russia.
  3. bald
    bald April 10 2018 06: 09
    In conclusion, at the end of the article, not a word about the people.
    1. Vard
      Vard April 10 2018 06: 15
      And the conclusion is simple ... If you want to live ... Have the will to protect yourself and your loved ones ...
      1. bald
        bald April 10 2018 06: 30
        Everything is correct, which is shown by the example of DLNR.
      2. Mih1974
        Mih1974 April 10 2018 19: 36
        Wrong - You need to kill those who thought that they could kill you !!!! am The severed heads of aggression at the peaks along the borders - sober up “random” warriors very well. good
        "A good ukrofashist is a dead ukrofashist." soldier
  4. Lev Bronsch
    Lev Bronsch April 10 2018 09: 07
    I read and wonder ... Rallies in Simferopol is 2000 people gathered, and on both sides ?? Aftir, at those rallies under 30 was under 000 in Sevastopol. And 50 was in Odessa, the city of a millionaire, by the way! And the 000 millionth Donetsk brought 2000-1,5 thousand to the street. And there simply WASN’T any pro-Russian there, in Odessa and Donetsk, from the word there WASN’T at all! People came out to rallies a little thinking about the fate of their country, Ukraine. People who could look at 5 moves forward and see that formal consolidation of the colony status for Ukraine DOES NOT give anything good to Ukrainians. This pro-Ukrainian rallies were !! And in the Crimea, yes, massive and pro-Russian! Therefore, the residents of Crimea and military assistance was provided !! And to whom to provide it in Odessa, Kharkov (and there they seized the building of the Regional State Administration), Donetsk ??? Everyone wanted to live there in Ukraine, just absolutely a large part of the population wanted to live in a formalized colony country, for some reason thinking / believing that they would pour buns and "wealth" for it. But the scanty part of the population foresaw the consequences of such a course and was against it. They didn’t talk about Russia at all !! Well, it’s logical that this minuscule was crushed, and in the “best traditions” of the OUN-UPA. Actually, what were they waiting for ?? But for those who directly and massively turned for help to a neighboring state and expressed a clear desire to be in this state, the help was provided !!! Actually different how? Or do you call to interfere in the internal dispute of fans of "conciliar and indivisible", some of whom scream "get a view of Moscow", while others persuade them "but let's trade with everyone, and keep figs in their pockets" ??? It may be interesting to you, but it is too far from the interests of Russia. That's the whole answer ....
    And yes, it’s a pity that people burned, killed, tortured. But are these the only forcibly killed in this world ??? Or do you somehow selectively pity people?
    1. Antares
      Antares April 10 2018 14: 59
      Quote: Lev Bronsch
      And 2000 was in Odessa, the city of a millionaire, by the way!

      Well, yes ... he was like that on Kulikovo on March 23. There were 2 thousand
      And it was in early March (about 10 thousand) and was March 16
      The March 16 rally on Kulikovo Field, dedicated to the referendum in Crimea, gathered from 20 to 30 thousand people and was the most massive protest rally in Odessa over the past quarter century. This despite the fact that last Sunday the weather was disgusting - a very strong wind was blowing, it was cold.

      In Odessa, there were Russian flags, both Ukrainian and Odessa.

      I have the impression that the inhabitants of Crimea create an effect, that Crimea has been reduced, and there all of them are Russian, and the rest are obviously pulling 3 grades in Russian. It’s just that someone needed a base and they supported it. Without military "polite" the author said to you that they would have dispersed everything. And not because all the inhabitants are so "Russian" but in other places such "non-Russian".
      Judging by the latest events, the “Russians” had no relation to the Crimean theme. And in general, the "Russian" can be traded in cases of something. But there are no Gazprom interests.
      1. samarin1969
        samarin1969 April 10 2018 17: 22
        A worthy answer to Bronche from Antares. hi
        Donbass, Kharkov, Odessa were no less pro-Russian than Crimea ... Khodakovsky recently wrote something that can be believed. The Kremlin’s plans did not have a place for New Russia under any circumstances ... Since April 2014, the barrel of honey of the Russian Spring was half filled with tar. am ...Alas.
        1. E_V_N
          E_V_N April 12 2018 22: 01
          Quote: samarin1969
          Donbass, Kharkov, Odessa were no less pro-Russian than Crimea ... Khodakovsky recently wrote something that can be believed. The Kremlin’s plans did not have a place for New Russia under any circumstances ... Since April 2014, the barrel of honey of the Russian Spring was half filled with tar.

          And here you are wrong. Crimea was about Russian for 2 reasons. Crimea has always been a health resort and the Russians went there to rest and always settled.
          2. In Sevastopol, there was a Black Sea Fleet base, Russian military personnel, and local service personnel lived at the expense of the base. The retirees remained in the Crimea. At the time of the events, 25 Russian troops were in the Crimea. “Polite people”, it’s just that the special forces had the task of preventing unrest and attacks on military facilities as was practiced in Western Ukraine. And they didn’t enter him there, he was always there, he was just taken to the streets. But in the Donbass, none of this happened.
          Donbass is an industrial area, but the Russians didn’t go there to work or rest. There were no Russian troops there, and there was no legal possibility of introducing them there either.
          That's because of this mental difference in population, the presence of officially located Black Sea Fleet troops, the possibility of holding a legitimate referendum (do not forget that Crimea is an Autonomous Republic with its government and parliament. I emphasize AUTONOMOUS). and happened, what happened.
          PS Of course, the West is trying not to recognize the referendum, but everyone understands that the referendum is legal and legitimate. Even the UN could not declare the illegitimacy of the referendum.
      2. gurzuf
        gurzuf April 10 2018 17: 41
        Your impression is not correct.
      3. Lev Bronsch
        Lev Bronsch April 10 2018 18: 21
        Emotions speak in you, and the interests of any state require you to rely on facts. Actually, where do I write that in Odessa, Kharkov and ... there are no Russians? They are there, but basically they are people who want to live in Ukraine. As well as Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles and ... in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania where regimes are created that are very close to neo-Nazism. Yes, local Nazis do not cross the last line (yet?), But do non-titular nations live there? They live. They are satisfied, of course, the EU, a less expensive life than in other countries, they ride around Europe to earn money. Well, actually, all the dreams of the Russians and others there ... So in Ukraine they dream about the same thing - the status of the official colony and Europeans feed us! :)) And the Russians in Ukraine quite tolerate all the tricks of the escape for the sake of these "magical prospects". So judge for yourself, for the sake of whom and why to harness in a real war not the most powerful and stable power (Russia), moreover, with a bunch of real internal problems?
    2. Nick
      Nick April 10 2018 17: 23
      Quote: Lev Bronsch
      I read and wonder ... Rallies in Simferopol it turns out 2000 people collected, and on both sides ?? Aftir, at those rallies under 30 000 was also under 50 000 in Sevastopol.

      Well, he is a humanist! There is a problem with mathematics, I got confused with zeros ... fool fool hi
    3. Petrol cutter
      Petrol cutter April 10 2018 21: 31
      . "People who could look at the 2 moves forward and see that formal consolidation of the colony status for Ukraine does not give anything good to Ukrainians. These were pro-Ukrainian rallies !! But in Crimea, yes, mass and pro-Russian! Therefore, the military was given to the inhabitants of Crimea help!! "
      Well done. Everything is correctly said. I confirm.
      The only thing I’ll add on my own is that they, too, didn’t become pro-Russian directly on the first day, since until the last moment there was no full confidence that the Russian Federation would support us. Very "dumb" situevina was. Until they confirmed that Moscow gives Good. And even more than that. hi
  5. antivirus
    antivirus April 10 2018 10: 17
    Yes, there wouldn’t be enough self-defense units

    antivirus 2 June 19, 2017 10:20 | Crimean border: 168 kilometers of torment arc
    As for the Crimeans, for them a visit to Ukraine is a difficult and sometimes very dangerous quest. Those who at one time renounced Ukrainian citizenship officially and handed in a “passport with a trident” have no options in principle.
    -what did before the referendum. how did you live?
    - nothing. any hunting cartridges bought
  6. midshipman
    midshipman April 10 2018 10: 34
    Gennady, you forgot to mention the leading role of the Cossacks volunteers, who quickly indicated a place for the Nazis from the two Druzhba trains. Remember how they ran?
  7. Glory1974
    Glory1974 April 10 2018 11: 02
    Crimea in 2014 year escaped the Polynesian scenario solely due to the active actions of the Russian army and the decisive will of the country's political leadership.

    In general, the article has the correct analogies. In our civilized world, all the husk of decency can fly off very quickly and the Middle Ages can begin, or even worse.
    Therefore, the powder must be kept dry, but do not forget about the people. If we tried to act in the Donbass, as in the Crimea, then, as the militias themselves said, they would have to fight on the side of the Armed Forces against us.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco April 10 2018 12: 25
      Quote: glory1974
      In general, the article has the correct analogies.

      The most important thing in my opinion is this quote, which was bypassed by commentary.
      . However, Chatham is used to amicably settling conflicts. Gathered for advice, Moriori decided not to resist, but to offer peace, good relations and a fair sharing of resources.

      Everything is as we have today, I mean Russia, the Attack in Salisbury, Syria, Ukraine with the capture, well, and we are in quote. Do we have enough patience for us, and for those who are trying to devour us? Who will be the first to eat?
  8. Alex_59
    Alex_59 April 10 2018 11: 06
    From the above, we can make a logical conclusion: in the 2014 year, Crimea avoided the Polynesian scenario solely due to the vigorous actions of the Russian army and the resolute will of the country's political leadership.
    It seems to me that such a conclusion is aimed at causing resentment among Crimeans, i.e. anti-patriotic article. Compare Crimeans with Maoi ... Author, I'm sorry, but I extremely disagree culturally. The Crimeans themselves defended their choice, and only thanks to this the intervention of the Russian army became possible. Those. The Russian leadership took this step only with the full support of the population. At the same time, before these events, all 25 years of the Ukrainian history of Crimea, the Russian authorities almost did not work with the population, did not campaign and prepare people for a possible return (although it was clear to anyone, even in Kiev, that such a return would sooner or later be on the agenda) . In 2014, the authorities reacted to a spontaneously developed extreme situation - this is the main problem of our authorities. They did not create this situation themselves; they did not prepare it and did not manage it. For a politician, this is a failure.
  9. Opera
    Opera April 10 2018 12: 03
    Quote: Lev Bronsch
    I read and wonder ... Rallies in Simferopol it turns out 2000 people collected, and on both sides ?? Aftir, at those rallies under 30 000 was also under 50 000 in Sevastopol.

    So it was!
    1. Genko
      April 10 2018 13: 27
      Mention is only about one day - February 21 and only in Simferopol.
  10. izya top
    izya top April 10 2018 16: 47
    the author seems to make excuses belay for what?! request
  11. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter April 10 2018 21: 06
    "From all of the above, a logical conclusion can be made: Crimea in 2014 escaped the Polynesian scenario solely thanks to the active actions of the Russian army and the decisive will of the country's political leadership.
    Posted by: Gennady Generallenko "
    And who is arguing ?! I always hinted at it as transparently as possible. And always said, many human thanks for that.
  12. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 April 12 2018 22: 42
    So what then did the Maori people do when they killed (bloodthirsty cattle) everyone nearby and on the side? Did they stay on this island, or did they continue on a pie in a truncated composition?
    It seems to me that these cannibals devoured each other, the only shorts on all of them is the flag, and next to them are our pretzels from "House-2". The natives are hiding all the time and pissing on a palm leaf. They were not more terrible than these creatures, although they ate many in their lifetime.
  13. Piligrim
    Piligrim April 13 2018 15: 30
    It seemed to me that the author expressed a simple thought - "The world is not a quantitative concept, but a qualitative one." The fate of Xnumx rams can be determined by Xnumx wolves. And then draw your own conclusions. Who assigns what role to himself will be there in the end.
  14. Sevastopol-Crimea
    Sevastopol-Crimea April 13 2018 17: 59
    A provocative article, there would be almost 100% support of the people, there would be no "polite people."

    Apartment owners and boiled corn sellers ....