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The tragedy of Soviet prisoners of war

The tragedy of Soviet prisoners of war

One of the worst pages stories World War II - this is the fate of Soviet prisoners. In this war of extermination, the words "captivity" and "death" became synonymous. Based on the goals of the war, the German leadership would prefer not to take prisoners at all. They explained to the officers and soldiers that the prisoners are “subhumans”, the eradication of which “serves progress,” besides, there will be no need to feed extra mouths. There are many indications that the soldiers were ordered to shoot all Soviet soldiers, with rare exceptions, not to allow "human treatment of prisoners." The soldiers carried out these instructions with German thoroughness.

Many unscrupulous researchers accuse the Soviet army of low combat efficiency, comparing the losses of the parties in the war. But they miss or do not specifically pay attention to the fact of the magnitude of the killings of prisoners of war directly on the battlefield and later, during the passage of people to concentration camps and their detention there. They forget about the tragedy of civilians going from east to west, who went to their recruiting stations, to the place of assembly of units. The mobilized did not want to be late, did not know anything about the situation at the front, many did not believe that the Germans could penetrate so deep into Soviet territory. Thousands and thousands were destroyed by the German Air Force, tank wedges, were captured and were shot without even getting in their hands weapons.

According to Christian Streit, a professor at the University of Heidelberg, the number of Soviet prisoners of war destroyed by Wehrmacht compounds immediately after the capture was measured by “five, if not a six-digit number.” Almost immediately, the Germans killed the political leaders ("commissars"), Jews, and the wounded. The wounded Red Army men were killed right on the battlefield or in hospitals that did not have time to evacuate.

The terrible fate of the female military. Wehrmacht soldiers received instructions, in which they were ordered to destroy not only “Russian commissars”, but also Soviet women soldiers. Women of the Red Army were outlawed. De facto, by their harmfulness, they were equated with the “incarnation of evil” —commissioners and Jews. For Soviet-born girls and women wearing nursing uniforms, nurses, doctors, signalers, etc., it was much worse than death to be captured by the Nazis. The writer Svetlana Alekseevich gathered in her work “The War Doesn’t Have a Female Face” testimonies of women who have passed through the war. In her book, a lot of evidence about this terrible truth of World War II. “The Germans didn’t take prisoners of military women ... we always kept the last cartridge for ourselves - to die, but not to surrender,” one of the witnesses of the war told Alekseevich. - We got a nurse taken prisoner. A day later, when we beat off that village, we found it: eyes were gouged out, the chest was cut off ... She was put on a stake ... Frost, and she is white and white, and her hair is all gray. She was nineteen years old. Very beautiful…".

It was only in March 1944, when it became clear to many in the Wehrmacht general that the war was lost and war crimes would have to be answered, an order was issued by the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces (RCC), according to which the captured “Russian women prisoners of war” should be sent after checking by the Security Service in a concentration camp. Up to this point, women simply destroyed.

Methods of destruction commissioners planned in advance. If political workers were captured on the battlefield, they were ordered to be liquidated “no later than in the transit camps”, and if in the rear they were transferred to Einsatz commands. Those Red Army men who were “lucky” and were not killed on the battlefield had to go through more than one circle of hell. The Nazis did not provide assistance to the wounded and sick soldiers, the prisoners were taken by prisoners to the west. On the day they could be forced to go 25-40 km. Meals gave very little - 100 grams of bread per day, and even then not always, not everyone had enough of it. They shot at the slightest disobedience, killed those who could not walk anymore. During the convoy, the Germans did not allow local residents to feed prisoners, beat people, Soviet soldiers who tried to take bread, shot them. The roads where the columns of prisoners passed were simply littered with their corpses. These “death marches” fulfilled the main goal - to destroy as many “Slavic subhumans” as possible. During successful campaigns in the West, the Germans transported numerous French and British prisoners exclusively by rail and road.

Everything was thought out very well. In a rather short period of time, healthy people turned into half-corpses. After capturing the prisoners for some time kept in a temporary camp, where selective executions, lack of medical care, normal nutrition, crowding, illness, weakened people, broke their will to resist. Exhausted, broken people were sent further down the stage. There were many ways to "thin out" the ranks of prisoners. Before the new stage, prisoners could be forced to make a “march” several times at any time of the year and weather. Those who fell and could not stand the “exercise” were shot. The rest were driven further. Often arranged mass executions. So, in the middle of October 1941, a massacre occurred on the Yartsevo-Smolensk section of the road. The guards without a reason began to shoot the prisoners, the others were driven into the broken tanks standing by the road, which were poured with fuel and set on fire. Those who tried to jump out were immediately shot. Under Novgorod-Seversky, during the convoy of a convoy of prisoners of Red Army, the Nazis separated about 1 thousand people sick and weakened, placed in a barn and burned alive.

People were killed almost constantly. They killed the sick, weakened, wounded, recalcitrant, to reduce the number, just for fun. Einsatzgruppen and sonderkommando SD in the transit camps conducted the so-called. "The selection of prisoners of war." The essence of it was simple - all the recalcitrant and suspicious were destroyed (subjected to "execution"). The selection principles for the “executions” were different, often different from the preferences of the particular commander of the Einsatkommando. Some made the selection for the elimination of "racial characteristics." Others sought out Jews and Jews. The third destroyed representatives of intelligentsia, commanders. For a long time they killed all Muslims, circumcision did not speak and in their favor. Officers were shot, because the overwhelming majority refused to cooperate. There were so many things to be destroyed that the guarding of the camps and the Einsatzgroup did not cope with the “work”. Soldiers from nearby formations were attracted to "executions." And they gladly responded to such proposals, there was no shortage of volunteers. The military was strongly encouraged for executions and murders of Soviet citizens. They were given holidays, raised, even allowed to celebrate with military awards.

Part of the prisoners was taken to the Third Reich. In stationary camps, new methods of mass destruction of people were tested on them. The first few hundred prisoners arrived at the Auschwitz concentration camp in July 1941. These were the tankers, they were the first who were destroyed in the German death camps. Then came the new party. In the fall of 1941, Soviet soldiers captured the technology of killing with the help of Cyclone-B gas for the first time. There is no exact data on how many POWs were liquidated in the Reich. But the scale is terrifying.

The arbitrary killings of Soviet prisoners were legalized. The only one who was indignant against these actions was Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of the intelligence and counterintelligence department. At the end of September 1941, the chief of staff of the Supreme Command of the German armed forces, Wilhelm Keitel, received a document where the admiral expressed fundamental disagreement with the “Rules” regarding prisoners of war. Canaris believed that the order was drawn up in general terms and leads to "arbitrary lawlessness and murder." In addition, this situation was not only contrary to the law, but also common sense, led to the decomposition of the armed forces. Canaris’s statement was ignored. Field Marshal Keitel put the following statement on him: “Reflections correspond to the soldiers' notions about the knightly war! Here we are talking about the destruction of the world. Therefore, I approve of these events and support them. ”

Hunger was one of the most effective methods that allowed to destroy people by the masses. Only in the fall in the camps for prisoners of war began to build barracks, before that, most were kept in the open. At the same time 19 of September 1941 of the year at a meeting with the head of the army’s supply and equipment, it was established that 150 prisoners could be accommodated in barracks designed for 840 people.

In the autumn of 1941, the Nazis began to transport masses of prisoners by rail. But from this the death rate only increased. Mortality in shipments reached 50-100%! Such high efficiency in the destruction of "subhumans" was achieved by the basic principle of transportation: in the summer, people were transported in tightly closed wagons; in winter - on open platforms. The cars were filled to the maximum, they were not supplied with water. A train from the 30 cars arrived at the Most station in November when not a single living person discovered them. About 1500 corpses were unloaded from the train. All the dead were in the same underwear.

In February, 1942 of the year, at a meeting in the military economy management of OKW, the director of the labor administration department reported the following figures: from 3,9 million Russians who were at the disposal of the Germans, only 1,1 million remained. Thus, only in November 1941 - January 1942 yy approximately 500 thousand died. This is not only the Red Army, but also other Soviet people who were driven into prison camps. In addition, we must take into account the fact that hundreds of thousands were killed immediately after the battle, were killed during the escort to the camps.

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  1. Prometey
    Prometey April 28 2012 08: 14
    If anyone has not read it, I recommend K. Vorobyov's story "This is us, Lord!" about the stay of a Soviet officer in Nazi captivity. When I read it for the first time, I was simply shocked how people could withstand all this, and NOT people do this. And about the transportation of prisoners in stinking wagons is also described - where people died of dysentery and went crazy with stench and thirst.
    Until now, it does not fit in the mind how our people could endure and defeat all this.
    1. Dobrokhod Sergey
      Dobrokhod Sergey April 28 2012 09: 35
      Quote: Prometey
      Until now, it does not fit in the mind how our people could endure and defeat all this.

      This is probably why I managed to win. The West made a conclusion and now ... without firing a single shot, but only promoting "Western values".
      1. zlibeni
        zlibeni April 28 2012 09: 43
        It is especially sad that these people, by the will of Stalin, were also traitors and from German captivity they fell into a Soviet concentration camp.
        1. Skills
          April 28 2012 10: 12
          It is a myth. For example, read the chapter - Truth and Lies about Soviet POWs. In the work of I. Pykhalov. Great obolgannaya war. People were checked in special camps, the overwhelming majority of them returned home, were sent to the army, industry. Arrested was a small minority.
        2. Prometey
          Prometey April 28 2012 10: 35
          There were such cases, but the fact that former prisoners of war were sent straight from concentration camps to Soviet camps was false propaganda, as well as the fact that after German captivity a person was declared an enemy of the people. My great-grandfather was twice captured during the war. The first time he escaped during the crossing and the spacecraft returned again. The second time he was captured in 1944 shell-shocked and was sent to Germany, freed in 1945 by the Americans. Checked by the NKVD, then was sent to live in the Urals with his family.
          1. btsypulin
            btsypulin April 28 2012 13: 51
            My grandfather was also in captivity twice, he fled both times, yes, he passed the test, it was necessary at that time, but he never was in the camps in the USSR.
          2. rexby63
            rexby63 April 28 2012 15: 10
            My uncle was held captive. He worked for a bauer. In the 45th, in March, ours freed him. Since he was a professional tanker, mechanic, they immediately put (not in a concentration camp) a tank and into battle. He also managed to earn a medal. For all the post-war time, no one, ever, either by word or half-word did not remind him of captivity.
        3. Kazak_30
          Kazak_30 April 28 2012 13: 06
          All these rumors and myths began after Khrushchev came to power! We decided to unfortunately praise the new and scold the old! But Khrushchev built his policy on the idea of ​​eradicating all of Stalin and attributing all the horrors that were and were not to the previous regime!
        4. Vladimir 70
          Vladimir 70 April 28 2012 13: 34
          Not so simple! Before the war, my grandfather was the chairman of a collective farm, was a member of the party. After the start of the war, they were not drafted into the army, they left the collective farm to evacuate. During the evacuation of the collective farm herd, they were captured by the Germans and buried their party card. "Well-wisher" handed over to the Germans, sent to a concentration camp. Liberated by Soviet troops. After being released, SMESH members were "shaking" for more than two years, didn't beat, 35 km had to go to the regional center to the investigators. After the investigation, they again appointed the collective farm chairman in the same village. I wanted to recover in the party, they said you’ll dig out a party card, no questions! Where he is, I'm in the forest. dig out after so many years? He remained the non-partisan chairman until they sent a young man with education (at the 2nd grade of education) .... Yes, he was not a veteran, so he did not receive grain on the collective farm by May 9, like the other veterans, but this is already under Brezhnev ..
        5. The centurion
          The centurion April 28 2012 13: 35
          Quote: zlibeni
          It is especially sad that these people, by the will of Stalin, were also traitors and from German captivity they fell into a Soviet concentration camp.

          Complete enemy nonsense. From the German captivity they did not get to the concentration camp, but to the filtration camp, where they were dealt with. Part of the tried, traitors, informers, camp administration, capo, oberkapo, etc. My father said that a significant part of the prisoners later went to the completion, including their army. Another thing is that many were exhausted and ill and unfit for military service. A significant part was sent to the labor army.
          This case had a downside. He said that before 44, he would not recall cases of the brutal treatment of our soldiers with German prisoners, but then there were. The fact is that during the liberation of Belarus, soldiers from the occupied territories and former military prisoners appeared in the army. Some were simply brutalized, especially former prisoners. They simply physically couldn’t look at a living German and .... It came to the point that former prisoners were forbidden to escort German prisoners to the assembly point, for some reason they always died when they tried to escape.
        6. rexby63
          rexby63 April 28 2012 15: 05
          The gaps are bigger. We have four men from the village who were captured. One, judging by the reviews of witnesses, also worked on the chances. So no one was planted after the war. But Solzhenitsyn's cooking is already tired of hearing and reading.
        7. smile
          smile April 28 2012 18: 20
          Oh, again you put your piece of poop? At all times, in all the armies of the world, people who were captured were filtered. Sometimes very fast, sometimes not. Of course, until the end of the audit they were kept under surveillance in a special filtration camp. The percentage of those charged was very small, but there was a high percentage of those who without any verification (in violation of all the rules of all armies of all times, countries and peoples) received a rifle immediately after release and went into battle.
          But the fact that you, sickly, by the will of not the evil Stalin, but the good Almighty were born hydrocephalus, makes you doubt the humanism of the Almighty. And for what, interestingly, did he punish you? Do not know?
        8. does it
          does it April 28 2012 22: 07
          (it is especially sad that these people, at the behest of Stalin, were also traitors and from German captivity they ended up in a Soviet concentration camp) for what are the disadvantages to him? He wrote the truth. More than half of the people from German concentration camps ended up in Soviet ones. I remember the story of a woman who, after a German concentration camp, was interrogated by an investigator and after finishing the interrogation said, "Well, you can go and go to college," to which the woman, knowing the Soviet regime, laughed right in his face at that he seriously said "you are free"
          1. rexby63
            rexby63 2 May 2012 18: 24
            If she laughed, then she didn’t know. From Solzhenitsyn and Co. fable?
      2. Col.
        Col. April 28 2012 11: 42
        Quote: Dobrokhod Sergey
        The West made a conclusion and now ... without firing a single shot, but only promoting "Western values".

        And the West did it by the hands of the Russians themselves (or rather the Russians), who have been leading the country for the last 20 years.
      3. Piligrim
        Piligrim April 28 2012 20: 46
        So what is so bad about Western values ​​that you find? Can't the world civilization offer anything for Mother Russia? Don't you see anything in common? Is it really just complete isolation and again some kind of "own way" ???
        1. nnz226
          nnz226 April 30 2012 00: 46
          and what can the western "civilization" offer? Concentration camps, invented by the British at the beginning of the 20th century in the war with the Boers, and they contained women and children? Atomic bombs on peaceful cities, albeit a belligerent country? these ki - traders did not throw a bomb on Osaka, where there were steel plants, which could undermine the industrial potential of Japan, but no - the factories decided to seize for themselves ...
          Chemical warfare agents invented in 1915? By the way, the gas mask was invented by the Russians. What else is so "democratic" from these coves from the West you can take? Democracy? So the Novgorod Veche was when no one even heard of the Charter of Liberties. The West licked 12 jurors off the laws of Russian Truth.That Russia, in order to survive after Batu, had to abandon parliamentary (veche) chatter, was a severe necessity so that we could now speak Russian, and that the Russian language did not turn into Latin. About the dirt of Europeans until the end of the 19th century, in general, there is no desire to mention, it is enough to recall the letter of the French queen Anna Yaroslavna to her father from France: "Father, where did you send me? Here the local barons stink like pigs in a barn!" Well, further down the list. It's just that those misfortunes that fell on Russia, and which she digested everything, they fell on ANY WESTERN STATE, would lead to the complete disappearance of it from the map of the world, and the language of this state, they would begin to study like Latin (a dead language). all the "advantages" of the west
    2. Ahmar
      Ahmar April 28 2012 11: 21
      and consequently it is necessary to apply the same measures to them as during the war - un ***** reap so that even thoughts do not arise to rehabilitate the Nazis and distort history!
      1. 755962
        755962 April 28 2012 11: 57
        The Slavic population of the USSR was considered by the Nazi racial doctrine as “subhuman”, the result is known.
        1. Odessa
          Odessa April 28 2012 14: 36
          The Nazis really called Russian pigs (Rashen Schweine). My grandfather, who fought in the Great Patriotic War, talked about this. And when in peacetime he started a pig, sometimes he kicked this boar and called it a bormann.
    3. does it
      does it April 28 2012 22: 05
      I accepted your recommendation! I wrote this book through the store.
    4. Cadet787
      Cadet787 1 May 2012 17: 20
      A very long time ago I was on a business trip to Weimar (then the GDR), there was a Buchenwald death camp during the Second World War, I went there on an excursion after which a documentary was shown. So the first desire after visiting this hell was to fill the face of the first Fritz that came across, otherwise today they blamed everything on their Fuhrer, and they had nothing to do with it, and do not forget what you did. And if not for our national traitors, everything stood in its place. But not yet evening ....
  2. Yarbay
    Yarbay April 28 2012 10: 15
    In general, I’m closer to prisoners of war in World War I !!
    All the same, then it seemed to me a human attitude!
    The concepts of HONOR and CONSCIENCE were not lost!
    1. Shah5525
      Shah5525 April 28 2012 13: 06
      Yes, it is unlikely that the attitude to Russian prisoners of war was then the same.
      After they defeated Samsonov's army in World War I. From the memoirs of one officer "The Germans were so kind to me that while they brought me to the camp they broke both of my wounded legs"
    2. Gamdlislyam
      Gamdlislyam April 28 2012 13: 27
      Dear colleague of Yarbay (1), you are deeply mistaken. In WW1, the Germans also did not differ in their human attitude to prisoners of war. If in relation to Russian officers the attitude was more or less acceptable, then in relation to junior ranks it was literally inhuman. More than a third of Russian prisoners of war died in German camps.
      And not only, apparently, in relation to Russian prisoners of war there was such an attitude, because after the war ended, the question arose of the prosecution of Germans for inhuman treatment of prisoners of war. But, the British and French hushed up this issue.
      1. Evgan
        Evgan April 28 2012 22: 47
        Yes, read All All Quiet on the Western Front. There is a description of how the prisoners were kept, including the Russians. But during the Second World War the Germans surpassed anyone ...
    3. Vyalik
      Vyalik April 28 2012 13: 47
      At that time, too, our prisoners did not live sweetly. Europe, although it considers itself civilized, but what they did in the First World War is somehow silent.
      1. Darn
        Darn April 28 2012 15: 09
        Yes, it’s not for nothing that such a phrase exists - woe to the vanquished.
  3. VlaSer
    VlaSer April 28 2012 11: 11
    It doesn’t fit my head how to be such beasts. Europeans, Germans ....
    -Here are true barbarians, without conscience and honor!
  4. Ahmar
    Ahmar April 28 2012 11: 20
    how can you justify these nonhumans after SUCH, to make films about "good" Germans, to arrange SS marches ..... it does not fit in my head! Obviously, the same creatures and inhumans are doing all this.

    and consequently it is necessary to apply the same measures to them as during the war - to destroy so that even thoughts do not arise to rehabilitate the Nazis and distort history!
    1. Kazak_30
      Kazak_30 April 28 2012 13: 10
      Here I am completely FOR !!!!
      Already imagine ... In Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine there are parades of former SS fighters, etc. they turn to the main square and there fighters with heavy machine guns and behind the tanks props up so that they don’t fall ... IIIIIIiiii how they cough from all the trunks .....
      Wow, the finger was combed and the pressure went up !!!
      1. Darn
        Darn April 28 2012 15: 12
        Alas, there will not be such a scenario, but fascism will have a beastly face, they’ll eat themselves up in the mud. It would be better soon.
      2. Dobrokhod Sergey
        Dobrokhod Sergey April 29 2012 16: 38
        I will serve cartridges!
  5. 755962
    755962 April 28 2012 11: 59
    JV Stalin considered prisoners to be traitors. An order signed by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of August 16, 1941 No. 270 called prisoners deserters and traitors. The families of captured commanders and political workers were subject to arrest and exile, and the families of soldiers were deprived of state benefits and assistance.
    1. Alsa74
      Alsa74 April 28 2012 12: 51
      Quote: 755962
      JV Stalin considered prisoners to be traitors.

      show me where it is written?

      I order:

      1. Commanders and political workers, during the battle, tearing off the insignia and deserting to the rear or surrendering to the enemy, consider malicious deserters whose families are to be arrested as families who have violated the oath and who have deserted their homeland.

      To oblige all senior commanders and commissioners to shoot on the spot such deserters from the commanders.

      2. The units and subunits that were encircled by the enemy selflessly fight to the last opportunity, to protect the material part, as the eyeball of the eye, to break through to their backs of the enemy troops, defeating the fascist dogs.

      To oblige each soldier, irrespective of his official position, to demand from a higher commander, if part of him is surrounded, to fight to the last possible opportunity to break through to his own, and if such a commander or part of the Red Army men prefer to surrender to the enemy instead of organizing a rebuff, - destroy by all means, both ground and air, and families of surrendered Red Army soldiers deprive the state [c.239] allowances and assistance.

      3. To oblige the commanders and commissars of divisions to immediately remove from posts the commanders of battalions and regiments hiding in the gaps during battle and who are afraid to direct the course of battle on the battlefield, reduce them ex officio as impostors, transfer them to private soldiers and, if necessary, shoot them on the spot, putting forward their place is courageous and courageous people from the junior commanders or from the ranks of distinguished Red Army men.

      The order to read in all companies, squadrons, batteries, squadrons, teams and headquarters.
      1. Pushkar
        Pushkar April 28 2012 20: 34
        In practice, order 270 was rarely applied and only until the end of 1942. My uncle disappeared in the early autumn of 1941 and only after the liberation of Minsk it became clear that on February 2, 1942 he died of hunger and cholera in the Masyukovshchina concentration camp. No repression to the family. The deceased father-in-law was captured in August 1941, released in 1944, and passed the filter into the Field Army. He ended the war in Germany. Again no repression. And 270 - it was the edge, there was nowhere else to go.
    2. Gamdlislyam
      Gamdlislyam April 28 2012 13: 42
      Dear colleague 755962 (1), you shouldn't take a word from every representative of the various de-Stalinization committees. In order not to look ridiculous, it would be worth reading this and other Orders yourself, and not in the interpretation of liberal-democratic hamsters, or representatives of Solzhenitsen's "Solidarity".
      Yes, thanks to a colleague Alsa74, I posted the contents of the Order, incl. and no need to search.
      1. 755962
        755962 April 28 2012 16: 46
        I got excited with the traitors, but what then to call deserters? Order No. 270 did not arise from scratch, it’s obvious. I’m talking about this
    3. rexby63
      rexby63 April 28 2012 17: 53

      The original order is read differently than you stated. Or did we learn different Russian languages?
    4. smile
      smile April 28 2012 18: 57
      Another hydrocephalus drew ...
      I quote:
      Information on the progress of the inspection of b / encirclement, b / prisoners of war as of October 1, 1944
      1.To check the former soldiers of the Red Army, who are captured or surrounded by the enemy. by the decision of the State Defense Commission No. 1069ss of December 27.12.41, XNUMX, special NKVD camps were created.
      Checking the soldiers of the Red Army in special camps is carried out by the SMERSH NCO departments at the NKVD special camps (at the time of the decision these were Special Divisions).
      2.Total went through special camps ... 354 592 people, including Officers 50
      3.Arrested by SMERSH - 11556
      of which 2083 enemy counterintelligence agents
      of them officers (for various crimes) - 1284 ...
      ... In the Red Army for further service, transferred - 249 416. in industry - 30 749. 51 601 are under inspection ....

      As a result, over 95% of the military personnel passed the verification safely.

      According to the Memorial Society, on March 1, 1944. after the check, 11283 people were arrested. 3.6% got on a filtration.

      In short, I will not continue. In support of my statement, I want to refer to the materials contained in the following sources (there are links to the necessary documents):
      - Pyhalov "The Great Slandered War"
      -Journal "Free thought. 1997, №9
      - Mezhenko A.V. "Prisoners of war are returning to duty" (Voennohistoricheskiy zhurnal. 1997, No. 5
      - Medinsky "War"
      - Zemskov V.N. Gulag (historical and sociological aspect) Sociological research. 1991, No. 7.
      1. 755962
        755962 April 29 2012 00: 05
        I apologize to everyone! I put it wrongly.Not prisoners, but surrendered
        1. smile
          smile April 29 2012 12: 20
          I apologize for the hydrocephalus, got angry at the one up there ...
          Surrendered - referring to those who have passed with weapons in their hands. Statistics of repression (except that they did not have benefits) against family members of military personnel who were captured for any reason are not and cannot be. Think, if each prisoner of war sends two family members to the camp ... how many millions will this be? Meanwhile, for example, in 2000, 145 million Russia in prison kept about a million, and the greatest achievement under Stalin in the USSR was about seven hundred thousand. Doesn't fit.
          1. 755962
            755962 1 May 2012 00: 02
            Then I dug up the info there is an article. "Stalin's phrase" There are no prisoners of war, there are traitors to the homeland "- FAKE" And in general for our "topwar" there is a lot of interesting things.
  6. FTALL
    FTALL April 28 2012 12: 36
    I want Victory Day to be every day! I want to see the Veterans of That Terrible War every day happy and a little drunk. I want the songs of the War Years to be played all day in parks and squares .. I want to hug each Veteran with tears in my eyes and say to him: "THANKS FOR LIFE, FATHER! IF IT WASN'T YOU, I WOULD NOT HAVE" .. then we sit down with the veteran right on the ground, we will drink vodka .. yes, for the sake of such an occasion you can !!! And sing the songs of Victory ... Then we will go with the Veteran for a walk around the jubilant city, we will eat ice cream, and I will thank him, treat him with sweets and ride on the merry-go-rounds. I want the Victory Day not to end, I want parades every day, so that my heart aches at the sight of Our Children who defeated such empires of evil, Glory to Victory, glory to grandfathers! THANKS TO GRANDFATHER FOR EVERY DAILY VICTORY !!!!
  7. Aleksys2
    Aleksys2 April 28 2012 12: 36
    You read the order and do not carry nonsense.
  8. FIMUK
    FIMUK April 28 2012 15: 46
    Dear Stalinists, you will read the Stalin Constitution, and you will understand that in the Soviet Union everything is bright and cloudless in all directions.
    In fact, the captured Soviet soldier and his family immediately became outcasts and lost all compensation.
    The same thing can be said about the order that eliminated the death medallions after 1941, we have no losses, only missing people, and traitors whose families received additional paykin pensions.
    The problem is that the orders of the Soviet nomenclature shushira are too zealous, an analogy with the Holodomor in Ukraine, if we discard the political moment, it becomes clear that the excessive zeal of the performers in 99% led to what we consider an immoral attitude to our own people.
    1. Zynaps
      Zynaps April 29 2012 00: 14
      here's the deal, citizen with FGM. if you ask you to back up your authoritative cough with some documents, you will not be able to show anything except toilet paper. as well as about the beloved Svidomo imbeciles omor. you have already been caught, overfished on falsified, when materials from starvation in the Volga region after the famous crop failure, or even photos of American farmers thrown out of their land by banks during the Great Depression, were given out for famine photos. or else the Australian historian Davis made the famous author of forgeries R. Konquist apologize for The Harvest of Sorrow, and the American Tauger made excuses for Yushchenko and his Omors.

      Quote: FIMUK
      we consider it an immoral attitude to our own people.

      who are you and what is "your own people", o phimoznik who swore allegiance to the Reich?
      1. FIMUK
        FIMUK 3 May 2012 18: 23
        that is, there was no famine in 33m, there were no Soviet prisoners, and there was nothing that was not fit into the shovels?
        I understand this is all the machinations of the imperialists *))
    2. Alone
      Alone April 29 2012 01: 30
      Maybe it was necessary to study history normally?
  9. revnagan
    revnagan April 28 2012 17: 58
    I read the article and recalled the story of my grandfather — he fought near Yelnya. This is the case my grandfather always recalled when they smashed an stabbed boar.
    The battles were fierce, the suburb passed from hand to hand, and ours managed to repel our own, previously abandoned field hospital. So, our wounded lay there in rows, only they were all like a smoked boar. The Germans burned them from a flamethrower.
  10. Alone
    Alone April 29 2012 01: 24
    It's just awful. Remember some "people" who say that "it would be better to live under the Germans."
    1. Sergey-70
      Sergey-70 April 29 2012 07: 18
      My grandfather was also in captivity, he told me somewhere in Odessa, they fled, returned home to occupation, was under the German until we were released, they took him on to fight until the age of 45, the veteran returned home with medals. No one tried to interrogate.
  11. nnz226
    nnz226 April 30 2012 00: 57
    about Stalin's camps instead of German ones: in the USSR there were ONLY 4 PERSONS who became both a Hero of the Soviet Union and a full Knight of the Order of Glory. One of them is foreman Dubinda. In the summer of 1942, he was taken prisoner near Sevastopol (by the way, what is the fault of 70 thousand elite troops abandoned by the command at Cape Chersonesos in July 1942 ???) So in the spring of 1944 he was released by ours from the camp (the Germans held captive defenders of Sevastopol in the Simferopol concentration camp ). And, as I understand it, they were not sent to Siberia, but returned to duty. Here the guy came off almost 2 years of captivity, that in the remaining year (ours took Sevastopol on May 9, 1944) he managed to crumble the yubermen so much that he became a Hero of the Soviet Union and earned 3 Orders of Glory, and this was not easy to get. so the nonsense of "crap" must be viewed through a very powerful microscope to separate the lie from the truth.
  12. zevs379
    zevs379 April 30 2012 06: 36
    I read komenty and okhu = vayu - well this is how to brainwash the Russian people that would argue with each other about what really happened.
    Dolbo- orange fools, you think you are smart-open up the plan "OST" in tyrnete, take an interest in the truth about what would happen to the Slavs if the Germans won. And it will become clear why there was an order "not one step back" 270 and others. Maybe after that the genetic memory will wake up.
    1. revnagan
      revnagan April 30 2012 17: 45
      Quote: zevs379
      the order "not one step back" 270
      Excuse me, please, but in my opinion, order No. 227. No offense.
      1. Pushkar
        Pushkar April 30 2012 22: 03
        Lord, how embarrassing. Well, of course, No. 227. Thank.
    2. Cadet787
      Cadet787 1 May 2012 20: 15
      Victor. I fully support you. If at that time the state was ruled by a hunchback, then he would have blabbed all over Russia. And Stalin issued order No. 270. It was such a time.
  13. Panzer UA
    Panzer UA 3 May 2012 13: 48
    My great-grandfather was the chairman of the collective farm before the war, the Germans didn’t touch, they released ours, too, remained in his place and retired only in the 60s. And no one ever reminded him that he worked for the Germans.
  14. ikrut
    ikrut 4 May 2012 17: 28
    I well remember the stories of my father, who went as a soldier from Kharkov to Stalingrad, and from there to Vienna. He said - the worst thing was to be captured. They feared captivity most of all. My father ended up in the 42nd in the Kharkov boiler. They went out in a group - but the group was quickly dispersed and he went out alone with weapons and documents. He was practically not checked and was immediately sent to the front line. And the father-in-law was taken prisoner in the 44th. I stayed there for several days and then ours released them. And he also went through the war to the end and returned with medals. He did not like to talk about captivity - but it felt - it was very "not sweet" there. The father said that the soldiers themselves were extremely negative about deserters, defectors and voluntarily surrendering. The Vlasovite was considered worse than the German, and his father also said that there was an unspoken order - not to take the Vlasovites prisoner and shoot them without trial and investigation on the spot. And so they did. Moreover, even ordinary privates. My father told me what kind of cruel hand-to-hand combatants were with the Vlasovites. Everyone understood that the result of a battle could only be death - that is why they fought fiercely.
    And I also want to say - how after such articles like this about the attitude to our prisoners of war and just people from occupied territories, all sorts of scum like Guskov can preach something there in films about the war? How can you raise your voice at all for a Soviet soldier? Orange liberalism is worse than traitors. worse than the Vlasovites. The father said that during the liberation of Yugoslavia, the owners of the houses where our soldiers lodged after the battles themselves offered their daughters to them to become related through future children. So, in their own way, they appreciated the soldiers - liberators. But, the father said that it was impossible to get in touch with any foreign women. Strictly punished. because the Yugoslavs politely refused. And from these Guskovsky film thoughts, one wants to spit.
  15. Esaul
    Esaul 30 May 2012 23: 40
    My uncle got lucky twice. The first time, when he got to the front in the army of Mr. A. Vlasov, the same one, and at the age of 19, having almost not fought, he was taken prisoner. The second time, when at the end of 44 they were released .... the Americans. After that there was a filtration camp in Elektrostal (near Moscow), where the administration, having fed it with rotten meat, killed half of the camp. Uncle Kolya could not eat, he only drank, so he survived. Can you imagine what it is like to go through the agony of German captivity, so that in the very heart of the Motherland you will be poisoned like a rat !!! From him I have not heard anything about captivity. And my father and grandmother told me that remembering this camp, my uncle shouted in tears “Bastards!” Their own! ”The Germans did not scoff at me like that!” So, Uncle Kolya - before the war, a tall hero - at 20 and a little he returned home disabled 1 groups, what a front ... Although after that there was no persecution and he received all the benefits as a war invalid. He was very ill and could not have his own children.
    And K. Vorobyov's book opened my eyes to the tragic fate of my uncle and all our soldiers who had this lot. I could not read it without interruption. After all, what did they tell us about captivity? "The fate of a man"? - a good film, but just a film ... Where is the truth? Where is the truth about disabled homes? Why is there so little talk about the war? About Patriotic? About Afghan? About Chechen? This knowledge needs to be implanted !!! In all newspapers, on all channels! And veterans should be careful not to speculate on this topic. The authorities are responsible for this! Although our present one ... try to lay it on her
  16. rem77
    rem77 11 March 2013 20: 47
    Hydrogen cyanide “Cyclone B”, a widely used pesticide throughout Europe.

    For what purposes was Cyclone B produced?
    It was a pesticide used to disinfect clothes and premises for typhoid lice and other infections.

    Was this substance suitable for mass extermination?
    Not. If the German National Socialists had intended to use poison gas to kill people, they would have much more effective reagents for this purpose. Cyclone is a slow disinfecting agent.

    How long does it take to ventilate the room after disinfection using Cyclone B?
    As a rule, about 20 hours. This procedure is very complicated and dangerous. Use gas masks and use only trained personnel. //