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In Peru, French tanks will be converted into self-propelled howitzers

The Peruvian Ministry of Defense will re-equip 30 to 40 obsolete lungs tanks French-made AMX-13 in 122mm self-propelled howitzers bmpd.

Self-propelled guns have already received the designation AMX-D30 Vulcano. Work will be carried out weapons FAME SAC and the Central Arsenal of the Army of Peru.

“Re-equipment will be carried out by installing on the chassis of AMX-13 tanks the swinging 122-mm unit of the Soviet towed howitzer D-30 from the storage of the Peruvian army. The howitzer will be mounted in an open installation of circular rotation with a regular shield, ”the material says.

The driver will get a TVN-5 night vision device. A modern VHF radio station P-030U will be installed in the automatic control system (both of them are of Ukrainian origin).

The project developed the Peruvian military-industrial association Diseños Casanave Corporation SAC (DICSAC).

It is reported that DISCAC and FAME are planning, in addition, to jointly assemble the Ukrainian defense system Skif (under the designation of Rayo) with the P-2 "Barrier" missiles of Peru.
Photos used:
Diseños Casanave Corporation SAC
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  1. x.andvlad
    x.andvlad 20 March 2018 14: 46
    A kind of "expansion" of the dill defense industry in the Latin American market?
    Recently there was a story about a similar hybrid among the Egyptians. But without a rotating swinging part. Apparently the D-30 howitzers gain a second life.
    1. x.andvlad
      x.andvlad 20 March 2018 15: 07
      Apparently D-30 howitzers gain a second life. [/ Quote]
      Egyptian SP122 at an American base.

      Apparently the Soviet howitzer is still in demand. And enough ammunition.
      1. Shurik70
        Shurik70 21 March 2018 12: 52
        Self-propelled guns have already received the designation AMX-D30 Vulcano

        Why Volcano? High rate of fire?
    2. gippernano
      gippernano 21 March 2018 09: 45
      Yes, these Perunians decided to rekindle the world war !!!, they master such monsters. With all sorts of gadgets tricked out. It would be necessary for the Piruans to give a hint so that they would check if these hadgets were removed from the kakogon elevator in Kiev? And video surveillance from the same entrance?
  2. Romka47
    Romka47 20 March 2018 14: 51
    in my opinion nothing good will come of it, the installation will turn out well, at best, 50-60x ....
  3. Equalized
    Equalized 20 March 2018 15: 03
    > Ukrainian ATGM "Skif"

    ATGM "Skiff" is a joint project of Belarus and Ukraine. The Belarusian sight and the Ukrainian R-2 missile are used there.

    The Ukrainian ATGM is the “Stugna-P” with a fully Ukrainian sighting system from the Photopribor factory and with the same Ukrainian P-2 missile.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 20 March 2018 15: 46
      Quote: Equalized
      with a fully Ukrainian sighting system

      With the Ukrainian copy of the Belarusian sighting system from "Pelenga"
  4. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 20 March 2018 15: 07
    When looking at the title photo for the article, the very first association:
  5. Ferdinant
    Ferdinant 20 March 2018 15: 26
    Why do they need a tank, a stone ax and a spear.
    1. Romka47
      Romka47 20 March 2018 15: 35
      Well, by the way, yes, and it’s cheaper, and they can achieve more with that weapon wassat
  6. Cananecat
    Cananecat 20 March 2018 16: 20
    We are waiting for the appearance of a new art in WOT laughing
  7. Metallurg_2
    Metallurg_2 20 March 2018 19: 28
    In some ways, the picture reminds me of another World of tanks artwork, which "existed only in drawings." Moreover, there is already much more such technology there than real production cars.
    1. Shurale
      Shurale 21 March 2018 07: 30
      15 grill it reminds ...
  8. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 20 March 2018 19: 57
    An interesting option smile But there are a couple of questions:
    1. In addition to the NVD mehan and the new radio station, will there be anything new there? For example, in terms of howitzers?
    2. And will the AMX-13 chassis live for a long time under the impact of such a high-quality unit as the D-30?
    1. Cananecat
      Cananecat 21 March 2018 11: 50
      Will live. They will reinforce the stern with a bulldozer knife and they will all nightmare at speed laughing
  9. axxmanm
    axxmanm 20 March 2018 20: 58
    We urgently need to hire Peruvian Photoshop!
    They are the best!!!