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With someone else's agenda

The chronic silence, which in a large part of the post-Soviet press is exposed to inconvenient questions for the West and the topics that are favorable to it, are intensively promoted, leads to sad thoughts about the nature of such information selectivity.

With someone else's agenda

The "universal" press, published in Russian, continues to push along to the theme of the so-called "Skriple poisoning." The newest zigzag of “democratic thought” on this matter looks like this: “The violin could have been poisoned through the car’s ventilation system.” Before this, the possibility of transporting the legendary “purely Russian poison” under the code name “Novice” in a suitcase from Moscow to London was discussed with no less enthusiasm. . The authoritatively discussed the question is whether this substance strongly stinks so that it can be transported imperceptibly through customs. Dozens, if not hundreds, of all kinds of experts, political scientists and simply excited press secretaries live on this new sensational sensation. And they all silently broadcast, giving the ordinary "situayen" a full impression that in this world there is nothing more important than the precious well-being of a retired goat drummer from the British secret services. Which has not even died and most likely will not die.

At the same time, the situation in the Syrian Eastern Ghouta became another equally burning topic of the Russian-language press discourse. Naturally in its import version. Relevant media does not get tired of quoting the main Western speakers, who describe in colors and colors as “these unbearable Russians” commit all conceivable and inconceivable atrocities against the civilian population. At the same time, an alternative point of view on the same events is presented much more modestly. Personally, I, for example, came across a rather interesting statement on this issue by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation at the UN Security Council Vasily Nebenzi somewhere in the outskirts of the Internet almost a week after the fact of the event.

And he noted with satisfaction that the position of the Russian Federation itself on this issue still exists and it differs quite substantially from the intensely replicated press of the western version.

It turns out, from the point of view of Russia, not the West to teach us good manners in world politics. Because he himself has a stigma in a gun, and at the same I can not.

Vasily Nebenzya, Russia's ambassador to the UN Security Council: “Listen, you champions of philanthropy, why did you suddenly imagine that you have the exclusive right to lecture us on humanism and freedom of speech?
To begin with, it is in the American media that all world fakes are born, the only question is where were all your press services, when the American aviation wiped Racca from the face of the earth? Where were all your moans, after the terrorists died in this city, months have passed, and it is still not suitable for life? Moreover, we are now receiving new messages about civilian casualties as a result of coalition airstrikes in the province of Deir Ez-Zor. Is this second-class people for you? Or the death of innocent people from democratic bombs, is this something insignificant and does not deserve attention? Or maybe you think their death is generally honorable? ”

Meanwhile, the civic feat of the Russian representative in the UN Security Council, who was not ashamed to call a spade a spade for the whole world, remained almost a voice crying in the desert, especially against the background of endless smacking by the “mainstream” press and other notebook speakers of the smallest details of the Skripl case and horrors of Eastern Guta.

But this, you see, is somewhat strange! The Americans turned the largest city of eastern Syria into solid ruins, and our journalists, who regularly relay almost every American scream about Eastern Guta, seem to have nothing to do with it! Personally, I don’t remember any publications about this, although I’m sure there are mountains exposed to the US. And not to get it at all impossible. Today, any information you can just buy.

Why are there Rakka! Does anyone else remember that there is such a city in Iraq - Mosul? More precisely was. By the way - with a million once population. And that's what the same cheruby Americans did to him:

“If until the middle of 2016, with air strikes (according to Mosul - ed.), It was empty, then it became thick, since this city was ironed mercilessly and without respite. The “surgical intervention” promised by the US Air Force was immediately forgotten as soon as the attacking units stumbled upon stiff resistance. In just two weeks of March 2017, the Americans bombarded 1400 in the western part of the metropolis, destroying 10 thousands of homes. According to Iraqi officials, every week, up to 500 people were killed by the victims of barbaric raids, not counting the injured.

Independent human rights advocates call even higher loss figures. Recall the battle for Mosul lasted 9 months. During this time, according to the Associated Press report, approximately 11 thousands of civilians were killed by bombs and missiles, or approximately 9% of the number of actual casualties. In fact, the scale of a humanitarian catastrophe has been hidden at least ten times. Because Washington did not take into account unidentified human remains and did not consider those who were buried under the ruins of tasks "

By the way, the United States had no difficulty in hiding the real number of victims of the Mosul tragedy. Firstly, because the American press itself, for obvious reasons, wrote very little about this. And all the other writers and other authorized citizens simply didn’t go there, even after they had already stopped shooting there.

Why such a strange lack of curiosity? Why are any, even the bloodiest and most terrible crimes of the American military, sending thousands of civilians to the world, are instantly forgotten and go unpunished? And at the same time, one poisoned devil knows what, and even then, unfortunately, not completely, a traitor to the Motherland, for two weeks already keeps the world’s press in a state of epilepsy and has almost hit the world war!

The correct answer to this far from unimportant question can be only one. The designated “world press” spins up and inflates only those topics that it is entrusted to make its own masters with world hits. And they also require her to turn a blind eye to any facts and events that do not fit into their understanding of the current agenda for the whole world.

Who exactly controls the main global media - all these countless Reuters, times, CNNs, bloomberg, and other French-presses is quite obvious - we are not in control of them. In the sense of not Russia. And like - well, and God is with them! But what a thing. A very significant part of the press, which, we, probably due to natural naivety, we consider ours, repeats this clearly not our agenda, which is called - in the mode of a reproducer, that is, word for word. And it instantly closes its own, and at the same time our eyes on those things that in the West are considered optional for our attention.

Well, of course, that there are such desperate patriots in Russia as the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vasily Alekseevich Nebenzya. But if at the time when he is at the UN to cut another uterus about the infernal meanness of the West, the rest of the poorly-minded politicians, along with the same clever press, will twist in the language the topic of some other Western-slipped Fiddle, then we, figuratively speaking , we will not go far and will not win much. The one who owns the information - owns the world. And the one who does not own it is completely absent in this world. No matter how hard he tried to prove the opposite. For given news “Global” media just won't notice.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 21 March 2018 06: 11
    It is not worth expecting anything else from our enemies .... And the sooner it reaches us ... The better ...
  2. 1536
    1536 21 March 2018 06: 21
    I well remember how during my childhood there were reports on the war in Vietnam on television. Documentary films were created about Songmi and other American bandit atrocities in the form of the US Army, even in the children's magazine Murzilka a comic (!) Was published about the Vietnamese boy An Th Ho, who became a partisan when the Americans killed his father. Now it’s even forbidden to think about what the Americans are doing in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, what they recently did in Chechnya, how they torn and occupied Ukraine. Therefore, we lose.
    Yes, it was a mixture of propaganda with real information. But this is what should be done if we want all sorts of Britain and Poland to reckon with us. Otherwise, you need to call Andrei Kozyrev from the United States and put him Foreign Minister for the second time ...
    Ah, Russian journalists, who still have a conscience and money is not the main thing in life!
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 March 2018 07: 02
    Listen, champions of humanity, why did you suddenly imagine that you have the exclusive right to give us lectures on humanism and freedom of speech?
    They deserve what they deserve. But of course you cannot catch them. But the post above (1536) I will support. Of course it is difficult to break through to the western man in the street with his own truth, but it is also necessary to be more aggressive. RT performs this task well, therefore, the channel is blocked by oxygen.
    1. yuriyselivanov
      21 March 2018 10: 08
      For a start, it would be nice to break through to your "layman".
      1. midivan
        midivan 21 March 2018 11: 17
        Why break through to the layman then? He’s not so stupid and has long understood that if the horns such as “rain” and “echo” prevail in the news feed, then the news may not be read, just one headline is enough. And this philistine has been proving for at least four years, or have you seen demonstrations on the streets of Moscow like - Putin, withdraw troops from Ukraine, Syria? Zabolotny does not count, and as the elections showed, about 2% of the population really fool And no matter how hard the corrupt media try, people can draw conclusions, which, incidentally, can be seen in the comments. hi You don’t have to consider your people dark, it’s not so. A small example, when events unfolded in Ukraine and everyone was buzzing unanimously - Putin send troops, I asked my Granny (at that time 85 years old): what do you think about this? The answer struck and I didn’t quite understand then what she was talking about. He doesn’t want a war. And she draws Old only from telly, naturally does not use the Internet, education is not complete 4 classes, she worked all her life on the collective farm. Something like this request
        1. yuriyselivanov
          21 March 2018 15: 10
          You write everything correctly. But this is not so much thanks to the media, but in spite of them. It’s just that people are smarter. But it does not mean,. that the press must be hostile.
  4. antivirus
    antivirus 21 March 2018 07: 45
    all the questions posed in the article are to Amakarevich.
    and the Gaidar Institute
  5. Altona
    Altona 21 March 2018 08: 57
    The author complains that the Western media are fanning insignificant events against Russia and are silent about their major flaws and even crimes. This is a common property of the bourgeois press. Before the elections, didn’t we observe the same thing when, contrary to the law, a stream of negativity poured on some candidates, although this is prohibited by law. For Grudinin and Sobchak, for example. Although it is prohibited by law. Bourgeois power, it acts clearly. Yesterday, someone like a “blogger”, a bourgeois wit Max Chepay, began to ascribe on Twitter as much as “overthrowing the existing system”. Although I just quoted him the UN Declaration of 1948 "on the right of the people to rebel against the anti-people system." And note that in 1917 and in 1991 the liberal authorities overthrew the current government, but it was they who, like real informers and hook-makers, wrote 278 and other articles to protect their power. It is the liberals who conduct the media. As with us and around the world.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 21 March 2018 09: 37
      Well, the current president poured a steady stream of negativity throughout his past presidency. Before the election - intensified. So what? Is that right?
      1. Altona
        Altona 21 March 2018 09: 52
        From the Western media, yes, it poured. I’m talking about the internal press ...
        1. Mikhail3
          Mikhail3 21 March 2018 11: 10
          What kind of media? Who are they interested in? What media are you in now? I'm talking about the network.
      2. naidas
        naidas 21 March 2018 21: 13
        You exaggerate, a little bit of negative interspersed with articles who if not Putin.
        About 20 trust not a word, but poured on Grudinin in full.
        1. Mikhail3
          Mikhail3 22 March 2018 14: 13
          What? Grudininsky PR literally drank all the blood, the words "candidate from the people" are already allergic.
  6. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman 21 March 2018 11: 05
    It's time to clearly and clearly call a spade a spade! Not liberals and others like them, but the fifth column of traitors contained at the expense of the State Departments, funds of various and other special services. What is clearly described and shown in a number of our media. And it is time to adequately power to evaluate these figures, and not bashfully name them, like, the opposition! Not the opposition, but unmasked enemies! If war happens (God forbid!) - these scum will shoot in the back without pity, and derail the trains! We have already gone through it all! Lenin was not mistaken at all when he called this "public" the rotten intelligentsia (it was not in vain that they boiled in their circles for more than a dozen years!)! One example of Makarevich above the roof is enough, the "minstrel" played in the end.
    1. naidas
      naidas 21 March 2018 21: 15
      Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Russian and foreign journalists in Krasnaya Polyana confirmed that he is "a true liberal and holds liberal views."
  7. Altona
    Altona 21 March 2018 13: 04
    Quote: Mikhail3
    What kind of media? Who are they interested in? What media are you in now? I'm talking about the network.

    What negative did you mean? Criticism? So probably over 18 years many questions have accumulated, and about the “May decrees”, and about the “doubling of GDP”, and about the “neutral status of athletes”, and for the Yeltsin Center, and for the plywood on the Mausoleum. And the GDP immediately adopted cryptostalinism-Russia needs a breakthrough, the country's defense from the West and all that, and cryptosocialism is the fight against poverty, the fight against stupid optimization. Well, people see, here almost a new Stalin drew up and cheers, to the polls, for a hundred .. Putin! Is not it?
  8. Altona
    Altona 21 March 2018 13: 07
    Quote: sib.ataman
    Not liberals and others like them, but the fifth column of traitors contained at the expense of the State Departments, funds of various and other special services. What is clearly described and shown in a number of our media. And it is time to adequately power to evaluate these figures, and not bashfully name them, like, the opposition! Not the opposition, but unmasked enemies! If war happens (God forbid!) - these scum will shoot in the back without pity, and derail the trains!

    Well hello ... This "opposition" is only for you and me. Makarevich, who is Andrei, recently rode with Dvorkovich, who is Arkady in Austria, for example. Maria, who is Zakharova, enjoys drinking a glass in a restaurant with Lesha Venediktov from Ekho Moskvy. Putin, who is Vladimir Vladimirovich, kisses Lyudmila, who is Alekseeva. Medvedev rewards Gorbachev. Putin is building the Yeltsin Center and the Wailing Wall. One word-LIBERALS!
  9. Aleks2048
    Aleks2048 21 March 2018 14: 51
    I agree with the author. Gradually, the Russian Federation begins to lose the information war. And here it is necessary to take asymmetric measures, because everyone understands that financially, the Russian Federation cannot give an adequate answer in the media space. One RT and even expelled (generally indicative) from the US information space cannot be the mouthpiece of the Russian Federation to the masses. Perhaps it is necessary to amend the law on foreign agents in the Russian Federation. For example, by the obligation to inform citizens that the source of information is a foreign agent, by introducing a separation of the designation of the news itself and comments on it. By a direct ban on the sale of smartphones with preinstalled tweeter, facebook, google apps, the introduction of the obligation for such apps to announce that it is a foreign agent, etc. That is, legislatively make the use of such applications inconvenient. And the list of such applications should not be limited to Facebook, Twitter and Google. The measure of causing unacceptable material damage to editorial offices and printing houses in which fake news is produced and disseminated around the world can be assymitpic. There is no point in suing the press in biased European courts. Journalists should not make news, news does happen and without them, journalists should objectively cover the news.
  10. ibirus
    ibirus 21 March 2018 16: 03
    All this will end with the fact that the Truth itself will come to liars and deceivers and will punish them with the hands of those whom the West has quietly killed.
  11. turbris
    turbris 21 March 2018 20: 39
    Russian media? It seems that they are not Russian, I don’t know exactly who they really belong to, but what they are doing does not fit into any framework, they are clearly not fighting for Russia's interests in the information space. TV is generally a separate fairy tale, Ernst alone and what it is worth, there are separate successful projects, but there are few of them to deal with the West’s global information machine, so alas, while the West throws fakes into the impudent and does not let objective information go on its air.
    1. Korax71
      Korax71 22 March 2018 01: 58
      It’s completely to you. Speech what kind of who are these British, if they say that the laurels are not worthy of their post! Yes, in fact, it was not even May who said, but the oppositionist and about Johnson’s fight. As a result, the headlines are in our media, and in the West, that you get such a plan: yesterday a cow flicked at one end of the village, so the horns fell off the other end of the village. That those are good. And if you dig a bit around our sharks you can find so many pen.
  12. Z_G_R
    Z_G_R 22 March 2018 03: 55
    Western media belong to the capitalists, our media belong to the capitalists. Western capitalists are more thoroughbred and more powerful than ours, so their media are winning. What are you counting on? Play with rogues according to their conditions? =) This is all nonsense, they both lie .. Only a change in formation can give a real rebuff to the west on all fronts.
  13. Romulus
    Romulus 22 March 2018 04: 10
    Quote: Z_G_R
    Western media belong to the capitalists, our media belong to the capitalists.

    I didn’t find the smiley face - standing ovation wassat