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Geopolitical mosaic: DPRK threatens enemies with a "special tool", and Mitt Romney caught up with Barack Obama

Three or four minutes - and the ashes remain from the enemies. North Korea, through state television, has announced the possible use of a “special tool” against South Korea in the event of an external threat. Reports about it "" with reference to Reuters. It doesn't seem that the DPRK was joking. Quote:

“As soon as our revolutionary forces apply a special tool, all enemies and provocateurs will be incinerated in three to four minutes. Or even faster, ”- promised the announcer of North Korean television, without specifying what it was about. At the same time, she only noted that “own development, which had not previously seen the light,” will be applied.

Against the background of military exercises, in which the North Koreans stabbed the stuffed South Koreans with bayonets, Kim Jong-un declared a traditional friendship with the Chinese. Correspondent ITAR-TASS Yuri Sidorov reports: “Strengthening the traditional relations of friendship with China, formed by previous generations of the leaders of the two countries, remains the same position of the DPRK party and government. This position was expressed by the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un in a telegram to President of the PRC Hu Jintao. The message was sent in gratitude for the congratulations received from Beijing on the election of Kim Jong-un as the first chairman of the State Defense Committee and first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (TPC). ”

The friendship of the North Koreans with the Chinese do not like the United States. Interfax reports that Jay Carney, a spokesman for the White House, formally accused China of supplying missile technology to North Korea, “I must say that we brought charges against the Chinese government, which is part of our consultations, very close consultations on North Korea. " The Americans believe that China supplies the DPRK with self-propelled launchers - the ones that were demonstrated at the military parade in Pyongyang on April 15.

The United Nations once again called on North Korea to be friends with the world community. Learning from journalists about the allegedly preparing new underground nuclear test in the DPRK, Ban Ki-moon said: “It is important that the DPRK fully comply with the relevant resolution of the Security Council, and also respect the will of the world community ... that they should cooperate fully with him, while respecting the relevant Security Council resolution ”(corr. ITAR-TASS Vladimir Kikilo).

North Sudan is not going to be friends with South. This was stated by Omar al-Bashir, President of Sudan. He put it very clearly: “We are not going to talk to the government of the South, since they only understand the language of machine guns and ammunition” ("").

Khartoum believes that 1.200 South Sudanese were killed in the battles for the Heglig oil-bearing region ("" with reference to France-Press and the statement by the commander of the South Sudanese army Kamal Maruf from 23 April). Southern Sudan, despite the withdrawal of its troops, does not consider itself a loser.

Formula show. The 22 of April in Bahrain ended the race "Formula 1", funded by the royal family. Except for a few “Molotov cocktails,” everything went well. "Voice of America" reports on this topic:

“The February 14 opposition movement promised to turn the days of the Grand Prix into a“ three days of anger ”, calling the races a show arranged by the royal family who suppressed the protest demonstrations last year.

Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa rejected calls to cancel the race, saying that it would only inspire “extremists”. Last year, because of the demonstrations, the race was postponed and then canceled. ”

This year, the Bahrain authorities have decided not to lose revenue from racing. Business is business. As for democracy, they are not in a hurry to build it in the kingdom.

The well-known organization of human rights defenders Amnesty International recently published a report on the human rights situation in Bahrain. This is what a representative of this organization, Said Boumedouha, told the radio station "Freedom" Valentin Baryshnikov: “The situation with human rights in Bahrain is still very bad. The security forces resort to excessive use of force against participants in anti-government protests, they use tear gas and, according to the latest data, shotguns. People are arrested daily, there are reports of torture and ill-treatment of detainees. In recent days, more than 80 activists have been arrested. There are hundreds of political prisoners in prisons, most of whom were arrested for exercising their right to freedom of expression and assembly, and their trials were dishonest. Among those sentenced are opposition leaders, whom we consider prisoners of conscience, one of whom has been on hunger strike for almost 70 days. We call for his release. So, on the one hand, there is a government that claims that the situation in the country has returned to normal, stable and safe, but on the other hand, we are very concerned about the human rights situation in Bahrain, and therefore released this report. ”

The most noticeable phenomenon in car races (except for the races themselves) was, perhaps, the hacker attacks of the Anonymus group. From 19 to 22, April, the official main site of Formula 1 was attacked, then three unofficial sites, and 22 of April to the sites of the International Automobile Federation and the Ministry of the Interior of Bahrain ("").

Turkey criticizes NATO and Israel. As 23 April reported "" (with reference to Harriet), Turkey blocked the participation of the Israeli delegation in the NATO summit, which is due to be held in Chicago on May 20-21. Ankara did not listen to Washington, persuading her to make concessions. The Turks decided not to remove the veto from the invitation of the Israelis to the summit, because the Israelis, in their opinion, should apologize for the murder of nine Turks during the assault "Flotillas freedom ”(2010). Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu criticized those NATO countries that asked Turkey not to impede the arrival of Israelis. The Turkish Foreign Minister believes that these states should give Israel a number of useful tips: 1) apologize; 2) to pay compensation to the families of nine victims.

Responding to the charges of France, the United States and NATO Secretary General Rasmussen in undermining the "alliance values", Davutoglu said: "The military of the country you call a partner killed our citizens by order of its political leadership. For us, this country cannot be a partner ”("").

From tears in the trial of the terrorist Breivik in the courtroom, they proceeded to laugh. Breivik said that he wanted to fly away from the island of Utoya on the Cessna:

“I was going to expropriate a small Cessna plane at Forneby. I figured out how to manage it - I watched the video on YouTube, ”said Breivik, which, according to the testimony of journalists present at the trial, caused laughter in the hall.

Breivik stressed that he was not going to steal, namely, to expropriate the plane. The prosecutor reminded Breivik that he could not cope with driving a car properly when he didn’t know how to turn on the rear speed, which irritated the defendant, who said that “if he wants, he can achieve anything” (RIA "News", Anastasia Yakonyuk).

In France, the countdown to the second round of elections began. In the first round, the socialist Hollande overtook his rival Sarkozy by 1,5%. After 14 days it will be clear who will stand at the French helm.

Andrey Baranov ("") reports:

“... For the socialist Francois Hollande, they voted by half a million people more than for the current president, the population of the whole city.

For the first time in three decades, the French do not want a second term for the head of the republic. Sarkozy has broken another long-standing tradition: the one who is in power is always ahead in the first round. The second place winner was two hours late for his own headquarters and gave the supporters only seven minutes.

“It’s about choosing a person who will be responsible for the country and protect its citizens for the next five years,” noted Nicolas Sarkozy. - Believe me, I have been doing this for the past five years, and I know this job. I suggest Hollande to hold three rounds of debate between the rounds on three different topics - economy, social sphere, international relations. ”

Hollande challenged the challenge and agreed to only one round. He is already behaving like a winner: he drove to vote away from the Paris rush, to the small town of Tulle, where he worked as mayor for seven years, and where his very modest political career has been forged today. For the press, both French and international, he is already the next president without two weeks. ”

French predictions on the outcome of the second round of elections: “According to opinion polls, the results of which are given by the newspaper Le Monde, the current president can be partially supported by those who voted for the nationalist leader Marin Le Pen in the first round. But for victory this will not be enough, since Hollande will be supported by supporters of Jean-Luc Melenchon. As a result, Hollande will pick up 54% - against 46% Sarkozy ”("").

And, once in France a socialist may win, in the US went down stock indices. Indeed, in the United States still - capitalism.

As the correspondent reported from New York ITAR-TASS Andrei Bekrenev, trading on the New York Stock Exchange ended on Monday with a decline in all major quotes. The Dow Jones index lost 102,09 points, or 0,78%, the Standard & Pourse index 500 decreased by 11,59 points, or 0,84%, the index of the electronic exchange NASDAQ lost 30,00 points, or 1,00%. The reasons for the fall was the victory in elections in France in the first round of Hollande - the opponent of budget consolidation measures in the EU countries, as well as the fact that Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte resigned - due to disagreements over the budget savings plan. And here, by the way, IMF Managing Director Forecast Christine Lagarde came to the rescue by the way - about the "dark clouds" on the horizon of the world economy. American indices also shattered because economic growth slowed down a bit in China. In addition to all this, a scandal broke out in the Walmart retail chain. The New York Times wrote about corruption in this company's Mexican branch, and Walmart securities fell by 4,7%. The New York Times reported bribes in the amount of 24 million dollars: that is how much money the Walmart division in Mexico paid to local officials, pushing the opening of new retail stores.

The Americans decided not to rush to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Washington has signed a strategic partnership document with Kabul (it has not yet been approved by Barack Obama). Leon Panetta, the head of the Pentagon, has already announced that the United States will maintain a military presence in Afghanistan after the 2014 year (""). Earlier it was claimed that Washington would withdraw its troops from Afghanistan at the end of the 2014 year. The US presence is extended for a vague reason: in order for Afghanistan to be able to ensure its own security in the future. This is what Panetta said.

"As the New York Times points out in this regard," the strategic partnership agreement is in many ways more symbolic, "the document. It does not have any specific figures or mention of programs that the United States is going to finance. The newspaper reminds that the parameters of such assistance must be approved by Congress. As for the US military presence in Afghanistan after the 2014 of the year, according to the New York Times, its terms should be spelled out in detail in another agreement, which can only appear next year ”(ITAR-TASS correspondent Andrey Surzhansky).

Hillary Clinton continues to strengthen oil democracy. Quote from the Washington report by Maria Tobacco (RIA News"): “Diplomacy in the energy sector is a critical factor in our national security, not only in terms of meeting the energy needs of the United States at an affordable price, but also in terms of the role that energy plays in our relations with other regions of the world” - said Clinton, speaking on Monday at the University of Syracuse (New York). "

Words about “meeting the energy needs of the United States at an affordable price” will probably say a lot even to the person who reads for the first time in his life news.

In America, lately, they have been keenly interested in “affordable prices”. The recent scandal with 20 prostitutes in Cartagena and 11 by US intelligence agencies who prepared the Colombian city for Obama’s visit and who used the services of girls in their spare time and offered them then ... thirty, suggests that the United States in GDP per capita will soon be equal to China (economic miracle the latter is largely built on earnings in 1-2 dollars per day).

In the Colombian scandal, a new character appeared, the twelfth in a row - an employee of the White House Communications Department (this RIA News").

Probably, it is necessary to wait for the disclosure of eight more Secret Service agents. 20 prostitutes on 12 agents? .. Modest secret agents, receiving a dollar or two a day, could not afford a pair of girls for a brother.

Hugo Chávez’s ill health is just a rumor. A Venezuelan president from Cuba called Venezuelan television and addressed his people. All that is said in the press about his imminent death, he called rumors:

“I think we will have to get used to life with these rumors, as they are an integral part of psychological war, dirty war” (RIA News").

Geopolitical mosaic: DPRK threatens enemies with a "special tool", and Mitt Romney caught up with Barack Obama

Once the Venezuelan president is full of energy and makes speeches, America began to worry about what Venezuela would do with weapons, which she actively buys, for example, from Russia. And not only Russia, but also China and Iran. This was said in Colombia by US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (RIA "Novosti", Dmitry Znamensky). Quote:

“At the end of 2011, Venezuela took first place among importers of Russian land weapons in the ranking of the Center for the Analysis of World Arms Trade. In particular, Venezuela acquired Tanks T-72B1, BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicles, BTR-80A armored personnel carriers, 152S2 Msta-S 19-mm self-propelled howitzers, 120S2 Nona-SVK self-propelled 23-mm self-propelled mortars, 120S2A Sani 12-mm mortar mortars - 122K9 BM-51 Grad multiple launch rocket launcher systems, ZU-21 / 23M23-30 1 mm anti-aircraft artillery mounts and other equipment. In mid-April, Russia completed the delivery to Venezuela of 4 main battle tanks T-92B72 under a 1 contract, as well as BMP-2009M infantry fighting vehicles and BTR-3A armored personnel carriers, ammunition of various calibers, simulators for training personnel and other equipment. ”

The United States, meanwhile, is doing arms business with Colombia. Another quote:

“At the same time, Panetta confirmed the sale of Colombia's 10 American helicopters, including five combat Black Hawk and the same number of commercial vehicles. Military helicopters are intended to fight the rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) ”(RIA "Novosti", Dmitry Znamensky).

Worried about other weapons, The states seem to be moving from the relative peace of Barack Obama to the militancy of Mitt Romney, who considers Russia to be the number one enemy for the United States and ready - if he wins the presidential election - to increase the country's military budget.

Recent public opinion polls in the United States indicate that Romney on the chances of being elected has caught up with Barack Obama (before the first one was significantly lagging behind the second). The results of the polls, as always, differ, however, if we balance them, then the arithmetic average of the candidates will equalize.

Allan Davydov, correspondent "Radio Liberty", reports: “Eight months before the presidential election, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have equal chances to win - this is a rather unexpected result of recent opinion polls. The results of studies conducted by the Gallup Institute and the Rasmussen sociological service indicate the advantage of Mitt Romney. The sociologists who worked for the CNN and the Reuters news agency recorded the leadership of Barack Obama. ”

Romney already advises Obama to "pack his bags."

However, not everyone in America is belligerent - like Mitt Romney. Former US President Jimmy Carter spoke yesterday at the summit of the Nobel Peace Prize in Chicago. Reports about it Iranian TV channel Press TV with reference to "AFP". Quote:

“Carter said he was“ not against conflict if necessary, ”but the criteria for just war are often not met.

He noted that the United States was “almost constantly in a state of war” during the last 60 years - in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, El Salvador, Libya, Panama, Haiti, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places, adding that Some of these wars do not meet the criteria of a just war, and "some of them were completely unnecessary."

“And now we have witnessed a new war, perhaps with Iran,” said the Nobel Peace Prize winner 2002 of the year. ”

A hacker war has started against Iran. As the "Russian service" BBC ", Iran had to disconnect oil facilities on Kharg Island from the Internet: their control systems were attacked by hackers. BBC also cites information that computer systems at the Ministry of Oil Industry and the State Oil Company of Iran have been infected with a computer virus. This has not yet affected the production of oil, but it should be noted that through the terminals on Fr. Kharg transported ninety percent of Iranian oil. The local “Cyber ​​Crisis Committee” is already engaged in the activities of oil hackers.

23 April The EU has introduced new sanctions against Syria, which have been approved by the US authorities. Following the ministerial meeting of the European Union, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton said: “Today we have introduced new sanctions to restrict dual-use equipment to Syria, which can be used for internal repression, and the importation of luxury goods” ("" with reference to Interfax). Quote: “The United States welcomed the introduction of new sanctions against Syria by the EU. In turn, the United States imposed sanctions against companies and individuals in Iran and Syria, which help their governments use the Internet and other information technologies to repress their own citizens, including the political opposition. This was announced by President Barack Obama, speaking in the Washington Museum stories Holocaust.

White House spokesman Jay Carney voiced the US position on the Syrian conflict again. Quote: "He noted that the United States intends to cooperate with its allies and partners in order to" increase pressure on the Assad regime and its further international isolation. " According to him, such work will continue, in particular, in the UN Security Council and in the “Group of Friends of Syria”. “The whole world community should be clear that we should not side with Assad, because he will be overthrown as a cruel dictator who destroys his own people,” said the White House spokesman (”correspondent ITAR-TASS Ivan Lebedev).

Meanwhile, "Syrian activists" by Voice of America 28 reports the death toll in the city of Ham, which government forces attacked - as if on purpose - the day after the observers arrived there. (Now it is clear, add in brackets that the objectives of the Syrian army are not only the opposition, but also the observers. It is terrible to suggest what this information strategy can lead to in the future).

The Voice of America remarked in passing that the information “about the victims could not be confirmed.” But with pathos, the following is noted: "A small group of UN observers who visited Hama on Sunday were warmly received by opposition supporters who shouted slogans condemning President Bashar al-Assad."

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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    Oleg, a beautiful koleidoscope! Thank you ... Somehow you don’t have time to read a lot ... But such reviews give a more comprehensive picture of the situation in the world ... Well done!
    1. Mart
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      Thank you, Alexander!
    2. Cripple cross
      Cripple cross April 24 2012 10: 29
      And in my opinion it’s stupid to interfere with Breivik with the mythical secret weapons of the DPRK and Turkey, which remembered the friction with Israel.
      ridiculous confusion of motley information.
      It's my opinion
      1. Dmitriy69
        Dmitriy69 April 24 2012 10: 42
        Quote: CrippleCross
        And in my opinion it’s stupid to interfere with Breivik with the mythical secret weapons of the DPRK and Turkey, which remembered the friction with Israel

        So do not bother! I read the paragraph, digested, move on. Although it’s hard to hold back, the devil writes well laughing !!! +++
        1. Sergh
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          ... was warmly received supporters of the opposition shouting slogans...

          Well, I have never heard such verbiage, "Voice of America" ​​is looking progressing. The amers had total masturbation.
      2. domokl
        domokl April 24 2012 10: 47
        Quote: CrippleCross
        And in my opinion it’s stupid to interfere with Breivik with the mythical secret weapons of the DPRK and Turkey, which remembered the friction with Israel.
        ridiculous confusion of mixed information
        Have you ever jumped with a parachute? So it's about like jumping from 2-3 kilometers .. You jump like a topographic map and then you begin to distinguish between small objects as they decrease ...
        1. 755962
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          "Big is seen at a distance" And in essence, the shorter the reportage on the topic, the more objectively the outlined picture turns out .. Without water bubbles. Like a shot-Cotton and in the Target. I liked the review +.
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            What North Korea can have such a powerful weapon - that’s interesting! recourse
            And after all - the main word - to incinerate! - i.e. giant temperatures are meant, not viruses.
            Most likely - this nonsense. After all, they have no nuclear weapons !? Or is there already? belay
            Yesterday I watched the military secret - about viruses. A terrible thing turns out. You can - let's say - for blacks - create your own deadly virus, for the Chinese - in general, for a certain race. So it’s very good that Russia is a multinational country. We all have blood mixed, there are Kazakhs, Tatars, Bashkirs, Germans, Chinese. Someone is not there.
            The same AIDS - they said - people themselves came up with. And there are such viruses - which in 2-3 days - can mow down a small country - say Germany and the mortality rate will be 100%. The higher the population density - the worse - so China - is very unlucky in this regard.
            So the future - for such wars - is contactless. belay Released the infection - and sit - rest. Avian, swine flu - you think he appeared. Estimate - how much dough on it cut down the pharmaceuticals !? Billions !!!!!!
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    "As soon as our revolutionary forces use a special means, all enemies and provocateurs will be incinerated in three or four minutes. Or even faster" ... The famous phrase of Ostap Bender suggests itself: "How much is opium for the people?" To incinerate the whole of South Korea ... Well, yes ... And not any response from the United States ... And even more so, not any environmental consequences for the North itself!
  3. Cripple cross
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    What kind of misfortune of mixed information ??????????????
    And you will not name an article. Just pulled from different sources of news. this can be read on any yellow newspaper.
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      So what! Zoto is in the know about the latest events! I don’t have time to read large opuses and so briefly and on the topic! Thanks to the author !!!
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      Or fall out - Clinton pecks in the dark, here is the hair and began to peel off.
      But seriously - American zhurnalyugi blundered to the fullest - Abama became monkey-worn - a moppy photoshop - someone will dismiss.
  5. Artur09-75
    Artur09-75 April 24 2012 10: 44
    Oleg + for the review.

    Leon Panetta, the head of the Pentagon, has already announced that the United States will maintain a military presence in Afghanistan after 2014 ( It was previously claimed that Washington would withdraw its troops from Afghanistan at the end of 2014. The US presence is being extended for a vague reason: in order for Afghanistan to be able to ensure its own security in the future. This was said by Panetta.

    Read in full:

    They don’t want to transfer control of the drug to Afghans, that’s the whole reason. Such a loot just leave, somehow not democratic and not American.
  6. Chicot 1
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    Fine! Fine! Fine! good To the author "+" smile

    And this is how the DPRK's "special means" against its sworn fragofs may look like ... bully laughing (True, the Chinese poster ... but who the hell is these ... the character will understand ... wassat )
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      Chicot 1,
      The poster is Chinese, and the Russian woman and the soldiers there are ours! The Chinese are afraid laughing
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    The trial of Breivik is a show and an open propaganda of Nazism. The spirit of Nazism hovers over Europe - a well-fed Europe has begun to bustle, Muslim expansion is underway.
    I think it’s not just that the Nazis are raising their heads in different parts of the world, they will soon make Bartholomew’s night - that's just the question where ??? And again, they will be financed by banks and corporations (led by whom you guess).
  8. Pedro
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    The world is heading somewhere, but where?
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    The world is heading into the abyss, Alexander just confirmed it
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    Pack +. I think America should not withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.
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      Then here's another video in the topic - (Russia is building a death star)
      An objective video, by the way, but the figures on the defense order are not correct.
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    With Romney coming to power in the USA, we recognize the true face of our own president. Either for his country ... or ...
    1. Manager
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      In any case, with the arrival of Rooney, our relationship with the United States will change.
      In general, the Rooney beetle is still one. And Russia wants to drag it into the arms race with its attacks and statements. But our Leader, too, was not made with a finger. Maybe this is all for the best. For I think it's hard for Barack to put hard ultimatums ... But the Terran Evil Empire is already easier.
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    Something I am already afraid of their weapon "incinerating everything and everything in 3-4 minutes." Here we laugh, laugh at their statements, and tomorrow we will live under Juche)))
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    The review is good. The USA is happy again.
    "Energy diplomacy is critical to our national security, not only in terms of meeting the energy needs of the United States at an affordable cost, but also in terms of the role that energy plays in our relations with other regions of the world."
    Something tells me that Hilary wanted to say diplomacy in quotation marks. The whole world is already familiar with American diplomacy)))
  15. AK-74-1
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    World has gone mad. The planet is covered by some kind of madness (this is to Breivik). Poor usa and europe require affordable energy. Bahrain sponsors the 1 formula.
    An interesting selection. It is great that among us there is a good person with a great sense of humor.
  16. igor67
    igor67 April 24 2012 17: 33
    The Russian Dream by Anders Breivik

    Norwegian shooter: we need a "European Federation", of which Russia will become a part.
    Anders Breivik, accused of organizing a massacre in Norway, believes that without the support of Russia, his project to create a new Europe is difficult. In addition, he plans to reform Europe along the lines of modern Russia and would like to meet with Vladimir Putin.
    and you drive him here
  17. Set
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    Be not stolen, but expropriated. did not kill, but took the life! Europe- YOU WILL PUT YOURSELF WITH CORRECTNESS DIGGING YOURSELF TO YOURSELF!
  18. vylvyn
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    An article about geopolitical politics - DPRK, USA, Syria, Iran, etc. And in the middle between them - Breivik? This Norwegian guy has risen steeply to the level of countries influencing the geopolitical situation of the world. Although you can look at it from the other side: Breivik is a terrorist, all the countries listed in the article are also terrorists. Now it all fits together.
  19. almost demobil
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    Europe in general has lost all shame. There’s someone to burn in hell. The Dutch politician equated us with the 3rd world country, because we don’t like fagots and pass laws against them. And this is some kind of hollowed out in a hollow!
  20. Marat
    Marat April 25 2012 20: 31
    Once again pleased with the trends in Turkish foreign policy. The beginning was in 2008 - when they delayed the sailing of Soviet ships in straits. Positive trends are the refusal to participate in aggression against Iran and attempts to establish friendly relations with Russia and Kazakhstan

    The final right choice would be to withdraw from NATO and the demilitarization of the Black Sea - an alliance with the CSTO and Iran
    1. igorek408
      igorek408 3 May 2012 10: 37
      Turkey has its one interest - to recreate a new Ottoman empire, they have a large army, they have a very favorable geographic location, they have only resources (their own oil is not extracted under an agreement in England), they need Syria and the Caucasus. I talked with one Turkish military, and so they are all very determined towards Syria ... I was even surprised at how brave the Turks have become, they now have 25% of the population of men under 50 .... Think for yourself recourse