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The mythology of the Third Reich: racial theory

The mythology of the Third Reich: racial theory

As noted in the article VO - The mythology of the Third Reich: the idea of ​​"pure blood", the myth of "blood purity" was the basis of the ideology of the Third Reich. “Blood Purity” was of such great importance to German Nazis, since it was associated with the inheritance of racial qualities.

The Nazis divided the races into "higher", having creative beginnings and ability to maintain order and self-organization, and "lower", respectively, not having voiced beginnings. At the top of the hierarchical ladder was the “Nordic” race (Germanic-Scandinavians), the East Baltic, Dinaric (Adriatic) and other subraces of the Europeoid race were below. Even the French were considered "degenerate, negroid, spoiled." Therefore, they belonged to the group of "semi-cordy" peoples.

Down the stairs were white half-breeds with other races and at the very bottom - representatives of the “black” (Negroids) and “Yellow” (Mongoloids) races. Representatives of the “lower” races were not generally considered as people in the full sense of the word - they were “subhumans” (German Untermensch). In this group - "subhumans", in the Reich also recorded Slavs, Jews and Gypsies.

Even in the prisons of the Third Reich, the principle of racial segregation was respected. Prisoners were divided on the basis of "blood purity": the first (highest) category consisted of Germans; in the second, the Danes, the Norwegians, the Dutch and other representatives of the “Nordic race” (they were not “superhumans”, from him. Übermensch); in the third - the French, Italians, Belgians (semi-cordial race); in the fourth - Russians, Poles, Czechs, Serbs (“subhumans” with an admixture of Nordic blood).

13 July 1941, Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler, speaking in Stettin, told the SS fighters: “This is a war of ideologies and a struggle of races. On one side is National Socialism: an ideology based on the values ​​of our German, Nordic blood .... On the other side is the 180-million people, a mixture of races and peoples whose names are unpredictable and whose physical essence is such that the only thing that can be done with them is to shoot without any pity and mercy. ... When you, my friends, fight in the East, you continue the same struggle against the same subhumanity, against the same lower races that once spoke under the name of the Huns, and later - 1000 years ago in the days of Kings Heinrich and Otto I, - under the name of the Hungarians, and later under the name of the Tatars; then they appeared again under the name of Genghis Khan and the Mongols. Today they are called Russians under the political banner of Bolshevism. ”

The division of peoples into "higher" and "lower" races was given almost religious significance. The "Nordic race" personified all the best, good, and the "lower races" were part of darkness, chaos, destruction. All история humanity was filed as a struggle of the "higher" and "lower" races. Adolf Hitler in “My struggle” figuratively compared the “Aryan” with Prometheus, who carried the light to humanity.

Naturally, on the basis of this theory, it was concluded that since only the “Nordic race” is capable of developing humanity, then the “non-Aryan peoples” need to be controlled by the “Aryans.” This was especially true of the Slavs. The ideologists of the Reich were supporters of the "Norman theory" of the creation of the Russian state. According to Himmler, "this low-grade human rabble, the Slavs, today is just as incapable of maintaining order as they were not capable of 700-800 years ago when they called on the Vikings ...". Therefore, it was necessary to deal with them in accordance with the words of the chronicler: “Our land is great and rich, but there is no order in it, come and volodyite us.”

It should be noted that the ideas of racism had old roots in Europe, including in Germany. That is why the “Nordic theory”, popularized by Alfred Rosenberg, occupied such a significant place in the German people. Rosenberg created a coherent picture of history from ancient times, where the “Aryan” was the only creative beginning. From Aryan India, Persia, Doric Hellas and Italy of Rome to German Europe. By order of September 13, 1933 of the year introduced compulsory study of "racial theory" in schools (at least 2-3 hours per week) and universities.

This theory was not invented by the Germans, it was created long before the Third Reich. Count Joseph Arthur de Gobino (1816 — 1882), a famous French novelist and sociologist, in the 1853-1855 years published a four-volume work entitled “The Experience of Inequality of Human Races.” The de facto graph became the first author to formulate the thesis on racial inequality as the main principle of historical development in the 19 century. According to Gobino, racial inequality is the most fundamental, primary, and initial principle. According to the graph, all other social hierarchies flow from it. Gobino distinguished three main races: white, yellow and black. All races the author arranged in the form of a three-step hierarchical ladder. The white race is at the top of the ladder, and the black race is at the bottom. Inside the white race, in the opinion of J. Gobino, “Aryans” occupy the highest place. Races, according to the author of the theory, are distinguished by the constancy of physical and spiritual properties. The white race is superior to the other two races in physical beauty, strength and perseverance. But its most important feature, which defines leadership and a place in the racial hierarchy, is reason. Gobino believed that the mixing of races is a necessary source for the birth and development of civilizations (with the obligatory participation of the white race), but it later becomes the cause of their degradation and death. Gobino held an anti-colonial position, since the colonial conquests contributed to the confusion and degeneration of the white race, the European civilization. In general, he believed that the white race and European civilization is on the path of recourse and its end is near. Recognition and fame came to Count Gobino only after his death and not at home, but in Germany. In 1894, the Gobino Society was created in the German Empire, by 1914, the number of members of the organization reached 360. The founder of this society, Ludwig Sheman, played a particularly important role in spreading the ideas of Gobino in Germany. He published a number of works by Joseph Gobino and research about him. In addition, Sheman in 1897 — 1900 for the first time published the Essay on the Inequality of Human Races in German. The ideologists of the Third Reich evaluated Gobino’s works very highly and in 1930-ies specially selected fragments from his works were published in popular anthologies about races and were quoted in school textbooks. As a result, the ideas of the French Gobino became part of the ideology of the Third Reich.

The real "father of the spirit", "pioneer" and "pioneer" (as Joseph Goebbels called him) in the field of racial theories was the British writer, sociologist, philosopher Houston (Houston) Stuart Chamberlain (1855 — 1927). His worldview was based on the ideas of Richard Wagner and Joseph Gobino. His main work, which brought him popularity, was the work of "Foundations of the XIX century." She came out in Munich in 1899 year. According to Chamberlain, European culture was the result of a synthesis of five main components: culture, literature and philosophy of ancient Greece; the legal and governmental system of ancient Rome; Christianity in its Protestant version; resurgent creative Teutonic (German) spirit; and the destructive influence of Jewry and Judaism in general. Only the “Aryans” can resist the power of the Jews. The Aryans are, according to the British, the only pillar of world development, and the Jews are the negative racial force that destroys and leads to the degeneration of humanity. "Fundamentals" of Houston Chamberlain became extremely popular in the German Empire even under Kaiser Wilhelm II.

One of the most important “racologists” of the Third Reich was Hans Friedrich Karl Gunter (1891 - 1968). A linguist by education, in May 1930 of the year, he headed the Department of Social Anthropology at Jena University, which was created by special order of the Thuringian government (in the upward elections won by the National Socialists). His introductory lecture was called "Causes of the racial decline of the German people after the Great Migration." Hermann Goering spoke with him and highly appreciated the teacher. At the 11 September party congress, 1935 of the year A. Rosenbeng handed Hans Günther as the first winner the NSDAP science prize and stated in his speech that the professor “laid the spiritual foundations of the struggle of our movement and the Reich legislation”.

The ancestor of the concept of "scientific racism" was the American anthropologist Samuel George Morton (1799-1851). This theory in the first quarter of the 19 century quickly spread among supporters of slavery, because it is scientifically justified the impossibility of the liberation of blacks. The United States accepted this theory even at the official level. In 1844, US Secretary of State John Caldwell Calhoun (senator from South Carolina, so-called “uncrowned king of the South”), after consulting with Morton, gave an official response to a note from European countries about slavery in the United States, saying that the abolition of the slave-owning system impossible, since the negros belong to the "lower human type." In the same year 1844, Samuel Morton published the book Egyptian Skull, where he argued that the ancient Egyptians belonged to the white (according to the terminology of the time “Caucasian”) race. His followers D. Gleddon and N. Nott published the book Types of Humanity in 1854, where, based on studies of skulls, they argued that negros are closer to monkeys than to other human races. In the USA, similar views on the “black” population prevailed for a rather long time, even after the Second World War. In 1896, racial segregation was legalized in the United States. The law introduced the Supreme Court in the Plessy vs Ferguson case: in 1890, the state of Louisiana passed a law on separate travel on trains, which introduced special and worst places for blacks. In 1892, Homer Plessy, who had one-eighth of Negro blood, was arrested for violating this law. The Supreme Court, to which Plessy appealed for justice, confirmed the correctness of the state authorities and said that such a law does not contradict the Constitution. Therefore, in the United States, quite a significant period of time, even after the official abolition of slavery, negros and mulattos (and other “colored” ones) could not enter the “white” quarters, shops, theaters, cars and other places and institutions.

A major role in the development of the racial theory of the Third Reich was played by studies of British and German scientists dedicated to India. The arrival of the Aryan tribes to India from the North, the conquest of “blacks” by them, and the creation of a tough caste system by them, was considered as a role model. In 1849, the publication of the translation of the full text of the Rig Veda prepared by Max Muller began in London. Muller suggested that the “Aryan race” excelled other races (Turan and Semitic) in cultural development. The Aryans became the "movers of history." But the "mixing of races" led to the fact that the Aryans gradually lost their creative potential and degraded. By the arrival of the British, India had lost its creative potential. On the basis of these ideas, British Indologists prepared the official history of India in the first quarter of the 20 century. In the 1938, the work of the Sanskritologist Paul Tim (1905-2001) was published in the Third Reich. He argued that in the ancient Indian Vedas the term "ariy" was supposedly synonymous with "man", and black people were regarded as "subhuman." As a result, the reality of the Third Reich was reinforced by the authority of the Rig Veda and the orders of Ancient India.

Another ancient country from which the ideologists of the Reich deduced the beginning of the “Nordic race” was Persia. The first ideas about the common Germans and Aryan Persians appeared at the beginning of the 19 century. In 1808, the German scientist Otto Frank, a professor of philology in Bamberg, in the book "Light from the East" put forward the theory that Iran was the ancestral home of the Aryans. Arians from Iran fell into India, Egypt, Greece, Germany, and settled all of Europe. According to him, the Germans were descended from the East "all traces of its ancient history, as well as its ... living language - all this indicates that the Germans are not brothers to the Greeks and not Romans, but to the Persians." Frank called for restoring the “original state” —the Persian-German power. Similar views were held by the Nazis in the Third Reich. Berlin tried to turn Iran into an ally in the Middle East, creating a threat to the geopolitical interests of Britain and the Soviet Union. Therefore, theories about the common Aryan origin of the Germans and Iranians occupied a central place in the propaganda of the Nazis in Iran. A special decree of Berlin, the Iranians as "purebred Aryans" were exempted from the "racial" (Nuremberg) laws. In the 1934 year, on the recommendation of German diplomats, in order to glorify the role of Iran as the ancestral home of the Aryan race, the state of Persia was officially changed to Iran. German architects designed the National Bank building in Tehran in a Neo-Persian style. The SS racial administration planned marriages of German girls with prominent members of the military-political and economic elite of Iran in order to “refresh” the blood of the Iranian leadership. The center of the Nazi movement in Iran was the magazine Ancient Iran, which was published weekly in the 1933-1937 years. The magazine promoted the success of the Third Reich, reported on the most important events in the military-political life of Germany. The magazine’s editor was Iranian nationalist Safe Azad. The magazine spoke against the dominance of foreigners in Iran and at the same time reported on friendly and kindred German people who are ready to help the country in its development.

The head of the Heritage of Ancestors Institute, the rector of the University of Munich, Professor Walter Wust (1901-1993) in 1943 published the book Indo-German Confession. It should be noted that German scientists almost entirely attributed the heritage of Indo-European Aryans (they called them Indo-Germans) to the Germans. According to Vyusta, the task of Germanism was to recreate not only the history of Indo-German civilization, but also the formation of the Indo-German empire. The beginning of this process in Western Europe, Wust attributed to the empire of Charlemagne, and in world history the origins of this empire date back to at least the time of the Achaemenids.

With great respect, the Nazi leadership belonged to the ancient Greek culture. Hitler believed that the culture of the ancient Greeks was perfect. Rosenberg in “The Myth of the 20 Century” wrote: “The dream of Nordic humanity in Hellas became the best dream.” Nazi explorers linked the origins of the ancient Greeks with ancient Germany. German scientists have advanced the theory that Dorians who came from the north to Greece were Germanic in origin. Hitler even stated: “When we are asked about our ancestors, we must always point to the Greeks.” Among scientists, this theory was developed by the already mentioned Hans Gunter. In "The racial history of the Hellenic and Roman peoples" (1928 year), he reports that the Hellenes migrated to Greece from the valley of the Middle Danube and reported on the similarities between the Germans and the ancient Greeks. Rosenberg brought the ancient Greeks directly from Germany - from the land of Brandenburg.

In one of the ancient Greek states-polis - Sparta, Hitler saw "the purest sample of a racial state in history". German historians idealized Dorian Sparta. In the Spartans, the Nazis saw a pure "Nordic" element, a true master race, in the state itself - the perfect embodiment of political organization. I must say that to identify ancient Greece with the ancient Germans and Scandinavians began even before the Third Reich. The Greek Olympus was associated with the Scandinavian pantheon of gods. Blond and blue-eyed ancient Greek heroes and gods with the heroes and gods of the German-Scandinavian epic.

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  1. foxstrat89
    foxstrat89 April 24 2012 09: 19
  2. schta
    schta April 24 2012 09: 21
    Himmler was wrong, "we are 200 million, you can't outweigh everyone."

    And if you look at the history of the confrontation between the West and the East, then, according to Suvorov, "the hare always beat the Prusak."
    1. Petrol
      Petrol April 24 2012 11: 49
      in fact, these wandering Germans assimilated in the territory of P (erunov) RUSOV in that territory there are still monuments of culture of ancient Slovenes
    2. itr
      itr April 24 2012 14: 12
      in vain you so they occupied us with cockroaches laughing
  3. saveall
    saveall April 24 2012 10: 04
    It is not clear why all this is a listing of the myths of the Third Reich? Is this article just a historical reference? What relation does the author have to these myths I did not understand ...

    Recently, we have also created historical myths like these, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity. They completely reject all of our last glorious history and take their dreams into a kind of "mysterious" antiquity. For some, Orthodoxy is like a bone in the throat, a return to the Middle Ages and obscurantism (although to call Christians obscurantists is too much, since many Orthodox Christians are well aware of secular sciences (atheists should know Christianity that way!), And many of them are scientists, they know Russian culture, history and Orthodoxy does not bother them at all) So, these some of them shout without interruption about Russian culture, about the Empire and that the Russian people are the heart of the world, completely forgetting that all this was born in Orthodoxy and even the communists took these values ​​and agreed with them and built a society even without God, but with pure souls.

    In our country, they are now perverting everything, changing it over, inventing something, trying to combine the incompatible and pull over the ears of what is not attracted. It is in this that the division of our Russian people takes place, and this is precisely the main goal of our enemy ...
  4. runway
    runway April 24 2012 10: 19
    It looks like the zombie of bloggers with fascist ideas has begun on the site.
    Moderators do not see anything illegal in this? And what about the moral component? It seems completely missing.
    Already some site visitors were led to such frequent publications. They begin to discuss the "fashionable topic". Who is "pure blood" and who is "dirty". Who has "dirty", those at the expense. We have already decided who will be the first. Jews (Zionists), there are other proposals .... (Yesterday's publication by the same author).
    And all this happens on the eve of Victory Day of the Soviet people over the Nazi invaders!
    1. saveall
      saveall April 24 2012 10: 30
      Yes, this is already noticeable with the naked eye.
    2. DrekerexeN
      DrekerexeN April 24 2012 10: 38
      Do not mix everything into one ... And you need to know this. To firmly understand what they fought for and died in World War II.
      1. saveall
        saveall April 24 2012 11: 50
        Do not mix everything into one ... And you need to know this. To firmly understand why they fought and died in the second world war.

        I didn’t know that we fought for it and died ...

        The fact that the Nazis considered the Slavs subhuman, we already know. Why bother poking around in this shit? Or is it a pleasure for someone?

        But this article does not have the most important thing - the author’s attitude to all these myths. This is the main complaint, because it is not clear for the sake of what this article was written then. What did the author want to say?
        1. Delta
          Delta April 24 2012 11: 57
          right, and history does not need to be studied, otherwise it suddenly turns out that the Nazis were there. Fuh, what an abomination, forget about it urgently
          1. saveall
            saveall April 24 2012 12: 29
            Stories need to be evaluated, not just events listed.
            1. Delta
              Delta April 24 2012 16: 19
              each for himself and gives an assessment of events. Nobody has deprived of this right. But if at least two or three historians have different assessments in history textbooks, what will happen? right - a mess. There will be a free interpretation of the story. And there must be a dry statement. This reminds me of how I made an article on a German airplane on one site. One kid was so angry that he just didn’t ascribe to me. Of course, I attribute this to age, excuse me
    3. Joker
      Joker April 24 2012 10: 40
      Listen, nobody zombies anyone smile This site is military-patriotic, here are those who love their homeland, with rare exceptions. The article is written for reference, so that you can expand your horizons, that's all. If you are not interested in the topic, do not read. There are those who are interested to know what the Germans zombified, the history of the Third Reich, their tanks, etc. This is purely to broaden one's horizons. We all already know very well that the Germans, with their Aryan ideas, received from our neck, that’s the outcome of the war. Nobody calls you to believe in Nazi ideas, there are no such words in the article, it is written in a purely historical language.
    4. alebor
      alebor April 24 2012 10: 57
      That's right, that on the eve of Victory Day! To show with whom we fought, whom we defeated and what the fascist ideology of "racial superiority" was worth. Also, the article makes us think about what consequences would await us if we lost the war.
      1. Volkhov
        Volkhov April 24 2012 17: 22
        We won the war, but lost the country and way of thinking, and the Nazis lost Berlin, but retained the Reich, ideology and knowledge. Soon he will have to fight with the vanquished, but not in his own interests. In this case, an external force that is far from people will prevail.
        It's just that propaganda has been claiming for decades that they do not exist, but it is impossible to send an army into the void, they begin to show a little, starting with the maternity question, understandable to the electorate and arousing curiosity, otherwise show a metal beam - the "patriots" will not want to fight, they will start asking what amendment from Kalasha to shoot at the moon, they may be puzzled, why did the Reich hide for 67 years, let it develop, and at that time they were rinsing our brains, and now forward, it is not clear what?
        1. VlaSer
          VlaSer April 24 2012 23: 29
          What the fuck ???? fool
  5. Ross
    Ross April 24 2012 10: 25
    Germany was the only country officially studying secret knowledge accumulated by the entire world civilization. And I spent more money on this than the Americans on the nuclear project.
    Knowledge is neutral. It is very bad that it came to the Nazis. But now do not turn away from studying the world heritage because of this?
    Of course, the Germans perverted racial theory for their own purposes. But genetic science from this does not become Nazi. Genes allow you to get a lot of knowledge, including facilitating the understanding of history. The main thing is to carefully handle this knowledge.
    1. Joker
      Joker April 24 2012 10: 45
      So you want to say that the German theory of their kinship with certain Aryans is true? smile This is all nonsense. I dare to assure you, we all have roughly the same roots, this theory was invented for dusting the heads of the population. It has long been proven that the Germans have nothing to do with any Aryans. Their theory was constantly updated depending on those with whom they fought. At first there were Jews, then Slavs were added, this is just a means of propaganda. That's all. But still, even now there are people who believe in all this nonsense.
      1. Joker
        Joker April 24 2012 12: 10
        Is it the Nazis that minus me? smile Well, excuse me, the Germans have nothing to do with the Aryans, this is all Goebbels propaganda with the support of Hitler. I'm sorry to tell you the truth laughing
        1. valeri51d
          valeri51d April 24 2012 14: 02
          This is your conscience, minus you ...
          1. Joker
            Joker April 24 2012 16: 41
            Well, I probably have to say goodbye to my conscience forever wink
        2. dmb
          dmb April 24 2012 14: 15
          Yeah. Dr. Goebbels, or Himmler himself, is the standards of the Aryan, while Rothschild is a direct descendant of Richard the Lionheart.
          1. Ruslan
            Ruslan April 24 2012 18: 14
            Quote: dmb
            Yeah. Dr. Goebbels, or Himmler himself, is the standards of the Aryan, while Rothschild is a direct descendant of Richard the Lionheart.
            If Goebels
            He lived on the territory of Poland or Ukraine, he would be shot without taking off his underpants - on the face painted his belonging to the elect.
        3. old rocket man
          old rocket man April 24 2012 14: 58
          This, Oleg is not the Nazis, is a troll named valeri51d
          1. Joker
            Joker April 24 2012 16: 42
            Well, Igor doesn’t interfere with one second laughing Nazi troll in how cool it sounds laughing
  6. viruskvartirus
    viruskvartirus April 24 2012 10: 35
    The most funny thing is that the ancestral home of the Aryans is the Black Sea steppes (look at the Kurgan hypothesis) and 45% of the Hindus of the higher castes have the same haplotym as 62% of the Russians "Slavic", and the Germans have a slightly different so-called "Celtic" 43% ... these "greats" are probably tossing and turning in the coffin ...%)
    1. Odessa
      Odessa April 24 2012 21: 25
      In ancient times, Ariemi called the ancestors of the Slavs, Aryans, from the ancient Russian word arat, i.e., sow, i.e. sowers, plowmen or ordinary peasants. And they are unlikely to have any relation to the Germans, because the Germans are not Slovenes!
      1. viruskvartirus
        viruskvartirus April 24 2012 22: 17
        I began to read and was amazed at how many materials, evidence of chroniclers, archaeologists, geneticists ...
  7. apro
    apro April 24 2012 10: 52
    I read an interview with a flagship SS man, I don’t remember the names, but after 45, he realized that the Soviet were also Aryans.
  8. Petrol
    Petrol April 24 2012 11: 53
    I don’t know the gentlemen ... if you want to grow a thoroughbred horse, then you won’t mix it with another breed otherwise the old people would say looking at the Poles, Prussians, Slovaks.
    1. Joker
      Joker April 24 2012 12: 23
      Nobody argues about horses, but people are not horses. It was the Nazis who made "mothers' houses" where they settled German women and women of other nationalities who, according to external data, are similar to their favorite Aryans, and then they brought SS-sheep there, well, then what happened you already understand, not small, probably. All this is nonsense, I think. The ideal of the Germans was blond with blue or gray eyes and an athletic physique, there still some proportions of the skull must be observed, at least in the SS they took it that way. BUT, the same Bruce Lee would be puny in appearance, and in a fight he will give odds to any athlete, I think the whole thing is in training and education, and the purity of blood is nothing more than propaganda. Moreover, without this purity we piled on the Germans wink
      1. Ross
        Ross April 24 2012 14: 53
        The problem is that many discoveries in science are constantly clamped, as objectionable to the world elite. All the same, you need to include your mind, logic. Most often, a lot is rejected immediately because it does not correspond to the understanding that they laid down at school, at home, at the institute, etc.
        Studying the Aryan caste system in North India, he never ceased to be amazed at how perverted it was for the common man. Castes divided people according to their level of consciousness! As well as in our pre-Christian Russia and among many other ancient peoples. Children at an early age were selected - according to the level of development of consciousness, according to their abilities - who were the disciples of the Magi (Brahmins), who went to the military (squad of professional wars, descendants of modern Cossacks), and who were just a plowman.
        And therefore in Russia there has always been a Druzhina (military estate) and priests (wise advisers) and simple plowmen and cattle breeders.
        The Germans, to the extent of their distorted consciousness, reduced everything to blood ...
      2. viruskvartirus
        viruskvartirus April 24 2012 15: 59
        ))) We have more "pure Aryan blood" although this is a weak reason to amuse your conceit ... well, the truth is, it is not yet accepted among politicians to confess to "non-traditional sexual orientation", while Germans now have this normal. Although, if we talk about our politicians, many people suspect that our politicians are not clean)))
        1. Joker
          Joker April 24 2012 21: 17
          Sorry, but for me in general, some comparison with the Aryans is a curse.
          1. viruskvartirus
            viruskvartirus April 24 2012 22: 20
            stupid arias are the ancestors of most Europeans ... and they settled from the Black Sea steppes ... and the Nazis perverted everything ...
            1. Vadim555
              Vadim555 April 24 2012 23: 55
              Quote: viruskvartirus
              viruskvartirus Today, 22:20 p.m. new 0 nonsense arias are the ancestors of most Europeans ... and they settled from the Black Sea steppes ... and the Nazis perverted everything ...

              In general, the Aryans (Hyperboreans) arose in the northern Urals, and only then there was a division, one part moved east and settled in India, part went south (Babylon), and part west (Apennines. Etruscan).
              Correctly said a colleague of Ross-Magi-Brahmins is the bearers of Knowledge.
              PS. Naturally along the route there was a settlement of lands.
              1. viruskvartirus
                viruskvartirus April 25 2012 10: 17
                Most scientists, relying on a lot of evidence .... adhere to the mound hypothesis, and it speaks of resettlement from the Black Sea steppes ... I advise you to look at the wiki there is an interesting map of haplotypes ...
                1. Vadim555
                  Vadim555 April 25 2012 10: 40
                  There are many hypotheses, including in order to try to hide the truth. With the help of Wiki, such "distortions" often occur. Only a complex analysis of materials will allow you to comprehend the truth.
  9. FIMUK
    FIMUK April 24 2012 12: 15
    damn well, how can you write such articles ..... this topic has a dozen volumes of 1000 hours of pages, and here are three "paragraphs" ...
    ЗЫ- think and search, compare, pay attention to the translation (who translated when for whom)
    And everything will be so yes no, as they say in Odessa winked
  10. EVIL
    EVIL April 24 2012 13: 02
    After 45, the whole world realized that Russian is cooler than the Aryan)

    And so steeper than the British, French, Amerov and other participants in the Second World War.

    It seems to me in Europe that the Germans are really the coolest, good warriors with the real spirit of warriors.

    Well, our great-grandfathers kicked them ass, because they climbed into our sandbox.
  11. runway
    runway April 24 2012 13: 15
    "knowledge is neutral."
    It is very good that you understand that the Nazis perverted the science of "genes", that when you read about fascist military equipment, you know that it was created to enslave other peoples ....
    But this author does not say anything about it! And if he is silent, then I agree!
    Worse, there are people who welcome the ideas of fascism.
    And if this nonsense is published on the so-called "patriotic" site, then why be ashamed .... Tomorrow we will talk about the performance of gas chambers?
    1. FIMUK
      FIMUK April 24 2012 14: 47
      and let's talk today, for one thing and about the disposal of bodies of the dead.
  12. The gentleman
    The gentleman April 24 2012 14: 03
    I liked the article. The very title of the article says that this is a myth and they were never the best. Let's better look at this as an ideology that has tremendous power than weapons or other means of deterrence. Is not today the West trying to show by its actions how terrible the Islamic world. or "Americanization". Therefore, such articles are necessary to realize that an idea can be so dumb, but so strong.
    KAZAKHSTAN April 24 2012 14: 20
    The vulgar, dirty, rotten idea of ​​the superiority of one people over the other. Look at the present time the same idea of ​​the West "the end justifies the means" the same thing only from a different angle.
    And the conclusion is that the people of the West are completely slaughtered and devoid of reason that they allowed themselves to be turned into cattle.
    1. FIMUK
      FIMUK April 24 2012 14: 42
      European cattle with permission to carry and store short-arms, and sometimes small arms winked

      Highly educated, free, citizens of the former Soviet Socialist Republic condemns double standards and Western militarism.

      Without a national idea and legislatively fixed priority, the titular nation of the country will not exist !!! Do not believe? read the story.
      1. The gentleman
        The gentleman April 24 2012 14: 55
        I agree, there should be an idea, but the people who look at another idea should understand that not everything is so smooth. You know, even the former President of Turkmenistan once said: "Turkmens are the ancestors of the Germans" and suddenly the idea of ​​the Aryans suddenly appears
    2. Ross
      Ross April 24 2012 15: 18

      A little further voiced.
      Many have heard that wolves or other wild animals nursed human babies. And ALWAYS after returning to the world of people, such twisted children could no longer live humanly.
      Just think about what instincts are now instilling into our children through the flow of muti TV, the press, etc. ?
      It was such ruthless freaks that the Nazis tried to select, hiding behind the noble oldest terms and symbols, having mocked them for today's people and therefore even now difficult for an unbiased study.
  14. skullcap
    skullcap April 24 2012 15: 44
    There is no need to talk about the purity of blood, which science already confirms - everyone has long been mixed up to one degree or another.
    We need to talk about purity of mind.
    Yes, among ourselves - we are all different, but before God - everyone is equal. And only he, and not ourselves, can determine which of us is worth what.
    And if someone himself begins to consider himself above the rest - this is a clear sign of the most dangerous illness of his spirit.
    The Germans God instructed our fathers and grandfathers.
    I hope that other infected people will be cured.

    "Gobino held an anti-colonial position, since the colonial conquests contributed to the mixing and degeneration of the white race, European civilization. In general, he believed that the white race and European civilization are on the way of regression and its end is near."
    and the processes that are taking place in Europe now make us think seriously.
    KAZAKHSTAN April 24 2012 16: 04
    Darwin was wrong man is not an animal in the 21st century, the Internet will bring people to a qualitatively new level of evolutionary development. Rules of the fate of entire peoples, dictators and other history writers will forever be a thing of the past. Humanity will be able to organize itself as a huge synchronized organism. idiologists will never be able to move the masses !!! Give 21 century !!!
    1. Joker
      Joker April 24 2012 16: 46
      A pitiful bunch of wise men will move the masses over the Internet, there have always been uneducated people who are ready to believe in all heresy and the more fantastic it is, the more they believe. It is necessary to raise education in the country, why in the United States Americans are so easily amenable to zombies, because they are for the most part uneducated, education is paid and not everyone can afford it, and when a person is educated, he won’t believe any rubbish.
  16. FIMUK
    FIMUK April 24 2012 17: 26
    ... .. The leader of the Norwegian conservatives in the 70s - 80s of the last century, Björn Benkov said: "An ethnically homogeneous society is a harmonious society." And if society is culturally and ethnically split, then there is a lack of trust between citizens, this can never be overcome, this not only affects the interaction between different groups, but ultimately leads to confrontation. And this is happening before our very eyes. (C) From Breivik’s speech, is this not happening and is disturbing Russia?
    Read here you have brainwashed Europe.
    all speech
  17. Ruslan
    Ruslan April 24 2012 17: 41
    Look and read here clearly shows where the Germans got the theory of racism and purity of blood. On my own behalf, I will add that upon arrival in Israel, emigrants donate blood for analysis to determine purity for Jewry, you also need to have especially pure Jewish blood (as in the ss) to become a rabbi) well, and if you are not a clean Jew you will be buried behind the fence of the cemetery where the thoroughbreds are the Jews
    1. Vadim555
      Vadim555 April 25 2012 00: 04
      Quote: Ruslan
      you also need to have especially pure Jewish blood (as in the ss) to become a rabbi)

      Only a representative of the Levite tribe can become a rabbi.
      Levites do not undergo circumcision and all are "registered" from birth.
      You + for determination.
      1. loc.bejenari
        loc.bejenari April 25 2012 02: 00
        YOU forgot about the Coen (Kogan Kokhan Katz) is the second rabbinical clan
        50 percent of Jewish men with such surnames wear the classic haplotype
        1. Vadim555
          Vadim555 April 25 2012 10: 54
          Quote: loc.bejenari
          loc.bejenari Today, 02:00 AM 1 YOU have forgotten about the Coen (Kogan Kohan Katsov) is the second rabbinical genus
          50 percent of Jewish men with such surnames wear the classic haplotype

          Coens, this is not even a rabbinical family, it is rather a "royal" family.
          The word kohen is never negotiable, it is the representatives of the kohen clan who are the supreme guardians of Judaism.
          You +
    KAZAKHSTAN April 24 2012 19: 38
    It’s clear as a sunny day that a society of world evil exists
  19. Sergl
    Sergl April 24 2012 21: 08
    To defeat the enemy - you need to know him.

    To step on the throat of neo-fascism, you need to know its origins and have evidence of its failure
  20. Leisure
    Leisure April 24 2012 21: 22
    Kindergarten, appropriated all the good to itself, and all the bad, subhuman.
    The Romans, the Germanic tribes, were generally not mistaken for people.
    But in general, racial theory, sorry, g ... but!
    1. Ruslan
      Ruslan April 24 2012 21: 46
      Quote: Lazer
      But in general, racial theory, sorry, g ... but!
      I agree only to add that shit is the religion that claims to be superior to the rest - this also leads to hostility between peoples
  21. loc.bejenari
    loc.bejenari April 25 2012 02: 02
    in light of recent discoveries - the theory of delirium - the Germans are only 60 percent northern European haplogroup - the rest - also assimilated Slavs and others - this is the name of the indigenous people - those who claimed the Aryan
  22. Arthur anschpiler
    Arthur anschpiler 3 July 2017 21: 58
    Instead of a thousand words