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The mythology of the Third Reich: the idea of ​​"pure blood"


Russian citizens have heard quite a lot about German Nazism, but in reality they know little about the ideology of the Third Reich. People have a mess in their heads of images of Soviet-Russian films, caricature Germans from Hollywood films (often similar to mythical characters, monsters from hell). Unfortunately, for a part of modern European and Russian youth, the Hitlerite Nazis became role models.

In this article we will focus on the fundamental stone of the Third Reich ideology - the idea of ​​"pure blood." It should be noted that this “block” of Nazi mythology was not invented by them. All European colonialists, especially British Protestants, were racists. Racism and racial segregation flourished in the “stronghold of democracy” - the United States, long before the Third Reich, and survived after its fall. In the 19 century, European thinkers created "scientific racism" that divided races into "higher" and "lower". It was not for nothing that the English philosophy flourished in the elite of the Third Reich - the British Empire seemed to them an ideal state.

The concept of "pure blood" first appeared in the Spanish Inquisition. In the language of the Inquisition, to belong to pure blood meant to come neither from Jews, nor from the Moors, nor from heretics. In 1496, the status of "blood purity" was approved by Pope Alexander VI. He was introduced in monasteries, universities, and then other areas of Spanish society, prohibiting education and employment of any position to people who had among the ancestors of Arabs, Moors, Jews. An interesting fact is that the struggle for "blood purity" was carried out by the great inquisitor of Spain, Thomas Torquemada, who himself came from the Spanish kind of baptized Jews (immediately recall reports of the origin of a number of high-ranking Nazis in the Third Reich). Jews are expelled from Spain (1492 year), then the Moors (1502 year). The reprisals included Moriscos (Moors who converted to Christianity and their descendants), marans (Jews who accepted Christianity and their descendants).

Usually, when the Third Reich is remembered, the ideology of anti-Semitism immediately pops up. After the Second World War, the world media did a great job of introducing the "primacy" of the sufferings of the Jewish people into the consciousness of the "primacy". Although the ideology of the Reich "Jewish question" was not the main. For example, the SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler said in April 1943 of the year: “For us ... the starting point is the blood issue. We were the first to truly solve the blood problem in practice, and, in this connection, by the blood problem we, of course, do not mean anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is exactly the same as disinfection. This is a matter of purity. Thus, anti-Semitism for us is not a matter of ideology, but a matter of purity ... ”. You can read about this in the “bible” of German Nazism - the book “My Struggle” by Adolf Hitler. Hitler repeatedly refers to the fact that “only one of the problems is of decisive importance: the problem of the racial preservation of the people. The degree of blood purity alone determines the strength or weakness of people. ” In his opinion, "all other problems play a ridiculously small role compared to racial ones." All other questions are of temporary importance, and the problem of "blood purity will exist as long as man himself exists." As a result, “we know only one sacred human right, which is at the same time its sacred duty; a person must be vigilant in ensuring that his blood remains clean. ”

The worst crime, according to the ideologues of Nazism, was the "mixing of blood." As the most prominent ideologist of the Reich, Alfred Rosenberg, wrote in “The Myth of the 20 of the Century,” not only individuals, but entire civilizations, races, are dying from this “blood shame”. One of the consequences of this ideology was the alignment of the state-public hierarchy in accordance with the principle of "blood purity". Ideally, only people with “pure blood” could receive a full-fledged education and the highest posts in the empire, citizens with “mixed blood” were affected in their rights, and people with “someone else's blood” could be expelled or killed, turned into slaves.

15 January 1935 was issued a decree "On the hereditary doctrine and racial theory in the framework of school activities." It was recommended to start classes on racial issues for children from 6 years, relevant textbooks were printed, and teacher retraining courses were organized. In September 1935, two “racial laws” (the so-called “Nuremberg laws”) were adopted at the party congress of the NSDAP in Nuremberg. It was the “Law on the Protection of German Blood and German Honor” and the “Law on Citizenship of the Reich”. The first law prohibited marriage and extra-marital relations between citizens of German or kindred blood with Jews. The punishment for "desecrating the race" - marriage, were hard labor. For extramarital affairs were punished with imprisonment or hard labor. The second law established that only a person with Germanic or related blood could become a citizen of the Third Reich. In November, the law was supplemented: Jews now could not be citizens of the Reich and lost their right to vote on political issues, the right to hold public office.

To reduce racial legislation only to anti-Semitic laws is wrong. "Race laws" only marked the beginning of a well-thought-out system of various restrictions and prohibitions. In November, the law banning marriages between Germans and Jews was extended to blacks and gypsies (and their descendants). Although, in principle, there could be exceptions, the law provided for special permits for marriages with “alien blood” carriers. After the seizure of Slavic states, Czechoslovakia and Poland, in 1939, restrictions appeared against the mixing of blood with their inhabitants. 23 November 1940 of the year issued an order signed by the Deputy Fuhrer Martin Bormann, which prohibited marrying Polish and Czech peasants to members of the Nazi Party (National Socialist German Workers' Party). In addition, members of the NSDAP and other important organizations (the SS, the National Socialist Motorized Corps, the National Socialist Union of Teachers, etc.) required the permission of a local gauleiter to marry representatives of the Polish, Czech, Hungarian peoples. Soon this instruction was extended to all strata of the German population. For example, in the Hitler Youth in 1939 there were 8,7 million people (with the number of German youth in the beginning of 1939 year in 8,8 million people), and in 1940, membership in this organization became compulsory for young Germans. Since April 1940, all German youths aged 10-18 have been obliged to join the Hitler Youth.

Thus, in 1940, the Slavs (and, in part, the Hungarians) were equated with the Jews. Himmler in October 1943 described the Slavs (from his speech, the future of the Slavic peoples looked quite sad) as "a mixture of peoples from lower races with splashes of Nordic blood, incapable of maintaining order and self-government." After the occupation of Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, parts of France, laws appear that impede marriages with the inhabitants of these territories. According to the secret directive of the Chief of Staff of the Supreme Command of the German armed forces from 26 in January 1942, soldiers could get permission to marry citizens of the “Nordic” countries of Holland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden (they were later credited with Belgium and Finland) only with the permission of the Fuhrer. On the Eastern Front, marriages with local residents were completely prohibited. Even any sexual contacts were banned - it is clear that this order was not respected, both voluntary and forced sexual relations with the local population were recorded. The occupants acted on the principle “war will write off everything.” The ban on sexual intercourse was relaxed only for Estonians and Latvians, given the massive recording of those in the SS troops and police forces. But the ban was maintained against the Lithuanians. Himmler wrote that this "people behave badly and has such a low racial value that lifting the ban is unreasonable and unjustified."

"Pure blood" was for the ideologues of Nazism and religious significance. Alfred Rosenberg in “The Myth of the 20 of the Century” spoke about the “religion of blood”, a new belief in the divine essence of people, which will replace Christianity.

The Germans in the representation of the Nazi leadership were so-called. “Blood flow”, like other nations. In the collision of such “flows” there could be no moral criteria. The people of "alien blood" was necessary to push and destroy. Every German was a “drop of blood in the bloodstream” and was not personally responsible. October 4 1943, Himmler speaking in Poznan to the top leadership of the SS, said: “Our people were embraced by alien peoples and because of them forgot their heritage. Alien flows of blood flowed into our people, but he, despite the terrible difficulties and terrible blows of fate, retained strength at the very foundation of the blood in order to win through this. ”

Therefore, taking into account this fact, the German leadership was going to “liberate” the Crimea and all the surrounding areas from all “outsiders” and settle them with Germans, since in the 2 century BC. er Goths were noted there. In 1942, the Ost General Plan referred to the creation of Gotengau (“Gotha Region”) on the lower Dnieper and in the Crimea.

It must be shown that the denial of the norms of modern civilization is one of the peculiarities of the Nazi ideology. The ideologists of the Reich opposed modern civilization to them, “civilized” people who were told that they could live contrary to the laws of nature, “heroic antiquity”.

Of course, the idea of ​​"blood purity" was a myth with which the future of the Millennial Reich was built. A significant part of the Germans, especially in Central, East Germany and Austria, were descendants of Germanized Western Slavs — numerous unions of the Lutichi, Obodrich tribes, and others. Prussia was the core of the future German Empire at the time of the death of Frederick II the Great, had in its population up to a third of the colonists and their descendants . Friedrich Wilhelm I of Brandenburg (1620 - 1688) nicknamed the Great Elector, founder of the Brandenburg-Prussian state, in his domestic policy was very tolerant of various religious minorities and in every way encouraged the arrival of the colonists. The country was terribly ravaged by the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), only the Brandenburg brand lost 140 thousand from 300 thousand. Entire areas were turned into deserts. Frederick William opened to the country wide access to all homeless exiles, roving soldiers and even robbers who wanted to again turn to honest people. The great Elector sheltered thousands of French Huguenots, Jews, representatives of various Protestant minorities and sects. Among the settlers were the Dutch, the Poles, the Czechs. As a result of the enormous work of the Prussian government over several generations, Prussia has become one of the leading powers in Europe. True, we must take into account the fact that the colonists were representatives of European culture and were easily integrated in Prussia. By the end of the 19 century, the descendants of the French, the Dutch, the Poles, and the Czechs sincerely considered themselves "real Germans." Violent industrialization destroyed the last islands of original culture in the countryside and small towns. A similar policy was successfully carried out in Russia, when colonists from Europe (the same Germans) were invited to develop Novorossia and other territories.
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  1. Prometey
    Prometey April 20 2012 08: 51 New
    Who owns the material, tell me - there is a version that still has not found an order or program that existed in Nazi Germany to exterminate Jews. There is only a decree of Himler on the resettlement of Jews outside ethnic Germany.
    1. Skills
      April 20 2012 09: 05 New
      Apparently, in the works of N. Starikov it is necessary to dash - he voiced the version that the top of the Reich had an alliance with the leaders of Zionism, with the aim of mass relocation of Jews to Palestine and the elimination of assimilated Jews (for example, Russian-Soviet)
      1. 755962
        755962 April 20 2012 10: 07 New
        Hitler's fascination with occultism took his sore imagination too far .. The race of Aryans - the ancestors of Germanic tribes - was for ideologists the very source from which one could “draw inspiration” and consider it as a convincing example of infallibility. It was believed that the customs of this people survived in secret societies, which in all centuries opposed the degradation of mankind and preserved ancient knowledge. They could be perceived only by turning back the clock, bringing the Germans closer to this prototype.
        Such was the secret meaning of the actions of the leaders of the Third Reich, who firmly believed in their primordial superiority. From this the theory of purity of blood also follows.
      2. ZAVET
        ZAVET April 20 2012 12: 50 New
        From Wikipedia, Jews are divided into two groups:
        1. Sephardic - Semites, Negroids with their rabbi.
        2. Ashkenazi Semites mixed with Asian (Hazara-Mongoloid) blood
        same with his separate rabbi. They were supposedly destroyed
        Jews cannot be "Russian" in any way.
        Studies of Russian genetics over the past 20 years have shown that
        the same as Russian Belarusians and Ukrainians-ONE PEOPLE
        1. Opertak
          Opertak April 20 2012 15: 40 New
          Quote: ZAVET
          Jews cannot be "Russian" in any way.

          Difficult question. I remember exactly (I taught at the history department) - in ancient Russia there were Jews. They were all cut out by newcomers.
          1. Indigo
            Indigo April 20 2012 19: 21 New
            And the prophetic Oleg is going again
            To avenge the unreasonable Khazars ..
            (A.S. Pushkin)
            Stalingrad is the place where the capital of Khazaria was.
            Rotten blood, white bone, degeneration ...
            G.Klimov. Protocols of the Soviet sages (I recommend on this issue) - used in his work (operational) - 99% true. See the World and the hair stand on end. These Glasses are for people with a normal and strong psyche ..
          2. ZAVET
            ZAVET April 21 2012 11: 51 New
            Indeed, the Jews are representatives of the Negroid and Asian races.
            According to modern scientists - genetics, ethologists, anthropologists - each race had its own ancestor. Therefore, the Jews, as you say, aliens are strangers.
    2. Delta
      Delta April 20 2012 10: 17 New
      from the recollections of Himmler’s personal masseur Kersten:
      On November 16, a new entry appeared in Kersten’s diary: “In recent days I tried to return several times to the discussion of the Jewish question, but Himmler was silent.”
      Only a year later, he finally returned to this issue, noting: “Ah, Kersten, I was not going to destroy the Jews at all. I had other plans regarding them. It's all on the fucking Goebbels conscience. ”
      From his subsequent story to Kersten, everything became clear:
      “A few years ago,” continued Himmler, “I received the order of the Führer to expel Jews from Germany. They were allowed to take valuables and personal property with them. I began the implementation of this action and even punished some of my people for excessive zeal and abuse. For me, only one thing was clear: the Jews should be expelled from Germany. Until the spring of 1940, Jews were free to travel abroad, then Goebbels defeated. ”
      Kersten asked in surprise:
      “What does Goebbels have to do with it?”
      “Goebbels was of the opinion that the Jewish question can only be solved by the extermination of all Jews. As long as at least one Jew is alive, he will continue to remain an enemy of National Socialist Germany. Therefore, no humanity and gentleness in relation to them are unacceptable. "

      Who is Kersten can be read on the same Wikipedia. This is me to the fact that this is a fairly reliable source.

      In general, this issue has been studied in sufficient detail in Heinz Hoen's book "The Black Order of the SS." There, in particular, Himmler's throwings are described, which on the one hand was betrayed to Hitler as a dog, and on the other hand at one time even tried to eliminate it by force. Hence the disagreement on the question of whether Himmler was a key figure in resolving the Jewish question, whether or not he was one of the main executioners.
  2. runway
    runway April 20 2012 09: 09 New
    Does the author criticize the idea of ​​"pure blood"? Not at all! He likes her! He just relishes it, sucking on all sides ....
    If, in your opinion, the author’s actions are not propaganda of nationalism, then you are already ripe to yell "HAYL!"
    It would be useful to our moderators require the author to write a rebuttal to this pro-fascist material entitled "What do calls for pure blood lead to. Results of World War II."
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov April 20 2012 09: 37 New
      Nazism is a reaction to Zionism and is actually mirrored by it; these are 2 deviations from the traditional path of civilization leading to the abyss - to the right or to the left.
      The problem is not so much in the advertising of Nazism, but in the suppression of the traditional ideas of justice and truth, which formed the basis of Russian civilization and allowed in ancient times to create a great state.
      The information machine is equipped with deployed headlights shining in ditches, and not on the road.
    2. Mesniy
      Mesniy April 20 2012 09: 52 New
      ah ah ah! well then, proceeding from this logic, we must demand that there be refutations on all articles with a comming soul.
    3. Joker
      Joker April 20 2012 10: 00 New
      What did you see in the article that you need to write a rebuttal to? Everything is written essentially, about the essence of the very idea of ​​Nazism, where it comes from and what its principles are. Nobody calls you to join the ranks of the Nazis, but this is laid out just for information. As for me, all this is very informative, although there are a lot of mistakes in the article, but the essence itself is true.
    4. late
      late April 20 2012 10: 25 New
      Yes, he doesn’t relish anything, the same refutation was given at the end that the Germans were related by kinship to most of the peoples of Europe. They just washed their brains, that they are special.
      1. alebor
        alebor April 20 2012 12: 58 New
        In my opinion, the author is completely impartial and not biased trying to present information about fascist ideology. What is the "relish", I don’t understand. And the readers themselves will be able to give estimates of the facts given, they have their own heads on their shoulders. Or maybe Mr. piston.k adheres to the Leninist principle that “art must be party”?
        1. runway
          runway April 20 2012 13: 21 New
          No, I’m not doubtful. I just remember how the war against fascism cost my family and my country. In my opinion, I will not join the ranks of the Nazis. But here's a reminder alebor about art - overkill. This is where you saw in this article art?
          I would understand the author’s efforts spent on this vulgarity if he said in it what the propaganda of nationalist ideas leads to.
          I am not going to quote this fascist agitation. But the fact that you do not see anything like propaganda of fascism in this article is scary. You yourself have not noticed, but you are already on the other side. And for you and the country, this promises only another disaster. You can’t deceive history.
  3. Volkhov
    Volkhov April 20 2012 09: 09 New
    Hitler needed the Crimea and the lower reaches of the Dnieper (Khortytsya) because of the islands that would arise there after the Flood - this was a prophecy and geological justification. The new Atlantis are the fulcrum of civilization, and the Goths walked in circles almost everywhere, it is convenient to refer to them.
    Zionists also dreamed of Israel in Crimea, but it did not work out.
    1. alebor
      alebor April 20 2012 12: 49 New
      But in the Far East it happened. It is still not clear why there is an anachronism created by the Bolsheviks - the Jewish Autonomous Region, where Jews make up about 1% of the population.
  4. Isr
    Isr April 20 2012 09: 24 New
    The article is dedicated to the Day of the Holocaust. There is no longer a fascist state in the world, but the fascists have remained, and their voices are increasingly heard: there was no "final solution", all this is a myth, and calls are heard more and more to repeat an attempt to "finally resolve" the Jewish question. fascists do not give up hope - maybe this time it will work out?
    1. Mesniy
      Mesniy April 20 2012 09: 53 New
      Well, this is like other "forever yesterday" - komunyaki
    2. Joker
      Joker April 20 2012 10: 33 New
      Such as the last time will not believe me. Read for interest how Hitler came to power in Germany (then not a Nazi) the first time he tried to seize it by force, but it didn’t work, they put him in prison, the second time he didn’t act by force, but with the help of political pressure with the full support of large banks and German organizations and he did it. In particular, the whole idea of ​​Nazism stems from a certain organization, Thule, which will later become part of Anenerbe. It was they who pushed Hitler to power. It was an organization similar to the Illuminati, it included very influential people in Germany, who had money and power. Hitler in the 42-43 year approached there with the task of developing a "new faith" for Germany based on "pure blood", even prayers for this faith and rituals were developed, but due to the fact that the Germans snatched away the lyule from us, the faith has not been fully adopted. Although in the same France, SS sheep, on the orders of Himmler, destroyed all the symbols of the Christian and other faiths, he said that supposedly when the last cross was destroyed on earth, a new faith would gain strength. This is how people believed all this, because, as Hitler said, the most powerful weapon of the 20 century is propaganda, propaganda centers were created for the first time, which powder people’s heads, very high experts really worked at those centers at that time psychologists. By the way, after the Second World War, all the documentation of these centers and all the scientists went to the Americans, which we can see now that propaganda in the USA works like nowhere else. Thank you for this to the Germans. It was necessary not to give the Americans anything then, Berlin itself would have taken it, they would have taken it all themselves. By the way, the article says that the Germans liked the British state, it’s all not true. After the Jews, the Germans most of all hated the British and Americans. In particular, Hitler always laughed at their soldiers and said that the Americans could do something with the wrong hands, but they themselves weren’t capable of anything, that’s why Hitler attacked the USSR because he believed that the USA was influencing them and they could at any moment to attack Germany, in particular, the rearmament of the USSR became the impetus for the attack. And the myth that we are supposedly lower creatures, and the Germans are super duper people, is nothing more than propaganda, in order for the incentive to fight, the Germans never hated us. Only the SS sheep, who were fanatics and considered themselves kings on earth, did they kill our civilians in large numbers, so ours never took them alive and killed, they killed on the spot. By the way, almost all the prominent scientists of Germany were in the SS troops, formally, of course, therefore, at the end of the war, they were afraid that they would be shot without trial, just for their black uniforms, they all fled to wherever. In particular, most of the Nazis hid in Argentina. Then, in Berlin and in other German cities, the Nazis created the group "ODESSA" (this is not a city, but an abbreviation) in which it was engaged in the export of Nazis from the lands occupied by our and Americans. All the German cones fled in the end, who and where. And by the way, Himmler in 43 became an agent of the allies.
      1. Volkhov
        Volkhov April 20 2012 12: 38 New
        It was impossible to pick up anything in Berlin - by April it was a city - a dummy, all the large headquarters and valuable archives were taken out. Chuikov had a chance in February, but at the request of Zhukov he was banned, the Germans had time to evacuate and strengthen, and there was 60 km left, commuter trains were running, there were no field troops in front of the city.
        But propaganda under late Stalin worked better than the American one - for example, after the Korean War they had problems with the returned prisoners - they became "communists", and this caused the activation of American special propaganda and psychology programs.
    3. Ascetic
      Ascetic April 20 2012 20: 11 New
      Quote: Isr
      The article is dedicated to the Day of the Holocaust. There is no longer a fascist state in the world, but the fascists have remained, and their voices are increasingly heard: there was no "final solution", all this is a myth, and calls are heard more and more to repeat an attempt to "finally resolve" the Jewish question. fascists do not give up hope - maybe this time it will work out?

      Indeed, the Nazis remained. And the most important of them is ZIONIS
      There are just Jews, but there are Zionist Jews. It’s like during the Second World War there were Germans and there were fascists. Both of them were Germans, only the brains of the latter were disfigured by the man-hating doctrine inculcated by him about the superiority of their race over all others. Zionists are the same fascists, only Jewish, and everyone should understand this.
      “The fight against Zionism has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Zionism is an enemy of the working people of the whole world, Jews no less than non-Jews. ” (The newspaper "Red Star" for February 1953)

      That is why all Zionist Jews today hate Stalin fiercely. And that's why the name of this great man causes nothing but hysteria among them

      “To be a Jew means to take responsibility for your people and even the whole world. There are few people who understand Jewish faith in this way ... It is impossible to be Jewish by nationality and not be by faith. Faith and nationality are connected with us. A lost Jew ceases to be a Jew forever. "
      - The author of the phrase is Rebbe Goldschmidt, who specially came from Switzerland to Russia in 1990 to act as chairman of the Rabbinical Court (!) Of the Union of Independent States and at the same time engage in religious education of former Soviet Jews

      Jewish fascism as a phenomenon clearly exists. Stalin's words: “Zionism is the enemy of the working people of the whole world, Jews are no less than non-Jews”, still have not lost their relevance ..

      The Jews, however, shout that Zionism is something good, namely that it is their love for their homeland ... But this is not true, in other words - misinformation.
      The truth is that on November 10, 1975, the United Nations General Assembly, by its resolution No. 3379, recognized Zionism is a fascist teaching and practice. Like this.
      It is also true that on December 16, 1991, exactly one week after the deliberate collapse of the USSR from within by some destructive forces, under pressure from Israel and the United Nations, the United Nations Withdrew this resolution without any explanation.
      On this occasion, I want to recall the words of the Russian thinker F. M. Dostoevsky, which he wrote one and a half centuries ago:

      ... The Jews are shouting that there are good people between them. Oh my God! Is that really the case? And indeed we are not talking about good or bad people now. And are there really no good people between those? ... We are talking about the whole and the idea of ​​the Jews, covering the whole world, instead of the failed Christianity ..
      Oh, of course, a person always and at all times idolized materialism and was inclined to see and understand freedom only in providing himself with all his strengths accumulated by all means and money stocked up by all means. But never have these aspirations been so frankly and so instructive elevated to the highest principle ... "Everyone for himself and only for himself" - this is the moral principle of most of the present people, and not even bad people, but on the contrary, working people, not killing, not stealing . And ruthlessness to the lower masses, and the fall of fraternity, and the exploitation of the poor by the rich, - oh, of course, all this was before and always, but - it was not raised to the degree of the highest truth and science, but it was condemned by Christianity, and now, on the contrary, it is being raised in virtue ...
      ... and what will happen next - of course, is known to the Jews themselves: their kingdom is nearing, their full kingdom! There comes a complete triumph of ideas, before which feelings of humanity, a thirst for truth, feelings of Christian, national and even national pride of European nations will disappear. On the contrary, there comes materialism, a blind, carnivorous thirst for personal material support, a thirst for personal accumulation of money by all means - that’s all that is recognized as the highest goal, for the reasonable, for freedom, instead of the Christian idea of ​​salvation only through the closest moral and fraternal unity of people .. . ”(F. M. Dostoevsky, the diary of a writer for 1877, January-August, volume 25, publishing house“ Science ”, Leningrad Branch, Leningrad, 1983).

      In modern Russia, this ideology has become the main one for many people, unfortunately, and is heavily imposed on us by all well-known characters from the so-called the "fifth column" of human rights activists.
      1. Tatanka Yotanka
        Tatanka Yotanka April 20 2012 21: 41 New
        Jews are the only people in Russia who constantly emphasize their national identity, exclusivity, and isolation. It didn’t occur to any other people to divide front-line soldiers by ethnicity - only Jews did it, forming the Association of Jews - Veterans of the Second World War, the Moscow Jewish Association of Former Prisoners of Ghettos and Concentration Camps, the Union of Disabled Jews and War Veterans. As emphasized separately, not even the Jewish Union, but namely the Union of Veterans, which considers publication of the Book of Remembrance of Jewish Warriors Fallen in Fights against Nazism to be their main business.
        B, Mironov ABOUT JEWISH Fascism
  5. Antipin
    Antipin April 20 2012 10: 36 New
    There is no Hitler, but a trace remains!

    Sadness !!!
    1. Joker
      Joker April 20 2012 10: 46 New
      It is sad that all this is used only for military purposes.
  6. Atlon
    Atlon April 20 2012 10: 37 New
    Hitler drew the ideas of "pure blood" from the "science" of Eugenics, which was very popular in the USA in the beginning of the 20th century.

    Eugenic theories have become widespread in the scientific community of different countries, and in some cases eugenics has established itself at the state level: their governments began to use it to “improve human qualities”. There, those who are recognized as harmful to society (tramps, alcoholics, "sex perverts") are subject to mandatory sterilization.

    Similar programs were carried out in 1920-1950. and in a number of US states.

    At the International Congress on Eugenics, which was held in New York in 1932, one of the eugenics scholars explicitly stated the following:

    “There is no doubt that if the sterilization law were applied to a greater extent in the United States, as a result, in less than a hundred years, we would have eliminated at least 90% of crimes, insanity, dementia, idiocy and sexual perversions, not to mention about many other forms of defectiveness and degeneration. Thus, for a century, our insane asylums, prisons and psychiatric clinics would have been almost cleansed of their victims of human grief and suffering. ” [6].

    In some US states, for sex offenders, the possibility of replacing life imprisonment with voluntary castration is still provided.
    In this case, castration performs both a punitive and a preventive role.

    But do not we apply the calculations of American "scientists" of specialists in Eugenics to our fifth column?
  7. Basilevs
    Basilevs April 20 2012 10: 57 New
    "... You can read about the same thing in the" bible "of German Nazism - Adolf Hitler's book My Struggle ..."

    Now, for the storage of this little book, the term is soldered quite legally. So reading it is a bit problematic. Although, in truth, I happened. Then it was not yet banned, and, moreover, was published by some of our Russian publishing houses. I was looking there for extensive cannibalistic war plans with the USSR. Some garbage. Almost nothing at all. Out of about 500 pages of a book on this topic, from strength 5, well 10. But I found curious parallels with ranting about the rights of a citizen in Star Troopers. Almost literal repetition of the Adolfovsky opus.
    1. Atlon
      Atlon April 20 2012 11: 24 New
      Quote: Basilevs
      Now, for the storage of this little book, the term is soldered quite legally.

      Law and article number, please, for the "solder term"? laughing
      I don’t see any problems reading Mink Kampf, you won’t even have to buy the Internet to help. wink

      Mine Kampf -
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 April 20 2012 12: 06 New
        Law and article number, please, for the "solder term"?

        like what, clause 1 of Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, but to prove that he is not a “deer” will be the one who found it, not the cops.
        plus to everything, she is in special. list of justice ...
  8. Leisure
    Leisure April 20 2012 11: 42 New
    Hitler Kaput!
  9. go_by
    go_by April 20 2012 12: 04 New
    The idea of ​​purity of blood does not escape. No multi-stump will erase the fact that Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals exist simultaneously, and in the end the smartest survived. A return to the old question of blood is inevitable, no matter who imagines itself ...
    And who wants to relax and have fun ... that way and the way ...
    1. FIMUK
      FIMUK April 20 2012 12: 39 New
      it’s not even about eugenics, or what else, who in their right mind wants to nurse a grandson of a negro or a Chinese woman ???
      You need to love your race and tell this to children from an early age.
      majority with the advancing, pure minority with the advancing.
    2. Volkhov
      Volkhov April 20 2012 12: 46 New
      The cunning and prolific survived, and the mind of Neanderthals is stronger than ours - the face of the Sphinx with their features, and this is the knowledge of the stars and pyramids that he transmitted.
    3. go_by
      go_by April 20 2012 14: 57 New
      Cons expected. Brainwashing is a brainwashing ... But I would like to hear the arguments against.
      The victims of the Russians in world wars are, as you know, not an argument against what has been said, but rather in favor.
  10. Evgeniy8104
    Evgeniy8104 April 20 2012 14: 44 New
    And how to solve his vital issue?
    P.S. I don’t understand (even judging by the picture), the cruelty of the Germans is not the cruelty of one SS detachment, it is the cruelty of the whole people. Why are they (Europeans) so ... whipped (inquisition, colonialism, Bartholomew’s night, etc. etc.)
    1. loc.bejenari
      loc.bejenari April 20 2012 17: 25 New
      any people can be zombified and inspire him with the image of the enemy, and then it will roll itself
      and there are enough precursors with a perverted psyche in all nations - they are then engaged in murders and sadism
      the father was a teenager in occupation for 2 years, Germans lodged in their hut - normal normal people who were dressed in uniform and sent to the front
      no one poked a gun at him like in films about the war - on the contrary - they shared their ration and talked about families
      and about the Aryan race, here the Nazis got into a puddle - according to the haplogroups, the Germans have nothing to do with the Aryans - they have 2 types of main haplogroups characteristic of Europe
  11. leon-iv
    leon-iv April 20 2012 17: 01 New
    there is an idea that fascism was pushed by the Jewish people so that competitors from other clans could be shoved with the wrong hands
  12. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth April 20 2012 23: 53 New
    Eugenic wars are a matter of the near future, there is only one other alternative - back to the Middle Ages.