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"The big Odessa noise, like work ..."

The large-scale NATO exercises “Trident Juncture”, scheduled for October of this year, have not so much military as much propaganda significance.

So, it was officially announced that in the autumn of 2018, the NATO countries would hold large-scale exercises near the borders of Russia, in which 45 will attract thousands of servicemen. This was announced by the commander of the US Marine Corps, General Robert Neller.
"This autumn, in October, there will be big NATO exercises, perhaps the biggest amphibian exercises that were held at the height of the Cold War and were called Trident Juncture," said Neller at a hearing in the US House of Representatives. He clarified that it is planned to attract dozens of ships and aircraft. According to him, the maneuvers will be held off the coast of Norway.

The number of fighters declared for these exercises, the planned participation of large amphibious forces fleet (of course, American) and the fact that the maneuvers, apparently, will be led by the command of the US Marine Corps, certainly makes an impressive impression. Especially for the layman, not dedicated to some essential details.

On the surface, you can see only what is beneficial to emphasize the United States itself - the massive participation of the American armed forces in preparing for the defense of the European continent from the allegedly preparing "Russian aggression". And really - outwardly, everything looks very beautiful.
To the shores of Europe, tens of thousands of American marines are instantly deployed on huge amphibious ships, which immediately engage in battle with the “Russian invading forces” and give them a fitting rebuff.

For all the quite obvious unscientific nature of the NATO "hypothesis" of Russia's intention to conquer Europe, we will consider, however, how well-off the military scenario declared by the Americans is in principle. The question is by no means idle, since it cannot be ruled out that under the guise of "European defense", NATO's offensive operations against Russia itself will actually be worked out.
First of all, it is necessary to answer the question - why did the US marines appear on the tip of this NATO trident?

An objective response in itself indicates that it is not from a good life. The fact is that the US armed forces have completely dystrophic ground forces, which are permanently not ready for a big war with a serious opponent. Not to mention the option of instant response to any enemy attacks, for example - in the same Europe.

The only thing that the Americans have at hand is able to run with a rifle in their hands on the battlefield, this is the Marines. Which, for this unenviable reason, is “a hole in every hole”, replacing defective ground troops practically everywhere where it is necessary to stand up for America’s interests. As a result, "tanned scruffs" are now fighting as the most common "infantry" anywhere, from Syria and Iraq, to ​​Afghanistan, who has never seen the ocean-oceans.

On this occasion, even a peculiar crisis of military-strategic thought arose in America. The essence of which is that she had two infantry armies at once - one almost incapable of beating the enemy on land, and the other, which for a long time had no reason to do the same from the sea.

But Americans are practical people. And they, of course, did not begin to break and take to the scrap something, for which dozens of years of overwork and hundreds of billions of bureaucratic dollars failed. That is - the Marine Corps. They began to actively look for a new wide field of activity for him. And, it seems, still found!

This was the field of Europe, morally suffering on the basis of a permanent expectation of the inevitable Russian attack. Since the Americans simply do not have normal, and at the same time sufficient for a powerful life-saving breakthrough towards Europe land forces, the bet was obviously made at the ILC, which, in essence, still had nothing to do.

And which may well be useful in this sense. If you do not want to go to the dump stories for complete uselessness. After all, it has already reached the point that the newest American universal amphibious (!) Ships of the “America” type eliminated the amphibious decks necessary for landing of marines on the enemy shore and replaced them with aircraft hangars! That is, there is a threshold of the collapse of the very concept of landing operations from the sea.

Thus, the American marines are given saving for themselves and, at the same time, the honorable mission to portray from themselves that very “long arm” of America, which will reach everyone and give everyone shortenings.

True, it is very doubtful that they would succeed in a real war. First of all, because, as the Pentagon generals themselves admit, over the decades of the almost complete absence of amphibious landing operations, they have grown up a whole generation of marines who are familiar with the amphibious assault force only from textbooks. And what this leads to could be seen on the teachings of that series “Trident Juncture", which only took place in the 2015 year.

Then the US Marines made a training landing on the Portuguese coast. From what happened as a result of this, almost the whole world laughed. American "all-terrain" Hummers, barely jumping out of the hovercraft landing craft, immediately bogged down with all the wheels in the beach sand. And soaked marines, instead of vigorously attacking the "enemy", were forced in the most shameful way to drag these stubborn mechanical donkeys on themselves.

What will happen to this unlucky army when disembarking an enemy’s real coast, if they cannot even capture a peaceful beach, it is not hard to guess. Moreover, even the American military science itself has invented such a frightening term as the “restricted access zone”, which refers to the fortified enemy coast, which promises nothing to the paratroopers, except for an early burial. It is precisely the presence of such zones in almost all land-dangerous areas, for example, that distinguishes the coast of the Russian Federation. When attempting to storm it, the American airborne assault vehicles will be exposed to a lethal threat long before they approach the landing area.

For example, hypersonic presented recently by the world public by Vladimir Putin aviation the “Dagger” missile system can turn any amphibious compound of the US Navy into a continuous decoration of a horror film at a distance of two thousand kilometers. That is, long before aviation from the American aircraft carriers escorting the landing forces becomes combat-ready. Which itself can be destroyed with exactly the same hypersonic speed.

Therefore, at least, the current excursions of the American landing craft look strange, with hundreds of Marines aboard, to the Black Sea, where they are trying to depict vigorous activity right under the nose of Russian anti-ship missiles. Which, in general, do not care what other newer devices for their detection are installed on American destroyers. Anyway, knocking down these missiles in the very near future will be almost impossible.

This circumstance alone forces us to exclude, as quite incredible, the scenario of the American invasion of Russia from the sea, wherever. As for the "protective function" of the US CPM, as a tool to protect Europe from the notorious "Russian aggression", there is clearly no need to pin hopes on it.

Firstly, because the US Marines, in its essence, are lightly armed infantry, which practically does not have at their disposal heavy systems of land weapons, including major combat tanks. Which in itself makes it very unstable in the face of a full-fledged land invasion army.

And secondly, no matter how beautiful the American marines are, the warheads should not be forgotten that even their total number is about 200 thousand people, of whom not more than one-third are ready for an immediate throw across the ocean into Europe, these are not the forces which can play a key role in any serious European turmoil. And by the time the United States will be able to deploy its full-fledged army of wartime, it may turn out that it will have time only to the cold feet of its European allies. Which is unlikely to become warmer because the heroic corpses of American marines will lie next to them.

Thus, if we summarize the above, we will have to admit that it is scheduled for Europe in October this year. NATO's militarist performance with the US Marine Corps in the leading role, from a military point has almost zero value. And it is nothing more than a populist demonstration of Euro-Atlantic solidarity, designed for an audience with weak nerves and not too savvy in military strategy. To the number of which neither Russia nor your humble servant have any relation.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 10 March 2018 06: 20
    I hope that our intelligence will find out ... On what, they transport toilet paper ... And we will be able to sink this ship ...
    1. Chichikov
      Chichikov 10 March 2018 07: 14
      They are so cool and harsh that they need paper!
      Believing in their exclusivity and superiority, they imagine war, somehow.
    2. DanSabaka
      DanSabaka 10 March 2018 07: 18
      VERY FUNNY....
      just as if looking for a pee-fax provider, do not overlook the threat to Transnistria .... US marines from the south, Romanians from the west, Sumerians from the east ....
      1. novel66
        novel66 10 March 2018 12: 37
        the Mongols! more Mongol Tatars!
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 10 March 2018 10: 37
      In the event of a real war, only the NATO infantry has a chance of survival in our prison camps. laughing
      1. mac789
        mac789 11 March 2018 11: 57
        Laughing ... 45000 American marines are an insignificant light armed force ... Light weapons and high mobility are quite enough to be used as ... detachments .... And the Sumerians, Romanians, Magyarts, the remnants of the Baltic states, Finns, Swedes, Norwegians will fight , and of course Pshekistanians. The Germans, the British and the French with the Italians will be harnessed to the end. Even without the last group, mobilization opportunities at the level of 10-12 million ... We laugh further ...
        1. 72jora72
          72jora72 11 March 2018 13: 13
          And the Sumerians, Romanians, Magyarts, the remnants of the Baltic states, the Finns, the Swedes, the Norwegians, and of course the Pshekistanians will fight. The Germans, the British and the French with the Italians will be harnessed to the end. Even without the last group, mobilization opportunities at the level of 10-12 million ... We laugh further ...
          Well, about once every hundred years (and in the 20th century it happened twice), this happens, all of Europe fights against us, but in the end we once again take either Paris, Berlin (2 times), then Amsterdam and Stockholm, and sometimes Rome and Warsaw (3 times) .......
          1. mac789
            mac789 11 March 2018 16: 54
            Shortly after the end of World War II, Charles de Gaulle arrived in the USSR. He was taken by plane to Stalingrad. During the flight, looking into the window, he had such a conversation with his secretary.
            “Well done,” said De Gaulle.
            - Who? Russians? asked the secretary.
            “No Germans,” said De Gaulle. “They have climbed so far.”
            I mean that you and I are getting ready to kill. And the mood here is not appropriate. And then there’s enough of their geeks. Maybe you have a burning desire to protect our fattening creatures - bosses? ...
        2. Dmitry Konoplev
          Dmitry Konoplev 13 March 2018 08: 32
          You have almost correctly described everything, but there is one thing. Most Germans are not very willing to fight especially with Russia. And while the Bundestag will negotiate and resolve the issue of military assistance. It may turn out that already and will not help anyone. So are the French, the only real force is the foreign legion, and whether the French will send it or not. Europe is very able to count money, so they have a question who will pay for the banquet. We saw this very well in Egypt, Libya and now we see in Syria. Allied activity is not very high. And so I agree with you that there are much more reserves in Europe than in Russia, but the wars that took place lately have been in my mind for the past 100 years. They say that the maximum potential with all the huge choice of servicemen is about 20 million. And if a real war breaks out with good intensity and heavy losses, then questions arise and they are still in our favor. Although we also become weak on the rear.
          1. mac789
            mac789 13 March 2018 10: 27
            Proto-Ukrainians and other sub-states like Pshekistan will fight. The rest will supply. To everyone. Up to tactical nuclear weapons. But when it comes, the Great Geyropeytsy will be tucked into a meat grinder. Geyropa she is ... Like our State Duma ... As they say to her and will fall.
          2. mac789
            mac789 13 March 2018 10: 28
            And by the way. Geyropsky refugees also plow. These are definitely not a pity.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 10 March 2018 07: 06
    Thus, if we summarize the above, we will have to admit that the target for Europe this October. the NATO militaristic play with the US Marine Corps in the lead role, from a military point, has practically zero significance.

    October is still a long way off, and let's see what the decisions of the mericatos will turn into, and then I believe the geyrops, in connection with the beginning of the economic war, because of steel and aluminum ... bully
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 10 March 2018 07: 47
    is nothing more than a populist demonstration of Euro-Atlantic solidarity
    Of course, to show our European "partners" that the United States is ready to protect them is one of the main tasks of such exercises. But do not forget that at such exercises uniting, adjustment of management, etc. are carried out, which ultimately benefits these “defenders of democracy”. I imagine the reaction of the Americans if our marines and paratroopers conducted joint exercises with the Cubans on their territory.
    1. Senior manager
      Senior manager 10 March 2018 10: 28
      The proposal is very robust, if only the General Staff and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took notice and organized maneuvers. There would be nothing to breathe from a democratic stink. But for the development of a theater just right.
      1. engineer74
        engineer74 11 March 2018 19: 39
        Supplement: preferably with the PLA.
  4. andrewkor
    andrewkor 10 March 2018 08: 25
    I want to stand up for the Marines as a "class". During the Second World War, where the Soviet Marines didn’t fight, on almost all fronts, including those very far from the sea, like simple land hunters. The same can be said about the Soviet Airborne Forces of the same period, and this is the elite of the Red Army. As the author correctly noted "in every hole with a plug" and this is not from a good life. For the same reason, the participation of the Russian marines in both Chechen companies.
    1. toha124
      toha124 10 March 2018 09: 24
      Well, if you really look at things, then the American ILC on the principle of real combat use is close to our airborne forces. Especially in light of the latest trends such as the creation of tank companies on the T-72. In both cases, this is an elite light infantry, for which the declared main mission is unfeasible, if at all feasible, in the conditions of a big war. And so ... there are well-trained, selected troops. In both cases, no fools, the best of the best. It would be foolish not to use such a resource in a serious conflict.
      1. andrewkor
        andrewkor 10 March 2018 10: 06
        I completely agree with you, thanks for the support!
        1. Korax71
          Korax71 10 March 2018 11: 10
          Here we can add the actions of our marines along Chechnya and in Dagestan. Although, if you believe the author of the article, she forgot that there are no seas in Chechnya, well, he generally has near-zero knowledge of the preparation of the US military commander. If he doesn’t know, then all heavy equipment is very well delivered to the landing site. At one time, we also had all the exercises from BSO to BTU under the scenario of practicing counteraction to NATO forces. And any exercises are not only a process of coordinating combat units, but also an act of intimidating potential opponents.
          1. To be or not to be
            To be or not to be 10 March 2018 11: 40
            It can be seen that the specifics of the author’s service in the army left an imprint on the article.
            Type: "The paratroop guards! You are surrounded! There is no chance! Your further actions are a waste of time and effort. We offer the group commander Lieutenant Viktor Tarasov and the rest of the scouts dry clothes, hot tea and our hospitality!"
            A serious final year of NATO Allied exercises in the northern Arctic region. The Arctic is already playing an important role in the world. And its role will only grow!
          2. raw174
            raw174 13 March 2018 06: 37
            Quote: Korax71
            Here we can add the actions of our marine corps past Chechnya and in Dagestan. Although, if you believe the author of the article, she forgot that there is no sea in Chechnya.

            Meanwhile, the use of marines in Chechnya and Dagestan is justified. In fact, the sea is only a “road” for a delivery vehicle (BDK, etc.), there is nothing for the sea to fight, the RF MP does not have marine components, the RF MP is just light infantry, the main tasks of which are to storm, capture, hold operations and the protection of port infrastructure and coastal (or not so) residential and industrial areas. That is, the battle in the city - that's it! This is primarily taught how to approach the building, how to enter and act inside.
            And in the photo to the article what kind of people? A dozen and a half fighters under the side of the mountain, and with green, sat together in one heap! Just a gift for the defenders, if they have at least one or two F-1)))
      2. reibert
        reibert 10 March 2018 12: 04
        In general, I doubt the fighting properties of light infantry, it is doomed. There are many facts. Airborne Forces with a maximum of one division, quickly occupy some kind of airfield ... In the realities of combat operations, without massive support for armor, artillery and airborne corpses ...
        1. Korax71
          Korax71 10 March 2018 12: 40
          Regularly, one US MP division has 70 m1a tanks in its inventory. Delivery vehicles are in excess. Airborne ships and boats are part of the military commander. In addition, the military command wing operates in the interests of the corps. Plus artillery units. In the event of a conflict, the military command can be reinforced with missile artillery systems. .consciously kmp-small, highly mobile, heavily armed army.
      3. raw174
        raw174 12 March 2018 13: 01
        Quote: toha124
        In both cases, it’s an elite light infantry,

        The U.S. ILC is not a light infantry, but a well-balanced expeditionary fist with tanks, aircraft, artillery and missiles.
    2. Sewer krainiy
      Sewer krainiy 10 March 2018 19: 03
      I want to stand up for the Marines as a "class".
      For ours - yes !!! I know their work. For the striped ... ??? the comments above are not mine ...
  5. nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn 10 March 2018 08: 48
    I want to throw hats, spring on my nose, I’ll soon need
  6. Senior manager
    Senior manager 10 March 2018 10: 23
    In principle, the author in the article substantiated, according to the defense doctrine of Russia, the uselessness of the AUG for stripping the FSA. One or two aircraft carriers for a picture of power, for solving sudden problems and no more. It is necessary to prepare for a modern war, I suppose that it will be somewhat different. To be like a monkey that copies the original is expensive and unpromising. Well, the FSA has a fleet of aircraft carriers, and the RUSSIA airfield allows you not to strain in this regard, the States solve other problems, everywhere they have national interests. I repeat, we have a defense doctrine and we need to develop the Russian Armed Forces in this vein, I am sure that strategic tasks will also be automatically solved. For example, a hypersonic missile knocks down an Amerian strategist at the initial stage of the flight, over the FSA territory. Pure defense. Something like this.
    1. Alber
      Alber 10 March 2018 11: 38
      Quote: St. Propulsion
      . I repeat, we have a defense doctrine and we need to develop the Russian Armed Forces in this vein, I’m sure that strategic tasks will also be automatically solved. For example, a hypersonic missile knocks down an Amerian strategist at the initial stage of the flight, over the FSA territory. Pure defense. Something like this.

      Defense is good! This is of course the most important task.
      But it is necessary to revive the industry that was killed and plundered by Russian officials. with some rare except there’s not a damn thing
  7. flicker
    flicker 10 March 2018 11: 36
    Americans before (times of World War II) were not good warriors:
    Bloody Ardennes
    But the Ardennes operation (December 16, 1944 - January 29, 1945) became the most difficult test for the United States not only on the European front, but also for the entire period of the war. And this despite the fact that the 90-thousandth American group was attacked by the more modest 67-thousandth German corps. US intelligence knew about the impending German offensive in the Ardennes area, however, the shock wave of the German attack was so strong that it easily broke through the American defense.
    Journalist Ralph Ingersall recalled how "Americans ran headlong along all roads leading to the west." At least 30 thousand American soldiers were captured at that time. According to the US Department of Defense, in a month and a half of fighting, US troops lost 19000 in the Ardennes and 47500 wounded.
    The Allies had high hopes in those days on the Soviet Union. From a letter from Churchill to Stalin: “We and the Americans are throwing everything we can into the battle. The message you told me will greatly encourage General Eisenhower, as it will give him confidence that the Germans will have to share their reserves between our two flaming fronts. ”
    On January 12, 1945, Soviet troops launched a broad offensive operation on the entire Soviet-German front, which significantly prevented the Wehrmacht from developing success in the Ardennes and predetermined the imminent end of the war.
    But anyway. And now it’s gotten worse.
    In order to successfully fight need warriors. In the modern Western world, a world striving for total hedonism, even several hundred Arabs become a problem, in the world promoting gay communities, drug addiction, all kinds of LGBT people - there can be no warriors. This is a serious problem for the elite of the aggressive west (who is used to solving all their economic problems with the help of war), hence the search for all these proxy troops: ISIS, Bandera Ukraine, support for terrorists, etc. But at the same time there was a noticeable military-technical superiority, and now it is no longer there. As a result for amers: military-technical superiority is lost, there are no warriors ready to fight - there are: an economic downturn, financial instability, a threat to political and economic domination.
    1. Korax71
      Korax71 10 March 2018 12: 59
      A bit wrong. The Oder operation was planned to start in December, but the weather did not favor the offensive. And it started precisely because a huge number of people and equipment were concentrated on the bridgehead, which shot through it. It has nothing to do with the offensive in the ardenes. .in part of the inability to fight, you need to ask the North Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis. It is not worth studying history from propaganda sources.
      1. flicker
        flicker 10 March 2018 13: 15
        it has nothing to do with the offensive in the Ardennes.
        There could be many reasons, I agree that the situation in the ardenes was certainly not the main reason.
        regarding the inability to fight, this should be asked from the North Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis.
        The total superiority of the United States in technology is a victory only over Iraq (the bribery factor played an important role). But I can agree that that generation was more prepared (more courageous) for war than the current lgbtyshnoe - and this is far from the last factor.
        1. Korax71
          Korax71 10 March 2018 14: 53
          Well, if you look critically, it’s exactly the same as ours. For example, you can’t go far, any large shopping center where you can evaluate promising defenders of the homeland in skinny jeans with minimal differences between the sexes. North Korea is definitely not the winner. the history of any army is a series of victories and defeats. in Vietnam, two snipers of the marine corps exterminated more than 100 Viet Cong soldiers by holding down a unit and directing artillery. more than half of them were killed by firearms. we have enough glorious victories and bitter ones defeats, no one is safe from this. I have a comrade living in America. His 10 years old son serves in the military police station, he is over 30. He came to see his relatives, drank up, as a result, our general comrade, the whole captain, commander of the reconnaissance company of the Airborne Forces blinded very decently, without nerves and fuss, despite the fact that the capitol is a master of sports in boxing. This is to the fact that you should not underestimate potential opponents. In a conversation, he told me I knew that they really had very strict training with the same physical training. One could fly out of failure to pass the standards, no one would. I didn’t specify the availability of the LGBT staff, but it seems to me that they give a damn about them.
          1. shinobi
            shinobi 12 March 2018 04: 10
            Well, I’ve got it, and so what? I saw with my own eyes how ordinary gopniks thrust Special Forces soldiers, personally tied a paratrooper in a tavern. But I also saw how four riot policemen (a marine, a nettle and two paratroopers) laid down a small gang of 8 people in 15 seconds. . So these are not indicators.
  8. Wolka
    Wolka 10 March 2018 13: 33
    another American show, tickets are already on sale ...
  9. nnz226
    nnz226 10 March 2018 15: 07
    Dumb geyropa can not understand the changes in modern geopolitics, namely: now the occupation of the country by Russia must be earned! Or, well, give a very big bribe to the Russian Ministry of Defense, so that the MoE agrees to introduce a limited contingent of “Polite people” into a “needy” country ...
  10. serge siberian
    serge siberian 10 March 2018 19: 18
    Well, at least someone, somebody, said to the geyropa "Do the Russians need to conquer this part of the land?
    and then spend our budget on feeding “very educated people.” We would have to manage our territory. And the current prime minister doesn’t want to work, and he won’t think either, even from under the stick. He’s not going to change his first person. So, we will continue to vegetate. hi
  11. Robin - Bobbin
    Robin - Bobbin 10 March 2018 22: 18
    Maybe the Marine Corps and combat-ready units, but for now, the release of the DELTA hostages in Iran in the 70s comes to mind ...
    1. raw174
      raw174 12 March 2018 12: 48
      Quote: Robin - Bobbin
      Maybe the Marine Corps and combat-ready units, but for now, the release of the DELTA hostages in Iran in the 70s comes to mind ...

      All the same, the release of the hostages is not a military operation, but a special one. You would also give an example of the defeat of the USA national hockey team at the Olympics ... These are tasks from a completely different opera. And the actions of the ILC in Iraq come to my mind, where everything turned out positively and worked professionally.
  12. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 11 March 2018 07: 05
    NATO countries will conduct large-scale exercises near the borders of Russia, to the participation of which will attract 45 thousand troops.

    Do we need a bomb or rocket? It seems that the goal is suitable.
  13. Strashila
    Strashila 11 March 2018 08: 44
    All these teachings ... in fact, for what ... well ... like to rattle against Russia, not without it ... this is just for explaining why this is ... like an enemy. But in fact, if you make a alignment ... the march of NATO technology throws ... what is their mileage, and with such difficulties even on the autobahn ... obviously not for the vastness of Russia. The quantitative and qualitative composition ... even serious teachings can not be stirred up, seemingly window dressing. Intelligence ... Ukrainians are delighted, American intelligence scramble near the border of Russia ... but over the territory of Ukraine, here you may wonder who America is actually collecting information from ... to Russia to a depth of a hundred kilometers or total to Ukraine, while quietly flying over its territory ... ??? The exercises are held near the border of Russia ... and Ukraine is even closer ... given the number of foreign military from NATO and various mercenaries and PMCs ... which are not paid by Ukraine ... Let’s think ... but is the last Maidan being prepared ... literally. Through the arbitration court of Stockholm, they laid and launched a mine near Ukraine ... rejecting the right to be content with purely politics ... the West needs a reason ... and it creates it with the help of the Ukrainians themselves ... like Bulgakov’s “Annushka already bought sunflower oil , and not only bought it, but even poured it ... "... get fit, people ... summer is coming ... and there will be a lot to happen ... and all is not good for Ukraine ... the main thing is not to click Russia with its beak.
  14. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 11 March 2018 11: 07
    Guys are asking! And there, who knows their intentions, although in the North, I think they will land and will not think, there will be a 1000% rout! But they can attack, vilely, like the Nazis, on all sides, the Russian Kaliningrad province, so you need to be prepared.
  15. Sverdlov
    Sverdlov 11 March 2018 12: 57
    All these teachings on foreign territory to intimidate Caucasians (or "Evrakov" as they are called in one film).
    To pay tribute. Europe has long been a colony occupied by the enemy. Only can not rock the boat. Sits on a dollar needle like our rulers. And the dollar maintains its value with the help of aircraft carriers and the ILC in Europe. And nothing more ...
  16. Sam_gosling
    Sam_gosling 11 March 2018 19: 05
    I was surprised by the "cautious optimism" of the author about the weakness of the US military station, saying that this is light infantry and has no equipment. Unfortunately for the author, I opened Wikipedia and saw firsthand the lack of armored vehicles in this format:
    About 500 tanks abrams m1a1 aim
    About 400 btr / brm.
    Over 1300 amphibious delivery vehicles
    41 himars which is a tactical missile delivery vehicle.
    And of course about 500 three m777 axes.
    In addition, the kmp has 40 f35, more than 1000 various versions of f / a-18 and about 150 harriers. I won’t talk about the rest of the aviation, but there are also a lot of them.
    If this is light infantry, then I don’t even know what personifies the balanced expeditionary forces in the author’s opinion. Well, the next time if you decide to "prettify" the state of things, edit Wikipedia or something. From such couch theorists as I will save.
    Detailed info on the U.S. kmp link:
    _and_military_technology_ of the Marine Corps_USA_Corps
    1. shinobi
      shinobi 12 March 2018 03: 58
      The author’s optimism is his own business. You should not forget that the figures given in the gossip are a general state of affairs. It looks solid on paper, in fact it’s spread across all fleets of mattresses. And if they suddenly get together, somewhere near our borders, they are usually expected to be visited by a medium-sized army, while not really spelling out their presence and the expectation of guests. And all the partners who are potentially capable of such actions by the ACS are tracked in real time and are on target. Pessimism is also good up to certain limits.
      1. Sam_gosling
        Sam_gosling 12 March 2018 09: 22
        And here aug and fleet? As well as I quoted the phrase about optimism in quotation marks and in no way encroach on the author’s speculation in the rest of the article. The author clearly says that the U.S. EASY INFANTRY. Like, we’ll cut into two accounts this motivated cannon fodder.
        Your phrase about the "smearing" of heavy forces kmp is also incorrect.
        None of the respected media or even the seedy blogger gave information that the paper on the kmp is not true.
        By the link in the active units column, infa is available on the composition and armament of the kmp battalionally. I think the words infantry, armored and tank will not require in-depth knowledge of English. There are all the answers to your speculations with the author.
        Once again I say, before doing analytics, please read the materials from open sources.
        Thank you in advance!
  17. shinobi
    shinobi 12 March 2018 03: 46
    The role of any landing force, marines are also paratroopers, it’s quite utilitarian. Create an invasion point, temporarily plug a hole in the defense. If the army team doesn’t approach the landing site in time, nothing remains. Everywhere, always, at all times.
    PS: The army of any state is, first of all, intended for war with neighboring states. In the absence of an enemy, it will inevitably degrade. The United States does not have any enemies on their continent, and there has never been, in principle, since the United States emerged as a full-fledged state. Army The United States is oversaturated with equipment and weapons, but the quality of training is very poor, and people are fighting.
  18. raw174
    raw174 12 March 2018 12: 41
    First of all, it is necessary to answer the question - why did the US marines appear on the tip of this NATO trident?

    Maybe that's why it is planned to work out landing from the sea? .. Who else should land from the ship at the forefront? Gunners or what?
    And the assertion that the U.S. KMP does not have heavy weapons, in my opinion is not true ... They also have tanks and aviation and artillery, namely dedicated KMP.
    In general, the article is too capricious ... The United States will not land marines on the unprepared coast, there will be no second Normandy. To begin with, the coast (if it is not friendly and not in the rear of the ally) needs to be cleared of air defense and missile defense by missiles, then drones and aircraft should be cleared of anti-ship missiles, equipment and manpower, and only then will the marines go into business, whose task is to develop success and gain a foothold on the bridgehead, waiting for the arrival of the main forces ... Our task is to provide reliable protection of the coast from missiles, as well as to develop means of destruction of carriers at distant approaches ...
    But the marines are not the main living force of the alliance, they are more likely saboteurs operating on the most weakened sections of the coast, there they will drive the Europeans forward.