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Western media: US could not know about the contacts of Kurdish troops with Assad

Kurdish media write that Turkish aviation continued to strike at settlements in northern Syria, despite the silence regime announced with the support of the UN Security Council. The Kurds report that Turkey used attack helicopters to bombard the area in the area of ​​Genderes. Also, this area was subjected to mortar shelling by the so-called "Syrian Free Army", supported by Turkey.

Western media: US could not know about the contacts of Kurdish troops with Assad

The representative of the "Syrian Free Army" in the area of ​​Azaz

Meanwhile, in Turkey itself, an article is being actively discussed in the Western edition of the Daily Beast, which reports on contacts of Kurdish armed formations not only with American military instructors, but also with Syrian government troops. The submission states that the coordination of the actions of Kurdish groups from the so-called Syrian democratic forces is carried out from the Iraqi Kurdistan region - from the base near the city of Kandil. It was noted that the United States could not have been unaware of the fact that the forces of the PIF were going to ask for military assistance from Syrian government forces. Recall that the CAA units a few days ago entered Afrin.

It is reported on the counterattacks of the Kurdish armed groups on the position of the Turkish army. So, the tactics of guerrilla attacks used by detachments consisting of women. One of these attacks was carried out in the area of ​​Azaz (Syria). The command of the Kurdish troops claims that during the attack at least 8 of the Turkish military and members of the so-called were killed. "Syrian Free Army". Ankara does not report the death of military personnel in the area of ​​Azaz.
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  1. Angel_and_Demon
    Angel_and_Demon 28 February 2018 14: 29
    used tactics of guerrilla attacks by units consisting of women.
    it's already - WWII
    1. Shura Sailors
      Shura Sailors 28 February 2018 14: 44
      Rather civil, unfortunately
  2. Shura Sailors
    Shura Sailors 28 February 2018 14: 43
    Another fact is that the UN is just a bunch of “talkers.” All their declarations, resolutions are pieces of paper with which anyone can wipe
  3. andrson
    andrson 28 February 2018 14: 44
    Some kind of confusion. We are waiting for a statement from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
  4. cats
    cats 28 February 2018 16: 01
    That is, while Kurdish men earn nishtyaki by breeding striped, .. their women are fighting for them .. belay
    And someone here called the Kurds warriors. negative
    1. Mar.Tirah
      Mar.Tirah 28 February 2018 19: 28
      They are warriors. One must know this people. And yes, women fight among them on a par with men.