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What did the Israeli air force destroy in Syria?

Recent Israeli raid aviation On the objects of the Syrian and Iranian military infrastructure in Syria still raises a number of questions. Neither the Syrian nor the Israeli side disclose loss data.

According to some sources, in addition to the downed F-16 fighter, the IDF Air Force "temporarily" lost two more F-15 aircraft, which were damaged, but still managed to return to their airbases. This information in the Israeli army denied.

In turn, the Israeli Defense Ministry claims the destruction of half of the entire air defense of Syria. According to the data published by the military, Israeli aircraft launched missile strikes against the C-200 and Buk positions. The Syrians rejected this information, saying that almost all the missiles were shot down.

On the face - the information war, and to whom to believe in it - everyone should decide for himself.

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  1. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 16 February 2018 11: 53
    Where the F-15 comes from request they took it there. Only F-16I worked.
    1. Igar
      16 February 2018 13: 13
      Who told you that?
  2. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 16 February 2018 12: 20
    Quote: Aaron Zawi
    Where the F-15 comes from request they took it there. Only F-16I worked.

    Do not judge him severely, Aaron. In a hurry, the author confused, in a hurry to lay out! negative . And then your Professor will be in time earlier, try it later to reboot! yes
  3. Kent0001
    Kent0001 16 February 2018 14: 54
    the main thing a little to some ardor diminished. otherwise they stopped seeing the shores altogether. there they say that the shells worked perfectly, so the statements of the Jews are not entirely true.
  4. Every
    Every 16 February 2018 15: 46
    1 min. 35 sec - 1 min. 45 sec - clearly stated F-16I.
    2 minutes. 17 sec - 2 minutes. 35 sec - The coalition forces control most of the oil fields in Syria, in fact recognizing what they really need. (and this is done by a U.S. official)
    And now let even one sweat with .... but (side) try to say that they are fighting terrorists.
    As for the downed missiles, such information could be called propagandist and false. BUT too much information leaked from completely different sources.
    Apparently it is. Nobody will say how many exactly they were shot down, one can only guess, according to various sources, from 13 to 19 units.
    It is also indicated that all were destroyed by the complex "Shell - S".
    If this is truethen the task of the Israeli Air Force was failed. But the Israelis themselves do not admit it.
    (If you do not believe me, read the comments)
    P.S. but in general in Syria we are no longer talking about the fight against ISIS. In essence, there is a war between Syria and Iran on the one hand, and NATO and Israel on the other. Moreover, the latter captured and occupied the territory of a foreign state and are destroying military infrastructure.
    Israel claims to strike at Hezbollah? Nonsense.
    What does Hezbollah have to do with Syrian air defense?
    Air defense is a defensive system, they are not able to strike at Israeli territory.
  5. Graz
    Graz 17 February 2018 12: 51
    the truth, as always somewhere in the middle, most likely the Jews didn’t get off with one plane, but the Arabs got decently
  6. Geolog
    Geolog 18 February 2018 08: 15
    The United States hands Israel creates a no-fly zone in Syria. Even if the goal is reached by 5 missiles it is already disabled or destroyed 5 objects. If Israel is right, then in the near future raids will continue, if not, then there will be silence on their part.