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Is Vladimir Plakhotnyuk a mystery man or a semi-finished system?

Sometimes it seems that the Moldovan authorities are in some kind of unofficial competition with their Ukrainian colleagues in the inadequacy, but the odiousness of their decisions. The broadcasting of Russian TV channels will be banned, the ambassador will be recalled from Moscow for “consultations”, the Moldovan language will want to be renamed into Romanian, it’s true, to at least smear the rails along which independent Moldavia is drifting towards Bucharest.

Only one thing remains unchanged - the name is Plahotniuc, which pops up every time in the Moldovan politician after another excesses. Moreover, thanks to the media, Plakhotnyuk is a sort of Moldovan Fantômas, only without a mask. Even the Moldavian press often calls Vladimir Plakhotnyuk a “Moldavian puppeteer”. But what is known about him?

Vladimir Plakhotnyuk was born on January 1 1966, in the village of Pitushk, Kalarashsky district, Moldavian SSR. In 1983, he graduated from high school in the village of Grozesti, Nisporeni district. But to remain the first guy in the village of Volodya did not want to. And then he went to the storming of the capital - "I came from the village, the train brought." In 1991, he graduated from the Technical University of Moldova at the Faculty of Food Technology, with a degree in engineering. Later, he will receive more than one degree and not one “higher education”. When he was engaged in all this is somehow unclear, therefore accusations of purchasing diplomas sound very plausible in this context. But what did the young Moldavian young man do while “gnawing the granite of science”?

And here begins an interesting. Since 1991, Plakhotnyuk has been working in the Center for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Juvenile Victims of Violence “Minor”. The guy seems to be sowing a reasonable, kind, eternal ... But, according to his opponents, including the political opponent Sergey Mokan, it was then that he made his pimped slavery empire. Thanks to a series of beauty contests and other similar events, as well as influence inside the Minor center, which had plenty of defenseless and weak-willed victims, Plahotniuc arranged for the supply of live goods to Europe.

Vladimir Plahotniuc

Again, according to his opponents, Plahotniuc cleverly used the pimps business to create his “intelligence network”, blackmail officials and politicians greedy for strawberries, and also just to build friendly bridges. Probably after a good sex and a pair of three glasses of Moldovan wine such bridges are much easier to induce. Soon, on the basis of the Minor office, the company Minor SRL emerges, later renamed Finpar Invest SRL. And begins the march of "businessman" Plahotniuc in Moldova. In parallel, Volodya works as an economist in the essentially foreign company Euro Est Hundel Ltd Moldov. In 1995, this man-orchestra founded the American-Moldavian financial group Angels, and already in 2001-m, Plahotniuc creeps into a more than popular and profitable business - he becomes the commercial director of the company for the import and sale of oil products Petrom Moldova. Later, it will turn down the banking sector of Moldova in the form of the largest bank Victoriabank.

It was then that Volodya met Oleg Voronin, the son of the then Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin (the leader of the Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova). By the way, after the father was shoved off the presidential throne, Oleg revised his views on his old friend. As a result, Voronin made the following statement, in essence, confirming some of the charges that were being charged to the former comrade:

“Where is he, all those deals that I allegedly concluded by force before 2009 of the year?” All of them have Plahotniuc. It was he who put his hand on them in his own manner, after which he spread rumors that I was doing this. In the days of the Communists, he hid, abusing my trust and the confidence of some leaders of the PCRM. Now he does not abuse anyone's trust: he acts directly, in the manner of raider attacks. ”

However, at the time of his tender friendship with Oleg, Plahotniuc goes back to the top of the Moldovan economy. He really becomes a collector of companies of various activities. The only constant is one thing - an extremely muddy path to mastering these same companies and the indispensable scandals.

In what only teflon Volodya was not accused. Both in the actual raider seizure of the Tutun CTC tobacco factory, and in the illegal seizure of control over wine and bakery plants and factories, and in the privatization of a whole list of enterprises (State Enterprise Moldova Railways, State Enterprise Stations and Bus Stations, State Posta Moldovei, SE "Registru", SE "Radio Communications", etc.) that used to belong to the state, etc. No less scandalous and became история with Volodya gaining control over Victoriabank.

In the 2005 year, Plakhotnyuk, according to the former director of Victoriabank Victor Turcan, came to him with a proposal, as they say, impossible to refuse. Victor Turcan testified:

"He (Vladimir Plakhotnyuk) announced his intention to acquire a controlling stake in the bank and warned that if I interfered with this, they would destroy me, promising to organize the nomination of charges of bribery, participation in smuggling against me weapons, drug.

As a result, Victor Turcan was indeed arrested. And it soon became clear that Viktor, who seemed to be so vehemently defending the bank and his place, lost his shares. Therefore, when some experts say that without the knowledge of Plakhotnyuk in Moldova and the vegetable shop will not open, this is not too far from the truth.

Finally, it becomes clear to Plakhotnyuk that since money comes as a bonus and power, then it’s time to go directly into government offices, not through an acquaintance. Since 2001, Volodya is in full swing into political activity, but so far from the back door. The media becomes aware that the main investor of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova was ... Plahotniuc. Why did oligarch Plakhotnyuk merge in such ecstasy with the communists? Because the leader of the party was the president himself - Mr. Voronin. No ideological friction is pure business.

Is Vladimir Plakhotnyuk a mystery man or a semi-finished system?

The riots that swept Chisinau in 2009 year. And the indispensable flag of the EU

In 2007, the wind changed. It became known that it was not the local obedient internal organs that were intimidating Turcan that began to look after the Moldovan Fantômas, but Interpol, suspecting Plahotniuc of a dozen different feats (from the connection with international crime to drug trafficking). Soon Voronin Sr.’s throne was reeling, despite the fact that Mr. “Communist” had just recently seemed omnipotent. By the way, the question is whether Plakhotnyuk and his capital are involved in removing the mass of aggressively hysterical youth on the streets of Chisinau in 2009, the year remains open. Anyway, Voronin resigned his powers as head of state, and the following year, Plahotniuc was included in the party list of the Democratic Party of Moldova. Presumably, the decision to include in his principled and infallible democratic ranks of the former friend of the president’s son, whose resignation took place against the background of unrest no worse than Maidan, was exclusively disinterested?

Persons of Moldavian Europe

The Democratic Party of Moldova adheres to the ideas of liberalism and Euro-Atlanticism, which is undoubtedly more convenient for Plakhotniuc. And most importantly, for the West, Volodya turns from a parochial feudal lord with a dark past into an ideological and political ally. The rhetoric of Vladimir Plakhotnyuk is practically no different from the speeches of his “colleague” from Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko - here there are various “reforms”, and the eradication of corruption, and, of course, the most important “carrot” for the population, i.e. joining the EU. After all, according to Volodya, Europe is the cultural and geographical home of Moldova. Here it is.

It should be noted that Plakhotnyuk is an exceptional organizer and organizer of various schemes. Within a few years after the entry into the PDM party, Plahotniuc, other citizens from neighboring parties, apparently not wishing to “fall out of the cage,” pulled themselves up to it. Vladimir himself quickly cleared his way to the chairmanship of the party and in 2016, he headed it. But according to the old habit, he still prefers not to go out openly to the main roles. Plakhotnyuk is not a prime minister, not a chairman of parliament, not a president (which is problematic in principle because of the low rating of this famous gentleman). And why does he need it? Pavel Filip, former general director of the notorious Tutun CTC and PDM member, Andrian Candu, the chairman of the parliament, is often Prime Minister, and again a member of the PDM, according to Moldovan media. And, thanks to the hard work on the role of the president, his status in modern Moldavia is relegated to a wedding general. So, if the title Fantomas Plakhotnyuk has not yet earned, then his nickname "puppeteer", assigned to him by the media, is fully justified.

For the sake of truth, to consider Vladimir as a certain phenomenon would be incorrect. Since most often such people are just a product of the environment in which they were formed. For example, if it were not for the collapse of the USSR, then perhaps we would have known citizen Khodorkovsky as a “fiery Komsomol member”, and later on a “staunch party member”, i.e. would choose Misha most profitable career. But what we have.

And Mr. Plahotniuc is by no means worse than his entourage. Just a talented guy turned out to be intriguing than rivals. By the way, these same rivals for the interests of Russia, in my humble opinion, are no better than Volodya himself. First of all, if the political elites of Moldova didn’t have the stigma in the cannon, they wouldn’t let Plakhotniuc come to power, given the lack of popular support for this person. Of course, except for those screaming crowds that can now be bought wholesale and retail. Secondly, for example, citizen Mocanu, an ardent opponent of Vladimir, had not only the dubious honor of participating in the Transnistrian massacre on the side of “independent Moldova”, but, according to him, he is ready to repeat this “feat” again. For such people stretch long tracks. And no matter how violently Mocanu and his Antimafia movement were, he was just the unlucky version of Plakhotniuk. By the way, Mocanu himself does not even hide the fact that he does not declare a part of his income - this is such an “anti-mafiazi”.

For Russia, however, only one thing is important - to know the weaknesses of a Moldovan politician and, as usual, keep the powder dry.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 15 February 2018 06: 36
    The ending of the article is a bit wrong. Russia needs to actively intervene in the processes going on in the republics around us. And do not chew snot.
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 15 February 2018 06: 50
      and keep powder dry as usual.
      and even better - hold tight for Faberge! bully
      1. ul_vitalii
        ul_vitalii 15 February 2018 07: 38
        For the West, this is an ideal figure, this is their son of a bitch, in the classical sense.
        1. oldseaman1957
          oldseaman1957 15 February 2018 17: 46
          Quote: ul_vitalii
          For the West, this is an ideal figure, this is their son of a bitch,
          - It’s a pity not to hear about our Sudoplatovye and Mercader! All sorts of assholes unbelted ...
    2. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 18 February 2018 11: 50
      Interesting article ! The author is just GOOD!
      Found and turned out a bucket with dirty linen of Moldova and their "Faberge" on top!
      By the way, the hero of this story advocated disabling Russian news channels and they were turned off!
      And the western channels remained and were added. What interesting reaction will go to this article?
      Yet Faberge put on display ...
  2. prior
    prior 15 February 2018 09: 12
    "Plahotniuc" is that in all "capitalisms" it floats above,
    who calls him what, who is the elite, and who is just g ....
  3. Merin
    Merin 15 February 2018 09: 50
    I did not understand the meaning of this phrase: ... that I had the dubious honor of participating in the Transnistrian massacre on the side of "independent Moldova", ...
    Is the participation of Russian soldiers in the Chechen war this: a dubious honor?
    Moldavian defended Moldova. If this is a crime, then with the same success all those defending their countries can be blamed for: dubious honor.
    1. Varna
      Varna 15 February 2018 21: 18
      Quote: Merin
      I did not understand the meaning of this phrase: ... that I had the dubious honor of participating in the Transnistrian massacre on the side of "independent Moldova", ...
      Is the participation of Russian soldiers in the Chechen war this: a dubious honor?
      Moldavian defended Moldova. If this is a crime, then with the same success all those defending their countries can be blamed for: dubious honor.

      For your information, participation in the civil war has always and at all times been a dubious honor.
      1. Merin
        Merin 16 February 2018 22: 48
        You want to say that the Russian soldiers who fought in Chechnya are some kind of dubious heroes?
        1. Paranoid50
          Paranoid50 18 February 2018 01: 59
          Quote: Merin
          Russian soldiers who fought in Chechnya, are these some dubious heroes?

          Stop juggling - what a civil war ?! Crowds of alien thugs (from the Jordanians to the Baltic states and dill) and local bandits who covered themselves with some kind of "independent Ichkeria," instigated terror both in Chechnya itself and in other regions. And it was precisely the counter-terrorist operation that was conducted against them. Although if
          Quote: Merin
          I did not understand the meaning of this phrase: ...
          As well as
          Quote: Merin
          Moldavian defended Moldova

          then everything is really difficult for your understanding.
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. Merin
            Merin 18 February 2018 16: 59
            Why the crowds? They started exclusively Chechens. Dudaev, Basaev, Kadyrov, Yandarbiev, Maskhadov and others. And others appeared much later, and in much more scanty amounts. Then why, in one place, this way, and in another, this way? Or will we play in the exclusivity of a nation that is always right, both in Chechnya against the Chechens and in Moldova against the Moldavians?
            Well, and about my intellectual development, even by the most conservative estimates, it is much higher than yours.
  4. Senior manager
    Senior manager 15 February 2018 10: 23
    Ordinary not lazy thug. In time, this process took place in the FSA. Nothing new. Money doesn't smell. He just does not know that it is better to be the first guy in Moldova than an obscure creature in Romania. I think the love of dough will overpower.
  5. Savin
    Savin 15 February 2018 17: 25
    Plahotniuc (aka “puppeteer”, aka “shmarovoz”, aka “chopping block”, aka “bad guy”), the classic product of the post-Soviet era of malignant timelessness and is no different from Russian, Ukrainian, and other “handshake” business brothers according to reason, mind and honor. It's just that in Moldova he is really the most dexterous, cynical, clever and mean among the bawdy high-ranking thieves who have successfully milked this unfortunate country for 27 years. For the West, he is a temporary figure - they will give Plahotniuc the most difficult and dirty work to turn Moldova into another anti-Russian mongrel, and then, beautifully and under cameras, they will replace it with another puppet, only more photogenic and controlled. One already exists - a certain Maya Sandu, who is already 100% special product of the Yankees. By the way, just the other day, the aforementioned lady met (bridegrooms?) With the well-known families of hundreds of thousands of killed Serbs, Madame Madeleine Albright. The meeting was held in a "very warm and friendly atmosphere." As for Russia, its role in Moldova is so scanty that it cannot be seen even with a very strong microscope, which is why I personally am always puzzled when the Kremlin lobby broadcast about some “successes” in foreign policy. Undoubtedly, in the light of the established trend, “well, these gypsies, then they will crawl on their knees”, bourgeois-oligarchic Russia, weakening before our eyes, will lose this territory in the very near future.
    1. Varna
      Varna 15 February 2018 21: 49
      You are a little bit a little inaccurate - Russia's activities in Moldova are very visible - the president alone is worth the dodon (they are talking about him as an open agent and a puppet of the Kremlin).
      Another thing is that, apparently, the Kremlin has turned on the mechanism of deliberate waiting in relation to Moldova - I can’t understand the meaning of this behavior, except to wait for the moment to send
      the enemy in a knockout (like Georgian). But does the enemy allow such a tasty miss once again?
      However, in this case, Russia can afford this luxury - wait, here it does not "burn" and does not "burn"))).
      This "waiting" is evident in everything: Russia is sluggishly reacting to arrogance from the Moldovan authorities, Russia has reduced financial support to Transnistria to a minimum, Russia was not represented at all at the recent discussion of the Transnistrian problem at the Pase commission - which shocked everyone, even Europeans who are not experiencing sympathy for Transnistria.
      It turns out: the “partners” decide that it’s not worth playing the partechka - okay; they decide to ignite - also please (but at the same time there is some note of the provocativeness of the Kremlin - in the sense of the consent to "ignite" - or does it just seem to be?)
      One thing is absolutely clear - numerous “jolts” - in the form of expulsion of individual peacekeepers, non-admission of individual citizens, politicians and journalists of the Russian Federation (often deliberately, in a boorish way) - these are elements of maintaining a conditional West tension at a given point, which can be conducted as simply to distract attention of the authorities of the Russian Federation,; and it can result in something more serious.
      Wait and see . The game is on.
  6. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 16 February 2018 00: 12
    With such leaders of Moldova, it’s better to join Romania