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In Ukraine, a pirated copy of BM-21 Grad was created

Representatives of the Ukrainian defense industry very often talk about their achievements in creating "domestic" samples. weapons. But, as a rule, after careful reading it turns out that the widely publicized "novelty" is only a modernized version of Soviet military equipment.

Specialists of the Shepetovsky Repair Plant reported on their website that a special mounting kit of the 122-mm artillery part of the BM-21 multiple-launch rocket system Grad was manufactured by their enterprise. That is, they simply copied the installation developed in Russia, only saying that it was supposedly made entirely from Ukrainian components.

In Ukraine, a pirated copy of BM-21 Grad was created

New, in their opinion, was the fact that this kit can be mounted on different platforms, not focusing on a particular car chassis.

Also reported on the widespread introduction of digital automated technologies that allowed to be aimed at the target directly from the cockpit, quickly turn around and after the impact also quickly go to another position.

Military experts doubt the fully Ukrainian origin of the presented reactive system. In their opinion, the use of old restored Soviet components has not been done. However, even if the shepitovtsy managed to completely copy the BM-21 Grad, given the local realities, they are unlikely to be able to start full-scale production.

Ukraine has no production capacity for rockets for these systems. Hope only for deliveries from the former Warsaw Pact member countries, for example, from Bulgaria. However, such assistance is not carried out free of charge, and there is no extra money in a state in a severe crisis, reports RG-Sila
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  1. oldseaman1957
    oldseaman1957 1 February 2018 13: 06 New
    In Ukraine, a pirated copy of BM-21 Grad was created
    - Yes, even let the slingshot pirate, if only not "Poplar"!
    1. allaykbar
      allaykbar 1 February 2018 13: 07 New
      there, over the Rada, you can already hang a pirate flag. I’m happy with statehood and this whole show has nothing to do.

      What do they have, what do Somali pirates have - statehood on the same level

      it would be faster to disconnect them from the pipe. How tired of this poor show
    2. 1 February 2018 13: 08 New
      As usual, stole hi
      1. Giant thought
        Giant thought 1 February 2018 13: 10 New
        It’s not enough to think up something worthwhile, but they’re stealing something from the master of all trades.
        1. Partyzan
          Partyzan 1 February 2018 13: 23 New
          Quote: Thought Giant
          here's something to steal from all trades of the master.

          Nah, they all find in themselves
      2. KVU-NSVD
        KVU-NSVD 1 February 2018 13: 13 New
        In Ukraine, a pirated copy of BM-21 Grad was created
        What are you talking about? A pirate copy of the City is as funny as a pirate copy of Kalashnikov
      3. avt
        avt 1 February 2018 13: 24 New
        As usual, stole

        As usual, the idiots didn’t begin to delve into the essence of the issue in the article set forth under a frankly moronic heading, but simply didn’t read the article and started pushing the button in pursuit of a virtual pursuit. Search the article and find
        New, in their opinion, was the fact that this kit can be mounted on different platforms, not focusing on a particular car chassis.
        That is, this is all that yes-and-so-sane experts talked about, but you did not listen and did not read. The ruin ran out of stocks of Soviet army vehicles. And its production died - even KrAZ trucks in the parade shown are stupidly not for installation. So zapivali writing on a universal installation on a different chassis. Mabut will be on the father’s MAZ’s pid nameplate - ,, Bogdan. ”Well, maybe the Indian TATs will be renamed in TYATI. Bogdans can be renamed. But it’s possible on a trailer on oxen! He also shot off the oxen for joy under the burner .
    3. Warrior with machine gun
      Warrior with machine gun 1 February 2018 13: 28 New
      "the kit can be mounted on any platform" - did ukrokonstruktsy work on international terrorism?))
    4. Piramidon
      Piramidon 1 February 2018 13: 40 New
      Quote: oldseaman1957
      Yes, even let the slingshot pirate, if only not "Poplar"!

      Unfortunately, the population of Donbass is destroyed not by “Poplars”, but by “Grads”.
    5. Horse meat
      Horse meat 2 February 2018 07: 08 New
      What a terrible tornado.
  2. allaykbar
    allaykbar 1 February 2018 13: 06 New
    protoukry made launchers, but did not make a rocket. Normally
  3. ded100
    ded100 1 February 2018 13: 10 New
    The main thing is publicly boasting and then even though the grass does not grow! wassat
    1. PalBor
      PalBor 1 February 2018 13: 29 New
      No, but what: green, clean, smooth, - that’s the most for exhibitions.
  4. Evil 55
    Evil 55 1 February 2018 13: 11 New
    Bunny-bunnies from old fan pipes, you see, gathered ...
  5. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 1 February 2018 13: 16 New
    What to do there? Trifling production. Palestinians, Sudanese, Africans calmly copy the Grad,
    and Ukrainians can not?
    1. Partyzan
      Partyzan 1 February 2018 13: 25 New
      Quote: voyaka uh
      What to do there? Trifling production. Palestinians, Sudanese, Africans calmly copy the Grad,
      and Ukrainians can not?

      for them - this is a great change laughing
    2. vlad66
      vlad66 1 February 2018 13: 26 New
      Quote: voyaka uh
      Ukrainians can not?

      Will be able yes It remains to copy the rocket. yes
  6. Technikner
    Technikner 1 February 2018 13: 34 New
    And at the exhibition of this "miracle weapon" there is a sign next to it: "DO NOT TOUCH THROUGH HANDS! IF THE FAILURE IS A PENALTY IN THE AMOUNT OF THE VALUE OF THE WEAPON!" laughing
    1. avt
      avt 1 February 2018 13: 47 New
      Quote: Exchniker
      And at the exhibition of this "miracle weapon" there is a sign next to it:

      I won’t say for the tablet, but judging by the package - “Hurricane” in the photo on the left on KrAZ
      Quote: avt
      The ruin ran out of stocks of Soviet army vehicles.
      Instead of the full-time Soviet ZIL 4-axle, they are hinging on the 3-axle KrAZ.
  7. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 1 February 2018 13: 34 New
    and the idea is intense in the conditions of acute deficit of everything .... (and indeed it’s time for us to drive universalization)
  8. andrewkor
    andrewkor 1 February 2018 13: 38 New
    The most difficult thing, in my opinion, is the manufacture of a launch tube with a twisted groove, subject to extreme accuracy. Someone seriously doubt the ability of the Ruins to create such a product. A simple mortar explodes!
    1. AlNikolaich
      AlNikolaich 1 February 2018 17: 06 New
      Well, the factory does. Factories in Ukraine still remained. And some sort of mortar sharpened mortars from Chinese pipes. Not the fact that these hail from the same pipes. Although, not all the same there are fools, and there are enough smart and experienced people.
  9. Mustached Kok
    Mustached Kok 1 February 2018 13: 39 New
    I would not judge and scold them. Starting guides and sighting system most likely are from BM-21. But I suspect that speaking of a “new development”, they talked about the most universal platform. Which is already a good achievement. It’s worth finalizing it for transportation, and now we’ve got a good stationary artillery platform, which using a helicopter can be delivered to hard-to-reach positions. That's just MLRS is not quite suitable for "positional" work.
  10. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 1 February 2018 13: 47 New
    For 2018, this is a great achievement.
  11. Chichikov
    Chichikov 1 February 2018 14: 00 New
    and the state in a serious crisis does not have extra money
    What’s more annoying is that since 2015, like a prayer, they’ve come to an end - bankrupt, crisis. But there is no end and no end. It will not be until it is no longer pumped up with money, using Russia as an irritant and motivation for Western Russophobia.
  12. Romanenko
    Romanenko 1 February 2018 14: 15 New
    The BM-21 has a very interesting detail - trunks. There is a tricky alloy that allows you to make a huge number of starts. It is unlikely that they can repeat it at the ruin now, that means 130 water pipes from the Khrushchevs will be cut, there will be a little dangling inside 125 mm, but due to digital guidance it will be possible to achieve an acceptable accuracy of projectile launch.
    May be... fellow
  13. Kelwin
    Kelwin 1 February 2018 14: 51 New
    I wonder what is the basis of confidence in the impossibility of making a projectile ... And if they do, albeit with worse performance, then where are the arrivals, civilians there or who ...
  14. Dormidont
    Dormidont 1 February 2018 16: 32 New
    By law, all counterfeit products of saloders must be destroyed
  15. kdakda
    kdakda 1 February 2018 17: 41 New
    Well, all the fellows blinded after all, but now they’re cutting it up for scrap. And sculpt a new toy for dill, so on.
  16. Grigory_45
    Grigory_45 1 February 2018 19: 10 New
    in fact, what did they do? They took a package of launchers, screwed them to the electric drive, and put it all on a separate platform.
    Where is there
    created a pirated copy of the BM-21 Grad
    ? .. By the way, did someone patent the Grad? It’s not funny for anyone to say “pirated copies of the AK-47,” which only the lazy now make in fashion tuning? ..
    1. Antares
      Antares 2 February 2018 11: 55 New
      Quote: Gregory_45
      By the way, did someone patent the Grad? It’s not funny for anyone to say “pirated copies of the AK-47,” which only the lazy now make in fashion tuning? ..

      Yes, a common element of information war. In the USSR, perhaps the 1938 patent to 3 designers for the development of a multi-barrel missile launcher. The Union did not patent the product, and the deadlines were over.
      Given the map of BM 21 operators (there is almost the whole world), the Russian Federation only carefully found the "pirated version" in Ukraine
      BM-21U Grad (version of the Shepetovsky plant) There, even in Ukraine, these cities and willows ...
      In fact, the development is a fully copied machine from the Russian version, only it is supposedly assembled entirely from Ukrainian components.

      such nonsense ... the Soviet installation. The word "supposedly" is already understood as distrust (supposedly they should not, and generally radishes are). Take and check. Or then admit that the Russian Federation supplies BM 21 Grad to Kiev.
      It would be better to talk about the plant, although the pictures from it are not very.

      With the help of the plant, other enterprises participating in the concern and private Ukrainian manufacturers, hundreds of component parts have been replaced. Among them are aiming complexes, guidance systems, electronic equipment and fire systems for self-propelled artillery installations, multiple rocket launchers and howitzers.
      The plant is repairing multiple launch rocket systems of MLRS BM-21 Grad, 9P140 Hurricane, self-propelled artillery systems 2S3M Akatsiya, 2S5 Giatsint-S, 2S19 Msta-S, artillery fire control vehicles, artillery guns and mortars, command and control equipment, anti-tank systems, small arms and military equipment.
      In the article "forgot" to add that this modification of the City and the Hurricane was presented at the 2017 exhibition. Zbroya and bezpeka-Kiev.

      BM 9P140 "URAGAN" on the KRAZ 63221 automobile chassis
      there they upgraded the navigation system and fire control.
      It is very strange that in Ukrainian sources the emphasis is on the Hurricane, and in Russian on Grad ... although both installations were presented.
  17. Normal ok
    Normal ok 1 February 2018 20: 08 New
    Ukraine does not have capacities for the production of rockets for these systems.

    Already has. At "Artyom" mounted a Turkish line for their production.
  18. demo
    demo 2 February 2018 11: 38 New
    Even being in a state of permanent ass .... tsy, our western neighbors (brothers do not turn their tongues to name), manage to mold sweets from manure.
    It remains for potential customers to propose the following scheme.
    You take guides from Ukraine, and shells in the warehouses of former members of the Warsaw Pact.
  19. would
    would 2 February 2018 11: 55 New
    The author, to put it mildly, is illiterate and issues such pearls

    Specialists of the Shepetovsky repair plant reported on their website that their company had produced a special mounting kit for the artillery unit of the BM-122 Grad 21-mm multiple launch rocket system. That is, they just copied installation developed in Russia, only informing that it is supposedly completely made of Ukrainian components.

    The illiterate author was too lazy to even go to Wikipedia at least and find out that the BM-21 was developed in the USSR, the development began in 1959 when Russia, just like Ukraine, simply did not exist. And finished if my memory serves me ... in 1960? I don’t remember, knowledgeable people if that will correct. One way or another, the BM-21 was adopted precisely in 1963 when, again, there was no Ukraine or Russia, there was one big empire - the USSR.

    So even if the installation was copied, it was developed in the USSR, but not in Russia. How lazy these bloomers are, they cannot even go to Wikipedia! lol

    As for a certain "piracy", the question here is very simple. Which specific current was violated? Specific number and expiration date please. No? No in the article? Well, that means the author is also hollow because his statements should be supported by texture. And it is most likely not because:

    1. In the USSR, products were not patented accordingly.
    2. Even if there was a patent, the period since 1963 has clearly come out.

    Therefore, the same AKs are riveting all over the world without even paying attention to the cries of the Kalashnikov Concern today about alleged piracy, because all that KK is capable of shouting is about piracy and send unproven claims. The first fully patented AK is the AK-12.