Superblits for Rashid Nurgaliyev

The performance of the Minister of the Interior to the legislators in the Lower House of the Russian parliament was not easy. Rashid Nurgaliyev reported on the progress of the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the deputies. And according to the tradition that has developed recently, an official could leave the building on Okhotny Ryad under stormy, unceasing applause, but representatives of several factions at once conceived to test Rashid Gumarovich for strength and ask him “exam questions” in the form of a kind of re-certification. In the course of the minister’s responses, it was clear that Army General Nurgaliyev decided to demonstrate that State Duma deputies are one thing, because they seem to be chosen by a certain electorate, and by representatives of the Russian government, and he in particular is something completely different, because he is appointed by very special spheres .

After the speech of Rashid Nurgaliyev, the Russian public divided into two camps. Representatives of one of them took a tough stance about the fact that the current minister was alone with people who do not understand anything in the activities of the Ministry, and therefore are not entitled to ask the Minister of acute questions. Others, on the contrary, saw in the parliamentary hour of Nurgaliyev a certain sign of Russian democratization, when lawmakers representing the interests of Russian citizens could ask from any government representative about the activities of his department.

As far as Rashid Nurgaliyev objectively made the report, everyone can judge for himself, but it was obvious that any duty report for any Russian minister to the deputies is perceived as a kind of heavy duty that you just need to endure, stocking up with a few heavy tirades. Among such tirades, the Minister of the Interior was also a tirade stating that the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has just begun and that Rashid Gumarovich himself will not stop at what has been accomplished.

Indeed, it would be strange if the minister announced that police reform was already over and every single Russian now can feel a real relief from the fact that the re-certified police officers will now stand on guard against the interests of every citizen, your honor and oath. At the same time, the level of crime among law enforcement officers in Russia today doesn’t mean anything lazy. Literally every day there are reports that in one or another Russian region a “re-attested” police officer became a defendant in another scandal: from banal domestic skirmishes to crimes involving the use of weapons and obvious abuse of power. Naturally, this does not mean that before the start of the reform, the Russian representatives of law enforcement bodies did not allow violations of the law, but it was with the beginning of the comprehensive reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that the public had certain hopes. Only then it became obvious that neither the declared re-certification, nor the change of the name of the department, which took away billions of rubles, did not become a panacea for impunity of law enforcement officers.
The essence of Mr. Nurgaliyev’s speech has been reduced to what has been done a lot, even more needs to be done, but whatever it is, criticizing the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs today is the last thing, because there are enough states in the world where police commit much more crimes than in Russia . Among such countries were Spain and the United States. This suggests that the chief guard of the rule of law in Russia is confident that neither he nor his department deserve the criticism that has been besetting them lately. The sharp rejection of Nurgaliyev caused the words of representatives of the “Fair Russia” faction that the Minister, with all his personal decency, must submit a letter of resignation, because his subordinates obviously do not cope with their duties. Rashid Gumarovich called such words a glance “through the prism of his own emotions and hotelok” by deputy Gudkov, which indicates that the minister himself does not see any personal guilt for the series of crimes committed by the police recently.

Now we will conduct our own analysis of the so-called first stage of the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, without taking into account not the “own emotions” of the Duma deputies, not personal confidence in the success of the reform of Mr. Nurgaliyev.

So, the reform of the Ministry of Interior is in our country by leaps and bounds. At the same time, there is still no official report on how much this landmark event cost Russian taxpayers. Before the reform, several figures were voiced that should be spent on updating the image of the department. The former Minister of Finance, Alexei Kudrin, said that with his ministry 200 require millions of rubles, and this is only for carrying out, let's say, cosmetic reforms. State Duma Deputy Vladimir Vasilyev in 2010 year assumed that the total cost of the reorganization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs would cost the treasury 600 billion rubles. At the same time, the deputy Vasiliev said that even with such an impressive amount of investments no one guarantees positive results.

In other words, at the initial stage of the reform, the reform itself was seen as a rather risky enterprise, the positive results of which can be expected in the 50 / 50 mode. That is, the allocated colossal funds turn into fortune-telling on matches: was - was not. In essence, the citizens of Russia will be told that we and I do not have big illusions: they say you will only pay your taxes, part of them will be replaced by signs and re-certification, and the quality of work of the law enforcement officers themselves may not improve.
The first manifestations of reform are as follows:
change of signs, labels, plates, tokens and stripes;
the dismissal of several tens of thousands of employees who allegedly cannot cope with the duties assigned to them;
the appearance of personal weapons instead of empty holsters with police officers;
changes in the traffic police, including new rules for the passage of technical inspection of vehicles, which are in a suspicious manner outwardly no different from the old, except that the new price;
salary increases for the “remaining” employees;
the need to introduce yourself before forwarding to the site. And everything like that.

If this is the task of reforming the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then the report of Mr. Nurgaliyev looks quite acceptable. And the billions spent seem to be really aimed strictly at the points.

But does an ordinary Russian citizen have a case, what color does a chevron have for someone who has to stand guard over the law? Is it interesting for an ordinary person to know how much the salary of an Interior Ministry officer is? Will the information that police officers in the United States and Spain commit even more crimes than Russian policemen will reassure us?

Obviously, the proposed reform has lost touch with its immediate purpose - to increase the authority of law enforcement officers, to give people confidence that the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will defend civil interests. And if Mr. Nurgaliyev does not understand this, is there any point in requiring him to write a statement of his own accord? A person who believes that he is right, and if he is wrong, then see point one, it’s absolutely pointless to convince of his wrongfulness. As we know, not a single minister is responsible for the lack of professionalism and outright chaos of his subordinates ... He is above all this ... He is not elected, but appointed! And this means that we a priori have no right to judge his activities and the activities of the employees of his department ... We are entitled only to pay taxes and pay for any reform from our own pocket. Here is our right! And there is nothing here, you know, the minister to ask uncomfortable questions and interfere with his reform activities! ..
Alexei Volodin
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