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Pacific Fleet enriched with modernized Ka-29 and Ka-27M

Monday two aviation Pacific Naval Air Base fleet (Pacific Fleet), deployed in Primorye and Kamchatka, have adopted the updated Ka-29 and Ka-27M helicopters, reports press office Eastern District.

Pacific Fleet enriched with modernized Ka-29 and Ka-27M

Two Ka-29 helicopters and one Ka-27М helicopters underwent a planned average repair and upgrade at Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise OJSC. After which they were delivered to the basing regions of the Il-76 military transport aviation, where they completed the final assembly,
says release.

It is reported that "in the near future, the crews on the updated aviation technology will begin working out tasks for their intended purpose."

In 2018, the naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet will receive several more modernized helicopters.

“Ka-29 is a naval transport and combat helicopter, the further development of the Ka-27 helicopter. Designed by OKB. N.I. Kamova at the beginning of 1980-ies and is intended for landing marine units from the ships and their fire support, transportation of various cargoes, ”the press service recalled.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. svp67
    svp67 22 January 2018 11: 11
    I saw the "work" of the Ka-27 and Ka-29, when landing, and you won’t understand what is more of a combat or transport in them ... Powerful cars. I especially liked how they “stole” coastal engineering barriers with their help in order to clear the way for the first wave of landing.

    1. Romario_Argo
      Romario_Argo 22 January 2018 12: 29
      The Ka-27M is equipped with the Spear-A radar command and tactical system, as well as a radio-acoustic subsystem, a magnetometer, electronic reconnaissance equipment, and radar with an FH-A AFAR with a circular view of the surface and airspace.
      In short, zone control, detection, selection and transfer of DU
      currently upgrading to the Ka-27M version are underway 80 boards
      1. Veteran
        Veteran 23 January 2018 00: 20
        Something you figure is too high. In total, 46 Ka-27PL must be upgraded to Ka-27M. The first batch - an experienced one - received a fleet in the amount of 8 units in 2016, then in 2017 received another 10 helicopters, and this Ka-27М already counts for 2018. The plant undertook to upgrade 10 helicopters per year. Ka-29 require reconditioning, their order of 28 units, of which 4 was restored and sent to the BF, and now these 2 are on the Pacific Fleet. More work and work on the modernization and restoration of only existing equipment.
  2. Nikolay R-PM
    Nikolay R-PM 22 January 2018 14: 57
    Apparently the development of a helicopter in the okrug “lamprey” is a long-term prospect since the fleet of deck helicopters is so seriously modernized
    1. Flyer_64
      Flyer_64 22 January 2018 22: 19
      there is simply no money to develop a new helicopter.
  3. True
    True 22 January 2018 18: 05
    Two Ka-29 helicopters and one Ka-27M helicopter underwent a planned average repair and modernization
    I am proud of my homeland!