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Monkey with a grenade, or "Javelins" for the APU


First of all, there is a reality - since the collapse of the USSR on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR, by means of more or less democratic elections, it was not possible to bring the openly Russophobic regime to power. Moreover, the results of the first bloodless coup showed that the population of this territory does not lend itself to accelerated re-education, does not value the efforts of "all civilized humanity" and does not want to sing hosanna to the progressoristic efforts of this very "humanity."

Contrary to the wishes of the progressors, but even of the “bad” Russia (which supplied Yulia Tymoshenko and allocated about $ 15 billion to her in the pre-election year, 2009 - in the form of discounts on gas, prepaid transit, Firtash gas, etc.) , an irresponsible population voted worthless Yanukovych. Preferring a thief, a coward and not a Russophile openly anti-Russian politicians. To restore "historical justice "had to organize a second, now bloody, Maidan.

And no matter what anyone said, he was supported by all. Many Western politicians personally came to support the "peaceful protesters", with the light of the burning "Berkut" and the poor fellows, conscripts. The foreign ministers of Poland, France and Germany personally put their signatures on the guarantees of peaceful completion of the Maidan. And in the following months they overwhelmed Kiev not only with congratulations and assurances in support of “people's power”, but immediately, without waiting for Poroshenko’s appointment as president, allocated the first tranche of 4,5 billion dollars through the IMF.

In the next few months, neither trees cut at Khreshchatyk, nor executions in Kharkov (March 14) and Mariupol (May 9), nor the burning of people in Odessa (May 2), nor the bombardment of the center of Luhansk (June 2), the US, EU and their Allies to the established power did not change. Moreover, formally, as they say - de jure - to this day, they all have not changed their attitude towards the current regime. And this is logical.

After all, we know perfectly well that any "law becomes obsolete at the time of its adoption." Any power we have chosen (even if actually chosen) is worse than we expected and does not justify the hopes placed on it.

And the Kiev regime is no better. And no worse. He was brought to power by those who weapons in the hands of overthrew Yanukovych. Tyagnibok, Klitschko, Paruby, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Yarosh, Belitsky, Paruby, etc. - all of them, and many others, are the current authorities. No Communists, separatists and other "enemies of the Ukrainian people" leaked to the government. Reciprocal accusations and revelations of “Putin’s agents” are nothing more than the usual struggle for power within the regime.

The USA, the EU and their satellites are also a sin to complain. It is to these particular people that they helped from the first days of Maidan. It was these militants who were being prepared in Galicia by the first “revolutionary” head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Nalyvaichenko. The West helped the same regime, sending both ministers and Saakashvili himself, and a battalion of the name of Dzhokhar Dudayev formed in the EU, and thousands of advisers, military, experts, CIA employees sent it to help precisely these “people.” And tens of billions of dollars and euros, sniper rifles and Hummers, radar and expired suhpayki - also this mode.

And you shouldn’t blame everything from a sore head to a healthy one and blame Russia and President Putin personally for the fact that in the West “they wanted the best, but it turned out as always.” No matter how big and strong Russia may be, Russia is not able to resist the combined power of the United States, the EU, NATO and their numerous allies "in the struggle for Ukraine". Moreover, in the West they were well aware and initially prepared for the fact that "Russians do not abandon theirs," that obviously weaker Russia will still struggle as much as it did with what the "civilized West" arranged for it in southern Russia. , in the city - "Mothers of Russian Cities".

They knew, prepared, crushed and crushed by sanctions. And they have on the ruins of Ukraine that they have. For almost four years of the rule of the leaders of the Maidan was not built NOTHING. That destroyed and stolen abound. But nothing is created. Unless the mechanism of corruption extermination is perfected to perfection. And Russia is not to blame for this — such allies and servants of the West. The best bow and cookies are not for sale.

And if you look impartially on the past years, we will see the same process of awareness, which occurred in the West after the first Maidan. From unconditional support of Yushchenko and Tymoshenko in 2004-2005, to gradual detachment in subsequent years. And in the 2009 year, Yushchenko was practically unshakeable. All these heroes of the Orange Revolution, by the time, snapped between themselves, completely disappointing the West.

"Do not justify the high confidence."

The same thing is happening today. Even the dates are the same. In the West, organized and supported Maidan are not fools. They understood that not everything will turn out, that the material got mediocre, "the best of the worst." Understood, but played by those who were available. And if the size of financial, political, economic and military assistance was reduced, then for an objective reason - in the West they realized that the material turned out to be even worse than the calculated one - self-interested, greedier, stupid ... but simply often mentally ill.

That is why today the West is tightening its screws, closing the full-flowing river of macro-financial assistance to a tiny credit stream, restricting the supply of weapons to rifles, UAVs (without numeric codes), old Humvees and other “non-use” that allow the media to write about support and the next “breakthrough” but really not affecting anything.

A striking example is the hysteria that lasted for several years, with the expectation of supply of Javelin anti-tank systems. By the end of last year, even the figure was voiced - as many as 35 PUs and more 200 missiles. Then they suddenly started talking about replacing them with the ancients, another 70 of the year, Tou ATGM. And yesterday it turned out that

There are no plans to sell or transfer TOW to Ukraine

- said the representative of the press service of the Pentagon Johnny Michael.

In fact, it doesn't matter at all whether Tou or Javelins, 35 PU or 50. It does not even matter whether they are delivered or not. Much more important is the simple fact that organized and paid, and taught, and supported Maidan and all subsequent disgrace, the West is disappointed.

Yes, they brought to power the best of those who could be found in Ukraine. Yes, they helped this for years ... hmm ... people to keep in power and achieve the stated and really desired goals. Yes, they did not build illusions and did not expect much. But by the year 2018 in the West they realized that of all the desired goals they had achieved only one - they ravaged and practically destroyed Ukraine.

Yes, that was one of the goals. No one was going to pay for her transformation into a prosperous EU member state. We would like to - even in the 90-e paid. The goal was to disrupt Ukraine from the Russian orbit and turn it into a beautiful bridgehead - a formally independent Russophobic state. The eternal irritant of Russia, its worst enemy. With bases and missiles, with a million-strong army. Reliably overlapping any land route from Russia to the EU.

The dream and plans are not realized and it is already clear that they will never be realized.

And if so, why spend money? The West is realistic - for the further destruction of Ukraine and the transformation of this territory into the ruin of the Javelins, and money is not needed. The ruling regime has a quarter-million army that does not want to fight, and the same number of murderers, punishers and scum in other armed structures, from the SBU to the frankly illegal gangs of pravosekov.

Hating each other, fighting for a piece of power, for a pack of dollars or for the opportunity to knock out a place at the back of the trough with the hope if not to get rich, then time to get out of the country "as a particularly valuable frame", all these post-western western feeds successfully accomplish the task minimum, since for more they are not capable. Destroy as much as possible, stretch the dying as long as possible - that's good.

Therefore, there will be no US, and even more so the EU to overstrain and supply the regime. Now in the West there is another task - how carefully, without losing face, to distance ourselves from what is happening on the ruins of Ukraine. So that you can talk:

I'm not guilty, he came!
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 January 2018 06: 27
    Destroy as much as possible, stretch the dying as long as possible - that's good.

    ... therefore the conclusion suggests itself - whose sooner they finish, the less harm they will bring ... angry
    1. AlNikolaich
      AlNikolaich 12 January 2018 07: 00
      Not for that they crawled out to finish them ... The work is paid, and the roles are distributed! Their goal is to harm to the last. They will not be allowed to escape (they will give but not to everyone). One way flight like a kamikaze. Therefore, hold out as long as possible, and execute a given program.
      1. dSK
        dSK 12 January 2018 20: 18
        Hello Alexey Nikolaevich!
        Quote: AlNikolaich
        Their goal is to harm to the last.
        The Ukrainian Security Service in 2015 arrested a pensioner, accusing him of allegedly helping to bring down the Malaysian Boeing MN-17. Despite complete innocence, the unfortunate resident of Donbass was taken to the prisons of the SBU for three years. Subsequently An international investigation team recognized the pensioner as not involved in the incident with the plane, however, the Ukrainian secret services still did not release him from prison. As a result, the man was able to return home only at the very end of 2017, he was exchanged for the punitive forces of the Armed Forces taken prisoner. "When I was detained, they showed me my phone calls. In order to save people in 2014, I transmitted information about the flights of Ukrainian attack aircraft from airfields that bombed the people of Donbass. I lived there nearby ", - quotes the words of the pensioner portal "True DNR".
        1. Antares
          Antares 14 January 2018 00: 21
          Quote: dsk
          In order to save people in 2014, I transmitted information about the flights of Ukrainian attack aircraft from airfields that bombed the people of Donbass. I lived there nearby, "the Pravda DPR portal quotes a pensioner.

          I’m sure that in any country this is a serious offense legally. If someone in the USSR did this in Afghanistan, the situation for the pensioner would be even worse.
          From a moral point of view, anyone can say that he was saving peace (which could be like a version), but this is a war. And any army in modern warfare (the conflict in the Ordilo) is "covered" by peaceful ones (urban agglomeration, dense buildings).
          Here the question is only in the side of the conflict, for one he is a criminal (and legally everything is correct, the transfer of military information) for another hero. That is the usual spy scout.
  2. Pax tecum
    Pax tecum 12 January 2018 07: 02
    And, in the photo in the article, Poroshenko "pontus" or what? The model drags, trying for the media. In his spirit, such actions. A serious face is ...
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 12 January 2018 07: 29
      This is he at the cleanup. I decided, as a true leader of the autonomous ones, to poke myself under the leader of the proletariat, taking into account the new time, but only the "log" turned out to be heavy (read on the face).
      1. novel66
        novel66 12 January 2018 09: 15
        yes not hungover he’s also a mournful face
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. The Siberian barber
      The Siberian barber 12 January 2018 10: 14
      Petya’s face is “stressed out”! laughing
      Looks like the pressure "after yesterday" jumped up at the heart laughing
      Athlete, damn ..
    3. Serving the Fatherland
      Serving the Fatherland 12 January 2018 13: 52
      Yes, it’s just hard for him to hang such a bandura with a hangover ... He doesn’t engage in any sports except for the “literball”! And my look is the same on Saturday in the morning, after a fun Friday))))
  3. Alex-a832
    Alex-a832 12 January 2018 07: 03
    Should the West begin another crusade against Russia, then NATO will not perceive Ukraine as an ally. This is a hostile territory for them - half the original territory of Russia, and on the other half the mass of the Russian people, including those calling themselves Ukrainians, mixed with local migrations while they were part of the USSR. In this regard, the West will not pump non-fallow weapons, but it can supply less advanced types of weapons to develop tactics to counter Soviet and Russian models, as well as to maintain a civil war. In addition, the West, in addition to the economic and military-political benefits of using Ukraine, seeks to reduce the number of its inhabitants and cut its territories between countries that have proved their loyalty to the anti-Russian coalition. Well, in the case of the next crusade, these lands are waiting for the policy of scorched earth. Why should Westerners leave at their side the risk of the appearance of such national heroes of Ukraine as S.A. Kovpak, and the ukronatsiks are good for them, only as messengers on foreign territory. In any case, to this pseudo-state, Ukraine has prepared the role of a sacrificial ram.
  4. ochakow703
    ochakow703 12 January 2018 09: 49
    In the photo - right Schwarzenegger! True, the current never dabbled with mock-ups, but this one ... it smells right now.
  5. AlexVas44
    AlexVas44 12 January 2018 10: 49
    Is the article wrong or is the photo wrong? Indeed, in the photo, the monkey is not with a grenade, but with a "Javelin"!
  6. Terenin
    Terenin 12 January 2018 11: 15
    Pyotr Alekseev with this Javelin, in the photo, has a facial expression, like a cat caught with a sausage gurney. He does not know who to give urgently.
  7. Terenin
    Terenin 12 January 2018 11: 17
    Quote: AlexVas44
    Is the article wrong or is the photo wrong? Indeed, in the photo, the monkey is not with a grenade, but with a "Javelin"!

    Monkey with a grenade, this is an anecdotal image. No one knows which way she will leave her.
    1. ronnon
      ronnon 12 January 2018 11: 41
      This is not a grenade launcher at all, but a mortar model
  8. ibirus
    ibirus 12 January 2018 11: 34
    The only thing that bothers us is that our leadership, at the end of the mess in Ukraine, would not begin to stuff it with help under the slogan: "Brotherly people, one nation." Tired of this stupidity in foreign policy. Stop pulling this Soviet bagpipe. Everything that is abroad of the Russian Federation is alien, and relations with them should be built only on the basis of BENEFIT. am
  9. ronnon
    ronnon 12 January 2018 11: 40
    [quote = Pax tecum] And, in the photo in the article, Poroshenko "pontus" or what? The model drags, trying for the media. In his spirit, such actions. A serious face is ...
    This is a model of a mortar, and Petyunya, by his natural insight, is trying to use it as a hand grenade launcher ..
    There is a view on YouTube, as they try to explain to him that this does not shoot straight bully
  10. Okolotochny
    Okolotochny 12 January 2018 12: 35
    I thought one photo of a friend? Only instead of a log mortar. Oh Petya, Petya. Lenin sits in you as many monuments would not be demolished.
  11. bankirchik34
    bankirchik34 12 January 2018 15: 04
    something his face is sad, as if he is not holding an ATGM, but a log somewhere in Siberia at a logging site wink
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. iouris
    iouris 12 January 2018 22: 27
    Monkey with an inflatable log on the Ukrainian improvised Golgotha.
  14. Antares
    Antares 14 January 2018 00: 28
    For me, the usual trading mode is the same as in the Russian Federation. One to one. And just like in the Russian Federation, it is “Russophobic” simply in the name, since under capitalism everything is global.
    And also covered by the "patriotic component." In general, the partners are the same. Sawing patriotism and resources.
    Together they grow the notorious Russophobia (the same term) and hostility (a guaranteed source of income and political dividends)
    The only question is, someone brought up something in Ukraine there, the Russian Federation generally lives in China and is not involved in this. Does it not control anything at all, even neighboring countries (even half bought in Ukraine)? So there is no role model, no common idea, no common way? Is there only a loot and a western image of a dream? So both countries will strive for this. Money and a western lifestyle. Because this is the real ideology of Ukraine and the Russian Federation.
    A "monkey with a grenade" is so .. For complacency. Like numerous analysts and talk shows on the First.
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack 14 January 2018 00: 44
      Quote: Antares
      The only question is, someone brought up something in Ukraine there, the Russian Federation generally lives in China and is not involved in this.

      I correctly understood that it was the Russian Federation (and no one else) that "nurtured something" in Ukraine?
      Quote: Antares
      Does it not control anything along the way, even neighboring countries (even half bought in Ukraine)? So there is no role model, no common idea, no common path?

      Either you have a logical leap in the text, or ... one of two request
      Quote: Antares
      Money and a western lifestyle. Because this is the real ideology of Ukraine and the Russian Federation

      Bold, ahem ... statement good