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Viking-M: what has changed in the new version?

Russian weapons the Kalashnikov concern introduced a modernized version of the MP-446 Viking pistol (a commercial model of the Yarygin Grach pistol). Thanks to the new balancing, the Viking-M returns to the sighting line much faster.

The changes affected many elements of the gun. The ergonomics of the handle improved, and the Picatinny rail appeared on the frame under the barrel. This made it possible to install sights on the gun. The store has become single-row, which makes the loading process more convenient. At the same time, the possibility of using double-row stores from the previous version of "Viking".

The barrel of the pistol has become longer, which is why the accuracy and accuracy of shooting increased. The main parts of the Viking M were reinforced, which increased their resource to 50 thousands of shots.

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  1. NEXUS
    NEXUS 10 January 2018 18: 06
    And for me it would be better to modify Berdysh (OTs-27) ... I prefer it. Yes, and the designer is for a moment, Stechkin himself.
    1. Artek
      Artek 10 January 2018 18: 25
      Damn, when will the gun be determined for the Russian Armed Forces? In ten years? not wait long.
    2. bald
      bald 11 January 2018 01: 02
      Greetings. OTs-27 barrel should be slightly longer than that of the "Viking-M" - in the characteristics now is not hunting flattery. Stechkin, in general, was different from the latest, domestic models, because the car was a beast.
  2. Basil50
    Basil50 10 January 2018 18: 31
    Better than GS-18 I did not hold in my hands. GSh in the hand lies even better than * parabellum *.
    That's just all this splendor is not available to us. The qualitative and quantitative jump in crime of the nineties was far from accidental. Authorities and their patrons were carefully prepared and armed. Today, our deputies and the government continue to protect the bandits and the gangster youngsters who are replacing them. They even came up with a subculture and continue to develop it, gently and reverently.
    This weapon is not available to citizens, the criminals have it, and any, even domestic, even imported.
    And we, citizens, are not allowed to defend ourselves with a club.
    1. Locksmith
      Locksmith 26 January 2018 21: 49
      Quote: Vasily50
      And we, citizens, are not allowed to defend ourselves with a club.

      Okay to invent something wink
      GSh-18, easily and easily accessible in shooting ranges, he shot himself, the daughter shot, very good, specific descent, as A Raikin used to say, but accuracy is higher than with Yarygin, although the latter has a very pleasant descent !!
      Citizens are not forbidden to defend themselves, bearing in mind the entire nomenclature of smooth-bore besides firearms of limited destruction (did not specifically single out !!)
      And also for the same license you can buy a pneumatic weapon for hunting with an energy of more than 7 J, - "What do you want a sabaka, a bony fellow!?" (WITH) wink
  3. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 10 January 2018 19: 14
    on the frame under the trunk appeared Picatinny rail. This made it possible to install sights on the gun.
    what? LCU? Or a flashlight? Not ... a collimator, probably .... What kind of .... Editors, do you at least sometimes put your hands
    Is a single-row store better than a double-row? Than? Less weight? And the number of rounds is the same left, probably? I do not believe! (with)
    1. svd-xnumx
      svd-xnumx 10 January 2018 20: 41
      Is a single-row store better than a double-row?
      The article contains a mistake: Not a single-row magazine, but a single-row cartridge output. But is this a better or worse question.
  4. Nasty
    Nasty 10 January 2018 20: 41
    We have one worthy APS pistol. And the outdated PM will be in service for another 100 years. It’s just enraging to replace a store, a small capacity ... Yarygin's gun - frank .... about.
    1. Locksmith
      Locksmith 26 January 2018 21: 56
      Quote: Nasty
      . Pistol Yarygin- frank .... about.

      God forbid, you give a pancake to these theORES At least once in your hands this device, you can already get lope !!
      The gun passed all state tests that could not pass:
      1) Glock,
      2) Swift
      ITS ALREADY HUNTED ONCE RIPPED in shooting galleries, shooting at 50000 shots, of course, not everyone likes him, but he has already taken place !! And the colt was in jo.e while it was being finished, but the Beretta in general ... laughing
  5. alex-cn
    alex-cn 11 January 2018 04: 36
    Appeared ... Developed ... Chatter ... When the specific will be "approved by users in the army and began to enter the army en masse"
    1. Locksmith
      Locksmith 26 January 2018 21: 58
      Quote: alex-cn
      Chatter ... When will the concrete "be approved by users in the army and began to enter the army en masse"

      Never, this is a sports version, the troops have their own Yarygin. wink
    MOSKVITYANIN 30 January 2018 23: 27
    Shot from it (sports version), a good gun, but barks ...