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Ohio-class boomers: some photos of the worst weapons on earth

Ohio-class boomers: some photos of the worst weapons on earth

The US Navy is armed with the 18’s most deadly and dreadful weapons systems history humanity.

Let's take a closer look at America’s last line of defense ... on the Boomers (in the slang of the military sailors, Boomer (Boomer) is a nuclear submarine).

Meet an Ohio class submarine. In technical terms - SSBN (nuclear submarine with ballistic missiles.)

In addition to the submarine Henry M. Jackson (SSBN-730), all Ohio class boats are named after state names.

These 18 weapons systems are also known as Trident submarines, as they form part of the American "nuclear triad."

The nuclear triad is a nuclear delivery system weapons from land sea and air.

Air: strategic bombers (B-52 Stratofortress, B-1 Lancer and B-2 Spirit)

Land: intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM, such as Minuteman III in the photo above)

Why do we have three branches of nuclear capabilities?

It reduces the chances that the first strike of another country will be able to destroy all of our nuclear delivery systems.

This means that in the worst case scenario (nuclear war) ...

... America can respond with a commensurate attack.

What weapons can go unnoticed on the 2 / 3 of the globe?

We have this, our Ohio class submarines.

To be more precise, 71 is the percentage of the earth’s surface that constitutes the ocean (97 is the percentage of the total water volume on the planet).

In addition to ocean expanses, our submarines can also enter freshwater reservoirs, for example, the Great Lakes (which have seen Kentucky strategic nuclear submarines and other smaller submarines, for example, Los Angeles-class multipurpose nuclear submarines).

Given this, it becomes clear why the Ohio class submarines are so scary.

However, let's add more logic to this equation.

Let's start with a nuclear power plant.

The boats are nuclear reactor S8G PWR, which drives the two turbines, rotating the shaft of the propeller.

Ohio class submarines have unlimited cruising range with one exception ... a limit on the number of food items for a crew.

With the exception of food, the boat itself can produce its own oxygen and its own water for its crew.

It really goes under water faster than on its surface.

On the surface, the maximum speed is 14 miles per hour

Underwater - 23 miles per hour officially or informally talking about 29 miles per hour

The crew of the submarine is 15 officers and 140 soldiers of the private or foreman (some of them are women).

Each Ohio class submarine has two crews, the Blue and the Gold.

As a rule, one of their crews takes up combat duty for three months, then returns to the port, where the submarine restocks and the second replaceable crew is sent to their duty at sea.

This constant rotation is "a very powerful and important element" of the organization of the service of nuclear submarines.

This means that these submarines (with the exception of the replenishment time) are water all year round.

Ohio submarines, along with smaller submarines with cruise missiles, are almost impossible and our potential adversaries are well aware of this ...

Ohio class 18 submarines can hide in ambush anywhere in the world.

And now the demonstration of power.

For the defense and attack of other submarines, all 18 SSBNs have four Mark 533 48 torpedo tubes.

Mark 48 torpedoes have an actual range (officially) "more than 5 miles."

Depending on the depth of the dive, they move at speeds up to 63 mph and detonate from a remote fuse (when the torpedo feels the submarine / enemy ship).

The 14 of these submarines fall into the Strategic Missile Cruiser (SSBN) category - a nuclear submarine armed with appropriate ballistic missiles.

And 4 boats were converted into the SSGN - (short for Submarine Atomic with the Cruise Missiles).

Well, good, cut. What can they run?

The 8 of the oldest 14 SSGNs carry the following nuclear weapons aboard:
Trident I / C24 4 missiles with a range of 10000 km.

Each rocket has a separable warhead with blocks of individual targeting (RCIS).

RGCHIN with nuclear warheads can be guided to a variety of purposes.

One rocket carries 8 thermonuclear warheads that can hit 8 individual targets (each with a kilo-ton 100 power)

For comparison, two Fat bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had 21 kiloton power.

Armament 10 newer SSGNs:
24 missiles Trident II / C5, which have a range of 7000 miles.
Each Trident II sea-based missile carries 12 thermonuclear warheads ... they can hit 12 targets with 12 th warheads up to 475 kilotons (total 5700 kilotons in TNT).

One rocket of each of these ten Ohio class submarines can set such an incredible “BA-BACH” that it will not seem like a little!

Armament 4 modernized SSGNs:
22 launchers for 7 Tomahawk cruise missiles (total 154)

Tomahawks are universal.

They can be equipped with thermonuclear warheads ...

... Or conventional warheads for special fortified purposes.

... Or bombs combined action BLU-97 / B

BLU-97 / B “tomahawks” with warheads turn into cluster bombs that detonate in about 2,6 seconds above ground. Cluster bombs can be used over large areas with various unfortified targets.

In addition, the SSGNs can be used to deliver other special weapons, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) ... and really cool weapons systems.

2 of 22 launchers can be converted into airlock chambers that become dry docking chambers for Marine Special Forces or Marine Corps reconnaissance groups.

In the dry dock chambers, combat swimmers are preparing to get into their SDV mini submarines (or underwater vehicles for transporting diver swimmers).

Naval Slang: "12 miles limit".
A reference to the width of the territorial sea in 12 miles, established by international law, but the sailors use it to indicate the time when "something happens" outside the 12-mile zone.

The largest American submarine class "Ohio"

Now you see that this is the most terrible weapon on Earth.

It is always ready, it is almost impossible to detect, it can deliver special forces or hit specific targets.

And then the worst scenario - nuclear war

The bottom line is ...

What the bad guys know about the capabilities of Ohio class submarines, the inevitability of a retaliatory strike.

In short, he will not mess with the United States of America.

Thanks to everyone who is under water, holding the last line of defense.

Ohio-class submarines may be the most terrible weapon systems, but this is just a piece of metal without these guys who serve them.

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      Photos, admittedly, are cool.
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    Creepy thing. In the ballistic version - more than two hundred vigorous charges (i.e., one such boat can burn out, say, the Voronezh region. There will be enough heads for all NPs with a population of more than 10 and large objects of industry and infrastructure)
    In the tactical version - 150 axes - one such boat is capable of hitting targets more than ALL of our included "Caliber carriers".
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      one such boat can burn out, say, the Voronezh region.

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    The author clearly reprints other people's articles
    The nuclear triad is a system for delivering nuclear weapons from the land of the sea and air.
    Air: strategic bombers (B-52 Stratofortress, B-1 Lancer and B-2 Spirit)

    Could he be able to explain what “strategic weapons” the “strategic bombings” of the B-1 and B-2 are equipped with?
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