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2017 th: between two explosions

Professor Valentin Semenov about a real-virtual world in which last year flowed ...

2017 th: between two explosions

A striking creature - a modern man who lives in several worlds, and almost simultaneously. Once, except for reality, only in dreams and oral tales; then in painting, books, theater, then in radio voices and cinema images, and, finally, in the looking glass of a TV and computer. The main genre of movies and TV shows now is detectives, thrillers, war films, and in computer games the same. And still news from hot spots. How many bloody scenes, murders, shots, explosions can be seen and heard by modern people of all ages ?! From day to day, from month to month, even in the so-called black comedies.

In various Russian cities, especially in Moscow, over the past quarter century, explosions of terrorist acts were periodically heard, but Petersburg somehow avoided this horror. And this year, an explosion struck our subway, killing a 16 man and injuring over a hundred. And I noticed that St. Petersburgers, who showed such mutual assistance and care for the old and the small and the weaker in general immediately after the terrorist attack, as well as even avoiding (especially the elderly) in the subway in the first days, at the same time, in a few months forgot about this nightmare. And just now, at the very end of December, they began to remember, in connection with the new, thank God, not such a large-scale explosion, which our President was the first to call a terrorist act. And it was not long ago that the threat of the explosion of the Kazan Cathedral, suppressed by the secret services, was kind of tainted with the help of the Americans (?).

We live now in a real-virtual world, where real life is interspersed and intermingled with screen phantoms all the time., and these phantoms are too often deadly aggressive, cruel, applying all kinds of weapons and means of destroying people on earth, on water and in the air. The violence has become familiar, it is no longer terrifying, as it once was. in the days of my youth, when the first Western thrillers about the mafia and gangsters appeared on movie screens in the USSR. And now we live in a closed real-virtual circle of violence and vice, where murder and sexual act have become indispensable attributes of modern art, both of low-grade “mass” and avant-garde “elite”. Cinema and real killers were called killers, and prostitutes were "secular lionesses" and they all became representatives of "prestigious" highly paid professions. Thus, the demoralization of the population and, above all, of young people is carried out.

It was rumored that the terrorists had some kind of mysterious agreement not to touch Petersburg. However, apparently, this mysterious moratorium somehow ended. And the December explosion confirmed it. So 2017 year is significant because our city has ceased to be elected and protected from terrorist attacks.

In 2017, the country continued social polarization, both financial and property, and spiritual and moral. The incomes of oligarchs and high-ranking officials grew, and the common people declined. At the same time, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, in an interview with high-ranking television journalists, said that the progressive tax would not be introduced, since the business, especially the large one, would “go into the shadows” and the state and citizens would be financially affected. The question arises why in other countries such a tax works well, and with no less police forces it can not act. The minimum wage in the country, as is known, does not reach the subsistence minimum. With 1.01. 2018, the minimum wage will be increased to 9489 rubles. The law has already been signed, but even then it will be only 85% of the subsistence minimum of an able-bodied person (11160 rubles per 1.01.2018). It is expected that only 1.01.2019 of the minimum wage will reach the subsistence minimum. I think that for many years it is immoral for many millions of our citizens to pay a salary for which they can not only live with dignity, but simply survive. At the same time, just recently, the data on the salaries of our ministers, Duma deputies, and senators were made public. Moreover, it is clear to the child that this is not their only income. Finance Minister A. Siluanov receives 1730000 rubles per month, i.e., as much as 182 people from his fellow citizens with the minimum wage together. And Minister of Economic Development A. Ulyukaev, convicted for bribing a million dollars in 2, received a salary of 1270000 rubles, but he could easily grab millionaires a year and 50 plus a wife of millionaires 15. Talents are all creators, workers. Let us also remember our failed millionaire masters of a soccer ball or about decades of singing and show-millionaire businessmen dancing on all TV channels. At the same time, real scholars and writers cannot receive modest grants for their work. I would like to know what our advocates of plutocratic capitalism think about it, including, as it is not crazy, among those who consider themselves to be deeply Orthodox.

The spiritual and moral conflict between the Orthodox and just honest citizens and the liberal (first of all, artistic) intelligentsia lasted the entire 2017 year, about the provocative, distorting history and the Matilda film insulting the holy Passion-bearers Emperor Nicholas II and the Empress Alexander Feodorovna. This film clearly revealed “who is who?” In Russian artistic culture. And the selection and identification continued the series The Sleepers and the ballet Nureyev. And through the whole year of the anniversary of the Russian revolutions - the tossing chaos of monstrous lies, ernichestva, nonsense: the series “Trotsky”, “The Demon of the Revolution”, pseudo-documentaries. The so-called artists have lost their mind and conscience, piling up wild, unbridled fantasy who have nothing in common with the truth and creativity. They are so small and insignificant, in comparison with those who are trying to play hard, they have imagined that they have the right to make life of once living, complex, talented, courageous people vile farce and sabbath. Next in line is the crap about a vampire clan who helped the Romanov dynasty reign. But even this is just a miserable imitation of American originals, such as where President Lincoln hunts vampires at his leisure.

In 1916, the young Vladimir Mayakovsky published an epigram on the attempt of V. Bryusov to finish the unfinished poem of Alexander Pushkin “Egyptian Nights”:

Robbery trail is lost firmly
In the darkness of the Egyptian nights.
By checking the manuscript line by line,
pennies poured out the treasurer.
Fear you why the hell out?
What is against - Pushkin to have?
His fist is forever chained

in calm to the insult copper!

Here and in our rotten time "post-truths" modern meditations and obscurantists are looting in the field of creations of geniuses and demons. And what do modern cosmopolitans do with the Russian language, littering and disfiguring it, like our Russian forest, I do not want to think or recall (all these "contents", "bitcoins" and "HYIPs"). Yes, the 2017 year presented us with all the inconsistencies and dangers of our time and warned us that again, in 100 years, we can expect. Will we hear, understand, come to our senses?! ... Will the authorities hear?! ..

However, recently, for some reason, my wife and I went to the Planetarium. And there, looking at the endless, magnificent constellations and galaxies, I thought about how little we here on the small planet Earth think and feel. And even the incomprehensible grand God is sometimes trying to bring down to its petty vicious level. Of course, I remembered the words of Immanuel Kant about the starry sky above his head and the moral law within us. Do they know, do people remember them in power?
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  1. tasha
    tasha 4 January 2018 06: 08 New
    So many questions and so few answers ...
    I wonder when I will be 76 years old as a respected Valentin Evgenievich, what will I grumble about?

    One obvious bust was noticed - grumbling over the clogging of the terrible cosmopolitan Russian language. And where to go? There is an exchange of information, technology and borrowing words. Well, at least we say "computers", not "computers" ... wink
    1. Grim Reaper
      Grim Reaper 4 January 2018 08: 31 New
      Unfortunately, borrowing words goes beyond all reasonable boundaries. And it’s not a borrowing, but the planting of an alien.
    2. dSK
      dSK 4 January 2018 08: 44 New
      Quote: tasha
      many questions
      Quote: Valentin Evgenievich Semenov
      The spiritual and moral conflict between Orthodox and simply honest citizens and the liberal (primarily artistic) intelligentsia continued throughout 2017,

      December 23 last year, Vladimir Putin at a congress of "United Russia" said that the development of the country undermines the indifference of officials: "I would also like to emphasize that nothing undermines stability and steals the resource of development, like untruth, injustice, lawlessness, like corruption rust and bribery, indifference to one’s country and detachment from the needs of citizens, arrogance and arrogance, no matter where they come from - from politicians, officials, business or those who call themselves elite." With two hands behind. Before or after the election, the Cabinet’s “shake-up” will soon be known how radical it will be. hi
      1. tasha
        tasha 4 January 2018 09: 32 New
        What good words did VV say? Putin
        And so we live, as in a joke - why think, shake :)

        He took part in the competition "Leaders of Russia". In full-time semi-finals did not go, probably to the best. In any case, the results of absentee voting were very useful and unexpected ...
        This is what I am for. The competition was held at the initiative of the President of Russia. The task was to identify competent managers for inclusion in the personnel reserve. And what? A set of tasks that can be found at any training and not a single (!) Question about political views, about the vision of the future of the country .. As a result, really good managers, worthy managers working in a team and able to achieve their goals will be selected ... And they it doesn't matter where these skills are used: in managing a factory or concentration camp .. (about a concentration camp, of course it's tough ...) ...
        1. MrK
          MrK 4 January 2018 23: 00 New
          Quote: tasha
          What good words did VV say? Putin

          He speaks them for 15 years. I will repeat the example.
          2001 Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that housing and communal services reform should be carried out at the expense of worsening living conditions.
          2002 Mr. Putin: “Only such an approach will help alleviate the fears of our citizens that the entire housing and communal services reform will not come down to a bare increase in tariffs.”
          2003 Mr. Putin: “The problem of housing and communal services cannot be solved by raising administrative tariffs.”
          2005 Mr. V. Putin - demanded to stop the "bacchanalia" with housing and communal services.
          2006 V. Putin - dissatisfied with the growth of tariffs for housing and communal services
          2007 Mr. V. Putin: “Already, it is important to launch truly effective economic mechanisms to stop the unjustified increase in tariffs and ensure an increase in the quality of these services (housing and communal services). "People do not expect money from us, people expect changes for the better from us, they have the right to count on this."
          2008 Mr. Putin: "The growth rate of housing and communal services tariffs can and should be reduced."
          2009 Mr. Putin: "Speculatively overstated housing and utilities tariffs is unacceptable."
          2011 (May) V. Putin: "Housing and communal services cannot be reformed at the expense of the population."
          2013 g. (March) V. Putin: “Are you crazy? You can’t overestimate the prices in housing and communal services. ”
          As a result, since 1999 of the year the cost of housing and communal services has increased by - 3850% or - by 38,5 times!
          Well, vote for him in March. Only then awake for another six years. And remember: the groin of the oligarchs did not strain the problems.
          1. Golovan Jack
            Golovan Jack 4 January 2018 23: 12 New
            Quote: mrark
            As a result, since 1999 the cost of housing and communal services increased by - 3850% or 38,5 times!

            Now I pay about 6000 rub. (odnushka, 38 residential, two are registered, Zamkadye).
            What is it that, in 1999 I paid 155 rubles ??!
            Oh well ... negative
            1. ammunition
              ammunition 7 January 2018 08: 56 New
              Quote: Golovan Jack
              Now I pay about 6000 rub. (odnushka, 38 residential, two are registered, Zamkadye).
              What is it that, in 1999 I paid 155 rubles ??!

              1998 (a little earlier), treshka, four are registered. The whole set of housing and communal services - 250 000 rubles, with an average salary in the city of 1 800 000.
              Now it’s the same apartment, but 2 is living. Housing and utilities a little more than 7 000 (seven million on that scale).
              So - everything seems to be correct in the article.
  2. Severok
    Severok 4 January 2018 06: 40 New
    In general, what is happening in Russia, in power circles, is a rat fuss. Rats devour themselves and all those around them, dictate to the world the rules of their flawed "morality", leaving the whole society leftovers for living and hiding behind law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and courts.
    Regarding the preservation of the Russian language, it is correctly noticed that there is a derogation, impoverishment of the language. Instead of translating foreign concepts into Russian, our idiots begin to embed them into speech. For some reason, the USSR did not have such indiscriminate borrowing of words, and techies and others communicated quite at the world level. They just talked in their own way. In Russian. Without idiotic "hypes", "modems", "bitcoins" and other rubbish.
    1. tasha
      tasha 4 January 2018 07: 58 New
      V.S. Pikul "Favorite"

      Catherine wanted to expel not only foreign fashion, but also the newcomers to replace the Russian ones. The yard was alarmed, immediately there were many hunters to please the empress, she was now prompted from everywhere:
      - The bracelet - sleeve, astronomy - star count, pulse - livestock, anatomy - corpse disruption, actor - representative, archivist - letter observer, alley - drawdown ...
      Catherine for a long time could not find a synonym for one word:
      - But what do we do with a foreign “enema”?
      - Enema - zadoslab! - prompted maid of honor Elmpt.
      “You are smart,” the queen praised her ...
  3. Victor N
    Victor N 4 January 2018 10: 38 New
    What does income tax differentiation rest against? Yes, in the impossibility of power to realize it in practice. But because the very simplest people successfully help oligarchs minimize taxes by agreeing to get paid in envelopes.
    Before scolding the authorities, look the truth in your eyes and yourself in the mirror.
    1. AleBors
      AleBors 4 January 2018 14: 38 New
      And if you don’t agree to “in envelopes” you’ll put your teeth on the shelf. Look around ... There are 80% of these, at least.
  4. free
    free 4 January 2018 12: 06 New
    Filmmakers and real killers were called killers, and prostitutes “secular lionesses” and they all became representatives of “prestigious” highly paid professions.
    Directly removed from the tongue.
  5. AleBors
    AleBors 4 January 2018 14: 40 New
    It’s sad to read, but it is. And there is no hope that in the near future something will change for the better.
  6. vlad007
    vlad007 4 January 2018 14: 51 New
    The progressive income tax was before 2002 (?, If I am not mistaken) of the year, I think that it is necessary to return, because the number of billionaires has since increased significantly. Besides. Our shadow economy is such that, compared with it, income from the introduction of a progressive income tax from the rich is a drop in the bucket. About 15 million people do not know what they are doing and do not pay any taxes whatsoever, neither progressive, nor flat, nor contributions to the FIU and insurance medicine.
    1. rumatam
      rumatam 4 January 2018 19: 22 New
      and the first ones to fall, those who are in plain sight and simpler.
  7. Sverdlov
    Sverdlov 4 January 2018 20: 44 New

    In modern Russia, laws are not respected. From the word AT ALL.
    And until they begin to put the judges in jail, nothing will change.
  8. Anyone
    Anyone 6 January 2018 00: 41 New
    ... about the provocative, distorting history and insulting the holy martyrs of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Fedorovna of the film "Matilda"

    This couple are still those "saints." Nicholas II - a rag, mediocrity, henpecked and villain. His wife is a mentally unstable person who actually allowed to influence Russian crook and fraudster Rasputin on Russian policy.
  9. shura7782
    shura7782 8 January 2018 23: 21 New
    The author wrote everything correctly. Everything is just like that. The most offensive in this story is that there are no prerequisites to think that something will change for the better. Obvious murderous injustice. Minus has become a plus and vice versa. Will it resolve by itself? Will everything fall into place? Why? Suddenly, long-closed enterprises will start operating. New jobs will appear. Young guys will be able to calmly start and support families and children. Life expectancy will increase in fact, and not as directed by GDP. Old people will not be at a checkout perplexedly count a penny. For housing they will calmly patter without looking back whether there is enough for food. Medicine, education. You can talk endlessly. I want to ask: Hey, boss. Even before the stake? Have you earned an hour?