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J-10: Peking duck with Israeli sauce

At the beginning of the 90s of the last century, the Chinese Air Force had a huge number of aircraft of the first and second generations. They no longer met modern requirements, so it was decided to start developing their own 4th generation fighter. In fact, these were the first steps of the Celestial Empire in the direction of modern combat aviation.

Surprisingly, история J-10 originates in Israel. At the end of the 80-ies there was created a fighter "Lavi", which was designed to replace the entire fleet of American cars. Over time, the United States forced the Israelis to close this project and acquire F-16. To compensate for their investment in creating their own aircraft, the company IAI has sold its proven technology to China.

Having received the plans of the future fighter's glider, the Chinese faced the question of creating an engine. But at the beginning of the 90-s, the Celestial Empire did not possess such technologies, which led it to turn to Russia. As a result, the Russian AL-10F became the "heart" of J-31.

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    HEATHER 28 December 2017 15: 48
    If a friend is suddenly, and not a friend and not an enemy, but ...
  2. Mih1974
    Mih1974 28 December 2017 21: 29
    Well, copy-paste is, of course, the ways of most countries, except for “they will sell us”, but it’s much more interesting when and where the mysterious “Chinese thought” will drive out. lol So far, all the results of the "creativity" of the Chinese have only infuriated or frightened me.
    The fact is that in the area of ​​"consumer goods" it was still possible to "bend" the whole world for yourself in terms of - even worse, but cheaper and if CHE, then it is cheaper to buy two. But in military technology, this principle does not always work. Despite the apparent cheapness of “Kalash”, T-34 or “padded jacket” - these are more than competitive samples, albeit inferior “by aesthetic pleasure” - M-16, “Tiger” or uniforms from Hugo Boss. tongue

    As they say, "in the fall, the eggs were counted." good laughing
  3. Dalailama
    Dalailama 29 December 2017 03: 30
    Based on the Chinese J-9, it was made using the F-16 and the Swedish Gripen. Of the Israeli “Lavi,” the Chinese were only interested in electronics.
    1. Igar
      29 December 2017 08: 14
      J-9 existed only on paper, and the Gripen took off after the development of a new aircraft in China began.
      1. Dalailama
        Dalailama 29 December 2017 14: 32
        Flew like that in 1975? Forgot about the F-16. The Gripen took off 10 years earlier than the J-10.
  4. Konstantin Yu
    Konstantin Yu 29 December 2017 11: 04
    Soon, apart from cars, furniture and shoes, the world will be ordering cheap airplanes via all-express ... It seems that successful copying is becoming a national feature .... Let them discover, investigate, try laws in the west, and if it works out well, then the Chinese will appear. And everything will start anew ... In general, Western thought and achievements are a training ground in the service of the heavenly., Wisely however.
  5. Aloemc
    Aloemc 30 December 2017 15: 45
    Like a log, by golly ..
    Not impressed with this plane.