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Operation "Capless" - a half-century tradition of Novorossiysk. How is it now?

"Peakless Cap" as a tradition goes farther and farther from its origins. And the further, the more superficial, which the founders did not even plan. Moreover, the founders of "beskorzyrki" partly defended their initiative precisely as an alternative to officialdom with all its official bureaucratic activities, and at the same time looking back at the high authorities.

For example, according to the idea of ​​Konstantin Podymy, initially a boy, but not a warrior, was supposed to bear a visor. The warriors, on the other hand, should have been sent a guard of honor next to the boy, on whose hands lay his cap. According to the idea of ​​the shkhunatikov and their captain, this would in the best possible way underline the continuity of generations and gratitude to the heroes who have defended the freedom and independence of our Motherland. The obstacles began instantly. The authorities were indignant at once, but when the boy suddenly stumbled. Reinsured in one word.

Operation "Capless" - a half-century tradition of Novorossiysk. How is it now?

Right in the hands of a young schoolboy the famous beskorik

Modern version

Despite this, right up to 1990, the young man bore his cap without fail, and the guard of honor minted a step nearby. The new democratic government turned out to be so “wiser” than the Communists that it instantly forgot both the continuity and the younger generation. From 90 year, only servicemen, besides servicemen riding an armored personnel carrier, carried a capless helmet. The columns were now headed by local officials and officers of the Novorossiysk garrison, and more recently the Cossacks.

In my humble opinion, this is at least ridiculous.

Simply put, many comrades decided to warm their reputation near the Flameless Peak flame. It should be remembered that the difficulty lies precisely in the fact that these same “comrades” hide among hundreds of people for whom this march is not only a tradition, but also an honor, a memory.

The right to carry the fire was entrusted to George Kholostyakov, an honored guest of the city, the hero of the Battle of Novorossiysk, who deserved the order with blood.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to completely withdraw from the official, unusual for "Peakless Cap" initially. Applied the old good policy of "voluntary-compulsory" invitations to the participation of students, schoolchildren, municipal workers and so on. All of this, to the benefit of certain people, turns into “work on patriotic education.” And the trouble is not that someone will be ticked off on paper, but the fact that without constant educational work among young people, the guys participating in the "Capless" do not really understand the meaning of such a mass event at all. stories. But this already makes the "operation" for them alien, even a fake and bureaucratic. Not once or twice did I myself have heard outraged voices, they say, and what are we doing here. And often it turned out not indifference or laziness, but simply ignorance of history. This is especially true of the incoming student youth who entered the Novorossiysk universities.

Also, the time of the "Peakless", which now ends earlier than 22: February 00 3, has shifted completely. The former midnight procession is remembered by only a few. But it is at least explainable. But the fact that the “operation” was overgrown with various accompanying poorly organized events, which, however, look beautiful in the reports, is very disturbing. For example, the so-called “reconstruction” of events, which was not even originally envisaged by the plan, has long been the subject of headaches for local historical and patriotic communities.

The fact is that in 1999, by decision of the regional committee on youth affairs, "Peakless Cap" became an action of regional scale. And since 2000, the “operation” receives the status of All-Russian. However, this did not affect the quality of the events held. Among other things, this did not affect the quality of the “reconstruction”, the holding of which responds with sadness in the hearts of the participants of historical communities.

Senselessness and fun

According to the Novorossiysk search engines, who traditionally take an active part in the "Capless", sometimes you feel real shame for the level of "reconstruction" of the 1943 events of the year (landing of Caesar Kunikov's troops). In fact, it is bitter to see how, within the framework of the “All-Russian Action”, a crowd of men running from the coast, armed with AK-74M, and also dressed in modern camouflage, is running for the reconstruction. In this motley "landing" even an unknowing viewer can easily single out the real reenactors, equipped as required by the original event. This, in turn, makes it even sharper to understand the weak, even disorderly organization of such an important phenomenon for Novorossiysk as “Operation Peakless Cap”. In part, this situation is only the result of the desire of the mass action on the part of the authorities. And no matter what kind of landing "landed" on the shore - the main thing is a lot, in green and with weapons, even with a gun Galil.

The “operation”, of course, was attended by the guys from Krasnodar, Sevastopol, even once from Murmansk. At the same time, at a very high level, there are no complaints about them. But again, the initiative came from below through a bureaucratic apparatus. At least some continuity.
However, I am obliged to note that "Peakless" is still developing, contrary to or due to - another question. So, that is not so well known outside of Novorossiysk, the torch lit from the Eternal Flame is sent not only to the “Malaya Zemlya” memorial, but also to South Ozereyka, in which upon the arrival of the torch a requiem for the dead in the tragic main landing begins. And this is completely true.

Also, a very sensible idea was the start of the “Candle in the Window” campaign for those who cannot reach the sea on February evening. But the main thing is that every year the peakless cap sinks into the stormy waves of the Black Sea in memory of all the fallen. Sometimes, it seems that it is necessary to interrupt this tradition, as Novorossiysk itself will end.
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 14 December 2017 07: 33
    We applied the good old policy of “voluntary-compulsory” invitation to the participation of students, schoolchildren, municipal workers and so on. All this later, to the benefit of certain people, turns into “work on patriotic education”.
    .. Well, yes, for reporting .. So many and so many patriots have been educated ... And then they wonder where the boys of Kolya come from ..
  2. XII Legion
    XII Legion 14 December 2017 08: 13
    Tradition then tradition - when it has a way out to the present.
    And "contrary to" - sometimes even better than "thanks."
    It will be stronger.
    Thank you!
  3. owl
    owl 14 December 2017 11: 22
    Clowns in felt “sweatshirts” are especially touched, but at the same time the incompleteness of the picture, where the circus performers with “censers” I ask, is puzzling! I hope they jump later on the yachts!
    1. Lnglr
      Lnglr 14 December 2017 14: 44
      but at the same time, the incompleteness of the picture, where the circus performers with “censers" I ask, is puzzling!

      Set off)))))
  4. Cat Marquis
    Cat Marquis 14 December 2017 13: 28
    Well, in the “West” there is another opinion: if you cling to the past all the time, it will “hang on its feet” and will not allow you to move forward .... you will be “forever yesterday” .... winked
  5. creak
    creak 14 December 2017 16: 26
    And these mumbled "Cossacks" there on which side? What do they portray there?
  6. a housewife
    a housewife 18 December 2017 00: 23
    Wind, and what about Post No. 1? Write about it. When we stood there, it was such a responsibility! When we walked in convoy in parade, applause accompanied us from the circle to the park. It was pride in the city. I remember this all my life. And now I come to the Square, when I come - it is empty ... Only Monuments and Fire. There was a flag on Sahara, the year of victory on the slope, Schooner. Is something left now?
  7. Lone wolf
    Lone wolf 27 July 2018 16: 05
    Quote: ranger
    And these mumbled "Cossacks" there on which side? What do they portray there?

    The fashion for them is such now that it is not an event without them in any way.