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Tu-22М3 returned to the Irkutsk region, participating in the Syrian campaign

Bombers Tu-22М3, which participated in the airstrikes against terrorists in Syria, returned from North Ossetia to the airfield dislocation Belaya in the Irkutsk region, reports TASS the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

Tu-22М3 returned to the Irkutsk region, participating in the Syrian campaign

Экипажи дальних бомбардировщиков Ту-22М3 завершили перебазирование с аэродрома в Северной Осетии на аэродром дислокации в Иркутской области после успешного выполнения задач по нанесению aviation ударов по объектам террористов на территории Сирийской Арабской Республики,
says release.

It is reported that during the flight, the crews performed an intermediate landing at the airport in the Saratov region.

In solemn events on the occasion of the arrival of the crews, the commanders of the VKS units, representatives of the veterans' organizations, co-workers, relatives and members of the families of the servicemen who arrived, added to the press service.

Recall, on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the withdrawal of most of the Russian group from Syria.
Photos used:
Lev Fedoseev / TASS
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 13 December 2017 16: 13 New
    Welcome home. With the victory of you, heavenly warriors!
    1. Hunter
      Hunter 13 December 2017 16: 34 New
      Podshamanyat and again on duty .. Good, reliable cars! Brilliant operation well done ...
  2. pvv113
    pvv113 13 December 2017 16: 29 New
    Welcome back home!
    1. Going
      Going 13 December 2017 16: 34 New
      I always admired the pilots, and even such beautiful devices - they took my breath away, with the return.
      1. pvv113
        pvv113 13 December 2017 16: 35 New
        Victor, Tu-22M3 - the best car in the history of long-range aviation!
        1. Going
          Going 13 December 2017 17: 01 New
          And how not to admire such a machine:

  3. Sergey53
    Sergey53 13 December 2017 16: 36 New
    Well, if for a long time. But it may not be.
  4. Blackmokona
    Blackmokona 13 December 2017 16: 41 New
    Given that after each departure, they were already returning to Russia, so what's the news?
  5. Serega82
    Serega82 13 December 2017 22: 08 New
    What is the victory? Today, the Ishilovites broke through to the right bank of the Euphrates and again seized large territories, many Syrians died, there are hundreds or even thousands (who counted them) of militants in the wilderness, the enclave of ig in the Hama province doubled in a week, militants from KhTSh are massively moving to their side and soon it will become very difficult to beat them and now there is no one. In the suburb of Damascus (Yarmouk refugee camp), fifteen hundred igas are sitting, but you have a victory? And, of course, Putin ELECTIONS !!!
  6. Zomanus
    Zomanus 13 December 2017 23: 55 New
    Now the planes will be updated and again in battle.
    Because in Syria we left the sky in the public domain.