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Shooting ranges and shooting ranges in each district: the response of the Poles to the “Russian threat”

Poland teaches its citizens to shoot, Gerhard Gnauk writes in «Die Welt». What for? After all, the crime rate in this Eastern European country is low. It turns out that the government plans to start a shooting range in each district because of the "fear of the Russians."

Shooting from a gunshot weapons becoming more and more popular in Poland. Especially among boys and men between the ages of eight and eighty, an instructor named Marek jokes.

Of course, first of all it is a sport, and a weapon, for example, a gun, is simply an instrument of an athlete.

However, this sport will soon become widespread. The instructors themselves are amazed at the number of those who want to learn how to shoot well and then participate in open sports.

Marek says that people in Poland now "feel less secure than before." Why? Maybe crime is growing? On the contrary: according to the Polish police, the number of murders in the period between 2000 and 2016 has decreased from 1269 to 456 per year, and the number of robbed citizens fell from 310.000 to 128.000. As a result of the killings in Poland, four times less people die than in the United States (although in Germany even fewer are killed than in Poland).

Marek cites two reasons for the “anxiety” of the Poles. Both are external reasons.

Three years ago, he says, the “fear of Russia” came, it started because of the conflict in Ukraine. The athlete has in mind the armed conflict between "pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian military," said the journalist. It seems that this fear has something to do with “sport”.

“There is also a fear of migrants,” the instructor adds.

As for the first reason, the author of the material notes, then the Minister of Defense of Poland, Anthony Matserevich, “repeatedly warned” about the intentions of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “This is no longer the Cold War, this is the beginning of a very hot war” (“der Anfang eines sehr heißen Krieges”), ”he said at a security conference recently held in Canada.

“The shooting range for each district” is one of the last ideas of the Polish government. From 1 January 2018, the relevant law will come into force. This law will help build or expand shooting ranges throughout the country. The Ministry of Defense will receive 620 million euros for this. According to the minister, it is not only about shooting sports, but also about strengthening the country's defense.

Currently, 380 counties have 170 private shooting ranges.

In general, we note, shooting sports, and even more so a sport that looks like “enhanced protection”, is not sufficiently developed in the country. For example, in Poland accounts for all 1,3 units. firearms per 100 residents. In Germany and France, the corresponding figure is 30 units, in the USA - 112 units. The numbers are not comparable.

Obviously, the current government intends to reverse the situation. How could it be otherwise: “the Russian threat”!

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  1. Herculesic
    Herculesic 12 December 2017 07: 45 New
    It’s not enough to be able to shoot from a weapon - you don’t need to be afraid to use your shooting skills in reality! The Poles rush from one extreme to the other, but all this is just a miserable imitation of complacency! First, prove that you are an independent state that wants to live in peace with its neighbors, and all your phobias will quickly disappear.
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 12 December 2017 08: 00 New
      Quote: Herkulesich
      First, prove that you are an independent state that wants to live in peace with its neighbors

      This is difficult. Ah, but they proved something else! The fact that Poland was and is, a limitrophic state between Europe and Russia. Therefore, do not approach the Poles with their overstated requirements!
      Still, the USSR treated them incorrectly, it was necessary to keep them in a black body, as limitrophs should.
      Here Catherine II knew the true value of the Poles. She used the throne of the Polish kings as a toilet in the toilet, cutting a hole in the middle.
    2. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 12 December 2017 08: 01 New
      the government plans to start shooting ranges in each district because of a “fear of the Russians.”
      it scares me ... what if they shoot themselves, where will the Ukrainians work? what
      1. pjastolov
        pjastolov 12 December 2017 08: 23 New
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich
        it scares me ... what if they shoot themselves, where will the Ukrainians work?

        they will move to their place, and will look for who will work laughing
        1. hrych
          hrych 12 December 2017 09: 03 New
          Quote: pjastolov
          they will move to their place, and will look for who will work

          The place is parashny and so laughing
          1. pjastolov
            pjastolov 12 December 2017 09: 05 New
            Quote: hrych
            The place is parashny and so

            hto president? they don’t get used to lol
    3. demo
      demo 12 December 2017 08: 26 New
      This statement is true.
      But there is one more factor.
      If you are going to protect your home from bandits - this is one thing.
      But if you are going to enter a duel with the Armed Forces of the country, which carries out the capture and occupation of the country - this is different.
      This is how you will confront the military personnel in armored vehicles, in the amount of six to ten people, with machine guns, grenade launchers and a heavy machine gun on the roof of an armored personnel carrier?
      And any military man who sees a weapon in your hands will immediately let you out. And your family will suffer.
      Stupidity and complacency.
      I remembered the anecdote for Chapaev, Petka, a saber and a bare heel.
      The same thing happens.
      1. Alex777
        Alex777 12 December 2017 10: 16 New
        That you are all so fed up with psheks.
        Do they somehow have to fight off the Bander? bully
    4. vkl.47
      vkl.47 12 December 2017 08: 34 New
      Salvage hack at these shooting galleries
      1. dSK
        dSK 12 December 2017 08: 53 New
        Quote: vkl.47
        at these shooting galleries
        Yes of course. About forty years ago, many days of hiking, bonfires, and songs with the guitar until the morning were common. Now the fashion is to fly to sunbathe in the warm regions, hang out at the stadiums, beer, drink tonic. At the TRP, “Zarnitsa”, orienteering, “Voroshilov arrow” you won’t earn much, you won’t attach advertising. hi
        1. AshiSolo
          AshiSolo 12 December 2017 21: 51 New
          LLC, how wrong you are ... There was such a cult movie, on VHS yet, "Battle Royale". Just now undergoing a renaissance in the form of a computer game PUBG. Make qualifiers based on laser tags, invest in advertising - there will be just hell. No one offers the Hunger Games, but rather a tank biathlon for the infantry. You will be stunned how quickly broadcast licenses will be sold out. Unless, of course, require a ton of money and broadcast on the Internet on different platforms. And grassroots organizations will be able to very well prepare everyone for this business.
  2. ImPerts
    ImPerts 12 December 2017 07: 46 New
    Not a question, just let the flies cut down first.
  3. Evgeny Strygin
    Evgeny Strygin 12 December 2017 07: 47 New
    pour a short barrel into schizophrenia! Brilliantly and expectedly will bring excellent results that will have to be hushed up.
  4. AshiSolo
    AshiSolo 12 December 2017 07: 47 New
    Fears are there, threats are complete bullshit. But a shooting range near home is a great idea for any country. Guys will always be interested and useful to shoot. Yes, I myself would not refuse. Especially from which carbine and at a normal shooting range ... But alas. If you sweep away politics - a great topic.
    1. Luga
      Luga 12 December 2017 11: 28 New
      Quote: AshiSolo
      But a shooting range near home is a great idea for any country.

      I agree. It would also not hurt us to create affordable shooting ranges for the population, especially for boys. To popularize this business, to hold competitions in schools, between schools, including practical shooting. Until 14 years - pneumatics, older - small things, from 18 years to allow training with real weapons. The winners of the competition - honor and respect, badges, such as "Voroshilovsky shooter" on the lapel of the school jacket - cool.
      Tanks are tanks, and you need to be able to shoot.
      1. AshiSolo
        AshiSolo 12 December 2017 18: 54 New
        in fact, our warriors have long had to learn from the experience of online games. There are clear and understandable goals, there are rewards and badges. Actually, this is all taken from reality, but the cycle has not yet closed. After all, what could be more interesting for a kid than getting a badge for 10 competitions, for different victories, for 20 visits to a shooting range / shooting range in a row without violating TB. Obvious things, sorry no one is involved ...
      2. Doliva63
        Doliva63 12 December 2017 19: 02 New
        Why reinvent the wheel? All this has already happened. From the age of 14, the younger brother began to engage in rifle shooting. On the DOSAAF line, sort of. All the walls were hung with targets. laughing By the age of 18, KMS was.
        You just need to shake off the dust from the well-forgotten.
        But first - deprivatization, otherwise nothing will come of it.
  5. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 12 December 2017 07: 50 New
    Abdullah, leave one cartridge, there will be nothing to shoot!
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 12 December 2017 08: 01 New
      Volodya, hello! hi And what do they give cartridges to them? lol
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 12 December 2017 08: 13 New
        Hello max! hi To whom cartridges, and who from a slingshot ... From a sling is also recommended!
        A cartridges Americans will deliver along with LNG, for delivery ....
      2. pjastolov
        pjastolov 12 December 2017 08: 26 New
        Quote: Jedi
        And what do they give cartridges to them?

        Well, where the same thing needs to be disposed of - if you yourself, then the costs are large, and you can also get money laughing Hello max hi
        1. Jedi
          Jedi 12 December 2017 08: 31 New
          Volodya, good morning! hi I won’t be surprised if it turns out that American-made cartridges with an expired shelf life. lol
          1. pjastolov
            pjastolov 12 December 2017 08: 33 New
            how did you guess? you are a shaman !!!!! fellow
            1. Jedi
              Jedi 12 December 2017 08: 36 New
              There is some... repeat He danced with a tambourine around the fire. wink
              1. pjastolov
                pjastolov 12 December 2017 08: 38 New
                recalled however, now it’s clear recourse
          2. Svarog51
            Svarog51 12 December 2017 08: 42 New
            Hi, Max hi And in the photo from pneumatics aiming. I hunted for sparrows with such a pain, painfully my home "aviation" respects them culinary. good
            1. Jedi
              Jedi 12 December 2017 08: 45 New
              Seryoga, good morning! hi I did not focus on pneumatics. And your Fan, even such a consolation, if you can’t hunt yourself. lol
              1. Svarog51
                Svarog51 12 December 2017 08: 54 New
                There is no consolation, I got rid of the trunk, now I have to buy mice. She now has another fun - she preys on me when I carry her mouse. lol
                1. Jedi
                  Jedi 12 December 2017 08: 55 New
                  Quote: Svarog51
                  she preys on me when I carry her mouse.

                  belay I would like to see it.
  6. Basil50
    Basil50 12 December 2017 07: 52 New
    Amused the phrase about the low crime rate in Poland.
    The main specialization of the Poles is theft and counterfeiting with smuggling, including the smuggling of live goods. Robberies and murders are committed mainly * on the road *. Poland is a small country and killers are quickly being calculated. And it’s quite a European country with professional crime.
    Another point: it was from Poland that crime professionals appeared in the RUSSIAN EMPIRE. As well as * fenya *, which is 90% Yiddish.
  7. Simon
    Simon 12 December 2017 07: 57 New
    Do not learn to shoot a firearm at your own head! In the States, students have been shooting at schools for a long time, and police are killing teenagers who run around with toy guns. The American "experience" does not teach the Poles. fool But, in general, the Pole did not know that the Russians had never attacked anyone! Usually they attack us, and we end the war in the capitals of the attackers. request
    1. Tyulen
      Tyulen 12 December 2017 08: 09 New
      This is how to compare the shoe from the DT and the sole from the sneaker.
  8. Observer2014
    Observer2014 12 December 2017 08: 11 New
    Shooting ranges and shooting ranges in each district: the response of the Poles to the “Russian threat”
    Nude nude laughing
  9. Masya masya
    Masya masya 12 December 2017 08: 14 New
    in childhood, the crowd will fall into the shooting range and go to the mills to shoot ... as I remember, a shot is three kopecks ... and here they brought such an underlying motive for this business ... wink
    DEDPIHTO 12 December 2017 08: 15 New
    Somehow early still pshishi piled in his pants. laughing. That's when most migrants will be Ukrainians ... am
  11. Moskovit
    Moskovit 12 December 2017 08: 16 New
    The Poles are cunning. Hiding behind Russia, they actually plan to defend themselves against the Ukrainians. Beggars and aggressive neighbors, and even with a Bandera sweetheart, then you yourself will go to the store for a double-barreled shotgun!
  12. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 December 2017 08: 19 New
    ... let them shoot, let them make shooting ranges, but at the same time do not forget that they themselves are a TARGET ... bully
  13. farik68
    farik68 12 December 2017 08: 20 New
    Hmm .... the Pole will remain a Pole On which side you do not come to him .....
  14. Simon
    Simon 12 December 2017 08: 22 New
    Quote: Herkulesich
    It’s not enough to be able to shoot from a weapon - you don’t need to be afraid to use your shooting skills in reality! The Poles rush from one extreme to the other, but all this is just a miserable imitation of complacency! First, prove that you are an independent state that wants to live in peace with its neighbors, and all your phobias will quickly disappear.

    Yes, let them learn to shoot, they will shoot each other faster in Poland! No one will jump on us then. fool
  15. sergo1914
    sergo1914 12 December 2017 08: 27 New
    Athletes with pistols against athletes in tanks? Intrigued. What will be the outcome?
  16. Romanenko
    Romanenko 12 December 2017 09: 00 New
    I came to the bullet shooting section at the age of 13, a friend brought me there, who was already engaged there. Since I already knew how to use small things, it was very easy for me to start. Then I went to this shooting gallery and to this section for another three years, until I finished school. And many years later, suddenly it turned out to be in close proximity again and it turned out that we had a rifle section on “small-bullets” at work and went there again, fulfilling the standards for ranks ... until “democracy” appeared in our country.
    With the advent of Yeltsin, all sports shooting ranges were immediately closed and all weapons were taken away; he himself brought his Urals and Margolin to the press.
    Now, it would seem that some shooting places appeared on the map, but the boys from the street there the entrance is closed.
    Only for money, and not very small.
    I do not draw analogies with Poland - there is no one to be afraid of there, but our biathletes shoot poorly, and people shoot air cats at cats and at each other.
    Hence the question, well, who under Yeltsin was hindered by all these union DOSAAF and just street shooting ranges?
    And is there really no way to revive the real Soviet mass shooting sport?
    Which by the way was free for those who wanted to do it.
    1. Doliva63
      Doliva63 12 December 2017 19: 20 New
      Alas, nothing Soviet is possible under capitalism.
      But it is worth abolishing the criminal privatization, and driving Chubais into a cell in court, it will slowly begin to appear on its own - after all, nothing has been forgotten.
  17. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 12 December 2017 09: 13 New
    The Poles still live in the past and the century before last, when the wall converged on the wall and the front on the front. Why does Russia need Polish territory with Polish Nazis? I think that not a single soldier will enter the Polish territory - there is no reason! In order to defeat the enemy in his lair, it is not necessary to hoist a banner over the Reichstag, tactical nuclear strikes are enough, and even distance does not matter.
  18. vadimtt
    vadimtt 12 December 2017 09: 14 New
    Whatever the child would amuse, if only he would not be crippled ... laughing
  19. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 12 December 2017 09: 17 New
    Insanity grows stronger! If someone really considers this as a measure of preventing "Russian aggression", then why hand out trifles to each house with a machine gun and a bunch of grenades, then ours are of course scared!
  20. Nemesis
    Nemesis 12 December 2017 09: 29 New
    In Russia, it is also time to make shooting ranges more accessible to the people, and from volunteers, from among the indigenous population of the Russian Federation, to form a national guard in the Russian Federation ...
    1. Doliva63
      Doliva63 12 December 2017 19: 22 New
      So, it seems, Putin was the first to succeed with the National Guard. laughing There are 2 positions left - white and red, choose laughing
      1. Nemesis
        Nemesis 12 December 2017 21: 22 New
        The cops are not the national guard, even call them hussars ... anyway, they will remain cops
        1. Romanenko
          Romanenko 12 December 2017 22: 23 New
          Alas, cops are born - a special breed.
          Although I have a lot of classmates, of course, I won’t lie, they have been cops since childhood.
          1. Nemesis
            Nemesis 13 December 2017 05: 02 New
            After in my city, and even the traffic police, I detained a car with bandits from Central Asia who were transporting a large shipment of drugs, refused a bribe and handed over the bandit, I began to respect cops more ... But cops, it's cops, it's not the national guard ...
  21. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 12 December 2017 09: 37 New
    The lips, shooting galleries and shooting ranges were rolled out, the pleasure is not cheap, and not less than 25-50 occupy the place, and shooting ranges and all 100 meters ...
    1. Romanenko
      Romanenko 12 December 2017 22: 28 New
      You can just revive something.
      My childhood shooting gallery is still here, it’s just used as a warehouse, or just as a utility room.
      And it is located in the basement of DK Moskvorechye.
      There is a good bullet catcher and noise isolation, there was a mechanization for high-speed firing from the MCU, they shot at the shooting range both from small things and from combat PM, APS and PSM, they shot hunting weapons (smoothbore) a shooting range for 5 shooters, the main distance is 50 m, with an intermediate border at 25 m, weapons room and weapons cleaning room.
      And I’m sure that there are plenty of such former shooting galleries in Moscow and other cities, so not everything needs to be built.
  22. HAM
    HAM 12 December 2017 10: 00 New
    Low crime? "Heavy" decreased!? -Naive, a million guest workers from Ukraine came to whom laws were not written. Remember, in "Operation Y," - "You had victims at the construction site!?" - "No!" - "They will !!"
    Here they are a little comfortable ....
  23. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 12 December 2017 10: 14 New
    start shooting ranges in every county because "Fear of the Russians"

    Whatever the child is amusing ... Tired of shooting at targets they will begin to test the acquired skills for more serious goals. On the other hand, defending oneself from Russia (even an imaginary threat) possessing modern weapons with small arms is still somehow ridiculous. A man must be able to shoot whether it is a Pole or a Russian. Therefore, let them shoot, maintaining their arrogance and conceit.
  24. The comment was deleted.
  25. AID.S
    AID.S 12 December 2017 10: 55 New
  26. Victorio
    Victorio 12 December 2017 10: 56 New
    Polish response to the “Russian threat”
    already almost a national idea
  27. Sergey53
    Sergey53 12 December 2017 11: 08 New
    The one who is guilty is usually afraid. It turns out that they spoiled a lot, since they are shaking like that.
  28. BMP-2
    BMP-2 12 December 2017 11: 59 New
    Give Voroshilov shooter to every Polish family! laughing lol
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 12 December 2017 12: 07 New
      Hello! And why Voroshilovsky, but to the pshek?
      This is our hero, the red people's commissar Kliment Efremovich.
      They and their heroes will be found ... Pilsudski or someone else.
      1. BMP-2
        BMP-2 12 December 2017 12: 18 New
        Well, why? To get to know each other closer and, finally, to stop being afraid! laughing wink

        And Pilsudski is a so-so hero ... rather, he is a conjuncturist. yes
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 12 December 2017 12: 43 New
          Also left a mark in history ... can Kosciuszko, a freedom fighter after all, though, now they have Motsarevich in charge of the big top !!!
          Had a “happiness” to get acquainted with the hospitality of the Poles, be-ee.
          Mozh because not ordinary people were bureaucratic, serving the brethren ...
          Ordinary people are everywhere normal !!!
          1. BMP-2
            BMP-2 12 December 2017 12: 48 New
            That is yes. Well, what to get from Matsarevich? The twenty-first century is the era of clowns and crooks ... request
          2. Doliva63
            Doliva63 12 December 2017 19: 26 New
            I once visited the family of the Polish KGB. It feels like I didn’t leave the house, well, taking into account purely national characteristics, of course. laughing At the same time, the landlord went to work part-time in Germany,. So there are different Poles.
            1. rocket757
              rocket757 12 December 2017 21: 55 New
              It happens, it happens. Listen, but they didn’t cook bigoz? I was told that only in rural families they cook it?
              By the way, we have nothing to be surprised at, Ukrainians, much dearer, closer and get such a trick from them!
              1. Doliva63
                Doliva63 13 December 2017 23: 21 New
                I don’t know what bigoz is. They fed me all of our drinks
  29. antiaircrafter
    antiaircrafter 12 December 2017 13: 03 New
    And it wouldn’t be harmful for us to have shooting ranges and shooting ranges. I myself would love to shoot. And nowhere.
    1. Doliva63
      Doliva63 12 December 2017 19: 28 New
      There is where. But ugly expensive. This is me about "practical shooting". I don’t know about the rifle in my city.
  30. Chever
    Chever 12 December 2017 16: 33 New
    It was not sickly for them at that time to raise tugriks shooting ranges, shooting ranges and other instructors because of this as their "Russian threat"
  31. osoboye_mneniye
    osoboye_mneniye 12 December 2017 20: 08 New
    scared a hedgehog naked opoy))
    Against tanks with grenades, only Russians can.
    And against missiles with pistols only Poles can))
  32. Normal ok
    Normal ok 12 December 2017 23: 54 New
    Shooting ranges and shooting ranges in each district: the response of the Poles to the “Russian threat”

    You give the standard "Polish Voroshilovets" !!!
  33. LeonidL
    LeonidL 13 December 2017 00: 08 New
    If fear is so great, then next to the shooting ranges, it is necessary to build public toilets with automatic dispensers for diapers. ... They don’t erect for one reason - they know very well that nobody needs them and will attack them only in one case - if a blow is struck from the territory of Poland on the territory of Russia. But in this case, the answer will be such that no one will need nistrelets, toilets or diapers.
  34. Victor Dubovitsky
    Victor Dubovitsky 13 December 2017 01: 39 New
    To issue passports, driver’s licenses, marriage certificates only after passing shooting exams. Confirm the results annually. To produce the necessary number of automatic devices for the sale of American-made revolvers in schools, cinemas, restaurants.

    (Given the arrogance and show off of zheks, in 10 years the territory formerly called Poland will be ready for re-settlement) ..
  35. NF68
    NF68 13 December 2017 20: 25 New
    Who needs this Poland in Russia and even attack Poland?
  36. Dedall
    Dedall 13 December 2017 20: 48 New
    And I read this article and thought about why our so-called Cossacks have no shooting range at every village? No, they get high drunk in Novocherkassk with a whip and shout that they are descendants of the Cossacks of the times of Platov.