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"New Ukraine" in the ATO: both profitable and patriotic

We should start with an unexpected conclusion for many Russian readers. Ukrainians are proud of their own army. This is reality. The reality of which little is written and spoken. And this reality is not a parochial phenomenon. This is an all-Ukrainian trend.

We managed to hold several conversations with participants of the ATO. Very peculiar impressions and information at the exit. Normal and calm attitude to the war, based not so much on patriotism (although it is present), but on the fact that it is profitable.

How is this attitude toward war shaped? Why do people who are ready to “Maidan” against the president and the government go to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and many remain in the ATO area on the contract?

Ukrainian ideologists have not invented anything new. Everything is old, Soviet, but pretty revised for today. The formation of a patriot begins in early childhood. A lot of material has been written about it. We are also interested in a later period. The moment when a child can be made a soldier.

We often speak and write about the "Russianness" of Ukrainians. Even in the most remote areas of Kiev, it is present. But it should be understood more as a "Soviet". The fact that so far unsuccessfully poisoned in Ukraine, but used actively and with a fairly effective. "Soviet memory" does not just help. It has become the cornerstone of all ideological work.

So, the basis of educating the understanding of the moment for the Ukrainian soldier is the Chechen wars of Russia. I am sure that many of those readers who are in the Ukrainian forums constantly see comments from the ukropatriot, where there is a direct comparison of Donbass and Chechnya. Comparison of these events. And most often schoolchildren and "housewives" write about it.

“Donbass, like Chechnya, was captured by gangs of criminals. And the purpose of this capture is simple. Create areas where there will be no power and order, where it will be possible to concentrate international crime rather than Ukrainian. Areas that will constantly threaten peaceful to the population not only of Donbass, but of the whole of Ukraine. "

That is why in the media and at various sites, real and fictional criminals are surely mentioned (those who really had problems with the law in the past) who now rule the republics or command the most prepared military units of the LDNR. That is why in the speeches of Ukrainian politicians foreign volunteers are mentioned in the ranks of the Republicans. And, of course, the Russian military.

"Chechnya was supported not only by international terrorist organizations, but also by many states."

Ukrainians have not forgotten the participation of their citizens in the Chechen war. Do not forget the help of Georgia. There are enough literate people. And today, this analogy perfectly helps to form Ukrainian ideology as such.

Today, any Ukrainian will tell you what will happen soon in the Donbas. You will not learn anything new. It will be exactly the same as happened in Chechnya. "Our cause is just. Victory will be ours!" in the Ukrainian version it looks like this: we will liberate the Donbass (see below), punish the guilty to the fullest extent, rebuild the region, launch industrial enterprises, mines. And in this way we will not only restore order, but also make the Donbass one of the most valuable Ukrainian regions. The pillar of the ideology of Ukraine.

Few of the readers know, but once, more recently, Donbass was proud of not allowing the oligarchs from Russia to their enterprises. He was proud of the fact that the Pitmen are independently developing the region. Ukraine is not Russia, it’s from there ... We are silent about it, but Ukrainians speak. And in all forums. They speak with specific examples of statements, often fake, but generally known for a long time.

For example, it is worth analyzing the attitude of Ukrainians to the latest events in the LC. This is quite interesting from the point of view of ideology. In terms of raising hatred towards Republicans.

Many of the readers drew attention to some of the oddities of the Ukrainian coverage of events in the Donbas. A lot of materials about Zakharchenko and the DPR and very little about Carpentry and the LPR. Moreover, the materials are of a “criminal nature”. This company was carried out so massively that even in Russia there were people who, with foaming at the mouth, argued the connections of the DPR leadership with the crime. But with the LC, it did not work. “Not sticking” is to Plotnitsky. The power of criminals in Donetsk is, and in Lugansk like and no.

Today, the power in Lugansk changed. The initiator of the change of power is Cornet, but in reality the power passed to Beekeeper. And now they say about the Lugansk authorities in Ukraine? Now the power in Lugansk became the power of "Judas"! Again we have to go back to the past. Both initiators of the change of power in the republic in the past were related to the power structures of Ukraine. Cornet "from the bottom", sergeant of the Ukrainian traffic police. But Pasechnik is a former lieutenant colonel of the SBU. And in fact, both took the oath of allegiance to Ukraine and both violated it.

For Ukrainian propaganda, a new theme has emerged. A theme that is truly sensitive to any person. Especially for those who have ever served in the army or other structures. The topic of betrayal of the interests of the people and traitors in general. And the traitors must be destroyed! By the way, this is precisely what caused the campaign of the persecution of the daughter of Cornet in Kharkov. "The son is not responsible for the father" - these are Stalin's words. And in Ukraine, the daughter must answer for her father.

True, to say that today all Ukrainians adhere to this point of view, it is impossible. I think those who define ideology have not yet resolved the issue of the main direction of work themselves. A large majority of Ukrainians express a different point of view. Former scouts do not happen. Pasechnik was and remains a member of the SBU. And precisely now, when the power is in his hands, Lugansk will peacefully return to Ukraine.

We have described approximately the environment in which a potential conscript or contract soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lives. Agree, even a person who is not too understanding in political games will consciously go to defend his own country. Go to restore order. That is why we have doubted the data of some of our political scientists about the results of the Ukrainian draft, which we wrote about in the last article.

And one more thing that needs to be mentioned. Russian troops in the Donbas. Again, a surprise for many Russians. There are almost no people in Ukraine who do not believe in the participation of the Russian army in this war. Paradox? By no means. If you look at the Ukrainian media and forums, you will see the answer to the question we often ask. Why do ukrovoinov and volunteers "batteries sit" when you need to remove the Russian military equipment or Russian soldiers in the Donbas?

There are a lot of photo materials about Russians in Ukraine. Overwhelmingly fake, but there are those that really cause questions. It seems that the Republicans had BTR-82A and some other samples (the “Resident” EW complex, thanks to the idiots from the “East”), who had never seen the APU. And how many of us already "poke in the nose" with two specialists caught by the APU? Alas, in Ukraine no one needs evidence of our participation or non-participation. No one ...

Then we will look at those who already "protect Ukraine from criminals and separatists." Soldiers and officers. This is important for understanding the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in general and the possibility of advancing in particular.

First of all, the propagandists of the Armed Forces of Ukraine use the power of the Russian weapons. Our victories. Today, almost any soldier who has passed the ATO will tell you that "the miners are a cowardly slander," but if you have Russians in front of you, then this is serious. A clear division of the republican army into "miners" and "Russian soldiers" works great. In those areas where the "Russian" are, Ukrainian soldiers do not shoot. Fearfully. Who wants to die from the literate "otvetki"?

In the case of a successful operation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will surely spread the “opinion of veterans and experienced fighters” about the inability of the miners to fight. Each operation stroke will be sucked. There will be hundreds of times examples of Republican cowardice. Alas, but it must be admitted that such cases really happened. Short-term retreat and even flight. But this is quite enough for a propagandist. This is quite enough for today's Ukrainians in general.

And again, the "obvious - incredible" for the Russian reader. The soldiers and the officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine respect the Russian army. It sounds strange, but most of the ATO veterans always speak about Russian soldiers, about Russian equipment and Russian commanders in superlatives. Even the direct question about Russian specialists, who for some reason after those two, stopped catching, should be a shocking answer. "The Russians respect our army and stopped sending" losers "to us. We have the best specialists in Russia. And how they are trained you yourself know. Therefore we do not catch. Cool guys ... "

Remember the messages of the republican press center about successful actions of the corps and losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces? Do you think Ukrainian "zampolity" silent about this? Yes, in any case. They tell, and even with the details. Just because even blunders serve the education of a soldier. Invented division into "Russian and miners" works in this case. "Learn how to fight! Russians also serve for only a year, but how do they shoot? How a shell is laid into a shell. Learn and you will be the same" rembo "..."

Let's return to the beginning of the article. Veteran ATO goes home. A soldier is riding, who has defended his country under the onslaught of "the most terrible and strong army of Europe and even of the world." He goes, who not only defended his own state, but returned 10, 20, 100 meters of Ukrainian territory to Ukraine. Freed the village, some insignificant object. A piece of land. But released!

And such a veteran receives really veteran benefits and honor for his service. Tell me: can a question arise in Russia about depriving a participant of a database of a veteran certificate? At the level of adoption of the law? Funny question, isn't it?

But in Ukraine this question is quite important. The veteran has decent, by Ukrainian standards, benefits. And not only in Ukrainian. Judge for yourself. I will give some of the benefits that are laid veteran / disabled ATO. The list is generally large, for whom it is interesting, he himself can familiarize himself with:

What is really working is selected, according to the testimony of the participants with whom we communicated:

- 100% discount for war invalids and 75% discount to combatants for the use of housing (rent) and utilities (gas, electricity and other services) within the limits provided by applicable law, as well as 75% discount fuels for persons living in houses without central heating;

- free travel on all types of urban passenger transport, public transport in rural areas, as well as rail and water transport commuter services and buses and suburban and intercity routes, regardless of distance and place of residence;

- the extraordinary use of all communication services and the extraordinary establishment on preferential terms of apartment telephones (payment in the amount of 20% of the tariffs of the cost of basic and 50% of additional work). The subscription fee for using the phone is set at 50% of the approved tariffs;

- the preemptive right to remain at work in case of a reduction in the number or staff of employees due to changes in the organization of production and labor and to employment in the event of the liquidation of an enterprise, institution, organization;

- free provision of spa treatment or receipt of compensation for the cost of self-resort treatment.

In general, this is the most delicious of the list of 20-ti benefits and rights.

By the way, many participants of the ATO have, oddly enough, children. About them, too, there is a moment:

- Children who have not reached the age of twenty-three can apply not only for budgetary education, but also for social scholarships, free textbooks and teaching materials, as well as free living in the dormitories of state universities.

As one of those with whom we spoke told us, serving in the ATO is beneficial.

“I went to fight for my country. I flew out of the institute, because there was no money to pay for tuition. Now I will come back and get a diploma for free. I'm supposed to. And they will take me to work, because I was in the ATO and fought, ahead of many. This is if I do not want to return to the army, and I think, we can not find such a salary there. And I honestly deserved the benefits, I was not hanging around the rear, and the mortar was on the front end. I don’t know how this is the case with Russian “ikhtamnets” (I confess, I communicated with a “spare” account such as from Kazakhstan), but to me completely. I took care of the country, the country now takes care of me. Everything is clear. "

Bought - sold, say? Maybe. But a fact. We must pay tribute to the Ukrainian ideologues. They beat us in many ways, especially in a bunch of "patriotism + personal gain." One does not always interfere with one another.

And one moment. Not Kiev bottling. Look at the photo. Alley of honorary citizens of one of the cities of Ukraine. Small, so to speak. Somewhere in Galicia.

Please note, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of Socialist Labor, soldiers-liberators, teachers, doctors, honored people who have received awards. By the way, de-communization does not even smell here. Hang portraits in beautiful forged frames.

And alongside doctors, teachers, farmers, are heroes of the ATO. An interesting twist, isn't it?

Understanding the essence of the new ideology of Ukraine is necessary. Otherwise, our conversations about what is happening there turn into a simple shaking of air. We have touched on only a very small part of the issue of the formation of a “new Ukrainian”. But even this is enough to understand the difference that each of us begins to feel when communicating personally with the citizens of Ukraine.

Not everything is so simple there and funny, as some show it. Not everyone.

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  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 7 December 2017 06: 31
    Ukrainians are proud of their own army.

    ... petsk-drunk, a half liter and a couple of their deputies ... bully
  3. siberalt
    siberalt 7 December 2017 06: 32
    Yeah. "Ukrainians are proud of their army", but only the call is carried out at 3-4% Try not proud and you will fall into these percentages. laughing It’s better to be proud of the army than to serve in the army.
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 7 December 2017 06: 37
      Someone from the native politicians who recently cried that in Ukraine they still cannot build an orthopedic factory
    2. Buffet
      Buffet 7 December 2017 10: 18
      That is why they are so proud that they regularly receive news that the warrior of light was dropped off the bus because he used the free ride.
    3. BecmepH
      BecmepH 7 December 2017 11: 07
      I read the article and wondered: "Who wrote?" It really hurt that Kaim was carrying ...
      I read and did not believe
  4. 210ox
    210ox 7 December 2017 06: 37
    What can I say .. Yes, it’s profitable. And by the way, it’s quite possible that it will be almost as these people think from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The confusion in the republics is clearly tired of the canoe in the republics into which they themselves dragged. beat and not swing or say that he changed his mind ...
    1. japs
      japs 10 December 2017 22: 57
      Not only profitable. It turns out, what an honor?
      The first time I read about the true state of affairs in Ukraine on ATO issues.
      Thanks to the authors for honesty and directness.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 December 2017 07: 15
    It seems that everything is written correctly, but something still bothers the text. And he is proud of his army (whatever it is), it is simply necessary, otherwise the defeatist spirit will overwhelm everything, but do not forget and criticize.
  6. Egoza
    Egoza 7 December 2017 07: 17
    There are benefits for ATO workers. But the strange thing is - for free transportation - they are already starting to throw them out of minibuses, in the form many try not to go - they will beat and they will say a lot already ... yes, it’s supposed, but much has been "laid" for a long time, "laid", in particular, land and a decent salary, as well as a place for employment. And so all sorts of “little things” that greatly complicate the life of both “civilians” and “veterans”.
    1. Popovich
      Popovich 7 December 2017 07: 36
      Quote: Egoza
      There are benefits for ATO workers. - in particular, land
      1x2 sq. meters .....
    2. Normal ok
      Normal ok 7 December 2017 12: 43
      Quote: Egoza
      But here's a strange thing - for free transportation - they are already starting to throw them out of minibuses

      Well it always has been. Drivers of minibuses of privileges of all stripes hate for a long time. It’s just that before the media focused on how carriers drove down pensioners, and now they have shifted the focus to anti-terrorist operation.
    3. revnagan
      revnagan 7 December 2017 13: 54
      "-I have a right?
      -You have!
      - So I can ...?
      -You can not!"
    4. Lev Bronsch
      Lev Bronsch 10 December 2017 23: 51
      This is just the effect of an empty refrigerator, which is perfectly stopped by PR companies on TV. Yes, people do not live well, but if you want to earn money, go to Europe, visa-free help, no problems! And by the way, the ban for Ukrainians on travel / work in Russia, many EU countries will be very happy. This will create the necessary labor flow for them, create competition in the labor market and save on payroll. That's why a certain mistletoe is ruining)). And so, well, they threw it 10 times, well, puffed up. Everything is clear, 10 million remains. people And the greater number of agrarian superpower will not even feed at the current level, the rest in the EU, a small part of the citizenship of the Russian Federation. The peasants plow - the bosses and their chain dogs (all the ATO then passed), they are sheared - idyll damn it!))
  7. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 7 December 2017 07: 29
    frankly, tired of Ukraine. All these shows. It is much more important to realize that it is more important to develop our own production, which is impossible without closing borders, tight currency control .. If our own economy were paid as much attention as Ukraine would overtake America.
    1. the lord
      the lord 9 December 2017 06: 57
      And you will not be able to develop the economy if you do not pay attention to the ruin. You then go bankrupt in counter-missile, anti-intelligence and just anti-sabotage activities. It will be difficult to maintain parities when NATO military bases stand in ruins in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions (not as NATO countries, but as a signatory to bilateral agreements with NATO countries). There, it’s a stone's throw to the Volga, and this at hour P is actually the division of the Russian Federation into two parts along the Volga and the Urals. Long after that hold out?
      1. aybolyt678
        aybolyt678 9 December 2017 08: 48
        and what prevents right now in parallel to deal with their own problems ??
      2. aybolyt678
        aybolyt678 9 December 2017 10: 02
        Quote: znavel
        And you will not be able to develop the economy if you do not pay attention to the ruin.

        absolutely right! what does it mean to develop an economy? look at the development plan of Russia until 2030, there is an official document. Declaratively proclaims a course to reduce hydrocarbon production and paragraph two, a course to attract foreign investment. Those. the course that Russia took before the First World War. When political decisions were made with an eye on foreign capital !! There can be only one course today: creating the conditions for the development of the domestic market! You can enter the external technological market only when we can produce something complex, in such an enormous amount that the cost will be lower than the world (Chinese). An example is the production of microcircuits for watches in Zelenograd, they have long been world monopolists. And you need to start with an ideology, state, which would make everyone believe that it is indecent to drive foreign cars, shamefully wear European rags, and to Turkey it is a pity to give your money to enemies.
        1. the lord
          the lord 11 December 2017 01: 15
          Well, no one argues with the need to develop their economy. And this can be done according to the basic Amer’s principle, which ultimately made America great — creating its own internal consumer, which, after all necessary expenses (taxes, quarters, food, clothes), must have large funds for entertainment, education, for a large family etc., etc.
          But at the same time, it is qualitatively necessary that the country's environment consist of at least harmless countries.
          1. aybolyt678
            aybolyt678 11 December 2017 08: 13
            Quote: znavel
            who ultimately made America great, creating its own internal consumer

            all obsessed with this consumption. The main thing is that in these very consumed goods at least 80 percent should be domestic, and Russia will again be great
            1. the lord
              the lord 12 December 2017 02: 41
              again they didn’t understand me - the internal consumer - this implies the consumer of their goods. You can never create an effective consumer if he will use other people's goods. Just because in the end he will earn a little without producing anything competitive. An internal consumer is a consumer, first of all, of domestic goods, who has earned money for these goods, producing part of them himself. When highly liquid assets do not go over the hill, but circulate domestically at high speed. Something like this...
  8. Popovich
    Popovich 7 December 2017 07: 34
    Ukrainians are proud of their own army. - that he was running like a devil from the palm ...
    and on recruits heroic APU with policemen raids conduct ...
    1. domokl
      domokl 7 December 2017 21: 22
      The plan of a call at them is executed, if that. And we also have draft dodgers ... By the way, those who didn’t run and already received the AT veteran’s ID are more than 300 000 people ... This is so, about the reserve in case ...
      1. the lord
        the lord 9 December 2017 06: 58
        And everyone served on the front end, right? Most of the rear of the local robbed, if that is a very useful experience
      2. Mih1974
        Mih1974 9 December 2017 23: 24
        That's what I would like to know - according to official data, about 30 million people remain in Ukri, that is, these are less than 10 million families, ALREADY there are more than 300 thousand all sorts of beneficiaries who “press” their benefits on “ordinary” ones, and how much the end of the ATO until you see - the ratio of beneficiaries and "normal" is skewing more and more, but is this the direct way to the collapse of the economic system (even without a common economic experience)? !! fool
        The phrase "war (on one’s land) is profitable" is the limit of criticism !! negative A war can be beneficial in someone else’s territory, but only victorious or not even victorious if it has not crossed your territory (damage for the enemy). Indeed, now Russia seems to have pulled itself together and closed the border for these “anti-terrorist operation heroes,” which means that after the war (if they did not die), “heroes” can only earn money in the West. In Ukria itself, jobs are shrinking and shrinking, and in addition to job cuts, the most active, “easy-going”, and often professional, fleeing from there “low-skilled grayness” run from there. No posters can replace a good doctor or a turner, and if, if necessary, to reduce staff, they will fire not “less valuable” but “not a hero ATO”, then this reduction will not help rectify the situation, but most likely will finally finish the company.
  9. Selin Andrey
    Selin Andrey 7 December 2017 07: 42
    I live in Ukraine. The article is not bad, but should be in the "Opinions" section. An excess in the understanding of the situation is detected.
    1. revnagan
      revnagan 7 December 2017 13: 56
      Quote: Selin Andrey
      An excess in the understanding of the situation is detected.

      Also, what an excess! Take a walk for interest on the news sites of small Ukrainian towns. And you will see a "picture in oil."
  10. Oleg Andreev
    Oleg Andreev 7 December 2017 07: 48
    Yes, they are proud of official events, strongly reminiscent of the Soviet past, well, at least something needs to be proud of! Atoshnikov try not to offend, the heroes are. Yes, and they have too much pride about their beloved, and nerves. Pressed APU settlements in gray areas bravuraly served as a skillful special operation and the long-awaited release from terrorists. In general, Russian-terrorist troops, militants, bandits, occupied territories, have already put a stamp about Donbass in ukros. Well, who in Ukraine watches the Oplot channel, Novorossia, Lugansk 24, where they show how they are developing these republics have something to be proud of under such conditions! Nobody! Does Russia need it?
  11. gramatey
    gramatey 7 December 2017 08: 50
    Compare with the Chechen conflict? !! Don’t bring the Ukrainians to find out what real terrorism is. Did they hear anything about Budenovsk? And what about Beslan? It was a tragedy of a biblical scale!
    There is nothing in common with the Ukrainian situation, even in principle relations, such as their redneck in money, and their willingness to spend their lives, both their own and those of others. For whom is the secret that our government has largely pacified Chechnya with money, first of all rebuilding it ...
    1. Overlock
      Overlock 7 December 2017 13: 49
      you think so, but Ukrainians think as described above.
  12. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 7 December 2017 09: 19
    Compare with Chechnya? Something I have not heard that ethnic Ukrainians are being evicted from apartments in the DPR and LPR, that they are being killed for fun on the street, that the Ukrainian city of Donetsk has turned into Russian, as it was with the Russian city of Grozny. And you have to be proud of the army. It is right.
    1. Normal ok
      Normal ok 7 December 2017 12: 52
      I agree with you that the comparison is conditional. The war is not on a national basis, but on an ideological basis. But still:
      Quote: Captain Nemo
      ethnic Ukrainians are evicted from apartments in the DNI and LC,

      They are evicted, but not according to ethnicity. If you have been absent for a long time (I was a refugee), then the apartment may be requisitioned.
      that they are being killed for fun on the street

      There is also such:
      1. the lord
        the lord 9 December 2017 07: 01
        What a shame, and what ancient pictures you keep at your place, you are our Ukrainian. Do you even remember why they put this mop there?
  13. German Titov
    German Titov 7 December 2017 09: 36
    There are no former scouts. The beekeeper was and remains an employee of the SBU. And now, when power is in his hands, Lugansk will peacefully return to Ukraine.
    And what is this conclusion?
    1. vasya.pupkin
      vasya.pupkin 7 December 2017 13: 47
      I join G. Titov: where does such a strange conclusion come from? In the DPR, A. Khodakovsky headed the GB, although he took the oath of the SBU. But on the 14th he bravely fought with his “Vostok”, even though he had one tragic puncture in Donetsk airport .If you recall all those who swore allegiance to Ukraine, then the roof can go.
      1. Normal ok
        Normal ok 7 December 2017 20: 58
        Quote: vasya.pupkin
        In the DPR A. Khodakovsky headed the GB, although he took the oath of the SBU

        Khodakovsky has always worked for Akhmetov, and the rest is fiction.
        1. vasya.pupkin
          vasya.pupkin 9 December 2017 13: 04
          For normal, ok: our degeneral major "young Zakharovets" is also a clean "" Ahmet woman, "so what? The main thing is that he suits" A. Dudaev who looks at the Donbass / drove V.Yu. Surkov /, who " makes friends with houses in London with Ahmetka.
          And now about fiction: if you fought with Khodakovsky in the 14th, protecting Saur-grave and Marinovka, then for you / a typical couch hero / it would not be fiction.
    2. the lord
      the lord 9 December 2017 07: 02
      Duck conclusion. based on Bandera psychology and from that joke where two ruins are a partisan detachment, and a three-partisan detachment with a traitor
  14. Antianglosax
    Antianglosax 7 December 2017 09: 56
    But the stars and stripes practically achieved what they wanted - for 25 years they deployed the inhabitants of the outskirts against themselves - against Russia and the Russian people. So slowly, but surely, the Anglo-Saxon degenerates achieve their goal, and our malachol bosses, apparently, are not aware that the Anglo-Zionists should not be inferior to the pogans by any iota, in any matter, under any circumstances, since bite off a hand to the throat.
    1. Per se.
      Per se. 7 December 2017 13: 11
      Quote: Antianglosaks
      our scattered bosses, apparently, do not know that the Anglo-Zionists should not give in to the iota, not in any matter
      The entire modern world capitalist system has its host, the world lobby, which rules the process. We have already conceded, having chosen capitalism, having entered a foreign system, it is impossible to have independence from the rules and conditions of this system. Socialism had its own independent pole, so it could develop without the instructions of others, and therefore managed to build a superpower, the Soviet Union from the backwardness and dependence of tsarist Russia. What is happening is natural, why do we get rid of and give up, be it events in Ukraine or the situation with the upcoming Olympics in Korea. It is difficult to say how much Putin chooses the desired with the possible, what he really wants, but if we talk about the prosperity of Russia, of all its people, and not of certain oligarchic princes, without the return of socialism, we will not simply prosper, but not survive. Time is short, the Soviet safety margin is not infinite.
  15. BAI
    BAI 7 December 2017 10: 01
    There are no former scouts. The beekeeper was and remains an employee of the SBU.

    Then we need to draw an analogy further - a former KGB officer.
  16. AleBors
    AleBors 7 December 2017 10: 07
    I agree with the general opinion. Indeed, in terms of propaganda and ideology, we have a complete seam. Because we don’t really want to offend anyone, we all look back and around.
    Regarding the LPR-100% agree. By the summer, something will be. Let's wait.
    As for the benefits for ATO workers, in reality, not everything is so safe.
    1. domokl
      domokl 7 December 2017 21: 17
      Quote: AleBors
      By the summer something will be. Let's wait.

      No need to wait. There is already something happening. Like the appearance of a second mayor in one of the towns ... Or a group of people in a "not working" plant working in another town ... Everything will become clear much earlier
      1. AleBors
        AleBors 11 December 2017 13: 21
        If so, then it does not stop there ... In Anthracite, there were 2 commandant's offices in 2014 ... And not only in it. And now how much?
  17. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 7 December 2017 13: 03
    Yes. In ideology, we clearly lose to them. Well, we don’t have it. MONEY is our state ideology. Only this was not yet prescribed in the Constitution.
  18. Overlock
    Overlock 7 December 2017 13: 47
    very good article. Some "generals" who dream of a march to Ukraine should read.
    1. the lord
      the lord 9 December 2017 07: 09
      Yes, they read and were horrified. As I already wrote in the same article in the past, to teach me to hold on to her boobs., A woman needs to have ishaw a lot for orgasm to get high. Here our student construction teams (abbreviated as MTR) together with the Wagnerites in Syria underwent a serious practice: they built cowsheds, weeded beds, and uprooted weeds. burned garbage, treated with pesticides and other high-precision reagents, caught pests. This is practice, this is practice. Yes, and the time for many to return home soon is a warning to the particularly immature to ruin propaganda "Ohfitsers and wiped atoms". Let them sit quietly and wait for the end of their service life so that they can return home under their own power
  19. The comment was deleted.
    1. Methane
      Methane 7 December 2017 15: 18
      Yes-ah! In the bulk of the article! Just a still-life, first grade. Now we’ll drop everything, grab the harem pants to our knees and run to Ukraine to sign up for the ATO ...
  20. Selin Andrey
    Selin Andrey 7 December 2017 18: 10
    Puchkov Goblin Armen Gasparyan was just before. Very well laid out everything about how everything is running.
  21. RoTTor
    RoTTor 7 December 2017 18: 22
    A world record - A STRANGE WAR "without real military operations has been going on for 4 = year already.
    There every day there are more killed and wounded in skirmishes than in the “strange war”. About the number of victims of road traffic accidents 3.5 tons killed per year, and it is not worth talking. So the ATO is the most reckless place of today's Ukraine: yesterday in the center of Kiev, about fifteen people were injured in clashes with policemen, and one in the ATO ....
    Benefits, payments + looting = real.
    So why not go on such a picnic in nature.
    And why are they afraid that on TV they always hide their faces in balaclavas and call themselves dog names, and not like real soldiers - by their first and last names.
    Well, Ukrainian. "Authorities" are the ATO - for happiness: $ 9 million / day and is debited to the ATO and stolen, although there is no logistical support or ammunition, it was left from the USSR
    Well, ALL problems of Ukraine are attributed to the "Russian aggression"
    Whoopers will call ...
    It will not be enough ... Only Bandera-Russophobes will immediately transform into good friends
  22. ando_bor
    ando_bor 7 December 2017 18: 23
    This should be shown to the Ukrainians, they have already brought us, but they don’t know.
    - From the military registration and enlistment office to run.
  23. Valery Saitov
    Valery Saitov 8 December 2017 08: 29
    When a law is passed at the state level on the peculiarities of state policy to ensure the state sovereignty of Ukraine over the temporarily occupied territories in Donetsk and Lugansk regions, then naturally everyone will shout about the Russian invaders and all the benefits are temporary handouts (temptation) until they figured out LDN, and then the power will change and everything will sink into oblivion like: "We did not send you there."
  24. bistrov.
    bistrov. 8 December 2017 12: 32
    Volochisk is a small town, the district center of the region of the same name, on the very border of the Khmelnitsky and Ternopol regions, it is separated from the Ternopol region by the small river Zbruch, on the opposite bank of which, already in the Ternopol region, the even smaller town of Podvolochisk is located. A machine-building plant is located in Volochisk, in fact, a city-forming enterprise specializing in the manufacture of mobile power plants is now barely dragging out a miserable existence. Since, nearby is the cradle of Bandera - Galicia, the worldview of the population is known. These, of course, are our enemies now.

    A little east of Volochysk, about 15-20 km. , until 1939 the so-called "Stalin's line" - a fortified area consisting of several lines of buried, reinforced concrete pillboxes, including and heavy, cannon, going down several floors. Back in the USSR, when I was passing by, I examined several of them: they are of two types, the simplest, the machine-guns, are the usual reinforced-concrete hood with three loopholes and an armored door at the back. Metal parts have long been dismantled. Lined with armor plates located on the inside. They are still preserved. The cannon pillbox is much larger, it has loopholes for all-round defense, it was not possible to get inside, since such pillboxes were all flooded with water, but there were rooms for personnel, storage of ammunition, food and fuel.
    How much we have lost Russian territory! But whole rivers of Russian blood spilled over this land.
    1. Lev Bronsch
      Lev Bronsch 10 December 2017 23: 40
      Yes, Galicia after the war could be given to the Poles, and for three or four years they should not pay attention to how they would bring up the local raguli. Moreover, Poland could buy so much for such things ... but alas. manic desire for the Curzon line, why? Why? And we have the Ukrainianization of the 30s official + unofficial with the accession of Western women. They did not begin to force them to learn Russian .. + Ukrainization of the 70s. And we are talking about some kind of Russian world ((Yes, the Russians who felt like Russian had long been living in Russia, they left Ukraine for a long time !! Alas, the leaders of the last century understood the national question primitively, essentially perverted, through Marxism - remember, crime has no nationality, yep! (as an example). Therefore, we have lost territories and people (((
  25. Lexus
    Lexus 8 December 2017 15: 49
    Good afternoon!
    Apparently, I was misunderstood yesterday. I have great respect for the authors, their work, always (I can’t say that with pleasure, due to the tragedy and topicality of the events described) I read your materials with interest. Moreover, I’m not accustomed to coping with the table, and you and I are at the discussion table, albeit virtual. So, that comment is addressed to the modern Ukrainian authorities and its minions, who, in my opinion, the characters of the “Union of the sword and screaming“ novel “12 chairs” Ilf and Petrov, only got their way. To their deepest regret, they overtook Soviet power, many in the soft chairs of the leaders, and not behind bars. They just quickly changed their shoes at the right moment and, I just allowed myself to call this gang really what they are. And there are simply no good words for them. If I understand, and you agree with me, return the comment, because it has already been written, and I have been punished for it, and it’s not good to repeat it, all the more so to repeat things that are unpleasant, but nevertheless taking place.
    I will always take part in the discussion, if suddenly something of my writing causes doubt or rejection.
    Thank you! hi
  26. Lev Bronsch
    Lev Bronsch 10 December 2017 23: 29
    Really ... the Lord finally instructed and the authors of VO began to pay attention to the facts?))
    I wrote and am writing about this - there is no "Russian world" in Ukraine, rather there is a "Hungarian world" there, well, either Romanian, Polish, etc. And if the population of Donbass did not know much mov, then this did not mean at all that they were some kind of more Russian or less Ukrainians than Galicians. Yes, the same stubborn - understand! Once upon a time, in the 30s of the last century, the train left, everything, everything at all !! They severed Novorossia from Russia and it can be returned only and exclusively using those sides of Ukraine about which the authors write! benefit, only personal gain - that's the creed of h_hla. An artificially created nation has few tasks in its own right - to try to spoil / annihilate its neighbors, and especially the Russians, to attach a personal priest to the most warm place. EVERYTHING, they don’t need anything else.
    Take a close look at the facts - they cut non-stop Poles, Jews, Russians, and the same Belarusians throughout the war. AND? punishment in 5-6 years of camps - this is really how many Bandera have served. And then the widespread silence of their atrocities. Ensign-h_hol, oil industry worker, gasman - wherever there is an opportunity to steal or earn money as quickly as possible. It seems correct, but even the Jews did not show such national solidarity at work, they looked at the business qualities of the employee, regardless of nationality. But the Ukrainians are not - even stupid like a cork, the main thing is that "Zvittil" was, its own means. How many examples - an ethnic Ukrainian has become a boss (possibly well-deservedly), and there is no one left but h_khlov left in the area entrusted to him. Just like such a law was in the USSR ...
    Therefore, in vain our structures climbed to support the Donbass, albeit carefully, there is no one to support there. There are purely mezhkh_kh_lyak disassemblies - who is more Svidomo and who will get the buns from this. So in the end these disassemblies always, always always !!! Even when they didn’t even have an embryo of the state, they cut their own because they weren’t as wide as they should be. You at least read their documents OUN-UPA! And for these, I emphasize for these !! Donbass voted beautifully in the 1991 referendum, with 90% of the vote. And they knew Russian only from economic feasibility, well, now they will learn mov, it’s business for three months))
    Once again - an ethnocratic state was built in Ukraine, practically repeating the same European states of the 20-30s of the last century. A formal parliament with a real circus in it, a vice chairman or a formalized dictator + ideology "Germany is above all" "Ukraine ponad mustache" and Polish / Romanian / Hungarian / Spanish / Italian
    e and ... analogues. And at the same time, at least 95% of the population is fine with it - FAVORABLE! By the way, why Ukraine is not Russia and will never be in any alliance with us. Even if we had not reunited the Crimea, and in general were good children, it would still be economically and politically as it is now. And here we ourselves presented such a gift to propaganda by starting to support the real separatists. which their own population does not understand, because locals need the same visa-free travel, and the instillation of a sense of superiority over all, especially Russian, Nazism is a necessity for them.
    In 90-91 I was in Donetsk, Makeevka, believe me, it wasn’t Russian people who were already then. People who believe that someone eats them, that after three years they will live like Germans, that the source of their problems is drinking poor Russia - and this is all from rallies two orders of magnitude more crowded than the supporters of the DPR gathered - these are NON-RUSSIAN people and we with them is definitely not on the way (((