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EU tired of waiting for meaningful decisions from Kiev

EU tired of waiting for meaningful decisions from Kiev

The other day, even the former NATO Secretary General, the Dane Rasmussen, spoke about the hybrid weapons Russia - about gas. Either trying in this way to justify the decision taken by Denmark about the dangers of the Nord Stream-2, or according to the long-standing habit of lying to the eyes. It was he who, in 2003, claimed that Iraq has chemical weapons.

Now he is lying with the same confidence that the EU wants to get rid of “gas dependence”. Only figures show that after the first Maidan, Europeans began to rapidly increase gas purchases in Russia. And billions in “SP-1” were invested by European companies. And with 24%, the share of gas from Russia today is already 35%. And the Europeans are investing in the "SP-2", and in gas pipelines running through the territory of Turkey. And there is also gas from Russia - even Azerbaijan buys it for further transportation to the EU.

Businessmen with their money prove that they are afraid to invest in long-term projects related to Kiev, Maidan and the unpredictability of decisions made there.

It is no secret that the EU has brought a lot of advisers to Kiev, who should monitor the process and push local officials in the "right" direction. Of course, for the EU, there are no patrons and benefactors among them. Karel Hirman - Representative of the Strategic Advisory Group on Reform Support. Slovak citizen, energy specialist. And so "by chance" it turned out that gas from Ukraine goes just to Slovakia. That is, he represents a state that is vitally interested in Ukrainian transit. And therefore, unlike the former prime minister and the former head of NATO, Mr. Hirman has the task of preserving the existing transit.

However, when giving an interview to European Pravda in Kiev, the adviser was not very optimistic.

Criticizing the system of subsidies and pricing, Hirman spoke directly about the fact that in Kiev the government was not implementing its own laws, so the European Union was tired of waiting for some real progress. In general, he sees the desire of officials to take everything at once, without investing in long-term projects - in the same modernization of the Ukrainian GTS. Outraged adviser and pricing.

Below is a translation from Ukrainian:

Debts that count citizens are dishonest. Because the bills come to them today, and the subsidies (which receive the majority) come a few months late.

If Ukraine is interested in continuing the transit after 2019, a partner is needed who will be interested in signing a contract with Gazprom.

Commenting on Poroshenko’s proposal to move the gas receiving point from the western to the eastern border of Ukraine, the adviser answered almost rudely:

This is such an example "Wishlist" - "I want." No government in Europe, especially the European Commission, buys gas. It is bought by traders. The point of delivery of gas is determined by the contract between the trader and Gazprom ... Who will transfer the reception point to the Suduja (a Russian town near Sumy) —the party’s general secretary or president?
Then the trader will turn around and start buying gas through the Nord Stream.

Europe, traders, the European Commission are waiting for decisions from Ukraine, waiting for proposals. What does Ukraine offer if there is no Nord Stream -2? However, there are no answers from the Ukrainian side, and the time for reflection has already ended.

On the contrary, the transit rate through the Ukrainian GTS from January 1 2016, the highest in Europe and above, ches the "Nord Stream". Ukraine has no time for discussion - it is necessary to make decisions immediately. Traders will not wait until Kiev approves decisions and determine who is bad and who is good.

Ukraine should present a clear plan. It is necessary to give a better offer than the "North Stream" - and Ukraine will hold. However, so far I have not seen such a decision by the Ukrainian government or Naftogaz. A lot of desires, for example, about transferring the point of gas intake. But these are only desires and nothing more ...

Frankly, tired of listening to conferences and reading strategies - time to embody it all. Time passes quickly - 2019 is not the day after tomorrow, but tonight.

In any case, the transit will continue after 2019, but in Kiev I hear that there is no need to hurry. Already now it is necessary to conduct negotiations and propose an optimal long-term solution. If the right approach to this issue, the transit will not decrease. For Ukraine, it is 2-3 billion dollars annually.

However, we must remember that in Europe Ukraine’s decisions will not be expected.

In fact, the adviser from a country that was vitally interested in continuing the transit completely smashed the arguments of opponents of SP-2, frankly blaming what was happening on the Kiev regime. Which steals a lot, does not modernize a pipe, receives the highest rates from the European pockets and at the same time also does nothing to attend to preservation of transit after 2019 of year.

And he is right - Poroshenko is well aware that the second term does not shine for him. As well as all the government does not build illusions. All decision makers are in a hurry to skim the cream today, rather than investing in transcendental for them. Kiev is not Berlin or Moscow, no one hopes to live in it not only in 16 years in power - few people believe in the next 16 months.
Ukraine is not destroyed by Gazprom, the Kremlin’s hand and Putin’s agents. The most terrible hybrid weapon is that the Ukrainian government itself, which has consistently degraded since the collapse of the Soviet Union, is “sharpened” to plunder the state until its complete destruction as an independent subject.

He comforts what is left of the strength of a couple of years.

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 4 December 2017 06: 40
    smile In the photo, the Danes Rasmussen vparivaet noodles about the beads to the next native ... fish pecked at the bait.
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 4 December 2017 09: 03
      Judging by the photo, one did not get enough sleep, and the other was already sober
      1. Sergey-svs
        Sergey-svs 4 December 2017 12: 08
        Quote: Chertt
        Judging by the photo, one did not get enough sleep, and the other was already sober

        In vain you are so mean, you probably just say nasty things with envy.lolAfter all, Petka is a normal president: he doesn’t drink, doesn’t steal, he is engaged in sports, he is always dressed like a needle, but just a monster of foreign policy! yes And he has done a lot for Ukraine: without Visa, in Kuev he opens new Roshen stores and dry closets with WiFi, gay parades are like in Europe, and everyone’s underwear is lace! good As promised on the Maidan: Ukraine has become an independent space power, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the strongest army on the continent, but now no international problem can be solved without the participation of Ukraine! So, check and checkmate - you need cotton! tongue Three times - SUGS and once "Schenevmerla"! wassat
        laughing laughing laughing
  2. shinobi
    shinobi 4 December 2017 07: 52
    I don’t care how much this power in the village of Kuev holds out and what will remain of the under-state. I care about who gets the happiness of restoring what remains of the ruins. And I'm almost sure that we will return to the borders of 39 years.
    1. Lganhi
      Lganhi 4 December 2017 08: 43
      No thanks! Enough to step on the same rake and put on your neck a 35-million throaty, arrogant, ever-dissatisfied herd. They were unhappy in the USSR, were unhappy with Kravchuk, Kuch..Oh, Yushchenko, Yanukovych. Now Poroshenko is unhappy.
      1. Chertt
        Chertt 4 December 2017 09: 02
        I want to say, "the erring, fraternal people" "" remove the Nazis and thieves "" Ukrainians know how to work. The USSR showed this ".... but honestly tired. Let the regions that consider themselves fraternal join Russia, and from the remaining ones a zoo will be formed
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 4 December 2017 08: 50
    The EU is tired of waiting for some real progress
    And further in the text ... Even the Slovak Karel Hirman’s nerves could not stand constantly communicating with the Ukrainian pack. Issued in full (this is taking into account the European "restraint"). That's just for dodgers, it's like peas on a wall.
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 4 December 2017 09: 11
    ... and petsk-drunk needs it? ... he would have to grab more and immediately and there - the grass does not grow ...
  5. prior
    prior 4 December 2017 12: 25
    To support the Russophobic fascist regime on its own border in transit payments -
    will cost more. This money goes to the war in the Donbass, including.
  6. ddd1975
    ddd1975 8 December 2017 06: 31
    About the collapse of the regime, well, after a maximum of 1-2 years I have already heard since 2014 ... something will not bend. I, honestly, don’t care what “THEY” do there - I’m worried about “what WE are doing.” And "WE" also flow along the channel ... it is a pity that these tales will not end in any way ...
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 8 December 2017 06: 34
      I care about "what we do." And "WE" also flow along the channel ... it is a pity that these tales will not end in any way ...

      And what are we ??? ... the media already says that KUDRINA’s saving pillow is over ... it’s impossible to pay pensions from it ... the black holes in our economy have remained so ... one hope for rising oil prices. .. smile bored girls how all this is predicted.
      it is obvious that the systemic diseases of our state have aggravated and can lead to unpleasant consequences ... does our guarantor understand this? what