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Mi-28Н "Night Hunter" entered the helicopter regiment ZVO

The attack helicopter Mi-28H "Night Hunter" entered service with the Western Military District, said the head of the district press service Igor Muginov.

As part of the state defense order, the helicopter regiment of the Western Military District (ZVO), stationed in St. Petersburg, received an attack helicopter Mi-28H "Night Hunter", built at the plant, part of the holding "Helicopters of Russia". A new combat vehicle went through all stages of factory tests and was adopted by the regiment's engineering staff.
- said Muginov.

Mi-28Н "Night Hunter" entered the helicopter regiment ZVO

According to him, the crew of the helicopter, which should replenish the ranks of combat vehicles of the airfield in Pushkin, flew from Rostov-on-Don.

R'ертолет РњРё-28Рќ РќРѕС З РЅРѕР№ РѕС ... отник ° ктивного огневого противодействия tanks and other armored vehicles, as well as low-speed air targets and enemy manpower. The helicopter is armed with a non-removable mobile gun mount with a 30 mm cannon, an Attack-B air-to-surface missile system, an Air-to-Air class Strelets, and unguided blocks aviation missiles (NAR) B-8V20A with an 8 mm S-80 missile.

We remind you that on Thursday, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Viktor Bondarev, who previously held the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Aerospace Force, reported that the Syrian campaign revealed the flaws in the electronics of the Mi-28 helicopter. According to him, according to the results of the participation of this machine in the operation, the helicopters were finalized, nevertheless, the electronics remained "a failure", because of which "the pilot does not see anything, he does not hear anything." Bondarev, in particular, noted that the night vision goggles "pilots call" death to pilots ", because when they are used" when it is cloudless everything is fine, as soon as there is some kind of smoke, the pilot then goes for three days with red eyes, "TASS reports.
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  1. Finches
    Finches 1 December 2017 17: 29
    ZVO is the most important district, bordering on NATO, and the South is important for Ukraine ... And for the USA, the Russian nuclear triad is very important ... laughing
    1. Anarchist
      Anarchist 1 December 2017 17: 46
      Just yesterday they wrote about him that electronics were not to hell, glasses, etc.
      Not eliminated, but delivered!
      1. Going
        Going 1 December 2017 17: 53
        Yes, Bondarev recently criticized, maybe they corrected it already?
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 1 December 2017 19: 05
          They supply the same ONV-1 - 2 generation with the photocathode 18mm.

          For comparison, the world has long been using fundamentally new multi-mode projection systems. Hindus buy these. There are other offers, from Israeli companies, from the Americans, even from the Chinese.
      2. Muvka
        Muvka 1 December 2017 17: 56
        To hell, to hell, but in Syria they have long been fighting successfully.
        1. okko077
          okko077 1 December 2017 18: 22
          Successfully this is on your couch ....
        2. donavi49
          donavi49 1 December 2017 19: 08
          One helicopter crashed - the crew died in Syria. Due to the fact that at night they dug into the ground.
          1. Muvka
            Muvka 1 December 2017 20: 19
            AND? With such intensity of use - it is possible. I’m not saying that it is better than the Ka-52 and I like 52 more, but to say that it is a useless helicopter is wrong.
            1. Anarchist
              Anarchist 1 December 2017 20: 43
              Nobody says a helicopter is useless! Just first you need to eliminate the identified deficiencies, and then to the troops ...
              Could hold it until ...
              1. passerby
                passerby 2 December 2017 05: 09
                Quote: Anarchist
                Could hold it until ...

                The people who tested this helicopter, including the military, must answer for this. On the basis of what did they sign the relevant documents? And is there a criminal offense in the actions of these people.
            2. donavi49
              donavi49 1 December 2017 20: 44
              On Ka-52 use the same ONV-1. And at one time, during the flyby, Ka-52 ran into a tree and formed. The crew died (could not be found quickly, although the board lay at the base), wounded pilots simply froze sad . One of the reasons why they could not be found - for flying at night, only the 1 search helicopter was allowed, without FLIR, with the same ONV-1.
      3. Finches
        Finches 1 December 2017 17: 58
        This life! The best modification of the T-34 was made in the 44th year! When everyone took into account, and time appeared ... hi
      4. Nehist
        Nehist 2 December 2017 08: 49
        This pinwheel is morally obsolete! He wrote more than once that she was not taken into service for more than 10 years. Shove in the order. Rubbish technique.
  2. rudolff
    rudolff 1 December 2017 17: 33
    One helicopter entered the helicopter regiment. Yes, news of the scale of all of Russia ...
  3. Chertt
    Chertt 1 December 2017 17: 46
    It's not bad that there are problems with the Mi 28N, it is almost always the case with new machines. And then. that at first they will ring “The best helicopter of the world, the killer of everything moving”, etc. And then it turns out that it’s still work and work on it. One must be careful with publications, nevertheless, the War Department
    1. Vita vko
      Vita vko 1 December 2017 19: 01
      Quote: Chertt
      still work on it and work on it. Be careful with publications you need to be

      "There are no boundaries for perfection". But if not for Syria, then even such a drawback as a high load on vision in a haze would never have been officially revealed.
      Undeniable fact
      if the army has not been fighting for 20 years, it loses 50% of combat effectiveness, and if the army has not been fighting for more than 50 years, this is no longer the army
      this applies primarily to its equipping with modern weapons and military equipment.
      1. passerby
        passerby 2 December 2017 05: 06
        Quote: Vita VKO
        "There are no boundaries for perfection". But if not for Syria, then even such a drawback as a high load on vision in a haze would never have been officially revealed.

        During the tests, all this had to be revealed, and if it wasn’t revealed, then an appropriate investigation should be carried out and the actions of those who should have been identified, but not identified, should be assessed, as a result of which pilots died in Syria. As well as an assessment of the actions of those persons who were responsible for all stages of testing this equipment, including military tests, as a result of which this equipment was adopted.
        1. Vita vko
          Vita vko 2 December 2017 07: 23
          Quote: bystander
          On tests, all this was to be revealed

          Test pilots are paid bonuses not for identifying shortcomings, but for observing test schedules and plans. But even if a principled person comes across, it’s far from easy to convince the bosses that these shortcomings must be eliminated, and it’s strictly forbidden to “take dirty linen out of the house”, everything is under the bar.
    2. Esoteric
      Esoteric 1 December 2017 19: 17
      Quote: Chertt
      One must be careful with publications, nevertheless, the War Department

      There are patriots, such as Shipunov, Kalashnikov ... But there are cheers-patriots, such as Rogozin. He would have to put things in order with a broom in Moscow, but no. Put on the "East" curator. Missiles Launches ... belay In our Rostec, Serdyukov is attached ... and so wherever you look, there are only "effective managers" in sight. And people who need to develop these night-time devices may not even know what they need to do. But to buy somewhere we have no currency ...
      1. passerby
        passerby 2 December 2017 05: 02
        And here are "Cheers-patriots"? The main question is, how did a helicopter with such significant flaws go through the whole range of tests and was adopted by the army? Who signed the relevant documents and why are no criminal cases initiated? All these things were by no means done by “cheers-patriots”.
    3. Nehist
      Nehist 2 December 2017 08: 51
      Everyone has been working on it for more than 10 years, they cannot bring it to mind. Obsolete morally and no upgrades will save him
  4. turcom
    turcom 1 December 2017 20: 36
    An urgent need to solve the problems with night sights, which Bondarev talked about the other day
    1. Vita vko
      Vita vko 2 December 2017 10: 13
      Quote: turcom
      Urgent need to solve problems with night sights

      At our place, as always, first of all, we think about high performance characteristics and, last but not least, think about comfort. The solution here should be in the maximum implementation of artificial intelligence systems and the support of decision-making by the commander. So that the pilot would be given not a picture of incomprehensible quality, but ready-made offers with threat assessments. Moreover, in a situation where there is a threat to security, it is necessary to completely exclude the human factor, for example, as this is done in the air defense and missile defense systems.
  5. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 2 December 2017 06: 42
    And with these "points" you can not throw a picture on the frontal projection ??? Is the pilot's eyes turning red due to the thermal heating by their video matrices of this device ??? The decision itself, when you have a binocular optical transceiver system hangs entirely on the face-face and presses the pilot’s eyes ... I think it’s morally obsolete. Who remembers the virtual reality helmet VFX-1 ??? After him, the balls were red from heat stroke.