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Tu-22М3 dropped 500-kg bombs on the heads of terrorists

Russian far aviation again attacked terrorists in Syria. T-22M3 bombers, accompanied by Su-35 and Su-30SM fighters, dropped a total of 36 FAB-500 bombs. The mass of the warhead of 450 kg allows this munition to effectively destroy any militant objects, including capital buildings and bunkers.

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 26 November 2017 11: 31
    At the rate of flight of the bombers inverse traces ... what is it ??? what
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 26 November 2017 16: 00
      Quote: The same Lech
      At the rate of flight of the bombers inverse traces ... what is it ??? what

      I join the question. what fighters of course accompanied, but such a trace from them ...? not at all.. what .
  2. the monastery
    the monastery 26 November 2017 16: 21
    Well ? where is the result?
  3. Dimonk
    Dimonk 26 November 2017 16: 34
    Do I have a question for specialists? Why such a small bomb load of aircraft, 3-4 tons? And why does the TU-22M3 never show the results of bombing by drones? At the same time, Gauges, almost always?
    1. Freelancer7
      Freelancer7 26 November 2017 16: 53
      Because to throw unmanaged blanks from a height of 5000m and get beautifully, it is difficult enough. And if the bombs fell near 20m from the warehouse - it’s somehow not as beautiful as getting directly into the roof ...