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A new Mi-26 transport helicopter has entered the VO

Army compound aviation The Eastern Military District, based in the Khabarovsk Territory, has replenished with a new Mi-26 helicopter, the press service of the BBO

A new Mi-26 transport helicopter has entered the VO

The crew of the world's largest mass-produced transport helicopter flew from Rostov-on-Don, where the manufacturer is located, to a permanently-based airfield in Khabarovsk.

Pilots of the army aviation flew over 10 thousands of kilometers long, completing 8 refueling en route. Upon arrival at the air unit, the commander of the crew reported on the successful flight, representatives of the command of the compound congratulated the personnel of the Mi-26 squadron with the arrival of the new aircraft
- added to the press service

The new rotary-winged vehicle replenished the fleet of heavy transport helicopters that are already in service with the military aviation forces of the region.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Nasrat
    Nasrat 14 November 2017 12: 30
    I flew over such a one last week, over our village ... my wife already ran out into the street, to see ... he made a lot of noise, said oh-oh-very big and walked low ... did not expect, and did not take a camera ..
  2. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 14 November 2017 13: 13
    Somehow it happened on such a SHIELD passenger Torzhok-Ufa - Torzhok. The crew of 5 supermen! Struck by payload and gluttony. Noisiness, as always - but how good it is after turning off the engines ....
  3. BAI
    BAI 14 November 2017 13: 35
    Sometimes a large size is a minus. When they shot down in Chechnya, immediately 126 people died.
  4. Bronevick
    Bronevick 14 November 2017 16: 19
    For the Far East, the ideal car, the distances are large, a lot of cargo.