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Salvos of revolution. We want to clean them from memory, in China - piously honored

Sixteen hieroglyphs that may well shake the world: "Xi Jinping's Theory for a New Era of Socialism with Chinese Specificity."

The 19 congress of the Communist Party of China scored television broadcasts in red and made the fortunetellers sweat on the coffee grounds.

Salvos of revolution. We want to clean them from memory, in China - piously honoredWhat's happening? Where does every fifth inhabitant of the planet move to the right, to the left? What does the rearrangement of dispassionate people in black suits at the top of the most mysterious pyramid of power mean? However, our rumor is not spoiled historical by compliments, I should have been glad already with such a preamble:

SI ZINPIN: A hundred years ago, the volleys of the October Revolution brought Marxism-Leninism to China. Since the founding of the party, the people of China have relied on it in their quest for liberation, independence, prosperity and happiness.

In fact, about the Aurora volleys - this is a direct quote not so much from Russian history as from Mao Zedong, from his speech of the 72 of the year. To make it immediately clear who the speaker is cleaning himself under. The quote in the original was: "Volleys of the October Revolution brought us Marxism-Leninism. Forward for the Russians, we have come to such a conclusion!"

In 90, the Russians changed their minds and went the other way, to now observe their neighbors with a mixed sense of skepticism and envy. China approached the 19 congress by the second or even the first economy of the world, which the party’s web portal tells us in a clear and modern form, in pleasant English.

How has China turned from a poor country into a second world economy? Since 1952, China’s GDP has grown 1000 times. At first, the economy grew slowly - it was hampered by the planned system and political campaigns. With the arrival of Deng Xiaoping, the country began to move in the direction of market transformations and the disclosure of its potential. This allowed China not only to become a worldwide workshop, but also to pull millions of people out of 700’s poverty. The reason is not only in cheap labor and the size of the market, but also in the effectiveness of the central government.

Actually, this is the general line of the congress - as we approach the xiaokang, a society of average prosperity, as Deng Xiaoping called it according to the Confucian tradition, the party’s leading role will not weaken, but will increase. Therefore, no jokes about Mao, Marx, Lenin, or, God forbid, over the chairman himself. Although bloggers try to be ironically mild, comparing editorials in official newspapers today and in days of previous congresses.

Yes, the role of the individual in Chinese history has grown markedly. Under the control of the party will remain reform, the fight against corruption, the modernization of the army. Strengthening party discipline under the leadership of a strong leader is a recipe for many difficulties that China must overcome. Among such challenges are weakening economic growth, and a dangerously large debt, and social stratification, and increasing friction with small and large neighbors.

The main message of the congress is addressed to the biggest and most cocky Pacific partner:

SI JINPIN: The Chinese love the world. We will never go to aggression or expansion. But we are absolutely sure that we will repel any invasion. We will never allow any people to reject Chinese territory. No one should expect what will make us swallow bitter fruits that are poisonous to our freedom, security, or our development.

About bitter fruits is a very topical metaphor, which, of course, is addressed not only to China’s two-million national liberation army (the second-largest budget in the world), but also to its most likely adversary. It turns out almost a mirror image. The 19 congress proclaims the course: "Let's make China Great Again." And on the other side of the ocean comes: "Let's make America Great Again."

DONALD TRUMP: I am very pleased to announce that for the first time our Ministry of Justice has identified large networks of Chinese drug traffickers. They will now be pressed, the charges for the supply and distribution of fetanol in the United States.

Trump was referring to fentanyl - a synthetic drug that has become a real scourge for the poor neighborhoods of Chicago, Detroit or Los Angeles. The United States opioid epidemic — 2 of a million drug addicts — is, of course, a big problem, exposing the inside of Tramp getting up from his knees, in which only stock market indices stand up and hidden unemployment goes off scale. But the thing is different. Hysteria - "China specifically puts Americans on fentanyl" - is fully consonant with the famous aria about Russian hackers. And since Trump is about to visit Beijing, his interest in this topic can hardly be considered accidental.

USA TODAY: Today, China is the main source of fentanyl and its derivatives, where illegal laboratories can hide in the depths of the gigantic chemical industry, which the United States cannot control. Although the Justice Ministry announced a great success, thanking China for its assistance, it is unclear whether the arrests in China itself and the factories there will be closed. All of this is doubly interesting, given Trump's upcoming visit, since he intends to put pressure on Xi Jinping and seek to fulfill the moratorium on the sale of fentanyl, as well as issuing in the US those involved in the drug trade.

Well, after the convention, it is clear that Xi Jinping is not one of those who allow himself to push. However, Trump can not push. There are no weaklings and nerds left in the world. All the guys are cool. Therefore, if the Chinese side does not show the required negotiability, it may well suffer ... Korea.

It should be understood that the DPRK does not represent for the United States neither danger nor interest other than in the context of the containment of China. The war on the Korean Peninsula is the very grenade that can completely confuse the cards on the table and cancel the ambitious plans of the Chinese Marxists. By the way, if in Beijing they really remember Marx and Lenin, they hardly consider what is happening as a miracle.

IMPERIALISM AS A HIGHER STAGE OF CAPITALISM: A non-economic superstructure growing on the basis of financial capital, its policies and ideologies reinforce the striving for colonial conquest. In all countries of the old civilization, there is accumulated "impatience, irritation, hatred, threatening public peace; to find an application of energy, knocked out of a certain class rut, to give it a deal outside the country so that there is no explosion inside."

And wishing to give an exit of energy - a dime a dozen. In the plans of the same Trump, a visit to the demilitarized zone on the border with the DPRK and an inspection of the 38 parallel. What he has warned everyone ten times already.

DONALD TRUMP: I have a very good relationship with President Xi. He now has a party congress, which will give him unprecedented powers. So that's great. He is a great guy. They help us, block Korean banks, cut off oil supplies. But, of course, we do not fool around here. He is for China. And I am for America. 93% of all commodity flows in the DPRK passes through China, that is, everything depends on China. But irrespective of this, we are ready. You would just be dumbfounded if you knew to what extent we are ready. If required. Well, if not required.

Something still suggests what is required. Especially if you listen to American generals who periodically urge to study the history of the previous Korean war. If we take into account the presence of three aircraft carrier groups near China - from Monday the USS Nimitz, Reagan and Roosevelt stroll in the South China Sea along with the Aegis floating complexes and nuclear submarines. Given the return of American nuclear aviation in constant combat readiness. Or news that the UK is preparing plans for the evacuation of its team from the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pkhenchkhane. As in the 1950 year, there is no chance that if the blow to Pyongyang is dealt, China will be able to stand aside.

But for now, all over China is a cloudless sky. And there is no reason not to rejoice at friends and comrades who continue to successfully build a building, the foundation of which was laid not without our help. No matter how differently we now treat his long-dead architects.

GUARDIAN: 2017 was a record year for the number of Chinese tourists who wanted to celebrate the centenary of the communist revolution that brought the Bolsheviks to power and changed the development path of Russia and China. According to Rostourism, in the first six months of this year, the number of visitors from China increased by 36%. The agency connects it with the so-called "Red Tourism" - an initiative of the Chinese government and Xi Jinping personally, encouraging trips to places of revolutionary glory.

URA.RU: In the city of Tavda, Sverdlovsk Region, on the eve of the October Revolution 100 anniversary of the October Revolution, a monument to Lenin was demolished. The demolished statue of the founder of the Soviet state was 62 of the year.

Earlier in Chelyabinsk during the May holidays, a monument to Lenin was demolished on the territory of the forging factory. In Pervouralsk on the Day of Metallurgist 15, the monument to Ilyich was left without a head. 32-year-old drunk man climbed on a statue and tore his head.
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  1. Vend
    Vend 31 October 2017 15: 06 New
    In the 90's, the Russians changed their minds and went the other way, now to observe their neighbors with a mixed sense of skepticism and envy.
    Apparently, the author transfer his feelings to all Russians. China has its own path, Russia has its own. To compare the last thing.
    1. iouris
      iouris 1 November 2017 13: 36 New
      Quote: Wend
      To compare the last thing.

      Everything is clear about China: a historic CCP congress has just passed in China. And what is the purpose of the Russian Federation? It is known that "there is no goal - there is no system."
      1. Vend
        Vend 1 November 2017 14: 02 New
        Quote: iouris
        Quote: Wend
        To compare the last thing.

        Everything is clear about China: a historic CCP congress has just passed in China. And what is the purpose of the Russian Federation? It is known that "there is no goal - there is no system."

        There is a goal, but not everyone likes it and not everyone can accept it.
  2. Slon_on
    Slon_on 31 October 2017 15: 31 New
    “In the 90s, Russians changed their minds and went the other way” - in the 90s they betrayed and robbed us.
    1. zoolu350
      zoolu350 31 October 2017 15: 47 New
      Amendment. Since the 90s we have been betrayed and ripped off, for these actions have not ended.
  3. wei
    wei 31 October 2017 16: 19 New
    Not with us, but they. It is not necessary to consider a purulent liberal tumor as an integral part of a person and elevate it to the rank of a necessary organ
    Casino jugglery. What matters is not the amount of the win, but the probability of the event. There are not so many bastards, they are just the most loud.
    monuments demolish and destroy memory to leave their
  4. Dedall
    Dedall 31 October 2017 19: 13 New
    "History does not take the subjunctive mood." - Churchill said, and it’s so pity, because if Perestroika were limited to the creation of cooperatives and private enterprises while maintaining the system of state loans and a ban on the export of capital, then Russia would be the First Power.
  5. Krasnodar
    Krasnodar 1 November 2017 00: 33 New
    The second economy of the world does not mean the second welfare citizens on the globe.
    In China, pensions are paid only to the military, government officials and top managers.
    There is nothing to envy, as well as study. In the Russian Federation there is no one billion people and a cheap slave. strength.
    1. Alex66
      Alex66 1 November 2017 07: 05 New
      We have the same pensions paid to the military, officials and top managers, while the rest have a living allowance.
      1. Krasnodar
        Krasnodar 1 November 2017 08: 21 New
        Quote: Alex66
        We have the same pensions paid to the military, officials and top managers, while the rest have a living allowance.

        And in China, full 0.
        1. Pancir026
          Pancir026 1 November 2017 08: 54 New
          Quote: Krasnodar
          And in China, full 0.

          Exactly? To lie a duty or out of ignorance?
          Pension benefits in China are laid down in government bodies called city labor and social protection bureaus, whose reforms are rare and difficult. Nationwide pension systems in China do not yet work.

          Pensioners who are legally entitled to a pension must work for at least 15 years and be eligible for a basic social pension. Throughout the course of his career, a civil servant or an employee of a certain profession monthly deducts to the state pension fund a certain amount of payments to his personal account in the amount of 11% of the salary. This percentage includes the transfer by the employer of 7% and the employee himself - 4% of the employee's salary.

          So do not drag the owl to the globe, telling horror stories.
          Is everything perfect in the USA?
          It is believed that in the United States of America - the best conditions for retirees. Absolutely all citizens receive social security, including those who have never worked. The minimum pension in the US is $ 280-300. Translated into Russian rubles, this is about 18 thousand.
          tml /
  6. Alex66
    Alex66 1 November 2017 07: 03 New
    China is forced to develop, they realized that you cannot build a developed society on just the dogmas and started to carry out, neatly, reforms, other people came to power, they saw opportunities for personal enrichment, even though to the detriment of the people and took advantage of this. China is now transforming, changing, developing, but we have stepped back, not even one step more than we need to take a run (we are told that we are about to jump into the digital economy, nonsense), we are simply moving back into a feudal society, where there will be new nobles and their slaves (free slaves, forced to volunteer to pay for food, housing, everything else will be a luxury). Therefore, monuments to Lenin are demolished from us, so that we forget about the 8-hour working day, the right to rest, education and life.
    1. iouris
      iouris 1 November 2017 13: 39 New
      Quote: Alex66
      we are demolishing monuments to Lenin

      Thanks to China, the mausoleum is not demolished.
  7. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 4 November 2017 06: 07 New
    The fact that the monuments to Lenin are being demolished and at times there are attempts to demolish the mausoleum by burying Lenin is explained by the tacit approval of the authorities, who flirt with the liberal-treacherous current of the United States. China is developing, among other things, because they have a party that knows where to go and what needs to be done. What about us? Something slurred like "so that everyone was fine." Or everyone is talking about the need for reform, but it all comes down to "where to retire and increase the retirement age."