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How to distinguish a real AK from a Chinese fake

The Kalashnikov assault rifle did not accidentally become the most common weapons in the world. Various AK modifications were made in more than 20 countries.

Perhaps the most famous foreign option is the Chinese 56 TYPE. From Colombia to Vietnam, from Mozambique to Afghanistan, these automata participated in dozens of local conflicts and earned a very mixed reputation.

Today we will talk about how and when these machines appeared, how they differ from the present Soviet AK, and which countries decided to “copy a copy” and began to produce versions of the Chinese machine gun.


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  1. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 27 October 2017 18: 48
    I understand this. They bring me into the armory and give out the AK. But I, wise in knowledge, say: give me our AK, you’ll give me a hectic Chinese. And then they will be ashamed. They will find and give ours and I will leave.
    1. Locksmith
      Locksmith 27 October 2017 21: 05
      Quote: p-k Oparyshev
      .I am wise in knowledge I say: give me our AK

      Knowledge-wise will require AKM laughing and smart - AK74 lol
  2. hohol95
    hohol95 27 October 2017 20: 50
    Type 56 is WONDERFUL!
    But, where is TYPE 22; TYPE 56S and TYPE 88S ???
  3. dDYHA
    dDYHA 28 October 2017 10: 14
    Watching a video is a waste of time. Even if they say that this is for full losers. And that is extremely little information.