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Russia is a hostage of a strategic Indian-American conspiracy. Blackmail for the "drain" technology continues


For decades of comprehensive military-technical cooperation with India, we have become accustomed to the fact that this actively developing regional superpower is the primary key to Moscow’s geopolitical control over the South Asian region. Hot territorial disputes between India, on the one hand, and China and Pakistan, on the other, initiated many multi-billion purchase contracts for the Indian naval and air forces of an impressive amount of ultra-low noise diesel-electric submarines of 877EKM Paltus, large anti-submarine ships. Avenue 61-ME "Kashin-II / Rajput", frigates of Ave 1135.6 "Talwar", various versions of front-line fighters MiG-21, tactical bombers MiG-27 and modern super-maneuverable multi-purpose fighters Su-30MKI. With the help of these weapons, the Indian army partly (in some operational areas) was able to establish military parity with the PLA and the armed forces of Pakistan.

For example, right up to the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, more than 260 multi-purpose tactical fighters Su-30MKI, supplied to HAL corporation in the form of vehicle sets from 2002, have provided the Indian Air Force with full technological and operational-tactical superiority over simplified Su-30MKK, Su -30MK2, as well as J-10A and J-11, which are in service with the Chinese Air Force. The superiority consisted in the installation of the one of the most advanced export radars from the BNNXX Bars passive HEADLIGHTS, licensedly assembled in Nasik, due to which India at one time became the first Asian country to own the most numerous fleet with PFAR radars, ahead of this even the criterion of the Air Force technology donor - the Russian Federation, which, due to the difficult economic situation, could adopt only limited series of modernized Su-011CM. The latter were equipped with a standard outdated airborne radar H27, the only advantage of which was the software and hardware unification with guided missiles air combat P-001 (RVV-AE). Also, Indian Su-77MKI received improved AL-30FP turbojet engines with an all-curving vector thrust system and an increased 31% thrust reaching 2,4 kgf. The Chinese "Dryers" at that time could only boast of a modernized onboard radar H12800VE with the introduced air-to-surface channel, which has low noise immunity and 001 target channels. The power plant Su-2MK30 was represented by two TRDDF AL-2F with a weight of 31 kgf.

The beginning of the 2 decade of the 21st century was marked by an acceleration in the development of promising Chinese AFAR-radars, which subsequently reached the level of “Leopards” both in terms of energy quality and in terms of throughput and target canal. One of these airborne radar systems is the KLJ-7A model, which has 11 modes of operation, the ability to track air objects on the 15 aisle and fire at 4. Moreover, it became possible to update the radar software for the introduction of the synthetic aperture mode, which is implemented in the algorithms of the majority of American and Western European radars with AFAR from Raytheon companies (AN / APG-77, AN / APG-63V3, AN / PG-81 , AN / APG-83 SABR) and “BAE Systems” (Captor-E). The balance of power began to shift rapidly toward the People’s Republic of China: parity was lost. All the maps of New Delhi by regional domination were mixed with information about plans to install the above-mentioned radar aboard the advanced tactical fighter JF-17 Block III "Thunder", which is being developed to update the Pakistan Air Force fleet. Together with the PL-15 ultra-long-range URVB, equipped with integral rocket-ramjet engines, these machines are quite capable of replaying the Su-30MKI DVB. In the Indian Air Force, HAL and the Ministry of Defense, this is well understood and several programs to enhance the anti-aircraft capabilities of a fighter fleet are considered as a response.

The most promising of these is the program to develop an average tactical fighter 5-th generation AMCA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft), which involves the creation of an unobtrusive tactical fighter with a combat radius of about 1000 km, a practical ceiling 16-17 km, a high thrust ratio in 1,15 - 1,2 kgf / kg, achieved by 2-x GTX GTX "Kaveri" turbocharger with a nationally developed military equipment, as well as airborne radar with active PAR (also national development). According to experts of the Aerospace Development Agency ADA (subdivision is part of the Indian Defense Research and Development Organization DRDO), the tactical and technical characteristics of the product are perfectly combined with the geography of the extended South Asian theater, where the probable opponents are the Chinese subtle J-20 and J-31 fighters , as well as modern long-range anti-aircraft missile systems HQ-9. Here I would like to slightly adjust the information of representatives of the Indian defense structures and note that AMCA fighters will operate most effectively in the Indian-Chinese and Indian-Pakistan air borders, where the need for refueling by air tankers IL-78MKI will be absent in half of the cases. At the same distant approaches (above the western part of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea), Su-30MKI, as well as their modifications modified according to the Super-30 program and having a range of 1500 - 1700 km, will remain the advantage.

Until the operational squadron of the first AMCA squadron, which occurs no earlier than 2023, is achieved, the functions of patrolling the air borders and gaining air superiority over Tibet will be assigned to the 6 units of the multi-purpose fighters Rafale, Su-30MKI, as well as Indian LCA Tejas Mk -1A ”, which will soon be equipped with a lightweight modification of modern on-board radar with active PARA RBE-2, the standard version of which is set to“ Rafali ”.

"Tejas Mk-1A"

Much more important and indicative can be considered a joint Russian-Indian project of the promising 5th generation FGFA fighter, which should establish operational and tactical balance in South and Central Asia, as well as allow the Indian Air Force to maintain proper combat potential in front of the advanced Chinese air forces receiving weapons 5th generation tactical fighters J-20. In the period from 2007 to 2013, the joint project of Sukhoi Company PJSC and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, an Indian aircraft building company, based on the structural component of the promising Su-57 aircraft complex, moved forward with grief in half: the parties were happy with everything and an outline design was actively developed. Nevertheless, already on December 24, 2013, at a conference on prospects aviation Indian industry, representatives of the Air Force fiercely criticized the idea of ​​the FGFA concept proposed by the Russian side. The Indian Air Force command was fundamentally not happy with equipping the machine with AL-41F1 turbojet dual-circuit engines, in which the Indians saw a low operational life and a simple "development of outdated AL-31F technology." New Delhi also complained about Sukhoi’s reluctance to provide important project information.

Initially, it was not reported what kind of information the representatives of the Indian Air Force and HAL are interested in. Later, the list of requirements became clearer and included: the need to install a new, more “high-torque” next-generation turbofan engine “Product 30” (18000 kgf), providing a thrust-to-weight ratio of 1,13 kgf / kg with a 63% filling of the fuel system, installation of a full-fledged airborne radar complex Sh-121 (including both the main high-energy radar with AFAR N036, and smaller-sized side-looking radars N036B-1-01L / 01B and wing extended N036L-1-01), and, finally, the transfer of all critical technologies to Indian HAL specialists modular avionics, airborne radar, airborne defense complex, etc. Starting from the 17th year, these requirements began to be presented on a regular basis (once a quarter); plus, high-ranking representatives of the Indian Air Force began to use elements of blackmail in an attempt to achieve their goals.

In particular, in the last two weeks of October 2017, during the regular attack and slander campaign in the direction of the FGFA project by the blunt representatives of the Indian Air Force command, the example was the American tactical fighter 5-generation F-35A. It was reported that, in contrast to FGFA, the American machine was adapted for modular maintenance of a power plant; it has a lower effective scattering surface. In a more accessible language, modular maintenance of the power plant is the repair of the AL-41F solely by the manufacturer’s own means and technical means, and this is “unpleasant and expensive” for the Indian side. Frankly, it’s ridiculous to hear such miserable statements from those who recently agreed to sign the 7,98 billion-dollar contract to buy the French Rafale 36 fighters with an incredibly high cost of about 110 million dollars per unit.

Despite the presence of MBDA Meteor air-to-air missiles with a range of 160 km, these cars with "clogged" suspension units are barely capable of accelerating to 1550 - 1700 km / h. With such a speed, even in the distant future, Indian fighter aircraft will not be able to oppose anything with higher-speed Chinese J-20 and J-31. More importantly, the Rafaleh AFAR radar for RBE-2 beginners has very mediocre energy possibilities: the 1 m2 EPR target is detected at a distance of 120 km, which is almost 2 times worse than the simplified version of “Protein” provided for FGFA. It was with great pleasure that the Indians “merged” 3 with the annual share of the Air Force budget for the purchase of new aircraft (recall that one annual share for the purchase of aircraft for the Indian Air Force is about 2,8 billion dollars).


Despite the fact that the purchase price of one FGFA, according to various estimates, is 170 - 190 million dollars, the combat qualities of the machine even with AL-41F1 engines and the simplified “Belka” radar will be noticeably higher than that of slow and cumbersome American F-35A, who so fond of virtuosos provocative rhetoric in New Delhi. In flight-technical qualities, FGFA, which is a constructive analogue of the T-50, is superior to Lightning-2. For example, the Indian Su-57 with the turbojet AL-41F1 turbojet total weight 30000 kgf is 1,025 kgf / kg with the take-off weight 29720 kg (full fuel tanks + air-air suspension configuration).

The F-35A fighter with full internal fuel tanks (8278 kg), 4 URVB AIM-120D and AIM-9X Block II / III on internal suspension units has a coefficient of thrust at 0,87 kgf / kg, which does not give the American car the required steady speed of turn turn (especially on the vertical). Air duel will be played even by such machines as F-16C, F / A-18C / D / E / F and Su-27CM2. The average wing load of FGFA will be by 35% less than that of Lightning (371 vs. 503 kg / m2, respectively): this quality significantly increases the life of the airframe, as well as the bearing qualities. These indicators allow you to achieve better maneuverability and efficiency at high altitudes of operation. The center-section of the machine is represented by advanced flushes at the root of the wing, which allow for flights with high angles of attack, which, combined with the thrust vector deflection system, makes FGFA a unique super-maneuverable "air fighter", at times superior to the F-35A in the dog dump. The range of 1600 - 1700 and more kilometers (with PTB), as well as the maximum flight speed in 2450 km / h, gives FGFA pilots the ability to successfully chase and drive out high-speed enemy aircraft from patrolled airspace, to which Rafali slow, Thejas and F-35A are not capable. Machines will be able to operate up to the borders of the South China Sea without using tanker aircraft.

The “lightweight” and slightly simplified version of the H036 “Squirrel” on-board radar will not yield to the raptor radar AN / APG-77, and therefore in long-range air combat, the machine must not lag behind the promising fighters entering into service with the Chinese Air Force. The main disadvantages of FGFA, exactly like the Russian analogue of the Su-57, can be considered only a high infrared signature (visibility), as well as an insufficient structural strength of the power elements of the airframe, which has never been disproved. The first is observed in connection with the open architecture of the engine nacelle, in which there is no heat-absorbing envelope between the structural elements of the AL-41F1 and the internal surfaces of the nacelle, or specialized multi-layer nano-screens with interlayer air cavities blown by the air flow discharged from special air intakes that are outlined in special air intakes that are outlined in special air intakes that are outlined in the air inlets, which are on the wedge of the air inlets, which are outlined in the air, in the air, in the air, in the air, in the air, in the air, in the case of the charts, it’s not on the way. at the root part. The satisfactory structural strength of FGFA can be seen in the longitudinal section along the visual "tendency" of the center section in the region of its central part. According to experts in the field of aerodynamics, this leads to the phenomenon of “breaking” the airframe during energy maneuvering at a speed of 550 - 700 km / h and an altitude of about 1500 - 3000 m with short-term overloads of more than 9 units. (especially at maximum combat load in the internal compartments of weapons). When executing elements of super-maneuverability with less overloads and a small amount of armament, the phenomenon of “breaking” of FGFA is reduced to zero.

As for the effective reflective surface of FGFA, it is only slightly larger than that observed in F-35A (according to more or less adequate calculations 0,3 - 0,4 м2 versus 0,1 - 0,2 м2, respectively). Official representatives of the Air Force of India “inflated” the situation with EPR to the “schizophrenic merry-go-round” and began to accuse “Sukhoi” of the “backwardness of technology” against the background of the progress of Western (in particular, American) developments in the design of 5 generation fighters. What is even more suspicious, such statements went off after negotiations between US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi 26 June 2017, and then in Washington New Delhi was called "a key military and technical partner in South Asia." The official July visit of Modi to Israel for a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Reuven Ravlin and head of the opposition Yitzhak Herzog can be considered an equally important “bell” for Moscow. This trip completely set New Delhi’s geopolitical priorities for the coming decades: India almost completely joined the “pro-American axis” on both global and Persian-Asian differences, including the perennial feuds between Tel Aviv and Tehran.

We certainly should not expect anything good from such a “close friendship”. And it is extremely sad to observe attempts by Rostec to present the situation with the FGFA program in an exceptionally pink color at a time when New Delhi, with even greater fervor fueled by Washington, continues to methodically blackmail Sukhoi with a possible exit from the program for not providing critical technologies 5 generation aircraft complex. To whom these technologies will later be transferred is quite understandable! The “big geopolitical redistribution” is eagerly shifting the zone of interests of Russia from New Delhi in the direction of Tehran and Islamabad, and the situation with the FGFA is only one of many confirmations of these global changes.

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 27 October 2017 06: 16
    When concluding agreements with the Indians, Russian companies had to write down all these nuances indicated in the article and not cry now ... the modern arms market can be said a theater of war ... where an ally or partner you want can suddenly shoot in the back ... not one must be so naive when dealing with Indians.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 27 October 2017 07: 42
      And it’s extremely sad to see Rostec’s attempts to present the situation with the FGFA program in exceptionally pink at a time when New Delhi, with its still large, heated from Washington, zeal, continues to methodically blackmail Sukhoi
      it is a comprehensive planning of the future in the financial sector.
      The United States transmit a huge amount of knowledge in the financial sector, including in the stock exchange game, etc.
      Indians bought world capital.
    2. iouris
      iouris 27 October 2017 11: 20
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      it was necessary to prescribe all these nuances

      This is someone's "private" business, built on the privatization of "profits" and the nationalization of losses. It looks like they are selling the leftovers. Leftovers are always cheap and you can bargain. India is growing, indies are already planning to master "our" Northern Sea Route, as if Russia would soon be gone. All bhai bhai, real politics.
    3. tracer
      tracer 27 October 2017 14: 38
      Arming an exuberant neighbor with a two-armed gun, one must remember that you will be, if not the first, then the second to whom he will defuse the barrel.
    4. Sasha71
      Sasha71 27 October 2017 15: 10
      The article is of a provocative nature (which is only the epithet of “wretched” attitude towards a long-term and most reliable ally. Such a tone is inappropriate if it does not have a provocative goal.) In addition, there is no evidence of the readiness to transfer “critical technologies” to the Indians, and the article provocatively presents speculation in the form of an almost obvious fact. The fact that these are ordinary tricks of the "eastern bazaar" is ignored in the article. Yes, they behave inappropriately, but this is money, toggr is a tough affair, but there are no reasons to represent Russian naive fools (except for the case when the article is provocative in nature). It is necessary to firmly upset for blackmail and the bazaar level of bargaining, but it is not worth emotionally reacting to the tricks of the Indians.
      1. Awaz
        Awaz 28 October 2017 21: 06
        the fact that the Russian Federation is not going to transfer technology is, as it were, the reason for all this unpleasant moment. In principle, such things have a place to be and they need to be addressed. However, if you look at history recently, you can find real facts of the sale or transfer of technologies important enough for the Russian Federation to the same Chinese and Indians, too. The Chinese are already using the best practices from the USSR to compete with the Russian Federation in the arms market.
    5. Primoos
      Primoos 27 October 2017 17: 11
      Bhai bhai was blown away.
  2. alex-cn
    alex-cn 27 October 2017 07: 08
    In addition to the "simpletons of the Russians," no one transfers technology to the Indians of technology, not even production, even service .... So they survive from ours everything that all their freaks can and are aimed at.
    1. Oden280
      Oden280 27 October 2017 10: 12
      It's not about simpletons. It's just that in Rostec there are “effective managers” who feed on these contracts. And they are ready to merge anything for their profit.
    2. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 27 October 2017 14: 26
      Quote: alex-cn
      In addition to the "simpletons of the Russians," no one does not transmit technology, even services, to technology Indians ....

      Are you sure about that? All recent Indian tenders explicitly spell out technology transfer and production localization.
      In the same tender for Rafali, on which a contract was signed,
      India was to receive technology for the production of aircraft and the allocation of at least 50% of the value of the contract for the procurement of Indian suppliers
      1. Days
        Days 27 October 2017 17: 09
        Well, only France refused to transfer technology to them, and the number of purchased Rafales was reduced by 3 times. And all of them (36 pieces) will be entirely produced in France. The first are expected in 2019, the end of deliveries in 2025.

        So the statement about the transfer of critical technologies only from Russia is still true.
  3. Basil50
    Basil50 27 October 2017 07: 13
    I haven’t been to India. But I had to communicate with representatives of India. Except for petty lies and theft, nothing remained in the memory of communication. In general, as with gypsies, immigrants from India and retaining their * national characteristics * - theft, deception and craving for gold.
    1. jjj
      jjj 27 October 2017 10: 12
      There are normal people there ...
      SCHWERIN 27 October 2017 10: 20
      Yes, the Indians are something. You can say allies, but this is only a sound ....
      1. knn54
        knn54 27 October 2017 12: 20
        After the death of the main politicians from the Nehru-Gandhi clan of the Russian Federation, it is practically necessary to start EVERYTHING with "0".
    3. creak
      creak 27 October 2017 13: 53
      Quote: Vasily50
      In India was not

      Quote: Vasily50
      . In general, as with gypsies, immigrants from India and retaining their * national characteristics * - theft, deception and craving for gold.

      I was in India - I had a chance in the distant past to participate in organizing the assembly of the first licensed interceptors of the Mig 21 EF at the HAL corporation's factory near Nasik. So, I had to communicate with a fairly wide range of Indians - from the factory test pilot, engineers, and technicians to the local population. The people there, as elsewhere, everyone - was convinced of their own experience. There are no problems with ordinary people, friendly and friendly - with those who are of higher rank and descent - not everything is clear, everything happened, it depends on where he was brought up and studied ...
      So you don’t need to generalize and smear all Indians with black paint - you just need to know the country a little deeper, and as for all shit - it, unfortunately, is found not only in India ...
    4. iouris
      iouris 27 October 2017 14: 25
      Quote: Vasily50
      But here in with the representatives of India

      Maybe they didn’t communicate with those. India is a huge country, India has it all. On the other hand, the attitude to the Russian Federation as a state applies to “representatives of the Russian Federation”. I do not think that the collapse of the USSR was positively received in India.
      1. Basil50
        Basil50 27 October 2017 16: 45
        Well, what were they.
        Far from the poor fell into the SOVIET UNION, but they were all very thieving.
        In RUSSIA today, far from poor students are studying, but they are also thieving, but have become more arrogant. They used to be afraid, but today they’re very arrogant.
        1. DPN
          DPN 30 October 2017 10: 13
          While we ourselves will scour the history of the USSR, praising today's almost 1/2 part of the USSR, it is unlikely that Russia will be treated with RESPECT.
  4. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 27 October 2017 07: 15
    Well, in India, corruption has simply been elevated to a “state program” —there has always been a competition for those who will give more. At one time, the Hindus quarreled very much with samyrikos on the basis of Pakistani motives, now this has been forgotten against the background of the desire to "live beautifully" .... Well, Americans are richer than Russians in any way and give bribes obviously more to those who need it. The Russians, however, abetted themselves because of the sanctions, the Crimea, the Olympics with Football, Syria, etc., and apparently began to be greedy and ceased to well feed the Hindu military elite, which the Americans took advantage of ...
    1. Evgeniy667b
      Evgeniy667b 31 October 2017 11: 15
      Well, however, they noticed about the Olympics with Football. Public relations and shows in Russia are now in a prominent place.
  5. Wedmak
    Wedmak 27 October 2017 08: 27
    methodically blackmail Sukhoi with a possible exit from the program for failure to provide critical technologies for the promising aviation complex of the 5 generation

    Send them far into the forest. Well, I see no reason to transfer to the Indians not only the technologies of the 5th generation, but even the technologies of the 4th. Let them blackmail as much as they want, no one will give them such conditions as Russia. If they don't want to - there is a forest --->.
    1. Old Man
      Old Man 22 September 2019 14: 05
      blackmail should always be stopped, otherwise we’ll remain without pants and still have to. The Indians, in their blackmail, have a simple prospect - to see the J20 and J31 in their airspace, and the greetings from the Pakistani JF-17. So we wish patience to the negotiators from Sukhoi and firmness.
  6. Alex66
    Alex66 27 October 2017 09: 28
    The situation as with Ukraine we swelled into it 200 billion, and Americans 5 billion, but to the right people and not everyone in a row. The result is obvious. Words about profit and cooperation are good, but you need to give the right people.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. shans2
        shans2 27 October 2017 14: 39
        don’t whisper little ukroinets, endure laughing ATO Putin will attack, and you are all offended
      2. Standard
        Standard 27 October 2017 18: 00
        Quote: Sasha Shishkin
        Where did you get the scarecrow !?

        You have to go back to the Outskirts. To the Fatherland.
    2. Old Man
      Old Man 22 September 2019 14: 07
      in Ukraine, 200bn was thrown into well, very "right" people, but not all. All were sent before 2013, ask Comrade Romodanovsky, he won't let you lie (apparently it was a very cunning policy of attracting compatriots)
    SCHWERIN 27 October 2017 10: 28
    Unfortunately, if you want to survive in this world, you have to conduct a double policy. And being a sucker is bad and humiliating. They taught us from Soviet times - Russo-Hindi phai phai and we’ll all get introduced! And we have such phai phai 99.9%. Some #brothers are worth it.
    According to the mind, it is necessary to raise the level of economy, education and science, create super military equipment, and sell yesterday to all sorts of phai phayam.
  8. Winnie76
    Winnie76 27 October 2017 10: 57
    Let’s take a penguin. Together with technology and localization laughing . Yesterday, people wrote - F35 vomits everyone on the semidole.
    1. Krabik
      Krabik 27 October 2017 13: 29
      If the F-35 vomits everyone - this does not mean that you need to squander your technology left and right.

      Especially to such an unreliable partner as India, which may well pass everything to our friend Trump for studying%)
  9. qwests
    qwests 27 October 2017 13: 32
    why are you worried about what is not in the contract? there is not written must and must give the unwritten.
    what kind of panic?
    there is a joint venture with joint people and what they jointly come up with will be no more no less.
    I look, are smart people gathered here or on a smart guy?
    1. LAWNER
      LAWNER 28 October 2017 07: 48
      Promotion of Russian weapons is hard, painstaking work. The load of an entire manufacturing industry sometimes depends on a couple of signatures under a contract. For such work it’s time to give the Hero of Socialist Labor. If Russia has entered the arms market again, then you need to fight for every comma. money and work need a conscience.
      - “Do you respect me ?, so buy from me!” - now it’s not relevant. Everything needs the best, powerful with a full production cycle.
  10. IS-80_RVGK2
    IS-80_RVGK2 27 October 2017 13: 38
    Soon, probably, I will already guess Damantsev’s articles with the first letter. Panic and incompetence, he should make this motto his family. laughing
    1. Antokha
      Antokha 27 October 2017 15: 06
      There is something to rejoice about. The ability to recognize is very important in human life!
  11. Ivan Ivanov_7
    Ivan Ivanov_7 27 October 2017 13: 41
    In aerospace, the aerodynamic principle of aircraft construction has ceased to be dominant. It has been replaced by the new principle of magnetically electric (UFO flying saucers), which is several times better than aerodynamics. The appearance of fighters created by new technology with new physical principles determines the development in this area for 100 years before . As VV Putin said on new physical principles.
    1. Antokha
      Antokha 27 October 2017 14: 40
      You have big problems with literacy, dear. It’s better not to write yet, but to read.
      1. CT-55_11-9009
        CT-55_11-9009 27 October 2017 16: 20
        Judging by the style of presentation - Google translation of a technical text. "Officer's daughter", probably ...
  12. 1536
    1536 27 October 2017 14: 03
    Only in Soviet times could one hope that India could pursue an independent policy in the field of scientific and technical cooperation and in other areas. The Soviet Union was the force behind which it was possible to hide and look in the crack what was happening. Today, the colonial past, the state English, close contacts of the Indian comprador bourgeoisie with business circles of Great Britain and the USA have made India completely dependent on the West. And why be surprised? Although there is something. One must be surprised at the shortsightedness of the policy that we pursue with respect to India, primarily in the scientific and technical field. (And there is no need to mention Brahmos missiles, etc., since this is more an exception to the rule than a rule). No need to ruin your state by listening to notorious liars and traitors, so as not to break contacts with reliable allies and friends, betraying them with this rupture and unpredictability of your "new governments", or you should be content with the role of a "younger" brother in scientific and technical contacts, about which remember last, gradually gaining lost ground.
      SCHWERIN 27 October 2017 14: 32
      Having risen in business at home, the battle is going to continue to continue to Britain to London. To London, not to Moscow. By and large, all these BRICs are a virtual entity, a conversation club. Maybe China is of interest, but we can have direct relations with it. So is the CSTO. Not a single joint operation in Syria. And what, West 17 could not conduct joint exercises? This could show the West that we also have real allies. In this regard, the United States and Europe (and not only) militarily a real bloc.
      We won’t succeed until we reach the great USSR in many areas. Then, to us, as a strong country, many countries will join on any terms.
  13. The comment was deleted.
    1. CT-55_11-9009
      CT-55_11-9009 27 October 2017 16: 21
      About the one in which we both live.
    2. Standard
      Standard 27 October 2017 18: 05
      Quote: Sasha Shishkin
      And what kind of Russia are we talking about?

      Russia is the only one. In any clothes.
  14. Mikhail Anokhin
    Mikhail Anokhin 27 October 2017 14: 20
    Sell ​​offal! You need to learn how to draw up contracts!
  15. SMP
    SMP 27 October 2017 14: 24
    New Delhi, with even greater zeal, fueled from Washington, continues to methodically blackmail Sukhoi with a possible exit from the program for not providing critical technologies for the promising 5th generation aviation complex. To whom these technologies will subsequently be transferred is quite understandable!

    Sadly, India is not the first, for me personally, Bulgaria became the first.
    Everyone has free choice ....
  16. daimon
    daimon 27 October 2017 14: 27
    Anatoly Serdyukov
    Industrial Director of the Rostec State Aviation Cluster
    1. daimon
      daimon 27 October 2017 15: 03
      Anatoly Serdyukov

      Industrial Director of the Aviation Cluster of Rostec State Corporation. No need to introduce. "Effective manager." People change, habits remain. Indians will be fine!
  17. Kent0001
    Kent0001 27 October 2017 14: 39
    Actually, this is a difference from 2 to 4 times. And that counts.
  18. ukoft
    ukoft 27 October 2017 15: 31
    Well, the engine could not arrange them a priori. al 41f, Russia also does not like. Americans have excellent engines with excellent resources, against the background of friendship against China, they can throw engines. they have them like hot cakes go prat and witney 135 seems. no one has this. and when someone finishes it, they will let the next generation go.
    radar - why not give an export version of the Sh-121. All the same, the Indians understand that they themselves can finish the protein. I generally thought that the Indians, along with Israel, would file their radar. who needs this squirrel.
    1. Old Man
      Old Man 22 September 2019 14: 21
      recalling the beginning of the FGFA program - Russi glider, Hindi stuffing ... And so, we have - there is no filling, but sell the glider with giblets, also make the stuffing ... What "Squirrel", what Sh-121? what do they have to do with it?

      It turned out that the Indians still can’t create, what they don’t have, and how soon they can, nobody knows. This is not outsourcing to run a software product support, although this often comes out crookedly.
  19. Offspring
    Offspring 27 October 2017 16: 02
    We, ours .... There is Putin and his united (personal) Russia. What to worry about weapons if there will soon be nothing to protect. The population is soldered, mortgaged, optimized medicine, whitened, decorated. It would be nice to introduce a law on the census before every election - then yes. But in fact, it’s not that they show it on TV, but personally go to the store and make an appointment with the doctor in two weeks - you make sure everything is okay ... with these airplanes and tanks in
  20. Fedor1
    Fedor1 27 October 2017 16: 03
    Again we are suckers
  21. Ru_Na
    Ru_Na 27 October 2017 17: 32
    Well, Russia will come out of the treaties, to which India hopes that the United States will help them with technology, yeah, how, they will throw it, and the Indians will remain with nothing.
  22. Vaska-cat
    Vaska-cat 27 October 2017 18: 52
    You read what people write about them:
    He worked with the Indians, or rather, the Indians.
    Got light once and for all.
    It's like with Asians, only with dumb but kind of "tricky" ones. They set the task, I carry it out, they say "but it was still necessary", and it turns out that I had to recount the whole project, if I set the task right away with these edits, it would take exactly the same amount of time.
    I hand over the corrected task, again "all is nonsense, but still this is necessary" - again recounting, 2 days to hu * m.
    And so 4 times. In the end, I’m confronting them with a fact, one more such a fortress, and you all begin to pay for any editing (the conditions were not set by me, my immediate supervisor, there were my plans for cooperation). The management agrees that Indians like OK and everything disappears from the horizon.
    Here competitors will call us (the sphere is rather narrow, everyone knows everyone) and such guys, and give us the calculations for that project, we’ll agree. Are we their Wat e Fak Gais?
    The Hindus decided to make the project in pieces, from different performers, for little money, in the hope of saving. When everything was revealed, it became clear that there were TK norms, and the concept and all that was needed to quickly complete the task.
    And, well, they also have pink hands and from them fonty spices per kilometer. P * zdets nasty guys.
  23. high
    high 27 October 2017 21: 13
    No less important “bell” for Moscow is Modi’s official July visit to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu[i] [/ i]
    Is it forbidden to visit Israel by the leaders of foreign countries?
    India is interested in obtaining Israeli advanced technologies, primarily in the defense industry.

    Israel not only possesses such technologies, but is one of Delhi’s three leading partners in the field of military-technical cooperation.
    A couple of months before the arrival of the head of the Indian government in Israel, a contract was announced on the delivery of the Barak 8 air defense and missile defense systems to the Indian Army and the Navy. The amount of the transaction is about $ 2 billion,
    If earlier India took from Israel only those weapons that Russia does not produce, today it is buying from Israel weapons that Russia produces, in particular shipboard air defense systems.
    In the field of water supply management and hi-tech industry, Israel is a world leader and sells these technologies to India ...
    1. Old Man
      Old Man 22 September 2019 14: 25
      "In the field of water supply systems management" you just don't say this in Israel, there are many people who are not satisfied.
  24. Eflintuk
    Eflintuk 27 October 2017 21: 36
    No technology will help this gypsy stupid thief. Yes, they themselves probably do not quite understand this - just to squeeze out some freebies, and then we'll see ... They can’t repair our diesels, about which production here we can talk.
  25. Vanych
    Vanych 27 October 2017 21: 57
    the French sent them and we need to send them in the same direction, let the Indians buy avenged f-35s from Amers, who still haven’t really learned how to fly, and put them in Pakistan and let the Indians feel on their ass whose planes are better
  26. Oleg Kozhevnikov
    Oleg Kozhevnikov 28 October 2017 00: 21
    Hindus merge all amers
  27. Cartalon
    Cartalon 28 October 2017 06: 40
    A good article, you guys want strategic cooperation with China and India at the same time, it doesn’t happen either one or the other.
    1. Augustine Gladyshev
      Augustine Gladyshev 30 October 2017 17: 13
      China is not a friend of India - it is really NECESSARY to CHOOSE YOURSELFER FRIENDS, although they are worth each other!
  28. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 29 October 2017 12: 31
    You must have patience and endurance. Delaying with minor nuances, but delaying the signing of any contracts.
  29. Nitarius
    Nitarius 31 October 2017 05: 25
    Well, everyone dismissed the snot ... of which the USA does not transfer technology and does not cry! in 10-20 years let them turn! in the meantime, shish them and not technology! and that will be seen!
  30. Evgeniy667b
    Evgeniy667b 31 October 2017 10: 54
    More recently, in VO when sucking deals with Indians, even a slight objection to them was perceived with hostility. India, but this is “Friends!” Who are behind us in fire and water. But you just had to think, and not defecate with boiling water about crisp green pieces of paper. India has never been and never will be our friend, it’s just litter with the psychology of jackals. All our greedy "elite from A to Z", instead of observing the interests of Russia, thinks only about their income. And Russia is not Rostec, led by Chemezov (By the way, he regularly reports to the Guarantor of the Constitution about the work done !?) I understand that the author of this article regrets the lost and outgoing opportunities, but there will be no return to the past. and it’s time to forget about all Modi and their ilk, since they are no different from the women of the ancient procession in essence.
  31. Kibernes
    Kibernes 31 October 2017 17: 52
    The whole huge article with a bunch of technical "water" was conceived only for the last two paragraphs. Wasn’t it easier to write them?
  32. Alex Bezymyanny
    Alex Bezymyanny 1 November 2017 20: 55
    Children and only. There are no friends, nor allies. You are always alone. All whalers, Indians and other trash - this is meat only for one. Achieving the goals of the Rus. Nothing more, including the two-legged upright Western Race.
  33. mann-mann
    mann-mann 1 November 2017 22: 45
    What weaknesses of all these negotiators in our country! They in some cases wipe the floor like a rag, and they will also thank and call these humiliations a high school of diplomacy!
  34. ikrut
    ikrut 2 November 2017 19: 50
    Quote: Ivan Ivanov_7
    In the airspace, the aerodynamic principle of aircraft construction has ceased to be dominant. It has been replaced by the new principle of magnetically electric (UFO flying saucers) which is several times better than aerodynamics.

    Aerodynamics is the science of the movement of material bodies in the air. It applies to LA, and to birds and any other objects that for one reason or another can move in the air (for example, a boot thrown up). And what kind of drive the object has is muscular, reactive or “magnetic-electric” - for aerodynamics this is the tenth thing. The configuration of the item, its speed and the parameters of the air flow are important. Aerodynamics laws also apply to “flying saucers” if these “saucers” fly in mid-air.
  35. peter rusin_2
    peter rusin_2 7 January 2020 15: 19
    Ntsu author right navel of the earth! You love the man in Rosoboronexport to work and teach the life of the Indians!