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France is blocking a contract with Egypt for the supply of 12 fighter jets Rafale

The French Ministry of Finance is blocking a contract for the supply of additional Dassault Rafale fighter jets to Egypt, since Egypt is asking for relief payments for the aircraft, reports bmpd with reference to

“During his visit to France, which will take place in the next three days, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi should remind his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron that he has high expectations from France, especially as part of the strategic partnership between the two countries Initiated in 2015, ”the publication says.

As part of this interaction, Egypt has begun to modernize its armed forces.

The publication recalls that France pledged to supply Egypt with new weapons, in particular, "aviation equipment (24 Rafale fighters, military communications satellite) and warships (four Gowind project corvettes, FREMM type frigate, two Mistral type universal landing ships). ” The cost of the entire package of contacts (from 2014 to 2016) reaches 6,83 billion euros.

Now the Ministry of Finance of France is forced to block all new contracts with Egypt, the contract for the 12 additional option fighters Rafale is no exception.

“The fact is that the funds allocated by the Ministry of Finance for contracts with Egypt to the investment bank Bpifrance (engaged in supporting French high-tech exports) have been almost completely exhausted. And the Ministry of Finance does not want to increase the amount of loans, due to the risks of the deteriorating situation in the country, ”explains the author of the article.

Meanwhile, the sources of the publication indicate the fact that Egypt did not default on payment of its obligations. They believe that Cairo has the means to pay their bills.

According to the interlocutors, “Egypt can also count on gas production on the Mediterranean shelf starting this year (In 2015, the Italian company ENI discovered a large gas field in Egypt’s territorial waters near Port Said)”. Gas reserves allow us to meet the domestic needs of the country for decades, start exporting it and rely on the flow of currency.
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  1. Nemesis
    Nemesis 24 October 2017 16: 36
    That's it .... So Egypt buys weapons on credit and no Saudi Arabia pays for it ... So I knew ... But Egypt does not repay loans ...
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 24 October 2017 17: 00
      lesson of Libya does not teach the Egyptians
      1. SERGE ANT
        SERGE ANT 24 October 2017 18: 15
        A lesson from Russia with “Mistral” does not teach the Egyptians. Who is next in line with reliable partners? smile
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 24 October 2017 20: 02
          I didn’t understand a damn thing.
          The fact that the Egyptians want to buy cheaper is understandable. The fact that the French will take the money in full (if sold) is also understandable. But where does "the funds allocated by the Ministry of Finance for contracts" have been exhausted.
          The French official has no money to buy paper with a fountain pen, so he closes the contract? Okay there with Russia, there was a political reason. But when there is a product, the client is ready to pay, and the seller, sorry, my pencil is broken, so there is nothing to sign this multi-million dollar contract ...
      2. antivirus
        antivirus 25 October 2017 20: 00
        are there crayfish in the Nile?
        "when the cancer on the mountain whistles ..."
  2. Berber
    Berber 24 October 2017 16: 37
    It seems to me for a reason. Moreover, the President of Egypt spoke about possible problems with ISIS at the UN.
    1. Berber
      Berber 24 October 2017 16: 50
      This is the previous news. - The Pentagon predicted the movement of IS fighters to Africa[i] [/ i]
  3. MoJloT
    MoJloT 24 October 2017 16: 39
    At first the mistral, now rafal, but not reliable partners.
    1. Solomon Kane
      Solomon Kane 24 October 2017 16: 55
      There you go, grandmother, and Emmanuel ... wassat
    APASUS 24 October 2017 16: 55
    Political expediency played a role here again. Disagreements within certain groups affect the whole business. The Egyptians didn’t seem to be called the terrorists or they killed someone wrong, and money is just an excuse. In our case, everything was similar.
  5. Livonetc
    Livonetc 24 October 2017 17: 52
    Quote: BerBer
    This is the previous news. - The Pentagon predicted the movement of IS fighters to Africa[i] [/ i]

    Yes, that’s the conclusion.
    Now our boys will move to your new place of residence, but you dare not touch them!
    COMMUNISM. ORTHODOXY. PUTIN 24 October 2017 18: 51
    It's good. So they will take more of our MiGs. Health, brothers. Wiped the nose to the paddling pool.
  7. bald
    bald 24 October 2017 19: 33
    It doesn’t matter who, to whom and how much, only there is an old saying - "for free and sweet vinegar." Something in the world of freeloaders has developed. Army, from their own hands it is necessary to feed.