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Opinion of the former American admiral: Russia's ambitions in the Black Sea region are not limited to the Crimea

The Russian Armed Forces recently completed a widely-publicized military exercise, “The West,” which has become the largest since the days of the Cold War. More than 100 thousand people took part in the exercises, Tanks for offensive operations and armored personnel carriers, while direct aviation support. In the Black Sea, large naval operations were carried out. After the successful demonstrations in Eastern Europe, aimed at NATO, Russia will move south - to the most strategically important Black Sea region.

Opinion of the former American admiral: Russia's ambitions in the Black Sea region are not limited to the Crimea

The Black Sea gained key importance in the geopolitical race in ancient times, when the Greeks traveled along its shores (it is believed that the Argonauts were looking for the Golden Fleece). For many centuries, Greeks, Romans, Turks, Georgians, Armenians, Romanians, Bulgarians and other numerous and small peoples inhabited the shores of the Black Sea, leading the struggle for sea routes. The past of Russia is largely connected with the Black Sea region, especially with the Crimea. In the middle of the 19th century, during the Crimean War, the Ottoman, British, French empires and their European allies defeated the Russian Empire, whose losses amounted to half a million people, who died mainly from diseases and wounds.

The Crimea, which became part of the Ukrainian SSR in 1954, remains the center of tension between Russia and the West in the person of NATO. Russia formally annexed the Crimea and controls part of the south-eastern territory of Ukraine with the help of puppet forces and often thinks about creating a “land bridge” between Russian territory and the peninsula. The sanctions against Russia imposed as a result of the occupation and armed clashes (10 has already killed thousands) sanctions its economy and do not allow it to cooperate with the West in solving many problems, including the civil war in Syria.

Russia also occupied the territory of Georgia - another close NATO partner in the Black Sea region. Moscow gained control over two important Georgian regions — Abkhazia and South Ossetia — after a short-lived war in the 2008 year. No other non-NATO country has sent more soldiers per capita than Georgia to Afghanistan.

Finally, from a geopolitical point of view, the northern coast of Turkey, the extremely important Bosporus and Dardanelles, which separate the Aegean and Black Seas, and the coastlines of some other NATO allies are under pressure from the Russian Navy, whose ships are based in Sevastopol. This is an ice-free port that Russia has long dreamed of. Sevastopol - a window in the Mediterranean. Russia gained control over the bases of the Syrian coast, with the help of the Black Sea fleet it will spread its influence in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas and will compete with NATO, as is the case in the north in the Baltic Sea.

It is not only geopolitical, but Russia has economic reasons to press NATO and its partners. In addition to the discovery of oil and gas fields, Moscow is attracted by the construction of an oil pipeline that will connect the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Seas. Russia wants to control the Black Sea region economically in peacetime, but is ready to fight for it in the event of a conflict with the West.

What should NATO do to thwart Russian plans for a “southern sea”? The best way is to turn the Black Sea into a strategic zone of attention and make sure that NATO troops are able to act, are in positions and are ready both for peaceful operations and for participation in battles. The alliance is guided by similar principles in the Baltic Sea and in the Arctic.

First, NATO must develop a program for port calls, exercises and training. NATO ships will have to enter the ports of Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria more often, as well as make stops in Georgia and in the free coastal territory of Ukraine. This can be handled by a permanent NATO naval connection, which is based in the UK and consists of more 20 frigates, corvettes and minesweepers.

Secondly, the alliance should develop and finance an agreed plan of operations in the Black Sea. Some aspects have already been taken into account in other plans of NATO, but it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis in order to prepare for gaining control over the sea and projecting force in its waters. The action plan should be developed jointly by the command of the British Navy and the command of the Allied forces in Naples. One of the main advantages of NATO is a well-established command structure. 29 countries have thousands of military 9, and this should be used when planning operations in the Black Sea.

Third, US forces should increase their presence, regardless of NATO operations. The United States has four powerful destroyers with the Aegis system, which are based in the Spanish port of Rota. They are intended for missile defense and for demonstrating power in the Mediterranean. Destroyers should more often appear in the Black Sea and conduct exercises with their allies.

Fourth, America needs to work closely with Turkey, which owns the key to the Black Sea, as it controls the straits. According to the Montreux Convention on the status of the Straits of 1936, the road to the Black Sea is tightly controlled, and Turkey refused to sign the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which will soften the standards to the level that applies to any straits of the world. Today, America and Turkey have strained relations, but they are crucial for any military strategy in the region that Washington will elect.

Finally, America can call on Western companies to invest in Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. Oil and gas are key, but logistics, fiber optic cables, and other communications are just as important. Helping these countries connect their economies with both the Black Sea region and Europe, and America as a “soft power” can stabilize the region.

NATO has a lot of work to do in the Black Sea. Active strategic interaction and the development of economic relations is the best means that can be opposed to Russia's plans for the most important of all the southern seas.
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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 18 October 2017 06: 19 New
    Russia will move south
    of course ... "severnash" already.
    1. Finches
      Finches 18 October 2017 07: 41 New
      Another retired Anika warrior? Once again confirmed that a good Anglo-Saxon is a dead Anglo-Saxon!
      1. To be or not to be
        To be or not to be 18 October 2017 14: 27 New
        He sweeps it hard. Their lips rolled out to the Crimea. The bummer came out. Here it is going to die laughing
        ((Type, verb (everyday life)
        The state of a person when someone (something) is annoying him.))
  2. alex-cn
    alex-cn 18 October 2017 06: 27 New
    And why are they jerking, because they know perfectly well that any NATO ship that entered the Black Sea is a suicide bomber ...
  3. Olgovich
    Olgovich 18 October 2017 06: 34 New
    Psychopathy .... The usual state of a British general ...
  4. Masya masya
    Masya masya 18 October 2017 07: 08 New
    an alliance should develop and fund an agreed plan

    The rest is water ...
    1. novel66
      novel66 18 October 2017 10: 18 New
      hello however! love and I liked the passage about the pipeline from the Adriatic to the Baltic and the Black Sea. rare nonsense! laughing
    HEATHER 18 October 2017 07: 24 New
    America needs to work closely with Turkey, which owns the key to the Black Sea, as it controls the straits. As Gromyko said there: a couple of missiles and there will be a new strait. But Istanbul will remain in history.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. CT-55_11-9009
        CT-55_11-9009 19 October 2017 09: 46 New
        Come on??? And who will do it? Tajikistan? Although yes, he can. To dig nafig Moscow and build a huge hockey box the size of Peter. For a couple of Doshiraks ...
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 October 2017 07: 41 New
    Russia's ambitions in the Black Sea region are not limited to Crimea

    That's for sure. We have on the agenda the Atlantic with the continent located there, to which we have an approach from the Pacific.
  7. Antianglosax
    Antianglosax 18 October 2017 07: 57 New
    It's time to return the missiles to Cuba. Ameripedos froze to the ears. Creatures must be rigorously taught. They march around with a brazen face in our dressing room and try to say something else, taking advantage of the inadequacy of the owners - the Russian ruling elite.
    1. FID
      FID 18 October 2017 08: 59 New
      Another question is whether Cuba wants to return the missiles? Communists in Cuba, but who in Russia?
      1. novel66
        novel66 18 October 2017 10: 19 New
        and not quite communists already - over there
        1. FID
          FID 18 October 2017 10: 58 New
          Are you sure about that? I often visit the island ... somehow I didn’t notice the consequences of "sticking" ...
          1. novel66
            novel66 18 October 2017 11: 22 New
            you somehow know better, from a place, but here in the media there were some words about "rapprochement of positions", whatever that meant. be that as it may - our missiles are unlikely to be there. How is Cuban rum? drinks
            1. FID
              FID 18 October 2017 11: 46 New
              Quote: novel xnumx
              you somehow know better, from a place, but here in the media there were some words about "rapprochement of positions", whatever that meant. be that as it may - our missiles are unlikely to be there. How is Cuban rum? drinks

              Cubans - guys zae..bishis. But don’t put a finger in your mouth, for the 90s they ate everything ... Well, but rum - there isn’t such anywhere!
  8. netslave
    netslave 18 October 2017 08: 28 New
    Moscow is attracted by the construction of an oil pipeline that will connect the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Seas

    How and why will we pull the pipe from the Black Sea to the Baltic? what
    1. novel66
      novel66 18 October 2017 10: 20 New
      and the Adriatic! laughing it’s obvious some tricky plan!
    2. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 19 October 2017 10: 59 New
      Why, and in order to "surpass" the ancient "ukrov" who dug up the Black Sea, we just "pump" it into the Baltic Sea (well, to flood the Baltic states and other Swedes there)! This will be an epic feat stronger than Shakespeare's tragedies!
      1. netslave
        netslave 20 October 2017 10: 02 New
        The Baltic is north, that is, it is located higher. Therefore, it would not flow in the opposite direction. However, leaving the Bolts completely without water is also a good option. laughing
  9. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 18 October 2017 08: 56 New
    “They’re foolish,” the satirist Zadornov correctly said. Only one statement by this retired US admiral 100% confirms the aggressive nature of the United States and its puppets from the NATO bloc. What have you forgotten on the shores of others, which you always climb to our borders, would sit behind your "puddle" and keep your mouth shut "in a rag", or is your mug itching on your Russian boot? Well, HISTORY teaches nothing to the Anglo-Saxons, apparently, they were not beaten very much by our Russian soldiers.
    1. CentDo
      CentDo 18 October 2017 10: 17 New
      Not so often the Russian soldiers beat the Anglo-Saxons. Moreover, the Crimean War can hardly be called victorious for Russia (although the British and French did not achieve all their goals).
  10. Tolik_74
    Tolik_74 18 October 2017 10: 44 New
    Russia's ambitions in the Black Sea region are not limited to Crimea
    Right, you think, a retired sculptor. The ambitions of GDP are such that it’s simply impossible to imagine for everyone who considers the burger around the corner of a neighboring house the center of the universe.
  11. kudma
    kudma 18 October 2017 10: 45 New
    and often thinks about creating a "land bridge" between Russian territory and the peninsula
    The admiral can read thoughts =)
  12. GDP
    GDP 18 October 2017 11: 39 New
    Russia's losses in the Crimean War amounted to half a million people ...
    In fact, it’s not so at the highest rating ...
    killed 47 000, wounded - 40000 and about 200 000 died of various diseases ...
    Most estimate the total total of Russia including diseases in approximately 100 000 people
  13. alatanas
    alatanas 18 October 2017 12: 03 New
    and America as a "soft power"

    - I would sit in my own country in America and would not interfere with normal people!
  14. a housewife
    a housewife 18 October 2017 12: 39 New
    Enter our sea is not a problem. Here come out - according to the circumstances.
  15. prior
    prior 18 October 2017 19: 12 New
    Crimea - Syria - Alaska .......
  16. Nemesis
    Nemesis 19 October 2017 05: 52 New
    The United States should get away from the borders of Russia, otherwise Napoleonic ambitions can even get a stake in the thick American ass