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In the Northern Fleet, an experiment on the formation of mobilization

In the North navy For the third year already, an experiment has been conducted on the formation of a mobilization human reserve. He told the newspaper about what the new system is for and how it works. Make a star Head of the Organizational-Mobilization Directorate (WMD) of the Northern Fleet Headquarters, Captain 1, Vladimir Kondratov.

In the Northern Fleet, an experiment on the formation of mobilization

Correspondent Olga Vorobyov: “Vladimir Alexandrovich, it is known that in many Western countries they have long had well-trained reservists. What is the reason for the formation of a mobilization reserve in our country? ”

“The mobilization deployment of the Armed Forces in the event of a country's transition to martial law has always been given sufficient attention. Since August 2015, the Northern Fleet has been participating in an experiment whose aim is to improve the existing system of training and accumulation of mobilization human resources. We select citizens from the reserve of the Armed Forces for military posts of territorial defense units, which are formed in a special period, that is, in wartime. And we conclude a special contract with these people under certain conditions. ”

What is the procedure for concluding this contract?

“The first contract in the mobile reserve on a voluntary basis is signed for 3 of the year, the subsequent ones - for a period of up to five years. There are age limits for each category of citizens in the reserve. For example, soldiers, sailors, sergeants, warrant officers and warrant officers may conclude the first contract for mobilization reserves up to the age of 42, junior officers to 47, and older officers to 57. ”

What responsibilities are assigned to reservists?

“The most important difference of the new approach is that the reservist, when announcing mobilization, is obliged to arrive at the military unit himself, bypassing the military registration and enlistment offices, and begin fulfilling his duties in his position in accordance with the staff and job category. Once a year, reservists are attracted to the military gathering with a duration of 30 days each month for one to three days with them training sessions are held on the plans of formations and military units, to which they are assigned in accordance with the contract. At the same time, the total duration of fees and classes per year of stay in the reserve should not exceed 54 of the day.

At the time of collection and occupation, reservists receive the status of military personnel under the contract, they are paid a full monetary allowance in accordance with the military position occupied by the military rank with additional payments. ”

Does the material reward for being in reserve?

“All reservists are provided with money allowances, food, uniform, medical care. The cash allowance of a reservist is equal to 12 to the percentage of the salary of a soldier who is in a military position in a particular unit and has a military rank. This amount is increased by the size of the district coefficient and the percentage premium for citizens working and living in the regions of the Far North. Also paid interest rate for continuous stay in reserve. When concluding a new contract with the reservist, a lump sum cash payment is provided.

I draw attention to the fact that at the time of fees and classes, reservists receive the status of military personnel under a contract, they are paid a full monetary allowance in accordance with their military position, the military rank assigned with additional payments. During this period, all social guarantees of military personnel are extended to reservists, including pensions, the assignment of regular military ranks, the encouragement of higher command, the awarding of departmental insignia of the Ministry of Defense and state awards of the Russian Federation. However, they are also liable on a par with current military personnel and may be subject to statutory disciplinary penalties for misconduct and non-enforcement. ”

Do you already have experience of participation of reservists in the exercises?

“A year ago, the reservists of the Northern Fleet participated in the Kavkaz strategic command and staff exercise. Our territorial defense units in full gear - with small weapons, ammunition and property - were transferred from the Murmansk region to Sevastopol at the Belbek airfield, where they received operational submission to the commander of the Southern Military District. Northerners participated in the engineering equipment of the area of ​​action, guarding and defending important military installations, and detecting and counteracting sabotage and reconnaissance groups of a conditional enemy. Our reservists successfully completed all combat training tasks, showed good combat training and organization. The best of them were encouraged by the command. ”

When was the last military camp?

“Most recently, in August-September of this year. They were held in the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions. First, the reservists received property and small arms, and then began to take practical action. Passed combat coordination in the composition of its units - reconnaissance platoon and motorized rifle company. At the training grounds of the coastal forces of the Northern Fleet, they worked out tactics for the cordoning off and blockade of the object on which the conventional enemy was trying to commit a terrorist act. Solved the problem associated with the cover-up actions of operational-combat units. They also uncovered persons who, with the aim of a terrorist act, secretly penetrated a guarded object, and repelled an armed attack by intruders. Naturally, everything was within the framework of training events, but with the approach to combat conditions. ”

Who helps to form mobrezerv?

“In the Murmansk region, all municipal military commissariats are involved in the selection of reservists. There is a well-established campaign and background work. It is important that when preparing citizens who are in the mobilization manpower reserve, we are assisted by the administrations of the enterprises where they work. Heads of institutions are sympathetic to the military and mobilization training of their subordinates and the need for their participation in military gatherings. According to the results of the last gathering, six reservists were encouraged by the commander of the Northern Fleet. ”
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Olga Vorobyova / "Red Star"

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  1. NIKNN
    NIKNN 10 October 2017 13: 17
    Understood nothing...
    1. XXXIII
      XXXIII 10 October 2017 13: 45
      They train, train for money, then you want to fight, please ..... but I don’t write how much they pay for the first contract ..... No.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 10 October 2017 18: 42
        Quote: XXXIII
        but how much they pay for the first contract is not writing again .....

        It all depends on the position, so there is no point in writing
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 10 October 2017 18: 41
      Quote: NIKNN
      Understood nothing...

      You sign a contract and are in reserve. But in addition, you have fees with a cash payment like that of a contractor, and in the event of a declaration of war, you will immediately be in the unit to your place, and not to the draft board.
      Everything is correctly done in principle.
      1. NIKNN
        NIKNN 11 October 2017 12: 36
        Quote: APASUS
        Everything is correctly done in principle.

        Probably. :))) I’m not invited anymore ..., and in my years, I don’t pull on my military record ... :)))
        so with a smirk the pilot of me is too small .. :))
  2. Oznob
    Oznob 10 October 2017 13: 25
    And how does this lightning match with work, will they give absenteeism? )))
    1. vladimirvn
      vladimirvn 10 October 2017 13: 40
      They will instruct, instruct. :) :) They will also fire me, then, slowly. For war is not a decree for business. :)
      1. Separ DNR
        Separ DNR 10 October 2017 16: 10
        Quote: vladimirvn
        They will instruct, instruct. :) :) They will also fire me, then, slowly. For war is not a decree for business. :)

        Yes-ah ... There were TIMES when a call from the military registration and enlistment office, for ANY leader, indiscriminately, which was EVERYTHING ...
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 10 October 2017 13: 41
    Again in the "partisans" !!!
    The idea, in principle, is not new and yes specialists of a narrow profile should be periodically trained.
    annoying however - it will not work out as always ???
  4. Galleon
    Galleon 10 October 2017 14: 15
    "units of the territorial defense of the Northern Fleet" - it sounds somehow wild. Something ...
    1. Xnumx vis
      Xnumx vis 10 October 2017 16: 03
      You shouldn’t be so. I personally saw the territorialists in Sevastopol last year. At first, experts thought ... Decently armed and equipped fighters. Disciplined and trained. Compared to the partisans of my time, Special Forces! Nowadays, half-dressed drunken retrailers roamed, he himself was like that!
  5. Alexey Lesogor
    Alexey Lesogor 10 October 2017 14: 42
    A very correct, promising and necessary approach. The mobilization system in the country is destroyed. I know firsthand. A well-defined system for mobilizing and preparing a mob resource will save many mobilized lives.
  6. Socialism 2.0
    Socialism 2.0 10 October 2017 15: 25
    if we have a set of reservists in Rostov-on-Don, I will be in the forefront.
  7. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 10 October 2017 16: 28
    We are preparing mobile reserves. That's right, you need to cook everyone, someone to learn military skills again, someone to remember. Times are turbulent now.
  8. Glory1974
    Glory1974 10 October 2017 20: 20
    Interestingly, do the years of service fees count towards the calculation of pensions?
  9. Jib
    Jib 10 October 2017 23: 33
    Since April 2015, training has been held in Sevastopol, with the exchange of experience, the people are patriotically motivated to learn and share experience (ZARNITSA twice a year). For squads of territorial self-defense and DND, the peasants are not strained. Money is true, not who does not pay, but not who does not ask for them.
  10. tasha
    tasha 11 October 2017 04: 55
    If not mistaken, a similar system operates in the United States. So the National Guard is completed.
    Do not confuse anything?
  11. Romey
    Romey 11 October 2017 09: 28
    “The most important difference between the new approach is that the reservist, when announcing the mobilization, is obliged to arrive at the military unit himself, bypassing the military registration and enlistment offices, and to begin to fulfill his duties according to the full-time position."
    I don’t know, in my mobile order issued immediately after the transfer to the reserve, it is clearly written where to immediately arrive when the mobilization is announced. Without any contracts. And about the monthly fees, I can imagine how the employers of these reservists are raging.
  12. forsait
    forsait 12 October 2017 19: 56
    I welcome this decision. Indeed, in case of war, the personnel units will be knocked out within a fairly short time. And without a trained reserve, there will be no one to replace them !. But I’m also afraid of how many people among my acquaintances who did not serve in the army. These are people aged 30-50 years.