In the US, released a small size gun with the size of the cradle

The American company Fireblazer Fireworks has created a gun the size of a credit card naming it LifeСard .22LR.

The LifeСard .22LR is a single-shot pistol for a small-caliber unitary cartridge of a ring ignition of an 22 caliber (5,6 mm) with a single-action firing mechanism. Weighs weapon Total 198

In the unfolded state, you can grope the cocking lever that needs to be moved to unlock the trigger. For aiming in the upper part of the trunk there is a small V-shaped groove.

The small storage compartment contains 4 spare cartridges. When loading the barrel rises to the top, like Berett Bobsat or JetFire. Before the shot, the bolt must be cocked manually, and it can also be in the half-arched position.

In the US, released a small size gun with the size of the cradle

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  1. +6
    23 September 2017
    Surprised .... Even in Soviet times, they created an explosive device in the form of a lighter.
    1. 0
      23 September 2017
      Weapons of spies and saboteurs. And the film is about similar weapons:
      “In the Line of Fire” - a 1993 film directed by Wolfgang Petersen
      And they try and do less and less, but still slaughter. Everything is for man.
  2. 0
    23 September 2017
    rate of fire and accuracy at altitude))
  3. +5
    23 September 2017
    scribe ... we drifted such driftwood in the basements with 12-13 year old boys
  4. +1
    23 September 2017
    About 30 years already, as ours, we have made compactly. If not more.
  5. 0
    23 September 2017
    the idea is based on weapons for sharplers, metamorphoses follow
    NAA Mini revolver in .22 Magnum # FP-45 Liberator # LifeCard .22LR
  6. 0
    24 September 2017
    About 15 years ago, a sidekick pile like that. He shot small things. They shot him in the basement of the plant, then he defiantly cut the product at a disco. Like there was and is not, that there would be no idle talk.
  7. 0
    24 September 2017
    To make such a thing is not a problem, but to make it beautiful and be able to sell it later
    it must be able to.
  8. Fog
    24 September 2017
    Weapons are not for self-defense, but murders: while you get it, while cocking it, it's already ten times good if they just give people a cage.
  9. 0
    October 22 2017
    By small cartridge, with an almost complete absence of the barrel .... N-dya. What about the chickens? You can only cause significant damage if you politely put the barrel to the opponent’s temple. Otherwise, even a quilted jacket - body armor. Particularly impressed with the store. The method of supplying a cartridge is FINGER, by shaking from the store and inserting somewhere there. Horror. Only in a country where people were snooping around with an abundance of legal short-barrels could it come to a feverish head to depict such a yo ... sorry, ugly ...

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