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Two volleys on the designer. Drama "Katyusha"

Georgy Erihovich Langemak - one of the pioneers of rocket technology and one of the main creators of the rocket launcher "Katyusha". The name of this person for many years was completely forgotten. While the informer - A.G. Kostikov - all this time was posing as the author of the legendary weapons.

In the 1928 year, Langemak, along with Tikhomirov, Petropavlovsk and Artemyev, began to design missiles. In nine years, this group has developed more than 250 modifications of rockets for use from air, land, sea and subsequent use on multiple rocket launchers ("Katyusha").

In November, 1937, denounced by his “colleague,” Langemak, was arrested and soon shot, and the scammer Kostikov appropriated his inventions.
Georgy Langemak was rehabilitated in 1955, and his close friend, an outstanding designer of rocket and space technology, academician V.P.Glushko played a significant role in this.

At present, the Russian Katyusha descendant, the Grad rocket launcher, is in decent service with the Russian army.

The film used unique photo and video materials that were not previously published anywhere: documents from the service period of Langemak in the Kronstadt fortress, training at the RKKA Military Technical Academy, patent applications and documents from the investigation file from the Central Archive of the FSB, as well as materials from the personal archive of the famous designer rocket engines VP Glushko.


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    HEATHER 21 September 2017 16: 44
    The article is shocking.
    1. sabakina
      sabakina 21 September 2017 20: 41
      Dimych, prYuvet. As far as I know from the movie "Taming the Fire", rockets for Katyusha were developed by Korolev.
      1. Amurets
        Amurets 21 September 2017 23: 42
        Quote: sabakina
        Dimych, prYuvet. As far as I know from the movie "Taming the Fire", rockets for Katyusha were developed by Korolev.

        RNII RKKA arose from the union of two organizations: the Leningrad GDL and the Moscow GIRD. Their specialization was also different: GDL was engaged in powder rockets, they did not yet know about mixed solid fuel, and the GIRD was engaged in liquid rockets.
        In the development of missile technology
        V.P. GLUSHKO
        In 1971, it was 50 years since the organization of the first research and development organization for developing rockets in the Soviet Union — the Gas-Dynamic Laboratory, abbreviated as GDL. Based on the materials of the archives of the USSR Academy of Sciences, GDL-OKB, TsGASA, TsGANH, TsGAVMF and others, events that are directly related to the creation of the Laboratory, which made a fundamental contribution to the foundations of Russian rocket science, were restored.
        The founder of the GDL, a chemical engineer Nikolai Ivanovich Tikhomirov (1860-1930), devoted his whole life to rocket technology. The beginning of his work in this area dates back to 1894. In the period 1894-1897. they conducted experiments with small models. In 1912, he presented the Minister of the Sea, Admiral Birilev, with a description of a powder rocket, but foreseen the use of liquid fuels (alcohols, petroleum products, etc.) in the future. Since 1915, the Moscow Military-Industrial Committee (MIC) became interested in the project. In 1912-1917 The project successfully passed the examination, but only under the Soviet regime were conditions created for its implementation. On May 3, 1919, N. I. Tikhomirov, in a letter addressed to the managing director of the Council of People's Commissars V. D. Bonch-Bruevich, asked V. I. Lenin to provide the opportunity to use this invention to strengthen and prosper the young worker-peasant republics. The letter was accompanied by a description of the invention issued by the Technical Affairs Committee of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, as well as a positive opinion on the invention of the chairman of the inventions department of the Moscow Military-Industrial Committee (No. 355 dated February 11, 1916), Professor Emeritus N. E. Zhukovsky .
        The Soviet Republic was going through the difficult years of civil war and intervention, the restoration of industry and transport destroyed by the wars, and at that time it found an opportunity to give a move to the proposal of N. I. Tikhomirov.
        On March 2, 1921, the chief of staff of the Red Army Lebedev, in a letter No. 1328 / AR, informed the leaders of military organizations: “The Commander-in-Chief, having examined the draft of the invented comrade Tikhomirov’s mines, already considered by the Committee of Inventions and the GAU Artillery Committee, and recognizing the enormous value of this invention for the army, requests that the inventor not be denied real help by providing him with the necessary materials and tools as directed by the inventor ... ". In signed
    2. svp67
      svp67 22 September 2017 07: 10
      Quote: VERESK
      The article is shocking.

      Than? The truth of life. So she is the same SINGLE. This already raises many questions:
      The name of this man for many years was utterly oblivious. While the scammer - A.G. Kostikov - all this time posed as the author of the legendary weapon.

      1. Have military rocket launchers been previously known?
      2. Who carried out the development of this system after 1937, the year of the arrest of all the "main" fathers of this system. After all, what was in 1937 is very different from what went into the series in 1941.
      1. HEATHER
        HEATHER 22 September 2017 16: 08
        Than? The truth of life. I just did not know the outcome.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. ALLxANDr
    ALLxANDr 21 September 2017 19: 04
    At that time, many worthy people left. Some from bullets, mines and shells, and some from denunciation and betrayal. The documentary did not leave indifferent.
  4. Warnoob
    Warnoob 21 September 2017 20: 19
    The city is not a descendant of Katyusha, but rather of Nebelwerfer.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. Warnoob
        Warnoob 21 September 2017 21: 40
        It is more correct to say that the designers of Grad / AK took note of the achievements of the German counterparts.
        1. Engineer
          Engineer 22 September 2017 09: 01
          Technically, AK and StG 44 are like a pig on a horse. Ah, well, judging by the picture, I definitely licked it.
  5. Engineer
    Engineer 22 September 2017 08: 59
    Langemak with Tikhomirov, Petropavlovsky and Artemyev

    Forgot somehow inappropriately about Kleimenov and the Queen. The latter, by the way, for getting away from work on this topic and the inappropriate spending of money on working with liquid engines, received an article.