VKS destroyed in the area Akerbata infrastructure IG *

Aerospace forces of Russia destroyed about 180 infrastructure facilities of terrorists in the Akerbat area in Syria within 24 hours, Lieutenant-General Alexander Lapin, chief of staff of the Russian armed forces in Syria, told reporters on Tuesday.

Just yesterday, in the interests of the offensive of the Syrian army in the area of ​​Akerbat aviation The Russian Aerospace Forces completed more than 50 sorties, as a result of which about 180 gang units were destroyed. Strong points and fortified areas, underground shelters, command posts, separate terrorist units, artillery positions, ammunition depots and fuel and lubricants
Said Lapin.

VKS destroyed in the area Akerbata infrastructure IG *

He recalled that in the central part of Syria, government troops liberated the strategically important transport hub - the city of Akerbat, which was turned by militants into a powerful fortified area.

Currently, terrorists blocked the remaining routes of delivery of ammunition and materiel. The grouping of the Syrian army continues the operation to clear the area of ​​ISIL gangs * in areas to the west and north of Akerbat. Despite heavy losses, gangs continue to offer serious resistance.
- stressed the general.

According to him, during the stubborn battles during the last week, eight more settlements were liberated, which made it possible to “dismember” the militant grouping in the Akerbat area and carry out its defeat in parts.

In the interests of supporting the offensive of the Syrian armed forces, Russian aircraft conduct round-the-clock air reconnaissance to detect and destroy terrorists' manpower, weapons and military equipment, as well as warehouses with ammunition and materiel
- stressed Lapin.

Also, the group headquarters reported on the situation in Deir ez-Zor.

Currently, the operation to liberate the city continues. Syrian troops are completing the rout of the ISIS group, which blocked the northern and southern districts of Deir ez-Zor
Said Lapin.

He recalled that 5 of September, Deir-ez-Zor, which for more than three years had been in a dense ring of encirclement and in the very center of the territories controlled by IS, was unblocked by Syrian troops under the command of General Hassan Suchel, reports RIA News.

ISIS * is a terrorist organization banned in Russia
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  1. +5
    12 September 2017 13: 53
    There is nothing to add Well done guys!
    1. +2
      12 September 2017 13: 57
      You can’t argue, well done. What is the uselessness of cutting a dragon's head if the ISIS dragon’s heart and brain are in the US CIA.
    2. +9
      12 September 2017 14: 15
      ..... especially when basmachi parachutists are wrapping around:
  2. +3
    12 September 2017 14: 46
    Russian aerospace forces destroyed about 180 terrorist infrastructure facilities in the Akerbat region of Syria in a day, lieutenant general Alexander Lapin, chief of staff of the RF Armed Forces group in Syria, told reporters on Tuesday

    What is not a day - hundreds of new objects of barmalei destroy the videoconferencing. And they all do not end and do not end request
    And how it all began:
    October 1 2015
    Russian aerospace forces attacked eight large ISIS targets per day

    October 5 2015
    25 sorties per day, 9 objects destroyed: Russian planes continue to bomb IS

    Modestly, but also more like the truth feel
    And then the Russian Defense Ministry decided: why should they spare their Basurmans? They don’t care how many of them are destroyed on paper, but we are pleased laughing And then "Ostap suffered" wassat :
    October 9 2015
    Russian aircraft hit 60 IG objects per day

    October 28 2015
    Russian aviation strikes 118 ISIS sites in Syria

    For three days, the Russian aerospace forces destroyed 556 IS facilities in Syria

    The Ministry of Defense spoke about the bombing of 579 IS facilities in Syria

    So it happened that it wouldn’t fly out: it was destroyed a stop of hundreds of thousands of objects and a stop of hundreds of miles of militants.
    why be shy, people hawala
  3. +2
    12 September 2017 22: 19
    about 180 objects Are these objects growing like grebes by themselves? Judging by the number of destroyed ones, there is no sand left in Syria. Only the melted plain ... Tomorrow, another 200 pieces will crash. In the area of ​​Akerbat.

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