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Syria: the rebels do not give up because they do not want to die


I. The Syrian army took Idlib, and America became closer to Russia

Of the recent events on the Syrian front, the following stand out: the release of the Syrian army by Idlib, captured by the militants even in the summer of 2011, and the attack on Deraa; the continuation of the mission of the UN Special Representative and the League of Arab States Kofi Annan in Damascus (the second run with conditionally positive results); Saudi closure of the embassy in Damascus; Damascus recall of its diplomats from the states of the European Union; confirmation by Barack Obama of non-acceptance of intervention in Syria; US Department of State recognition of the convergence of the positions of Russia and America on the Syrian issue, with the exception of "tactical disagreements."

On Tuesday this week, the Syrian army knocked out armed oppositionists from their main stronghold, Idlib, a city close to the border with Turkey. The offensive lasted three days and led to success. As transmits IA "REGNUM"First, government forces tried several times to clear this city, but still Idlib remained in the hands of the rebels.

14 March, the Syrian military began shelling Deraa. Russian service "BBC" according to an eyewitness, he reports that citizens who were unable to leave their homes fear that shelling of their homes could collapse. Oppositionists, according to the BBC, say more than one hundred government officials are on the approaches to Deraa tanks.

Against the background of these events, the second round of talks between UN Special Envoy and LAS Kofi Annan with Syrian President Bashar Asad was held. The first one took place on March 10 - and went to no avail, even though Annan left Damascus, full of optimism. 14 March, the media noted that the Syrian authorities have responded positively to the proposals of the UN special representative. Rosbalt quoting Interfax, quoted Jihad Macdesi, a representative of the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The tone of our response was positive.”

According to correspondent ITAR-TASS D. Zelenin, “In the Syrian events comes the climax. The launching mission of the UN Special Representative and the League of Arab States (LAS), Kofi Annan, provides the parties affected in the conflict with a unique opportunity to firmly take the road of political settlement. If this chance is missed, then Syria and its people will face a sad fate: civil strife, chaos, schism ”. The article by D. Zelenin cites the statements of Gassan Sharbel, the chief editor of the general Arab newspaper Al-Hayat, and political analyst Charles Shidyak. The first believes that “the ability of the ruling regime to restore stability is increasingly being questioned”, and the second indicates that Bashar Assad should immediately “after the first demonstrations in the southern city of Deraa” go to the “abolition of the Baath party’s monopoly on power and the introduction of a new constitution”, further create a “transitional government of national unity headed by a reputable politician not affiliated with the regime”.

“In Damascus,” Zelenin writes, “seems to be late, but they came to an understanding of the need to support the efforts of Kofi Annan. As Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Macdesi said, Syria "is interested in the success of the mission of the UN envoy and sent a clear positive response to his proposals, commensurate with Syrian specifics." The diplomat called the only way out of the crisis “joining the dialogue under the roof of the motherland, the guarantor of which is Bashar Asad”. According to him, a political settlement implies that "a solution will be found through ballot boxes." McDesty expressed the hope that all other parties would be convinced of this and "agree to sit at the negotiating table and stop destroying the country." (End quote).

Yes, one can only hope that the armed opposition, which gave Annan consent to the cease-fire, will add up weapon and sit down at the negotiating table. Cut the swords into plowshares? Perhaps, the collapse of the Syrian National Council says not only that the time has come to lay down arms, but also that the isolated opposition cannot defeat the Syrian army?

Quote from article on Islam News: “The most influential opposition group in Syria, the Syrian National Council (SNA), is losing its members. The organization expressed a desire to leave its three participants - a lawyer and former judge Heyam al-Maleh, doctor Kamal al-Labwani and human rights activist Catherine at-Talley. ” The article says that they all left the SNA, thereby protesting "against lies and fraud in its ranks." At the end of last month, this trio already initiated the creation of a new “Organization of Patriotic Action”, which stands for “the beginning of active operations against Damascus and the provision of financial and military assistance to the rebels - the so-called Syrian Free Army” Al-Labwani "stressed that the leader of the National Council, the Syrian-French sociologist and public figure Burkhan Galyun," holds on to his place just like (President) Bashar Assad. “The latrine has organized an anti-democratic system without elections or other means of transferring power,” said the opposition member. - He, like Assad, does not tolerate criticism. If someone objects to his opinion, he says that this person works for the regime. ”

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s embassy has closed its embassy in Syria. Writes Rosbalt With reference to France Press, the official reason for the closure was “the continuing suppression by the Syrian government of opposition speeches.”

In the meantime, Europe thinks how to lower the level of diplomatic relations with Syria, official Damascus ... lowered the level of diplomatic relations with Europe: it recalled its ambassadors from all EU countries. Syrian ambassadors have already received instructions from Damascus, and will soon leave for their homeland.

As for America, March 14 Barack Obama reaffirmed his relatively peaceful intentions. As transmits "Sight", "At a press conference after the two-hour talks with British Prime Minister David Cameron, Obama said that military intervention could lead to even more deaths in Syria." American president, according to RBCconsiders the intervention in Syria premature. Thus, the Americans once again confirmed their waiting strategy.

They also expect changes in Russia's political behavior regarding Syria, considering that Moscow’s position is getting closer to Washington DC, and only “tactical differences” remain. He writes about it RIA Novosti correspondent D. Voroshilov:

“The United States and Russia still have“ tactical differences ”regarding the situation in Syria, but Washington positively perceived the latest statements by the Russian Foreign Minister on the actions of Bashar Assad, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Lavrov, answering questions in the State Duma, stated that the Syrian leader Bashar Assad ... adopted useful laws that update the system, make it more pluralistic, "but this is done very late." The minister noted that the proposals on the beginning of a dialogue are being made late, in the meantime an armed confrontation acquires its own dynamics, and "this inertia can seize and absorb everyone."

Victoria Nuland, watching this rapprochement, concluded that the pressure of the international community on Bashar al-Assad is increasing. RBC cites her words, published on the website of the US Foreign Ministry: “The five-point plan developed by Russia together with the League of Arab States (LAS) to resolve the situation in Syria demonstrates positive changes in the position of the Russian Federation. The gap between our points of view is narrowing. Now you can hear the statements of both Russia and China that these countries are not interested in the defense of B. Assad, that they are not interested in anything other than the cessation of violence. This goal has not yet been achieved, but we are working on it, and there is more and more unanimity in our actions. ” Nuland says that S. Lavrov, in consultations with the Foreign Ministers of the Arab League countries, “made it clear that Russia does not want to try on the role of an accomplice to violence” (RBC).

The media cites data on casualties in Syria: the number of those killed ranges from 7,5 to 8,5 thousands. In addition, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, in Syria, 1,4 million people "suffer from food shortages and are at risk of starvation" (RBC). Hence in the country - the jump in food prices.

How do all the American reporters see this?

Syria: the rebels do not give up because they do not want to die

Ii. Harsh reality versus romantic idealism

Los Angeles Times, 14 March 2012, the article "Syrian troops reinforce the offensive in Idlib after the withdrawal of the rebels." Author - Patrick J. McDonnell.

The author of a report from Beirut notes that storming Idlib after Homs "suggests that the Syrian government is making progress against poorly armed rebels." Judging by the article, the opposition complain to journalists that they do not have enough firepower to "resist heavy weapons." Mazen Arya, an opposition activist, said via Skype: "Even one bullet from a Kalashnikov assault rifle should be answered by the tank corps." Arya regrets that the rebels didn’t have grenade launchers - then “we would finish off the tanks ... This is an orphaned revolution”.

McDonnell further notes that “... dissidents complained bitterly about what they called the lack of outside help to equip them as a belligerent rebel side. In the meantime, the government describes the rebels as being backed by “terrorists” from abroad.

- At least two Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the author continues, supported the idea of ​​arming the rebels. But rebel commanders in Syria and gun smugglers near the Lebanese border say that there were no signs of cash flow or weapons from the rich monarchies of the Gulf. ”

Then the author reports on the mutual accusations of the two sides - the rebels and the government of Syria - of the killings. The journalist notes that the daily killings reports “cannot be verified due to access restrictions.”

McDonnell comes to the conclusion that the hope that the bloodshed in Syria will be stopped is now given by the mission of Kofi Annan, which has wide international support.

"New York Times", 14 March, article "The Syrian opposition group is divided and divided." The author is Ann Barnard (report from Beirut).

The article says that the capture of the Homs government and Idlib caused disappointment with the Syrian National Council. About this, as Anne Barnard writes, said an activist who left the ranks of the SNA, Kamal al-Labwani, "a respected dissident who was released from a Syrian prison last year in the middle of 12-year imprisonment."

“What happened in Homs is a betrayal,” Mr. Al-Labwani said in an interview. “The Council has shown irresponsibility.”

“The Council,” he added, “risks creating a split in Syrian society, not being able to create a single military command of the rebel forces under its control, and as a result, individual formations are looking for their own sources of assistance.”

According to Kamal al-Labwani, who is led by Ann Barnard, "The council, with its 270 participants, was devoured by internal disagreements."

Further, the journalist writes:

“However, the path for the opposition seems unclear. On Tuesday, the Syrian National Council took measures to attract the Free Syrian Army under its auspices. But Mr. Lubwani, a resigned member of the Council, said that the exiles had little contact with the fighters inside the country. “The free Syrian army is the people who are internal Syria,” he said.

He called the head of the Council, Burkhan Galyun, a dictator who made decisions "under our names, without asking us."

"New York Times", March 14, article "Speaking out, faceless Syrian voices risk their lives." The author is Kristin Maktig (report from Cairo).

The long article begins with a story about 28-year-old Rami Jarre, who hid his name for half a year in order to convey to the world the news of "the violence and bloodshed that he observed in the Syrian regime."

“Mr. Jarra was known to the world as Alexander Paige, a faceless voice, fluent in English, giving detailed reports of brutal government crackdown at a time when almost all foreign media were banned.”

Jarra, says Christine McTig, was born in Cyprus, grew up in London, then came to Syria in 2004 to “visit his family for the first time.” Here he was detained.

“They accused me of fraudulent passports and espionage,” said Mr. Jarrah, the son of Syrian activists who fled the country before his birth. Mr. Jarra received his passport through the Syrian embassy in London, but since his parents were married outside the country and due to the non-transfer of data by the embassy, ​​he was not registered in Syria. What was supposed to be a one-week trip stretched over three years of legal battles. ”

Jarru was released - with the condition that he will draw up his documents, but he was not allowed to leave the country before. Waiting for documents to be ready, Jarra got a job as an export-import consultant at a trading company in Damascus. But then, when his "test" with the documents was over, he, as McTig writes, "decided to stay."

“I only thought that I could work for a few years and then leave,” he said.

He was very upset, the journalist notes that "the Syrians lack the courage to speak openly." But in mid-March last year, everything began to change. With the start of anti-government speeches, “Jarrah joined the local coordinating committees and decided to stay. The committees are a network of local groups monitoring Syrian protests, ”explains the journalist.

Next, Jarrah began to "communicate online, but did everything possible to preserve anonymity, even among activists." And on March 18 he joined this protest.

“Everything changed at that moment,” he said. “We all spoke to each other for the first time, showing that we say that everyone has that feeling, which suddenly gets a little easier, and we can do it again.”

22 March he participated in the protests in Damascus. “This time, government forces responded by force, killing nine people and arresting many. Although Mr. Jarrah remained safe and sound and ran away, his emotional losses were heavy. ”

“As we left, we screamed like little children, feeling useless and helpless.”

The members of the local coordinating committees learned that he was fluent in English and asked him to tell foreign media about the incident. Calling himself Alexander Page, he began working with CNN. He had to take some shots to prove that he was in Syria. He shot on iPhone. 25 March with this iPhone and got caught. Judging by his story, he was held in a cell for three days, stripped, forced to stand, deprived of food and water, not allowed to sleep and beaten. Before being released, he was forced to admit that he was a terrorist. He believes that now everything is much worse: in Syria, more 10 thousands of people have disappeared, and "we are almost sure that they were tortured to death."

After his release, Jarra was unemployed: after all, his company "was closely connected with the regime." Jarrah did not give up and started on Twitter and Facebook to talk about what he saw - "all under the name of Alexander Page."

Further, at the protests in Damascus in October, Jarra was stopped at a government checkpoint and found that he was carrying a 3G router. A couple of days later, a fight broke out in a booth near his house. The "group of men" told him to "be silent, or he would be killed."

Jarrah, fearing suspicion and thinking that the two incidents were related, reported the fight to the authorities. And then he asked his "contact with Syrian intelligence links to check his pseudonym." And the “contact” called him at four in the morning. Yes, intelligence knew that Rami Jarrah and Alexander Page is one. Jarrah with his wife and daughter fled from Syria: crossed Jordan and arrived in Cairo. There he “continued to give media interviews and used his pseudonym on Twitter and Facebook. But his identity is now known, and the project with Alexander Page has changed. ”

He says that there are "thousands of people in Syria who do the same thing as me." In his small apartment in Cairo, he is doing now news. Activists from the “News Association” created by him “organize videos from Syria, collect information about the victims and spread it all via Twitter and Facebook. In the future, they plan to send everything to the International Criminal Court. ” Their goal is to “document the crimes of Assad.”

The article also tells about other Syrian opposition activists, for whom Jarrah served as an example.

Chicago Tribune, 14 March, article "A trip to a nightmare of Syria." The author is Zora Bensemra, Reuters Agency.

The note is preceded by the information: “Zohra Bensemra is a photo correspondent for Reuters. While in Algeria, she traveled to Syria in February. This is her report on that trip. ”

It is interesting in this article that its author finds significant differences between the situation, which she recently observed in Libya, and the situation in Syria:

“Unlike Libya, where clear front lines separated the rebels from the army of Muammar Gaddafi, in Syria the front lines go through villages and intersect on farmlands, creating a treacherous labyrinth. One village may be betrayed to Assad, the portraits of the president may hang in every window, the next city may consist entirely of insurgents, the other turns out to be a mixture of different communities where you cannot trust your neighbor. ”

Washington PostMarch 14, the article "The anniversary of the uprising, the Syrian protesters say they will not surrender." The author is Liz Sly (report from Beirut).

Liz Sly writes that “more than 8000 people are dead, tens of thousands are detained, innumerable tortured, others missing, and almost a quarter of a million left their homes, according to the United Nations”.

“However,” says the journalist, “there’s no end in sight. President Obama said this month that “the days of Assad are numbered,” but few are willing to bet on that number. ”

Then Liz Sly writes: “The romantic idealism of the first years, when the protesters sang“ peacefully, peacefully ”and walked, putting their chest under the bullets, gave way to harsh reality. Power does not collapse, like governments in Egypt and Tunisia. The Western military invasion, as happened in Libya, remains a distant prospect in strategically sensitive Syria, with its explosive mixture of religions and nationalities, in which a minority of Alawites under the leadership of the government upsets the protest movement with a predominance of the majority of Sunnis. ”

However, the journalist points out, those "who took the first bold steps," say that "surrender is not an option."

“If we knew that it would come to that, we might not have dared,” admitted 30-year-old Bassel Fouad, an activist who escaped from an attack against the opposition in Bab Amr in Homs this month and is now in Lebanon. “But we did it, and now we can’t stop, because if we do that, they will kill us all.”

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. esaul
    esaul 16 March 2012 08: 02
    An excellent selection of excerpts! Oleg, thanks, buddy! And on the example of all these opinions and words, a very clear conclusion can be drawn - the legitimate power cannot be like clay from which all and sundry are ready to sculpt anything and at their discretion! As soon as Assad didn’t accept the pretext of the “friendly opinion” of the West and didn’t get frightened of his own threats, and that's it! The process lost its sharpness and moved into the area of ​​systematic work on both sides. On the one - destructive, on the other - protective. Wait three weeks and - kabzdets - the opposition fades into the underground, and this, as one TV program said - "A completely different story, country!"
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 16 March 2012 08: 57
      I had such a thought, who is there among the amers in the apposition now? give them the written off Kalash and let them "defend" their opinion. And the world community, according to their own logic, will have to call on the ruling regime to resign. Well, and then, according to the scheme developed by them, to destroy the states of Nax ... several very democratic states bully
      1. 450096
        450096 16 March 2012 09: 50
        Quote: Dmitriy69
        give them decommissioned Kalash and let them "defend" their opinion

        The other day, the infa jumped that 4 million of them were lying around with us, they were going to destroy them. Not much, but enough for the first time.
        1. Dmitriy69
          Dmitriy69 16 March 2012 09: 58
          Quote: 450096
          Not much, but enough for the first time.

          You can’t do much at once!
          According to the scenario, it will be necessary for journalists to complain about the lack of weapons and ask for help from the international community laughing
        2. Lord of the Sith
          Lord of the Sith 16 March 2012 14: 22
          The official version will be "destroyed", but in fact will be presented to Syria or Iran laughing
      2. Aventurinka
        Aventurinka 16 March 2012 10: 05
        It is high time! Do not disappear good ...
        1. negabaritnyy
          negabaritnyy 16 March 2012 10: 32
          They already have more than 200 million trunks in their hands. 4 lyamas, a drop in the sea.
          1. Dmitriy69
            Dmitriy69 16 March 2012 10: 44
            Quote: negabaritnyy
            They already have more than 200 million guns in their hands.

            That is, if all the souvenirs and ladies' baubles are counted, there are much less serious weapons. In short
            Quote: negabaritnyy
            4 Lama

            will not be superfluous.
            Nothing for the American brothers do not mind !!! drinks
            1. sergunec
              sergunec 16 March 2012 12: 07
              Yeah, for the holy work, let’s not be a redneck. laughing Give trunks, definitely. wassat
          2. Ziksura
            Ziksura 16 March 2012 15: 14
            Quote: negabaritnyy
            They already have more than 200 million trunks in their hands. 4 lyamas, a drop in the sea.

            A small remark is 4 million unaccounted for trunks.
      3. Flanker
        Flanker 16 March 2012 11: 51
        Guys, you forget) The people of the states are the most armed in the world. And in their arsenals there are plenty of Kalash and M-16s. And this is a serious headache for their current government, which they are trying to remove by disarming people (who do not want to do this at all). Patriots and constitutionalists are already equated with terrorists and are considered dangerous (a funny situation: those who oppose changes to the Constitution that allow buying weapons are equated with terrorists). And their public order control bodies are much better developed than in Syria, Libya and even here, all public associations opposed to the government are on the hook, and loners will not fight much. It won't work there, they will suppress it right away.
        1. qwz_qwz
          qwz_qwz 16 March 2012 13: 52
          There’s no such thing, they’ll immediately suppress
          Definitely! ... without any dialogue or negotiation.
        2. 17 March 2012 08: 03
          Quote: flanker
          Their patriots and constitutionalists are already equated with terrorists and are considered dangerous

          Here is an article on the topic: "For hanging the American flag - in jail!"

      4. qwz_qwz
        qwz_qwz 16 March 2012 13: 45
        Who are the amers in apposition now?
        Yes, they do not have real opposition, there is a semblance of manual croak sometimes, to divert eyes, and the government proudly declared its democracy and compromise with the "opposition" and so on. and so on. They mow down the real opposition in the bud.
        the world community, according to their own logic, will have to urge the ruling regime to leave
        The world community is the US government, should they call for their own resignation?
        1. Paratov
          Paratov 16 March 2012 15: 10
          As long as America is full, there will be no opposition.
      5. Fidain
        Fidain 16 March 2012 17: 52
        Da netu tam opazici, v Amerike kto bi ne sel na post prizidenta pod odnu ddutku plyashut.A Kalashi nado vsem dat, chto bi drug druga perestrelyali i tolko togda Mir izbavica ot etovo <<<<< >>>>>, Amerika eto Rak, zlokachestvini opuxol Mira i bolshe chem terroristi oni seyud smert, razrushenia v nash mir
  2. domokl
    domokl 16 March 2012 08: 16
    A great option for a journalist to create an image ... In any fight there are instigators and simply who get involved with nothing to do ... They then get the nuts for the most ... The journalist took those who got involved in the fight, but he already doesn’t know how to get out of there ... Paige understands that he moved and lives in Cairo not bad, but nobody needs the rest ... Cannon meat is needed in the war, the rest of the time it is just ballast ...
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 16 March 2012 08: 45
      Quote: domokl
      A great option for a journalist to create an image ..

      Yes, they know how to blow a tear from housewives. How they complain about a lack of weapons recourse recourse
      1. Ziksura
        Ziksura 16 March 2012 10: 50
        Quote: Dmitriy69
        Yes, they know how to blow a tear from housewives.

        I was especially impressed by the story of Jarrah, whom the "bloody regime" is pressing to the fullest so that he does not tell the world about the numerous victims of the regime, instead of spanking the poor fellow and blaming it on the fighting. I just read and feel like a housewife, in the sense of crying with grief that God gave me the ability to think logically.
  3. ward
    ward 16 March 2012 08: 17
    Well, let's read the article carefully ... A significant part is devoted to the history of a certain Turkish citizen .... It is wonderful "contact with the connections in the Syrian intelligence checked his alias" ... well, this means that this comrade works for the Syrian intelligence ... or intelligence in Syria different ... It looks like in organizations the same picture ... So everything is similar in their way ... so to speak ... LIFE IS IMPROVING
  4. nmd_1
    nmd_1 16 March 2012 08: 25
    “Everything changed at that moment,” he said. “We all spoke to each other for the first time, showing that we are saying that everyone has a feeling that suddenly becomes a little easier, and we can do it again.” It feels like it was a collection of anonymous homosexuals. Although you can call these guys differently.
  5. sazhka0
    sazhka0 16 March 2012 08: 47
    It didn't work with overclocking .. And all the "friends" immediately turned their backs .. Panic begins ..
    So it’s easier to go on ..
  6. lars
    lars 16 March 2012 09: 23
    Traditional and classic streams of lies. What is, for example, "a city can be entirely composed of rebels." Disgusting to nausea.
    War is war. Let us recall a simple thought: "If the enemy does not surrender, he is destroyed!"
  7. leon-iv
    leon-iv 16 March 2012 09: 24
    I wish Assad good luck in his business. Russia does not surrender Syria and it is nice. It’s very clear that Assad’s special services are working, which is good because the former Abwehr and Gestapo workers created it. And the army showed that it knows how to fight, in contrast to the Libyan shit.
  8. Footmansur86
    Footmansur86 16 March 2012 10: 02
    The Syrians are great, crushing this international trash, and getting good combat experience and strengthening the coherence and morale of the ground forces. In the case of aggression by the United States, the latter will experience enormous problems.
  9. ole
    ole 16 March 2012 10: 20
    Quote: leon-iv
    I wish Assad good luck in his business. Russia does not surrender Syria and it's nice
    I agree with this, the rapprochement of America’s Lag and Russia’s positions on resolving the humanitarian corridors for the population and the ceasefire and negotiations reminds Chechnya of how they began to peck the goats and made it clear that they would be ready to talk and then regroup on humanitarian aid to get the war and then continue. Assad needs to be fingernail and then sorted out.
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 16 March 2012 10: 33
      so our Foreign Ministry and pulls the cat by the tail, but for now, the Syrian army Homs is clearing.
      1. Timoha
        Timoha 16 March 2012 14: 46
        yes, so Lavrov frankly spits at Assad: "you, they say, are late, slowly resolve issues." faster the Syrians need to crush all the rot, so that later there would be no reason to find out what the so-called opposition wants.
      2. lars
        lars 16 March 2012 20: 42
        but not just "pulls". Lavrov said bluntly yesterday that Russia will not allow the Libyan scenario.
  10. YARY
    YARY 16 March 2012 10: 30
    Only a tough response to calls leads to real results! We drove in the game from the very beginning. As soon as Bashar received a kick from Daoud, and support from us, he began to more actively push the rot in the country, the result, he understood that it was a paragraph! And getting ready to disappear.
  11. Syrdon
    Syrdon 16 March 2012 10: 38
    Can't you see that Russia is pulling time. Gives Assad the ability to pin down nits. We pretend that, like, we are ready for dialogue, we are getting closer to LAS, i.e. we anticipate their actions and take control of the situation. Further, if Assad does not screw up, there will not be just a topic for conversation. And yes, it will be possible, for the sake of pro forma, to hold elections there, such as parliament and the sane opposition, to bring closer and also control. something like this.
  12. Siberian
    Siberian 16 March 2012 10: 41
    We must share with Assad the rich experience of conducting a fairly effective counter-terrorist operation. Moreover, the mentality and roots of our "rebels" and the Syrian are the same. The terrain is also almost identical. The armament and structure of the Armed Forces are practically the same.
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 16 March 2012 10: 48
      everything is stolen before us. (c)
      Our specialists have always been there and will be.
    2. elfxnumx
      elfxnumx 16 March 2012 21: 36
      you are wrong Caucasian terrorists did not support
      and their roots are different ... our terrorists are religious fanatics
      and in Syria, people are tired of the Assad regime and want democratic reforms, but not as ostentatious as in Russia, when they massively fake election results and cancel the election of governors and mayors
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 16 March 2012 22: 55
        In the neighborhood of the Saudis, tell us about democracy, recall their monarchy and executions with heads being cut off.
      2. 17 March 2012 08: 06
        Quote: elf71
        and in Syria, people are tired of the Assad regime and want democratic reforms

        Bravo!! wassat
      3. Sandov
        Sandov 17 March 2012 20: 31
        “If we knew that it would come to that, we might not have dared,” admitted 30-year-old Bassel Fouad, an activist who escaped from an attack against the opposition in Bab Amr in Homs this month and is now in Lebanon. “But we did it, and now we can’t stop, because if we do that, they will kill us all.”

        Here is the rat end - in the trash. Well done Assad, brings order to his country.
      4. smile
        smile 18 March 2012 00: 21
        Mr. Elf,
        Do you really believe that the militants in Syria, burning Syrian tanks (apparently with incendiary leaflets) are democratically inclined people tired of Assad? Are our terrorists fanatics, and their terrorists fighters against the regime? Well, thank you, at least for not calling our terrorists the doves of peace. ..But, bearded guys from Lebanon, their brothers, armed and trained in Turkey, by the Saudis, as well as the guys from the "Muslim Brotherhood" and "Alqaida" transported from Libya and others like them - who do you think? Hobbits? Dwarfs? ... Or are they Orcs?
        You are here about the mayors, governors ... And you better talk about democratic transformations in Libya, divided into tribal unions, individual cities, gangster republics and other interests circles - cast off in the early Middle Ages and drenched with the blood of the Libyan people.
        And God forbid my people to see such transformations only on TV !!!!
        But the article is good, amused by the nagging of the heroes of resistance. suffering from the fact that one shot from a Kalash is answered by volleys of tank corps, otherwise they would have won! They issued exactly the same howl in Libya demanding bombing humanitarian aid on the head of the Libyan people.
        And the bandarlogs lost the election, and this, as they say, is a medical fact.
  13. AlexMH
    AlexMH 16 March 2012 10: 45
    I am glad that the Syrian rebels complain about the lack of weapons. So, our actions at the UN were not in vain. Let me remind you that in Libya, this bastard was armed with all the races. I hope Assad will FIRST deal with the pro-Western and Islamic bastard, and then will carry out balanced reforms that, in principle, they really need.
    1. elfxnumx
      elfxnumx 16 March 2012 21: 39
      it’s fun to read such comments when they call the peaceful demonstrators a bastard who was shot by tanks and they took up arms, but they support the power of no one who can shoot at the rebellious people
      1. Chicot 1
        Chicot 1 16 March 2012 21: 52
        "People who rose up" is a loose concept, my friend. Chechen illegal armed groups in the period from 1994 to 1999, inclusively, often tried to put under this definition all sorts of different right-and-left-defenders "a la Se-Kovalev" and magazines from terribly free radio stations "like A-Babitsky" ...
      2. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 16 March 2012 23: 02
        Do you really think so or are you exaggerating?) If you think so, then I feel sorry for you on the Internet, there is enough material on the situation in Syria. The USA and the European Union themselves admitted that there is no opposition there, but there are gangs, google Clinton's statement. The UN also recognized that the Syrian authorities are at war with al-Qaeda and mercenaries. also search on YouTube for how "civilians" cut off the heads of policemen and entrepreneurs who refused to close. You will find a ton of material from both Western and Middle Eastern media.
      3. Sandov
        Sandov 17 March 2012 20: 34
        Assad is a flutist who will bring these rats, the followers of pin-do-si, out of Syria.
  14. 9991
    9991 16 March 2012 11: 36
    Yes, the Arab spring is not sugar. Somewhere the ears of the US State Department stick out
  15. BMW
    BMW 16 March 2012 14: 36
    Assad crush this stinking, rotten, liberal blue. But Pasaran.
  16. Legion47
    Legion47 16 March 2012 16: 14
    This was outraged - Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia closed its embassy in Syria. According to Rosbalt with reference to France-Presse, the official reason for the closure was "the continued suppression by the Syrian government of opposition protests." What ... they generally blather with their own monarchy ?! And why nobody their nose gets wet in it ?! The Russian Foreign Ministry could have done that! Tired of balabol already like the Saudis and Qatar am
    1. BMW
      BMW 17 March 2012 05: 15
      For a long time - about 20 years there has been a feeling - that we generally do not have any, neither foreign, nor domestic, nor global politics. We blather so languidly: quieter guys, we have a military base here, we invested money more than that - do not touch. And all the others were handed over slowly.
      And where is your mother: Kuznetsov, Peter, Moscow, etc., why are they not off the coast of Syria. After all, then other fleets would not dare to go there, and you can mess with anything - for example, what kind of bad admiral generals we have, fire a couple - the other, anyway, eat these stupid asses.
      1. Roman A
        Roman A 18 March 2012 03: 21
        BMW And where is your mother: Kuznetsov, Peter, Moscow, etc., why are they not off the coast of Syria.
        Unleash World War 3, of course, you can drive ships all over the ball, you can drop off the Airborne Forces in Homs, and you can demolish Qatar (Churkin) Maybe you want to sign up for a business trip to Syria ?. Russia (Lavrov) does everything correctly pulls time
  17. Chemist
    Chemist 16 March 2012 17: 11
    It’s just that the Saudis dominate the League under the supervision of amers, and now the Russian Foreign Ministry claims to have found common ground on some issues with the League, so it’s illogical to lean on the Saudis now. Although it is necessary.
  18. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 16 March 2012 18: 56
    The losses of the Syrian rebels on all sectors of the fronts are that they did not immediately begin to cooperate with the United States and NATO, unlike their Libyan counterparts, who immediately cooperated with everyone, therefore, well aware of their precarious positions, Russia and China, and at the same time annoy the United States and NATO voted against the UN resolution. recourse
  19. ioann1
    ioann1 16 March 2012 18: 59
    Syria is a holy land. God will not allow it. Fel will be destroyed sooner or later. So there is only one way out for these rebels - captive. Maybe forgive. There is no other way.
  20. wax
    wax 16 March 2012 20: 48
    When there is an intervention, we must not rush with reforms, because they will only weaken power, and crush immediately and decisively. Scratched a long time, apparently could not count on firm diplomatic and other support of Russia. We can talk about reforms if the internal opposition really gains the authority of the masses. But such an opposition is armed with ideas, not grenade launchers.
  21. serge
    serge 16 March 2012 21: 25
    Why should they give up? Especially to die. Better go home. To Libya, Arabia, France ...
  22. Your
    Your 16 March 2012 22: 23
    Gentlemen, have you ever been to Syria? Are you pleased with corruption in Russia? - so in this regard there, to put it mildly abruptly. Plus the poverty of a huge part of the population and the creation of an abstraction of the still soft national - socialism. The only plus that I noticed is the desire to create exactly the Syrian production and trademarks.
    1. 17 March 2012 08: 12
      Quote: dvs
      Gentlemen, have you ever been to Syria? Are you pleased with corruption in Russia? - so in this regard there, to put it mildly abruptly. Plus the poverty of a huge part of the population and the creation of an abstraction of the still soft national - socialism. The only plus that I noticed is the desire to create exactly the Syrian production and trademarks.

      Yes, but with the coming to power of the "evolutionaries" there will begin an explosive growth of industrial production and living standards. Like in Libya ... or Iraq, but no, like in Afghanistan! And maybe in Yugoslavia? Oh, sorry, now there is no such country ...
      1. killganoff
        killganoff 17 March 2012 15: 44
        As well as in Russia ... Single plants will be allowed to work (for show), and most will be destroyed or production will become unnecessary to anyone ... all for the good of the West! Imported cars filled the roads, in the army imported rifles, imported ships, planes, even food from abroad ... complete strategic independence !. Viva Putin and Medvedev!
  23. vezunchik
    vezunchik 17 March 2012 11: 02
    Well done Assad. While the essence and the matter - there are no militants.
  24. duchy
    duchy 17 March 2012 15: 56
    Quote: elf71
    elf71 (1) Yesterday, 21:39 new -5 
    it’s fun to read such comments when they call the peaceful demonstrators a bastard who was shot by tanks and they took up arms, but they support the power of no one who can shoot at the rebellious people

    What world are you from, elf71? Have you seen a real tank in battle? Probably played enough in computer games? And Assad was a little late, this so-called "opposition", the best thing is to crush it in the bud. The people of Syria will figure out what kind of government they want to establish. And there is no need for foreign shit to climb into a foreign country. Syria, we are with you !!! http: //
    t-umirat.html #
  25. Insurgent
    Insurgent 17 March 2012 23: 20
    The thugs of the thug recruited all thugs, the Taliban, Libyans, Turkish intelligence, French
  26. Lustrator
    Lustrator 18 March 2012 02: 47
    Yeah, so they want to force Assad to change course on the destruction of the opposition?
    Interestingly, and "democratic transformations" presuppose the possibility of eliminating Assad in the process of reorganizing power, with the subsequent formation of a purchased "authoritative politician who has nothing to do with the regime" ?! They are approaching Iran by a different path. Assad should have carefully considered the details of these negotiations. It is a pity for the naive oppositionists who hoped that NATO would fit in. Now they only measure their slippers, if the dialogue does not work out soon.