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"You would have shot us, warrior!"

Genkin's father, Dmitry G. Neverov, died at Kursk. He managed to write home only a few short letters. Mom, Olga Ivanovna, began working at the hospital. Now Genka saw her very rarely, because there were not enough hands there.

Once, during the bombing, my mother was hit by a splinter in the leg. For several days she lay at home, the boy managed the housework himself. I cooked some simple food and fed my mother so that I would rather recover. Meanwhile, the front was approaching. Cars and carts pulled from the city. People walked along the sides of the road day and night.

“Go, son, with them,” said Mom. “Go to your aunt, to the Citywoman, you know the way.” And I lie down a few more days and come next. You look, in a couple of days the leg on the amendment will go.

Genka did not want to leave his native Voronezh. Throw mom, when on the threshold is about to be trouble, not in his character. But the power of the maternal word is enormous. And Genk submitted to this force. I went along the Zadonskoye highway, along the side of the road. And to meet him, to Voronezh, were our military units, the troops of the 60 Army. They were in a hurry to take up defense.

All day Genk went to the Citywoman. But, no matter how great the power of the maternal word was, with each step it gave way to fear for mom. After all, she lay at home alone, sick and tired. And at nightfall the boy turned back.

And in their hometown, the Nazis already hosted. Genk failed to get to the house. And, having reached the forest, the boy literally collapsed under a bush and fell asleep. There, in a "safe" place, he was discovered by two of our soldiers. Sleepy was reported on his hands to the location of his unit. Genka did not even move - so exhausted.

The boy came to himself only in the tent. Alongside sat the senior lieutenant of the medical service, Anna Andreevna Sakhno. Dicky, low Genka came to her very much.

- What to do with you? - asked Anna Andreevna. - It is very difficult to send to the rear, and it is dangerous to leave here.

But tenacious boyish eyes already noticed a bag with a red cross. Genka fervently volunteered to help the orderlies. And he managed to persuade Anna Andreevna to allow him to stay.

The little soldier was clever and inquisitive. He was not afraid of new assignments, he grabbed everything on the fly. Soon Genk was already trusted to help treat the wounded. He supported the fighters as best he could, even told them fairy tales, even if they were awkward. The boy is very attached to Anna Andreevna. And she was afraid that during the battle the smart boy would be tied up for the orderlies. The boy really rushed to the epicenter of events, realizing that help is needed everywhere and everywhere. And the work of orderlies every day was added ...

One day, a wounded lieutenant colonel was brought from a battlefield on a stretcher. Placed in a tent. He lost a lot of blood, survived a severe operation, but was conscious. Genka began to care for the fighter. I fed from a spoon, straightened the bed, did not leave the tent even at night. The boy was even entrusted on a schedule to give the wounded medicine. Hardly recovered, the lieutenant colonel again went to the front. As he said goodbye to his little nurse, he left Genk as a souvenir an aluminum mug, on which he scrawled just one word: “To the Son”.

Meanwhile, the situation was becoming more intense. And wanting to save the boy, Anna Andreyevna sent Genka to the signalmen, to 544 a separate company. The boy did not blunder, but quickly mastered a new thing for him. Genkina responsibility remained with him: he never threw his post on the phone. And once there was such a case. Genke was on duty, at which time an enemy air attack happened. The bombing began. Several of our soldiers rushed to the nearest dugout - it was empty. But not quite: the cord was under the bed ... They looked in - and there was Genka with a pipe!
“I thought the Germans,” he drawled embarrassedly. I did not have time to reach the machine gun ...
- And well, that did not have time! - laughed fighters. - And we would have shot, warrior.

Since then, the company often joked about how the signalman Neverov fought against the Nazis. The boy did not take offense, only embarrassed.
The young fighter had a chance to see Chernyakhovsky himself. Ivan Danilovich listened to joyless Genkina history and, having regretted the boy, he offered to take him to the orphanage himself. But the young fighter refused outright ...

In December, the 1942 year was heavy fighting near the city of Boguchar. Now Genk wore a fur coat, felt boots, a fur hat. All good fighter, only a rifle was not. Rescued the case. Our soldiers went on the offensive, drove the Nazis to the right bank of the Don. The line was followed by signalers and, of course, by Genk. In the enemy's trench, he noticed the murdered Nazi, and next to him was a small carbine. So, Genka had a personal one. weapon.

... The Neverov fighter was in the Donbass when he learned that his native Voronezh was liberated. Desperately hoping for good luck, I decided to write to my mother ... And the answer came! “Dear son! I just can not believe that you are alive and well. I could not leave, the Nazis came. Much had to endure from these monsters. When we were released, I was looking for you in the Citywoman. I had to think about this ... I kiss you tightly. Come soon. Your mother".

It is hard to imagine how happy the boy was ... The young fighter could not come back home now, when the war was not over, no matter how he wanted. But I had to submit to fate: in the fall of 1943, Genk was wounded during the raid. Fortunately, the shard did not hurt the bone. And the same Anna Andreevna treated the boy! She also convinced him to return home.

So Genka from a fighter turned into a boy, a student of the 17 th Voronezh school (now she wears a different number). The boy did not recognize the native Voronezh, with great difficulty he found the place where his native house stood - during the occupation he burned down.
And school life began again. After graduating from 10-th school, Gena entered the agricultural technical school, after these graduated from the agricultural institute. Moved to Stavropol. For many years, Gennady Dmitrievich taught at a vocational school. And every summer he came to his hometown, to his mother, Olga Ivanovna.

After the war he managed to find Anna Andreevna Sakhno. This modest woman-hero reached Berlin, and a few years after the Victory she left for Kazakhstan. She began to work in the district hospital. Gennady and Anna Andreevna rarely met. But remained close people. Relatives.

Unfortunately, I did not find a photo of Gennady Dmitrievich. BUT, maybe they can still do it.

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