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CAM Loader: a universal device for charging stores

The company ETS Group has introduced a new device for loading stores, which fits almost any model. weapons.


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  1. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 30 August 2017 20: 16
    I know another device. Handles two little things.
    1. Che burashka
      Che burashka 4 September 2017 08: 58
      At first I didn’t understand what it reminded me of, then I realized - the store is on the sofa! All grater-self-grater, self-sharpening knives and other crap-self-crap. Business and nothing personal, because there are several thousand idiots who will buy it .... inventions --- it!
  2. Vasya Vassin
    Vasya Vassin 30 August 2017 20: 26
    This crap was still in my time, I mean the guide piece of iron for cartridges. There was no only lateral emphasis, it was necessary to drive into the store with her hand, which is not very convenient.
  3. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 30 August 2017 20: 26
    It’s necessary to supplement the video on how it charges while lying on its stomach, on the ground, under mortar fire, and a DShK works under the ear ..)
    1. just exp
      just exp 30 August 2017 21: 21
      and with your hands to load a magazine with ammunition in these conditions is generally easier than a lung?
  4. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 31 August 2017 00: 49
    They forgot something about the device for loading stores for the Kalash ... in the form of a special tray. The tray is "charged" with loose cartridges.
    1. 76rtbr
      76rtbr 31 August 2017 05: 06
      Rakov’s machine!
      1. Monar
        Monar 31 August 2017 05: 38
        But doesn’t she equip the tape?
        1. Nikolaevich I
          Nikolaevich I 1 September 2017 15: 05
          Quote: Monar
          But doesn’t she equip the tape?

          The tape! And I meant, ukro-novation, the so-called "pitch" ....
      2. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 1 September 2017 15: 02
        Quote: 76rtbr
        Rakov’s machine!

        Yes, no! This meant the achievement of the "gloomy genius" - "Serve" ... https: //
  5. av58
    av58 31 August 2017 11: 49
    Absolutely meaningless device.
    Everyone who prints out zinc knows how the cartridges are stacked. Can I charge a store with such a thing? It’s possible, only time will take more than hands laughing
    For civilian purposes, it’s also pointless: for practical shooting, shops prepare in advance, and if anything, then hands are still faster and cheaper.