Tuning: How to turn an ordinary carbine into a super-weapon

Tuning weapons. How to turn an ordinary carbine into a super weapon, how much will it cost? How to improve the characteristics of pistols "Glock" and "Makarich"?

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    30 August 2017 17: 57
    Tuning "Makarov", in my opinion, is replacing the barrel with the barrel from the "Stechkin". And the handle is new, if you shoot with your left hand - not too comfortable. Who knows how to hold the gun correctly, that skin of the hand from the backward stroke of the shutter will not hurt.
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    8 September 2017 12: 36
    This kit is designed for shooting !!!!. The handle with the platform liked the most. Really comfortable. Even a plastic gas tube is nothing (unless you hang anything on it). But with what I disagree (although for a shooting gallery, it’s completely different), it’s a miracle with an overlay on the receiver. "Provides a secure mount for the sights." Any moving part does not provide reliable mounting of sights. This is me about the cover. Well, that’s not all. As if someone did not want to change the laws of physics. On the dovetail sights are walking ..... and here is a “button with a little pimp”. The recoil force of the boot pull the bar in different directions as a result of which the sight will float ... always. moreover, in different directions, depending on the sawing (flattening) by vibration of the material at the point of contact of "heavy-duty aluminum" with steel. At a shooting range of 50 meters, this will be noticeable, but not critical, the distance is too small, the shot is “direct” at the chest or growth pistol target. Hey .. lovers argue with foam at the mouth about the "omnipotent reddot", or rather, "everything that gets into it." This "mundula" for shooting ranges with a known distance usually "direct" shot. Here she is good ... although by the way "on the fan." There, on the "unfashionable" mechanical sight, there are a lot of numbers with a slider. This "miracle mechanism" allows you to hit targets with standard weight bullets on most of the bullet’s flight path, rather than a straight shot (red dot firing) at the very beginning. Miracles ..... A handle with an emphasis is a good thing ... as well as an overlay on a gas pipe.