Military Review

Clearly: how Russia will defend its lands from NATO aggression

The joint strategic command "North" is intended for the integrated security of the Arctic region of Russia and the unified management of military forces and assets in the zone from Murmansk to Anadyr. The combined command consists of underwater and surface forces, sea aviation, coastal troops and air defense.


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    HEATHER 8 July 2017 17: 33
    How will Russia defend itself? A strange question. As a result, the complete destruction of potentials, or their surrender. In vain they rock us. They do not understand what street is on the street. Our guys are not afraid of blood.
    1. ProkletyiPirat
      ProkletyiPirat 8 July 2017 18: 05
      Well, yes, yes, brave American rangers will fight with the Russians on their fists in the courtyards of the house lol
      1. HEATHER
        HEATHER 8 July 2017 18: 09
        Worth a try. While in neutral territory.
        1. ProkletyiPirat
          ProkletyiPirat 8 July 2017 18: 36
          yeah it was already inseparable in history
          1. HEATHER
            HEATHER 8 July 2017 18: 41
            Yes, Dima Indianov worked then! By the way. I’ll watch the series. I like it a lot! Hello everyone!
    DOCTOR ZLO 8 July 2017 20: 53
    A good video, the structure and tasks of the units and compounds of the 14 AK KSF are well shown
  3. yasvet
    yasvet 9 July 2017 14: 25
    Quote: DOCTOR ZLO
    Good video

    )) .. yeah, the tablets and graphics are on top)), but if we skip the pictures and tablets, but we dig into the proletarian essence)) ..
    the original source of the video ... very "interesting")) site, we drew it ourselves and laid it out)). Moreover, the info is as old as an mammoth excl, but it was laid out in the hope of digging into a polemic, at least something else more substantial .. well, a drum on the neck "friends" overseas)).
    )) ... and so the video is good))).
  4. maylik
    maylik 9 July 2017 19: 30
    Yes, let them jerk, beggar us. I have a dog painted under a birch, we’ll partisan with her together))