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Aviadarts-2017 launches at Voronezh Pogonovo training ground

Today, June 17, at the Pogonovo training ground in the Voronezh region, events were launched as part of the Aviadarts-2017 air tender. In the military pilot competition aviation and the implementation of related tasks involved more than 60 crews, including crews of the army, military transport, operational tactical and long-range aviation. The competition program is being worked out by the crews that are the best in their military districts.

Aviadarts-2017 launches at Voronezh Pogonovo training ground

The organizers of Aviadarts-2017 addressed numerous visitors to the testing ground where the competitive program events take place. The appeal says about the need to refuse to carry and carry large bags and other dimensional things. This is due not both to save space at the site, and in terms of safety.

Fighter crews of various models participate in the competition program: Su-27, Su-30CM, Su-35, MiG-29. In addition, the skills of pilots of Su-24 and Su-34 bomber pilots of transport aviation are demonstrated.

Particularly excited about the audience cause performances aerobatic teams. In particular, the aerobatic team "Swifts" demonstrates their skills.

The spectators also watch the flights of long-range strategic missile carriers Tu-22М3, transporters Il-76, An-12, etc.

Army aviation at the site represented by helicopters Mi-8, Mi-24, Mi-35, Mi-28H "Night Hunter" and Ka-52 "Alligator".

Attack helicopters attack targets at the test site, which is one of the most spectacular parts of the aviation competition.

The program includes extinguishing a conditional fire at the Pogonovo test site. At the same time, the organizers remind that the program is not limited to aviation events. "On the ground" is also there, what to see for those who, on a day off, found time to visit "Aviadarts"
Photos used:
VO, Facebook, VK / Typical Voronezh

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  1. The black
    The black 17 June 2017 14: 40
    Barmalei in Syria air darts love laughing... he helps them with the guri relax
    1. Partyzan
      Partyzan 17 June 2017 14: 48
      Today, June 17, at the Pogonovo training ground in the Voronezh region, events were launched as part of the Aviadarts-2017 air tender
      the NATO should not be invited to these competitions - in any case, how else to miss laughing
      1. RASKAT
        RASKAT 17 June 2017 15: 36
        The Minister of Defense said that 85% of the flight personnel of military aircraft went through Syria. How, then, with such experience, should the level of hit the target rise? Every bomb is 000000? I hope so.
        1. Partyzan
          Partyzan 17 June 2017 18: 37
          it is interesting, however, with what frequency did the composition have to be changed, or do we have 30 flight personnel? misunderstanding recourse
  2. sabakina
    sabakina 17 June 2017 14: 42
    Photos are certainly good, but the video is better .... or deer ... what
    1. poquello
      poquello 17 June 2017 15: 46
      Quote: sabakina
      Photos are certainly good, but the video is better .... or deer ... what

      and more, more. where there are no secrets to poke the camera, you need to submit the event and the equipment - screens, live broadcasts, direct comments
      1. Charik
        Charik 17 June 2017 18: 46
        yes there were people there once or twice miscalculated
        1. poquello
          poquello 17 June 2017 20: 41
          Quote: Charik
          yes there were people there once or twice miscalculated

          nothing, another time we can promote it, it’s important to understand that this is a potentially good show
    2. Charik
      Charik 17 June 2017 18: 36
      will be visible with poor quality recordings
    3. Kondratko
      Kondratko 18 June 2017 00: 35
      Photo taken in a neighboring area:

      Beauties !!!
      Made from a distance of about 2 km., I managed to shoot only in the tail, from the balcony of the apartment, you know, you will hear a sound while you set up the camera, zoom, aperture, shutter speed, you just have to be content with booty. )
      In the early morning, I was planning to build my house, and our eagles flew without stopping, one after another. There are still pictures, but the quality is not ice, I will not spread it.
      PS You guys are the best, we are proud of you! While you are, we have nothing to fear! fellow
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 17 June 2017 14: 46
    Well, our VKS in Syria showed the whole world such “Aviadarts” that all of these competitions are like demonstrations. wassat
    SCHMEL 17 June 2017 15: 09
    Merkel in the Bundestag about air darts 2017:
  5. 3 Gradient
    3 Gradient 17 June 2017 16: 28
    One thing is clear ...
    The more training opportunities for personnel ...
    The higher the combat readiness of our army ...
    I support Aviadarts!
    1. Rushnairfors
      Rushnairfors 17 June 2017 18: 00
      I agree with the workouts, not a show of golems. Aviadarts is SHOW !!! Last year I was in the spare carriage, as I saw it from the inside. The Kursk guys on SMTkhs worked very cool, but the jury said something like this: Mig29 cannot beat su30cm. And they were really cooler, well, there were a couple of similar episodes, this year our second stage did not begin (that is, in fact, only the regimental selection passed), but the crews were already determined for registration of international passports. Do you understand? We have not competed yet, and the winners in China are already known (they are now engaged in fitness). So no fair fight, winners are nominated. It will be interesting to look at stage 4, there I think everything will be in garlic (in any case, from our side)
      1. Charik
        Charik 17 June 2017 18: 41
        damn I agree that for the show there are 2 dryers as if they were driving a manneuver, they could even pair bvb with drying
  6. Charik
    Charik 17 June 2017 18: 35
    not in real life it was a really indescribable sensation of such an adrenaline drop in an hour maybe a couple of vidos tossed-quality telephone truth
  7. Nychebla
    Nychebla 17 June 2017 21: 01
    this darts il biathlon, how will he help them in a real battle? I’m as if far from all this! explain to the ram.
    1. kirgiz58
      kirgiz58 17 June 2017 22: 47
      Quote: Nychebla
      this darts il biathlon, how will he help them in a real battle?

      Directly darts or biathlon in a real battle will not help (they will not be there smile ), but the preparation for them increases the skill and coordination of the crews, which is what is required in battle.
      1. Rushnairfors
        Rushnairfors 18 June 2017 06: 42
        Well, in general, it was supposed that prizes in the form of cool cars should stimulate the flight crew to do more physical studies of combat and guidance documents, and of course to improve in TP, VN and BP. In short, tear your ass to prove that you are the best and get a prize for it, and in As a result, as always, the higher-ranking guys, in order not to worry, go ahead and appoint the winners, or if there is a “just a good guy”, well, without any harnesses, make him the desired result and he is on the pedestal. It’s not only on darts, ours went to officer all-around competitions, with full-time weapons, of course, because the rules stipulate that each high-class. shoots from a native time sheet. And at the competitions they were given other PMs who weren’t shot, of course it’s hard to get out of them (you know where you “mow” your trunk), then a friend told me that the prizes and places had been shared in advance.
        1. Rushnairfors
          Rushnairfors 18 June 2017 06: 58
          I’ll tell a little more about the situation. CENTER 2015. We train fly bomb everything cool. Downstairs, the infantry “fights” the audience in the stands in ecstasy, many students seriously think about what can be his oil institute? Goodbye Lukoil and stuff, I'm going to the army (just kidding). So after the next training, the chief of aviation exercises, the whole lieutenant-general says: comrades from the General Staff do not like the density of aviation work - NOT EFFECTIVE !!!!!! Not effective, not spectacular. They need bombers, and right there on the 15sec interval, turntables work immediately. And we were hung up for the FAB-1500-2400 exercises. Count three-ton if by actual weight. The radius of expansion of the fragments and the shock wave are such that helicopters are guaranteed to fall into the affected area. Our main navigator talked with the “vertical”, went to the authorities, they don’t want to hear anything, THE AUDIENCE WILL NOT BE INTERESTING !!!!! That is, exercises on board, the main effect to produce, force convinced that the turntables in 2 minutes. after the blow came up. Here's a situation for you - SKSHU goes and then SHOW.
  8. Charik
    Charik 18 June 2017 18: 50
    I can stick a video, the format is not the same
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 18 June 2017 21: 35
      Nothing, we'll post ours. Not from the phone.
      1. Charik
        Charik 20 June 2017 18: 15
        Uncle, and it’s not you by chance there in the Audi 46 region I was near mine