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Results of the Caspian Flotilla Exercises

As the military department countries during the winter period of training by ship and coastal forces of the Caspian flotilla Over 500 combat exercises were completed - twice as many as last year.

In the process of working out approximately 80 test exercises and course tasks, ship groups consisting of the Dagestan and Tatarstan rocket ships, the small rocket and artillery ships Grad Sviyazhsk, Uglich, Velikiy Ustyug, and Volgodonsk. Astrakhan and Makhachkala conducted missile and artillery firing at sea, coastal and air targets, approximately 130 mine action combat exercises, practical mine settings and anti-underwater sabotage missions.

Results of the Caspian Flotilla Exercises

Marine units took part in more than 100 exercises of various kinds, during which around 250 was fired from small arms weapons, anti-tank systems and artillery installations. Approximately 1000 military personnel and about 200 units of combat and special equipment of the marines were involved in these activities.

During the winter period, a new RB-410 tugboat entered the Caspian flotilla, another one is expected by the end of June - the RB-937.

A priority in the summer period will be participation in international competitions of maritime and field training in the framework of the Army International Games-2017.

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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 31 May 2017 05: 13
    conducted rocket and artillery firing

    Especially revealing caliber shootings at barmales in Syria!
    1. Teberii
      Teberii 31 May 2017 05: 27
      Well done !!!!! So continue on.
    2. bald
      bald 31 May 2017 05: 53
      And I'm talking about it, I’m sitting and thinking how to offer and present a little thought in a more cultural way. Add a stroke to such exercises. And students benefit and at the same time help a friendly state. The exercises are going according to plan, with only a dozen, albeit fewer, missiles fly off on a business trip one way.
      1. igorka357
        igorka357 1 June 2017 05: 56
        And sometimes rockets returned laughing ?
        1. bald
          bald 1 June 2017 06: 01
          laughing The Boomerang missiles would certainly return.
  2. 3 Gradient
    3 Gradient 1 June 2017 18: 43
    In the event of an attack by the US and NATO on Iran.
    Russia will actually be on the theater ...
    And the news of the Caspian flotilla ...
    "In the winter, a new raid tugboat RB-410 joined the Caspian flotilla, and another RB-937 is expected by the end of June."
    Two ... tugboats ... Strengthened the flotilla ...