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After the Yak-42 crash, dozens of pilots lost their diplomas


Gross violations were revealed in flight schools during general supervision inspections of the transport prosecutor's office. In the course of the inspection initiated after the September tragedy in Tunoshna, almost eighty graduates of the Buguruslan Flight School lost their diplomas. Recall that forty-four people died in September due to pilot errors, including the full composition of the Lokomotiv hockey team.

Ural Transport Prosecutor Pavel Kukushkin explained at a press conference that the checks focused on flight safety. After all, about four-fifths of all air crashes occur through the fault of man. "We are in connection with this," said Kukushkin, "and with the tragedy ... Yak-42 ... they conducted an inspection in a number of educational institutions."

The inspectors, in particular, showed interest in the Trinity Aviation Technical College and in the Buguruslan Civil Aviation School aviation. In both, as a result of inspections, “gross violations of the student learning order” were revealed.

The prosecutor said that the checks allowed to establish even such facts that the students did not properly train on aviation technology. As a result, the prosecutor's office sent a presentation to the head of the St. Petersburg University of Civil Aviation, to whom verified schools report. After reviewing the submission, seventy-eight diplomas were canceled. Pavel Kukushkin specified: only students of the Buguruslansky school lost their education certificates.

After the announcement of disappointing test results, eleven aircraft were sent to this flight school (information from Uralinformbyuro). In addition, six more aircraft were repaired and the same number of engines were put into operation.

The plane Yak-42, which flew to the hockey match in Minsk Yaroslavl club "Lokomotiv", crashed 7 September. Of the thirty-seven passengers and eight crew members, two survived - flight engineer Alexander Sizov and hockey player Alexander Galimov. However, the latter died a few days later in the hospital.

The cause of the catastrophe was the mistakes of the pilots: one of them hit the brake pedal. In addition, the crew commander Andrei Solomentsev decided to continue to take off, and the speed was twenty kilometers per hour lower than necessary. Finally, co-pilot Igor Zhevelov took phenobarbital, a banned drug that slows down the reaction.

The reason for all these miscalculations was poor crew training. It is reported that the company "Yak-Service", who owned the crashed aircraft, did not have opportunities for the safe operation of the aircraft. And the pilots, after retraining with the Yak-40, did not fly a sufficient number of hours on the Yak-42.

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  1. older
    older 22 February 2012 13: 34
    The court must give the leadership of the training center .. Without any discounts ... The pilot risks his life and the lives of passengers and they ...
    1. Desert Fox
      Desert Fox 22 February 2012 13: 49
      There is a separate demand from the leaders of training centers. It is the same as after a failed operation and the death of the patient, to sin on the whole system of medical education.
      It is necessary to judge the leadership of the airline, which saved on training and did not allow pilots to fly a sufficient number of hours.
      1. tundrawolf_kiba
        tundrawolf_kiba 22 February 2012 14: 32
        I work as a programmer in the UTC, and although of course it’s not quite my path, I can tell by what I observe - based on the problem - that:
        a) now no company is preparing a sufficient number of cockpit and flight crews - pilots can be said to work for wear and tear, although many companies have money.
        b) companies train pilots at the shortest possible courses, which in turn also negatively affects the quality of specialists (I don’t remember the groups that would have studied with us for more than a month).
        But if companies sent pilots to normal long-term courses, then the quality of training would have improved, and it would have been easier for the UTC to work without balancing on the verge of 0 income
  2. maksim
    maksim 22 February 2012 13: 40
    Too weak control in civil aviation by the Ministry of Transport is from here to unskilled specialists, poor-quality spare parts and poor pre-flight training, and passengers are taken hostage in total
  3. SIA
    SIA 22 February 2012 14: 13
    What about the pilots? They would be glad to increase the number of hours of hours, so who would let them into the sky? Let the airline be judged. You can’t drive everyone under one comb.
  4. tanit
    tanit 22 February 2012 15: 35
    About Yaroslavl. The crew worked on Yubileiny (at Baikonur, the former Buranovskaya strip. Still in perfect condition - and "somewhat" longer than usual. Errors (non-critical) are resolved on takeoff. The crew was experienced, but - Yubileiny strip, smiling at minor errors, - created a habit in the pilot that turned out to be disastrous ...
    By the way, since January 1 of this year, Yubileiny will not accept passenger aircraft. And it is right. You can't retrain everyone (and not always because of poor training centers, there is also such a word - "snobbery", so civilian pilots have it)
  5. VictoRUS123
    VictoRUS123 22 February 2012 15: 50
    I served in the Military Transport Aviation in the 80s, started on the AN-12. after the division received IL-76, retraining was in the city of Ivanovo in the training center, for 2 months. The entire flight crew from a mechanic to a division commander. Every day classes for 6-8 hours. After the theoretical course - passing exams. Then they were seconded to the regiments where there were IL-76. The technical staff studied for 2 months in practice, carrying out routine maintenance and maintenance of the aircraft. The flying staff, of course, flew day and night, I don’t remember what the flight should have been in hours. Not a single prerequisite for a flight accident, not to mention the incidents themselves in those days, was not. BTA worked in Afghanistan and Africa, throughout the USSR.
    1. tanit
      tanit 22 February 2012 15: 58
      Glad. I respect you. Are you still flying?
  6. tanit
    tanit 22 February 2012 15: 55
    About control ... Objective control service - there is such a service at any airport and at all airfields. Aunts and uncles are sitting and in reality every flight and arrival is filmed. and ABOUT ALL "KOSYAKH" (as an option - cases of "heroism") the report is underway. Only not everywhere is the state-owned air carrier company. And the fuck begins - yes you, but no you ...
    People are dying.
    Well, explain to me (just not about the quality of the aircraft) how the 134 carcass or Yak-42 from the half-strip to take off almost vertically leaves? The pilot is something, of course. Only he is not under fire and not in 1941. But they leave and do not fall. Skill of pilots. I repeat, in Yaroslavl, too, were not lieutenants.

    And what have the pilots to do with it ... Pilots - they always have to do with it. You can pass control and grunt out of the flask. You can, as in a sad joke, alas from our reality, Dad, let me steer ...
  7. Hleb
    Hleb 22 February 2012 15: 59
    need to remember guys ...
    LOCOMOTIVE - film in memory of "GONE ON TAKE OFF"
  8. tanit
    tanit 22 February 2012 16: 25
    A case from one's life. I'm standing, smoking (and not alone), just got on a transit board. A "body" without insignia crawls out of it and asks: "What, guys, do you want to fly away?" "It won't fly like that" Why? "And the flight mechanic is drunk ... And the flight mechanic is me"
    By the way, the board left, though without the "body". And what happened to him, and on what airlines it, the "body", flies - only Allah knows.

    There is skill, only that you don’t drink it, the aircraft does not always save. This does not apply to aircraft. Not a single case of a fall in residential areas due to the fault of pilots either in the USSR or in Russia will not happen.
    Does anyone really think that pilots are deliberately dying (not who thinks so, it’s understandable, citizens with dual citizenship)? Training centers will not help. It is difficult to retrain the attack aircraft as a civilian pilot, and he will pass tests ... But - who studied what ...
    So, in general, and about nothing .... Reprimanded.
  9. tanit
    tanit 22 February 2012 16: 44
    That’s ... An army man thinks about the people down there .. Always. So what kind of honecker does the same pilot not think about passengers ?!
    A site like Military Review? So, from the point of view of the military (not the flyer) - to ban army fired (i.e. pensioners) from flying the first snout of the aircraft.
  10. SIA
    SIA 23 February 2012 16: 24
    Quote: tanit
    By the way, the board left, though without the "body". And what happened to him, and on what airlines it, the "body", flies - only Allah knows.

    I agree, you can drink after the flight, but before the flight, no, and even more so during the flight. After all, you’re not carrying firewood, people. They also want to live. And so ...... taxied to the parking lot, stopped and turned off the engines, threw out the ladder, well, at least get into your boots.