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Izhevsk weapons. Sniper rifle "CB-98"


The SV-98 sniper rifle was developed by the Chief Designer Department of Concern Izhmash, a group of authors under the leadership of Vladimir Stronsky, based on the Record-CISM 7.62 rifle sports rifle. Sizm. "

The SV-98 is designed to defeat enemy forces that appear, move, open and unmasked, unprotected and equipped with individual armor protection at a distance of up to 1000 m.

CB-98 is a non-automatic magazine rifle, designed according to the classical layout.

The barrel together with the chamber is made by horizontal cold forging from a single piece. The trunk CB-98 is cold-faced with the latest technology in the GFM machines of an Austrian company from the city of Steyr. The whole forging process is controlled by a program from a computer. Even the formulation of the barrel billet and the removal of the barrel is carried out automatically by a robot. After forging and the necessary shutter speed (the barrel must “settle” to relieve the intracrystalline stresses created during forging), the barrel bore is honed, and only then goes to heat treatment. The barrel channel is not chrome-plated, which, although it reduces its survivability, but it significantly increases the accuracy of fire - ranging from 60 to 70 mm when shooting groups of 10 shots at 300 meters. The barrel connects to a rectangular box with four pins. This whole structure is attached to the cradle with two screws. At the same time, the barrel remains freely hung out. A floating barrel is a common solution for high precision weapons. On the trunk there is a mounting point muzzle brake or muffler. Trigger pull adjustable.

Muzzle can be equipped with a silencer. If this is not necessary, a protective sleeve is wrapped around the barrel. The peculiarity of this seemingly unusual sleeve is that, due to the peculiarity of the thread, it creates a certain tension on the muzzle, which improves the accuracy of the fire. Accuracy, by the way, improves when using a silencer. Alternatively, both the silencer and the sleeve can be fitted with a flame arrester. The silencer is designed to reduce the level of sniper unmasking, complete suppression of the muzzle flame. It is also important that the silencer does not impair the accuracy of shooting and reduces the recoil energy by about 30%, which makes rifle shooting more comfortable.

The bolt has three lugs. The trigger mechanism of the sports type, with adjustable triggering effort. The CB-98 fuse is a two-position, located in the receiver, closer to its tail, on the right side, behind the bolt handle. It blocks both USM and the stroke at the same time. Type of fire - single. Recharge manual.

The power is supplied from the box-shaped detachable 10-local shop, on its left wall there are holes with markings, by which the sniper can determine the number of ammunition at his disposal. The store has a guiding mechanism that facilitates its adjunction in a combat situation and "in the blind." The course of the store is straight, and not like that of the SVD with a turn from the hook to the side of the latch. Shop rifle double row, molded from glass-filled polyamide with metal liners. The customary prismatic or lamellar spring is replaced by a lever element consisting of 4's levers interconnected by axes in pairs in the center. Store in front of the rack is mounted, which is pressed into the receiver. In the rack, a latch with a spring is mounted, which, when the magazine is attached, engages with a metal sleeve, which is fed into the opening of the magazine case and presses the magazine tightly to the receiver. Thus, it provides a simple, stable and secure mounting magazine on a rifle.

Izhevsk weapons. Sniper rifle "CB-98"

The rifle is regularly equipped with open sights - the front sight in the earpiece and fully adjustable. Fly (adjustable vertically and horizontally) and open type rear sight with a scale of distances from 100 to 600 m. In increments every 100 m. The base of the front sight is the original design, but the front sight itself and the rear sighting device are fully borrowed from the SVD. However, unlike the Dragunov rifle, the SV-98 has a different system for mounting an optical sight. In CB-98, the sight is mounted directly on top of the box with the help of a device commonly known as dovetail. The box bears on itself the top assembly level for sights. It can be 7-multiple PKS-07, and more powerful pancratic "Hyperon", worked out according to the scheme 3-10 XX42. For night operations on the rifle put a whole range of night vision devices.

The forearm of the CB-98 rifle has two oblong ventilation holes. Pistol grip made with a notch. The stock is fully adjustable and tailored to the individual ergonomic data of the shooter. For this, a lifting cheek and a movable butt plate are provided. The rifle is equipped with an adjustable wooden lodge (the position of the butt plate on the butt and the position of the stop under the cheek are adjusted). In front of the box there is a mount for folding bipod.

Sniper rifle CB-98 developed for different types of ammunition, both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The standard equipment of a rifle includes a low-noise firing device (PMS), a belt and a carrying handle, an anti-strap belt and a visor-reflector on a silencer, a set of accessories for cleaning and an optical sight bracket.

There is a version of the rifle with the popular in the world and which is the standard of NATO, the Piccatini bar, also called "Weaver rail" ("wr" - "Weaver Guide").

The rifle has high accuracy, good steady accuracy. At a distance of 300, m sets up groups of 10 shots in each (cartridges not lower than the Extra class) in a circle with a diameter of 55 mm. A regular sniper cartridge shooter easily puts all shots in a circle with a diameter of 120-130 mm on 300 m. An experienced sniper is able to hit a growth target at a distance of up to 1200m from the first shot.

Sniper rifle CB-98 passed all certification tests, was used in real combat operations and is in service with the special forces of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB - where high precision fire is required.

Caliber, mm 7.62x54R 7.62 (.308Win)
Weight without cartridges and optics, kg 5.50
Length, mm
- without silencer 1270
- with 1445 silencer
Barrel length, mm 650
Initial bullet speed, m / s 820
Aiming range, m 1000
Rate of fire, rds / min 10
Capacity store count. 10 cartridges
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. AVV
    AVV 22 July 2013 09: 01
    They know how to do it when they want !!! Decent weapons !!!
    1. Argon
      Argon 22 July 2013 15: 15
      I heard / read a lot of bad things about the quality of manufacture of these rifles, most experts are inclined to believe that this product (in fact) does not meet the requirements of today.
    2. def89
      def89 23 July 2013 08: 49
      made on the basis of a sports rifle (record). In the 99th they brought us to the test. I will say right away- THING !!! You can safely put 12,5 times the scope.
  3. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 22 July 2013 09: 49
    worked with her. a good rifle. heavy only. they bought the optics. they used ordinary sniper cartridges. the barrel is black. it requires daily care. and in my opinion the wooden parts are roughly made.
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 22 July 2013 11: 14
      Quote: leonardo_1971
      rough made wooden parts.

      in the last photo, where the pistol grip is a kurpny plan, it feels like the bed was painted with green.
      1. omsbon
        omsbon 22 July 2013 12: 07
        Quote: bazilio
        in the last photo, where the pistol grip is a kurpny plan, it feels like the bed was painted with green

        Do you think that for better camouflage, weapons should be painted in a bright orange color? laughing
        1. bazilio
          bazilio 22 July 2013 12: 59
          Quote: omsbon
          Do you think that for better camouflage, weapons should be painted in a bright orange color?

          No. I believe that for a wooden box of army weapons should be special. paint that protects wood from moisture ....
          1. the47th
            the47th 25 July 2013 16: 04
            Quote: bazilio

            No. I believe that for a wooden box of army weapons should be special. paint that protects wood from moisture ....

            And I believe that in the courtyard of the 21st century, it is better to make a box of polymers, and not of a capricious tree.
    2. Mister X
      Mister X 22 July 2013 22: 06
      Quote: leonardo_1971
      optics themselves bought.

      This is what KardeN wrote about the optics for the SV-98 in his article "Domestic Weapons: Personal Opinion"

      With sights to this rifle the whole epic happened.
      They entered the unit only with night sights.
      So they stood idle.
      Then one good man gave the unit an expensive Zeiss sight - Diavari 2.5-10-50T.
      A year later, they received the 5-15x50 software.
      Then, after a considerable period of time, we got a Belarusian sight POSP 4x12-42W
      with Weaver mounts.
      Although the rifle is on a Picatinny rail.
      Fixing pins on the scope bracket preventing longitudinal displacement,
      didn’t come to the guide on the rifle, which was fixed with a file.
      It turns out that a couple of years the rifles were not used for their intended purpose.
      Due to the lack of sights.
      The rifle is bulky and in terms of maneuverability loses to SVD.
      1. Black Colonel
        Black Colonel 23 July 2013 15: 02
        For the "bolt" maneuvering qualities are not the main indicators.
    3. def89
      def89 23 July 2013 08: 50
      this is a sports rifle record, a little completed and that's it.
  4. bazilio
    bazilio 22 July 2013 11: 52
    What can I say about this barrel - a cold-forged barrel is +, a free-hanging barrel is also +, a different set of optics is also +. The only question is, for what and for whom is this rifle. It seems to me that this barrel is more suitable for army snipers (but not for special forces snipers). For the special forces snipers, it seems to me, I need a more precise barrel.
    "The rifle has high accuracy, good consistent accuracy of combat. At a distance of 300 m, it shoots groups of 10 shots each (cartridges not lower than "Extra" class) in a circle with a diameter of 55 mm. "
    For comparison, the Blazer SR 93 rifle puts on 300 m. 10 bullets in a circle with a diameter of 23 mm.
    It seems to me that special forces snipers need a barrel with such parameters. And it is desirable for more powerful cartridges than the standard 7.62 mm cartridge.
    1. bunta
      bunta 25 July 2013 10: 08
      Quote: bazilio
      For comparison, the Blazer SR 93 rifle puts on 300 m. 10 bullets in a circle with a diameter of 23 mm.

      Swear! A patron not lower than the Extra class? wink
    2. fennekRUS
      fennekRUS 10 August 2013 10: 19
      gentlemen, but you do not confuse the distance? 23 mm at 300 m? such indicators even Andy’s hand-made fluffs do not give out (less than 0,1 MOA)
  5. rereture
    rereture 22 July 2013 12: 04
    Sorry for the old photos, that's how it looks today
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 29 July 2013 21: 26
      Quote: rereture
      Sorry for the old photos, that's how it looks today

      The rifle in your photo is the SV338-M1 under .338LM, and what you are talking about is stated in the article the rifle under 7.62x54R and .308Win
  6. Alexanderlaskov
    Alexanderlaskov 22 July 2013 13: 22
    Cool rifle!
    1. def89
      def89 23 July 2013 08: 53
      no bad rifles! there are bad arrows!
      1. Andrey77
        Andrey77 25 July 2013 13: 28
        Then why do our shooters come up with imported weapons at major competitions? Lobaev is trying to do something, but he is also powerless against a rotten system.
        1. bunta
          bunta 25 July 2013 13: 32
          Quote: Andrey77
          Lobaev is trying to do something

          That's exactly trying. But the system has nothing to do with it.
          1. Andrey77
            Andrey77 28 July 2013 13: 38
            The system is forbidden to equip ammunition for rifled weapons, as well as to manufacture and sell to private individuals.
  7. MAG
    MAG 22 July 2013 16: 24
    Look at KARDEN in LJ there is a rifle Sako TRG-22 compared with the sv-98 land and sky
  8. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 22 July 2013 16: 51
    Quote: rereture
    Sorry for the old photos, that's how it looks today

    the butt mount looks flimsy.
  9. mirag2
    mirag2 22 July 2013 18: 36
    Maybe she’s well-conceived, but made-shit, and no other definitions for her.
  10. Dozor
    Dozor 22 July 2013 19: 49
    Mannlicher is much cheaper and better performance. St-98 costs 270 TR and SSG P-04 70 tr here you have the sv-98.
    In the cold, the detachment of a cold shot! From behind a lodge.
    But the original trunks were made och qualitatively and fit into 1/2 MOA, and then marriage, divisions are unpredictable.
    And all because the mannliher factory employs 500 people and z.p. high, and we have more than 10 people (let's say 000 thousand people at Dektyarev’s factory), respectively, and each person’s salary is invested in each weapon, Here’s Aunt Masha stamping trunks for 11000 tr. and her poh. they still will not be fired for quality. Yes, and the machines are still captured German.
    1. Klibanophoros
      Klibanophoros 23 July 2013 00: 38
      Yes, whatever you say, and it is extremely difficult for industrial giants to launch the production of piece professional tools. And this is not their field of activity, I must say. Create a research institute with a training ground, and with it a factory of high-precision small arms. Is it difficult? Mass release to the mountain is not required. Twenty thousand, no more. To the whole country.
      1. vanaheym
        vanaheym 24 July 2013 04: 13
        And why is it possible to do things with Steyr or the same Accuracy International?
        Maybe because rifles do not shoot at the kickbacks of managers, but according to the results?
      2. Andrey77
        Andrey77 25 July 2013 13: 11
        Eco, everything is simple for you - create a research institute with a training ground. How much will your research institute and training ground cost (excluding kickbacks)? Then it’s easier to buy SAKO TRG, the whole batch with this money. And live 50 years calmly.
    2. Andrey77
      Andrey77 25 July 2013 13: 17
      I will subscribe to every word. Special:

      "Here aunt Masha churns out trunks for 6 tr and she doesn't care. They won't fire them for quality."

      Hello USSR. Sovdepia is incurable.
      But add a touch of capitalism - fire her for unemployment benefits (800 p). Others will look and understand - the scoop is over.
  11. Papania
    Papania 12 September 2013 10: 44
  12. air wolf
    air wolf 11 November 2014 10: 25
    The rifle requires a higher quality of workmanship, and the SVU-M will be in demand for a long time, it only requires modernization, the barrel is new and the silencer is from SV-98, and our soldiers will be happy!