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Rare tank found in Syrian army

According to "Messenger of Mordovia", In the Internet space posted a photo of an unusual version T-72, which is in service with the elite 105 brigade of the Syrian Republican Guard. T-72, fixed against the background of a destroyed building, has an angular little tower with slotted observation windows and is equipped with a short thin gun.

Rare tank found in Syrian army

Actually the weapon is not a real gun, but a mock weapons. The tank is a so-called "running driving simulator" (HTV). It is intended for the training of mechanics-drivers of the main combat tanks T-72. Equipment of this kind makes it possible to save the resource of these tanks.

Interest is the fact that the HTV was photographed in conjunction with military vehicles and in the combat zone. As can be supposed, the training tank is used as a tractor in the specified conditions in order to evacuate damaged equipment.

In the USSR, the creation of HTV-55 and HTV-72 on the basis of tanks of the respective types removed weapons while maintaining the tower. The embrasure of the gun was either brewed tightly, or a window with a janitor and washer was mounted in it, and an additional place for an instructor or passenger was equipped in the tower. The staff position of the project instructor was installed in the commander’s hatch and was a high-placed “glass pavilion” with a circular view. In practice, in the manufacture of prototypes, it was abandoned as an excess.

Driving trainer driving HTV-72 based on the T-72A tank
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  1. MPK105
    MPK105 24 March 2017 08: 16
    Well, what to laugh ... How old is the blood there by the river ... And they showed the gun, from which the pirates still fired at the time request
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 24 March 2017 08: 31
      As a “scarecrow”, it may well be a ride - go in the confusion, take apart the gun sticking out from it or the handle from the shovel ... lol
      1. 210ox
        210ox 24 March 2017 08: 43
        Each tank is exclusive there ... The bells and whistles are put by the tankers themselves and each to their taste .. The goal, of course, is to try to save your life ..
        1. Monos
          Monos 24 March 2017 09: 12
          The Germans also do such things.

          As I understand it, this Leopard is also HTV.
          1. novel66
            novel66 24 March 2017 09: 27
            glass go from the "Gelendvagen"?
  2. mitrich
    mitrich 24 March 2017 08: 27
    That and look, when they will bring up all the armored vehicles, we will soon see in Syria, Mark-1 tanks on both sides.
    1. andrewTSO
      andrewTSO 24 March 2017 13: 02
      They are not, one model in a museum in Russia
  3. Azim77
    Azim77 24 March 2017 08: 30
    It is intended for the training of mechanics-drivers of the main battle tanks T-72.

    Perhaps it is also used for its main purpose. Those. train recruits to replenish.
    1. Monarchist
      Monarchist 24 March 2017 08: 42
      It’s quite logical, because they constantly have fighting, and the crew can’t always leave their car
  4. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 24 March 2017 10: 07
    Well done! - what can I say? They keep the equipment in good condition, train crews, use it to evacuate damaged equipment .... Not like dill. Half of all the equipment inherited after the collapse of the USSR was dismantled, and half of the remaining equipment was sold, part was sold, part of them was destroyed and taken away by militias. What else walks, rests on parole and is looking for new owners)))
  5. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 24 March 2017 17: 46
    I once rode an HTV-72 once))) He was constantly present while driving, but doing the exercises on it was ... not prestigious, perhaps ... In general, they didn’t like to ride it, although landing and disembarking at the place of the mechanic were understand)))
    APASUS 24 March 2017 20: 33
    A normal training tank looks rather unusual, but a driver is not born. In Kurgan, at a company that manufactures large quantities of BMP-3 for export, a new running simulator for the BMP-3 driver was created.