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American political scientist William Engdal: "Only Russia, China and Europe can stop American cowboy"

American political scientist William Engdal: "Only Russia, China and Europe can stop American cowboy"Famous American political scientist William Engdal told NV about the reasons for the decline of the United States, as well as about the chances and risks of Russia in the modern world.

Sometimes you can hear the opinion that the criticism of American foreign policy is purely Russian fun, caused by dissatisfied imperial ambitions. However, there are also quite a few independent experts in the West who watch the United States for world domination with alarm. Among them is the American political scientist and economist William Engdal, who has written five books and hundreds of articles about the origins of Anglo-American expansionism, the nearly century-old US struggle for oil, and the causes of the current financial crisis. A native of Texas, he graduated from the prestigious Princeton University and received his doctorate in economics in Stockholm. In the past twenty years, the expert lives in Germany, where he works as a consulting economist. In an interview with NV, William Engdal shared his opinion on the reasons for the rise and fall of the United States and how Russia should behave in the current international situation.

- Mr. Engdal, criticism of US foreign policy from the mouth of an American expert is quite rare. When did you first doubt the western "general line"?

- I did not come to my current views immediately. As a child of the cold war, since my childhood I believed that America brings freedom, democracy and progress to the whole world. My first education I received at Princeton University in the 1960s. Then I was not interested in geopolitics at all, dreaming of a career as a lawyer. But after seven years of work in the United States, I went to defend my dissertation in Europe, to Stockholm University. At that time there was a Vietnam war that made me take a fresh look at the behavior of my home country in the world. After defending my dissertation, I worked in New York as a freelance journalist for ten years. It was in the 1970s, when an oil crisis was raging in the Western world. Being naturally a curious person, I interviewed many representatives of energy concerns. Communicating with them, I soon came to the conclusion that the crisis was manipulated by seven energy companies - five American (Standard Oil, Shevron, Golf Oil, Mobil Oil, Texaco) and two British (British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell). Delving into history I made another discovery - since the beginning of the twentieth century, these concerns have closely cooperated with the largest banks of Wall Street, and especially with the Rockefeller banking family. In 1984, I moved to Germany, once again having the opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of Europeans.

- In your books and articles you tell in detail how in the first half of the twentieth century the role of a superpower passed from the hands of Britain into the hands of the United States. How did this happen?

- I devoted a whole book to this issue - “A Century of War”. Back in 1913, the United States established a private emission center - the Federal Reserve System, which took over the printing of the dollar (previously only states printed money). Behind this scam were the largest banking houses from New York's Wall Street - Rockefellers, Morgan, Warburgs and others. In the First World War they fabulously enriched thanks weapons supply, however, to seize global domination then failed. Only when the decline of the British Empire became inevitable in the 1920s and 30s did the American financial elite prepare to take over its inheritance. Back in 1939, the Rockefeller Foundation funded a secret (at that time) project "Study of War and Peace", which was supposed to be led by the then Council on Foreign Policy. Of course, militarily the war was won by the USSR, not the United States, but it was the latter that benefited from the victory over Hitler as much as possible. In 1944, the Bretton Woods financial system was created, according to which the dollar received a fixed peg to the gold standard and became the world reserve currency. This allowed the US banking houses to step by step put under their financial control the entire world economy.

- How did the Americans take into account the British experience in building their empire? After all, as you know, the smart learns from the mistakes of others ...

- The American elite, having adopted the geopolitical doctrines of the British, did not want to step on the "British rake." The United States developed a brilliant strategy of domination - by carefully avoiding the word “empire”, they began to present themselves as noble defenders of democracy, human rights, and free enterprise. But under this humanistic mask was hidden the classic imperial doctrine, the essence of which the ancient Romans expressed with the phrase: “Divide and rule!” The establishment could not speak directly about its plans, since the Americans are peaceful and not particularly interested in international affairs. Especially for them, the elite came up with a propaganda myth that the United States is such a “good guy” who wants to overcome all the “bad guys” for the sake of the happiness of mankind.

- The further US movement towards world domination took place in the conditions of the Cold War. What tasks were solved during this period?

- The Cold War was not inevitable at all, as is commonly believed today. Initially, the Americans wanted to attract to the financial system created by them and the Soviet Union. However, Joseph Stalin (I leave behind his internal policy) made the right decision, refusing to join his country to the Bretton Woods model. Only then did the Americans turn to plan “B”, deciding to turn the USSR from an ally into a “totalitarian monster”. The US propaganda machine painted your country as an evil empire, from which you can expect some meanness at any moment. I remember well how in school we were forced to clasp the right ear with my left hand, explaining that this is the only way to protect yourself from radiation exposure after the fall of the Soviet bomb. In fact, you can circle around your head at least a hundred hands, but this will not save you from radiation! With the help of such actions in the minds of ordinary Americans like me put the installation that Russia - the main enemy of mankind.

At this time, the NATO military organization was created, which ensured the US military dominance over Western Europe. Began and increased penetration of US capital in Asia, Africa and Latin America. After all, the peculiarity of modern capitalism lies in the fact that capital is constantly forced to expand to new, “virgin” territories.

As a result, by the beginning of the 1970's, the Bretton Woods system entered a period of serious crisis. Free exchange of paper dollars for gold is no longer possible. Then, in order to save the dollar from the inevitable collapse, it was decided to raise energy prices to a sky-high level. This problem was solved due to the 1973 oil crisis of the year. According to the official version, the jump in prices was provoked by the collusion of OPEC countries, which decided to punish the West for supporting Israel in the 1973 war of the year. Like, with the help of such blackmail, Arab leaders tried to get the United States and Western Europe to refuse to supply weapons to Israelis. In fact, the spasmodic increase in oil prices is the work of the Western powers, which they agreed on before the war (in May of the 1973) at a meeting of the Bilderberg Club in Sweden. This conjecture was confirmed to me in a private conversation by Sheikh Zaki Yamani, who at that time held the post of Minister of Oil Production of Saudi Arabia.

- So why was it necessary to arrange an oil "shock therapy" for the western economy?

- Since all payments for oil were exclusively in dollars, this allowed us to extend the life of the dollar system for a while. And then the United States decided to modify the global financial model a bit in 1979. To the detriment of the real economy, the United States relied on printing money, inflating financial bubbles and bringing production to the “third world”, where cheap labor is concentrated. By the end of 1980, due to the abnormal financial policy, the Western world was again on the verge of major upheavals and even collapse ...

- ... but then there was the collapse of the USSR and the dissolution of the social camp ...

- Absolutely! American capital poured into undeveloped spaces, allowing the US to parasitize over the economies of Russia and Eastern Europe. Thousands of factories and plants were closed, entire scientific schools were left to the mercy of fate, and millions of people overnight fell below the poverty line. But valuable personnel, machine tools, equipment and resources began to flow to the West for mere cents, which allowed the American economy to extend its life for almost twenty years. I believe that Russia paid the exorbitant price for privatization, carried out by Mr. Chubais according to the recipes of his American advisers.

- Is it really the United States that is to blame for the collapse of the Soviet Union?

- Of course no. The main role was played by the most serious economic problems of the USSR. For example, in America, the relationship between the military-industrial complex and the civilian economy was correlated - as soon as Pentagon scientists invented microchips and the Internet, this know-how instantly flowed into "peaceful" industries. Russia, alas, could not create such a system.

After analyzing the economic weaknesses of the USSR, the United States at the end of the 1970-s decided to create centers of instability around it. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was an adviser to President Carter, proposed bringing the anti-Soviet regime to power in Afghanistan, putting the Soviet Central Asia in danger of Islamization. The USSR had no alternative but to intervene in the internal affairs of this country, but this war became its Vietnam for Russia. Then, already in the 1980-s, Ronald Reagan announced the beginning of the "era of star wars", forcing the Soviet Union to throw out astronomical sums for the arms race.

Finally, in 1986, the US persuaded the Saudi king to temporarily lower oil prices, thereby delivering a decisive blow to the Soviet economy. Under these conditions, it was necessary to kill the enemy already at the political level, and Washington involved Moscow in negotiations on the unification of Germany. The then US Secretary of State James Baker promised Mikhail Gorbachev that after the re-establishment of a single German state of NATO, he would not move an inch to the East. However, he did not keep his word - the North Atlantic alliance not only approached the borders of Russia, but also tried to draw Georgia and Ukraine into its ranks.

- After the collapse of the USSR, the Western world was euphoric over the victory in the Cold War. Why did the United States so briefly enjoy its heyday?

- After the disappearance of the Soviet empire, the United States undoubtedly experienced a severe headache. But this does not mean that they did not face new problems. The next stage was the maximum weakening of another potential competitor - Japan. It was held in 1990 year, along with the collapse of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, after which the Japanese economy plunged into a prolonged depression. Then came the turn of other Asian tigers - South Korea, Thailand and Indonesia. It was important to undermine their strength not only from an economic, but also from a political point of view, since these countries offered a different model of development. It was not a wild, cowboy capitalism of the USA and not a Soviet planned economy, but quite a reasonable model. American speculators provoked the Asian crisis 1997 of the year, allowing to strengthen the position of the dollar. It was then that exports to these countries of US treasury bonds and other securities began.

It would seem that with such successes the “American Century” will last forever. Feeling their impunity, US financiers began to unwind the spiral of the virtual economy. In the United States, they began to produce derivatives on an industrial scale that supposedly made securities transactions safe. The financiers tried to convince the Americans that if a family could not repay the loan, the bank issuing derivatives would immediately come to its aid. Credits began to be issued to everyone, even to those who were obviously insolvent. And the derivatives, in turn, were bought by the Chinese, Japanese, Russians, and other “partners” of Washington. The price paid for such an irresponsible policy came in the 2008 year, when the financial tsunami rose in America.

- President Barack Obama often scolds "fat cats" on Wall Street and promises to pay more attention to the real economy. Maybe he will be able to break the back of financiers?

- Do not feel illusions about Obama! He is the same protégé of financial brokers, as are both Bush, Clinton, Reagan and Carter. American elites promoted him to the presidency for one simple reason. By 2008, Western society was fed up with George W. Bush’s cowboy tricks, and the financiers needed an American leader who externally radiated humanism and peacefulness. But what really happened? As soon as Obama moved to the White House, he strengthened the US military presence in Afghanistan, and also brought down American power against Pakistan. And the recent war in Libya is also the work of the United States: Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron simply played the role of supermen in an action movie whose script was written by American strategists.

I believe that America can get out of the crisis only if its government calls the financial elite to account, revives the industry and gives up cowboy’s international policy. However, in Washington they are unlikely to heed my advice. Most likely, the United States will continue to fight for the preservation of the dollar system, wreaking havoc in Eurasia and preventing the unification of its competitors - Russia, China and Europe. I do not exclude that America may unleash a major regional conflict in the Middle East or even the Third World War. From the financial movers of Wall Street, you can expect the most insane action.

- Can other major powers oppose this scenario?

- Only Russia, China and Europe can stop the insane “American cowboy”. But today, when the collapse of the “American Century” and the dollar financial system is almost inevitable, everything depends on their courage. Will they join with each other? Or will they allow the US to take control of Eurasia with the help of the “controlled chaos” doctrine? The security of all mankind of the 21st century will depend on the answers to these questions.

Personally, I have long been a supporter of the rapprochement between Russia and China - these countries can only survive together. In addition, the Russian and Chinese economies complement each other. China is the “factory of the 21st century”, and Russia is the storehouse of natural resources. But your country has another competitive advantage, which the Chinese are so far deprived of - great scientists and engineers who are capable of non-standard creative thinking. Do not be mistaken about the technological power of the United States - all our successes became possible only thanks to talented researchers who emigrated from Germany during World War II and from the former USSR in the 1990-s. His geniuses in America is born a little with all the vigor of our people.

The alliance between Russia and China will make the world much safer, fairer and more humane, preventing major military cataclysms. Now it only depends on the Russian elite whether such an alliance will arise or not. Alas, but part of your top keeps their wealth in Western banks, linking by their stupidity the future of Russia with the sinking western Titanic. Do not give in to these illusions! I would be very happy if the countries of continental Europe - Germany, Italy and France (after the departure of Sarkozy) joined the Russian-Chinese alliance. But here the situation also depends on the elite.
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  1. domokl
    domokl 9 February 2012 13: 19
    A good article by a good economist .. Not a spray of saliva, but the measured words of a smart and impartial specialist ...
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 9 February 2012 22: 54
      Well, how well he said about the corrupt elite in the last paragraph, great. I read it with pleasure, well, neither subtract nor add.
    2. timurpl
      timurpl 9 February 2012 23: 40
      This campaign is the first Americanos I would kiss!
      1. sasha.28blaga
        sasha.28blaga 10 February 2012 11: 45
        Do not forget that this is an Americanos, which means that like all Americans they are ready to sell what they buy, in a word it makes money on the situation.
  2. Vrangel
    Vrangel 9 February 2012 13: 25
    The United States should have nurtured and cherished the Soviet Union, not ruined it. Now without a "natural adversary", the States themselves are doomed to extinction, as the last representative of the "megafauna".
    1. recitatorus
      recitatorus 9 February 2012 17: 20
      Empires do not survive one by one! The enemy for the empire is a support, without it it collapses ... Siyo axiom.
    2. VikVik741
      VikVik741 9 February 2012 18: 40
      We had to cherish and cherish the Soviet Union first of all! And we just changed the centuries-old history and traditions with a happy idiot look for golimy McDonalds, jeans, porn and other rubbish Made in USA.
  3. dred
    dred 9 February 2012 13: 30
    Soon, the fish under the name of the United States will be eaten by parasites.
    1. Irkit
      Irkit 9 February 2012 19: 29
      I remember Zadornov said "There are more good people, but bad people are better organized", and so :) soon these well-organized cowboys, politely and without immotions, will be explained how to behave in the 21st century.
  4. Igor
    Igor 9 February 2012 13: 34
    Stop a crazy "American cowboy" can only Russia, China and Europe.
    I think Europe will not subscribe to this because they are very connected with the United States.
    But your country has another competitive advantage, which the Chinese have so far lacked - excellent scientists and engineers.
    It’s high time to do this and not put red-headed evil at the head of scientific corporations.
    Alas, part of your elite holds their wealth in Western banks, stupidly linking the future of Russia with the sinking Western Titanic.
    This is the 3rd main trouble of our country.
    1. foxstrat89
      foxstrat89 9 February 2012 14: 54
      Alas, part of your elite holds their wealth in Western banks, stupidly linking the future of Russia with the sinking Western Titanic.
      this is probably the first problem, because these people did not quite honestly receive these funds
      1. Ustas
        Ustas 9 February 2012 15: 19
        this is probably the first problem, because these people did not quite honestly receive these funds

        If we take into account that these capitals were received by people far from the very concept of Russia, Homeland, Patriotism.
        Here's a fun video:
      2. Ribwort
        Ribwort 9 February 2012 16: 44
        And in which case, for the sake of their wealth in Western banks, the first will surrender to Russia. In other words, potential traitors.
        1. recitatorus
          recitatorus 9 February 2012 17: 27
          This should be included in the constitution for a long time: an official should not have any accounts abroad, neither real estate, nor relatives, and above all - children! Otherwise, they become hostages, the property is the subject of blackmail ... Simply put - recruitment. It’s kind of like, the horse is clear! .. Then what's the matter, Vova ??? Vova is silent ... fool fool fool
        2. foxstrat89
          foxstrat89 10 February 2012 10: 19
          they are not potential, they are givers
    2. ivachum
      ivachum 9 February 2012 15: 35
      No, this is the first (trouble) .... laughing The second is the road. drinks
  5. nokki
    nokki 9 February 2012 13: 39
    A very useful interview for understanding the ongoing global processes! And the exact point about the pro-Western illusions of the elite!
  6. OlegPatriot
    OlegPatriot 9 February 2012 13: 46
    William Engdahl well straight handsome drinks Wonderful article !!!
  7. Victor
    Victor 9 February 2012 13: 52
    Not often can one hear unbiased analysis from American analysts and scientists. Today's article made a very good impression and instilled the belief that there are reasonable and responsible people in the states.
    1. saruman
      saruman 9 February 2012 17: 33
      In the United States there are not as few sane people as it seems. They just shut their mouths and declare themselves marginalized. And ordinary Americans do not know anything about the world outside America, for them Alaska is almost a semi-mythical territory.
    TROYAN 9 February 2012 13: 53
  9. maksim
    maksim 9 February 2012 14: 02
    Only Russia, China and Europe can stop the American cowboy - you need to start right now and you need to start with the collapse of the US economy, which is going through hard times!
    1. GRIGORIY1957
      GRIGORIY1957 9 February 2012 14: 30
      Quote: maksim

      Only Russia, China and Europe can stop the American cowboy - you need to start right now and
      you need to start with the collapse of the US economy, which is going through hard times!

    2. Evil Tatar
      Evil Tatar 9 February 2012 14: 52
      Quote: maksim
      Only Russia, China and Europe can stop the American cowboy - you need to start right now and you need to start with the collapse of the US economy, which is going through hard times!

      Well, they’ve organized a campaign slogan ...
      What position do you want to occupy?

      And ... In the sense, should a Russian peasant take a crowbar, a shovel, a sledgehammer and ayda, as usual, to destroy the UWB economy?

      They made you laugh, daragoy ...
      1. Mercury
        Mercury 9 February 2012 16: 01
        Quote: Angry Tatar
        And ... In the sense, should a Russian peasant take a crowbar, a shovel, a sledgehammer and ayda, as usual, to destroy the UWB economy?

        dooo, damn it: D they love it - on the Russian neck from the burning hut to leave ...
    3. alexng
      alexng 9 February 2012 15: 48
      Well, let's say Europe is not ready for such a step yet, but it will not go anywhere from the "submarine" either. And the United States has now entered a period of agony, and if only they didn’t do the last thing. Everything went wrong for the amers and started from the moment they climbed into Russia with their flowers. And Russia turned out to be allergic to amerskie flowers and their overgrowth. And now the United States received its first slap in the face in return. It's only the beginning.
      1. recitatorus
        recitatorus 9 February 2012 17: 44
        And remember the queues at McDonald's, and the euphoria from a sip of Pepsi-Cola, and girlish orgasms from one word AMERICA !!! And where did everything go ??? In fact, there was only heartburn, but an allergy ... And how they scared the Internet, they say they will corrupt, deceive, re-mix the genetic code !!! So what??? Here we are on the Internet! .. And most likely our posts are being analyzed by someone! .. And on LJ. and on other networks, the meaning of the messages is the same! I went into Google dialogue with some programmed American about Syria, so she felt sorry for me for my blindness ... and then it began. Comments fell like a cornucopia, and for each comment a Russian surname, such as Petrov, Spirin ... Of course, they forgot about the American and later went on a normal military review !!! Interestingly, did the American understand something? .. drinks drinks drinks
        1. nokki
          nokki 9 February 2012 19: 47
          I applaud the com! + "Ameriken fight, I'll be with you! .." But don't give a fuck!
  10. PISTOL
    PISTOL 9 February 2012 14: 12
    test photo and the test itself is even more credible, I have long dreamed that there was a military-political union Russia-China-India, with such a union, humanity will clearly find peace in the world, not to mention that we will crush everyone who gets in the way)
    1. saruman
      saruman 9 February 2012 17: 41
      For complete balance it is necessary to add Germany (with satellites). But this is the worst dream of the Anglo-Saxons. So scary that they prepared a bunch of rams for these countries: Muslim extremists, Arab monarchies, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kosovo (the Balkans as a whole), smoldering Korean conflict, etc.
    2. Timofey Astakhov
      Timofey Astakhov 17 December 2018 00: 06
      "we", yeah
      population of China - 1.5 billion
      India's population - 1 billion
      the population of Russia is 180 million.
      "who are "we?
  11. Z.A.M.
    Z.A.M. 9 February 2012 14: 14
    Yes, the article is competent and interesting, much of the previously assumed, confirming.
    Thanks to the author and the person who posted it
    1. recitatorus
      recitatorus 9 February 2012 17: 54
      But you don’t find that when one of our economists or political scientists expresses exactly the same maxim, they immediately begin to suspect him, at best, and directly call the litter of the regime, a dirty hirelings and a sucker to the state trough ... Sadly . They do not like clever people in us .... Because, probably, obscurantists like Navalny and Nemtsov will jump along the streets ...
  12. SSR
    SSR 9 February 2012 14: 33
    Alas, part of your elite holds their wealth in Western banks, stupidly linking the future of Russia with the sinking Western Titanic.

    Here it is ... to the bitch right in the eye .... all the foam that has surfaced has to be removed by the swamp and bureaucrats with foreign accounts and real estate ... it’s necessary to taiga ..
    1. sergunec
      sergunec 9 February 2012 15: 26
      There is no taiga to paganit. laughing
  13. sergo0000
    sergo0000 9 February 2012 14: 39
    The article is wonderful, but as a rule it is not published in Western editions. Why does everyone know. So basically it is for our ears. And this is what we already know. For yourself, soak your financial elite and you will be happy!
  14. sergunec
    sergunec 9 February 2012 14: 48
    Shock! I unexpectedly felt such a pacifier from Amer. I’ve heard the necessary calculations more than once, but from the American ... What else caught my attention, she almost immediately calls Ryzheva a deserted Cossack, and the current seizure by Amer’s script. smile
  15. Igarr
    Igarr 9 February 2012 14: 57
    Here "tavarischi" Dimon077, ab appear endlessly. there are still some.
    What will they say about William Engdahl?

    It’s probably a disguised KGB man, huh?

    The funny thing is, the US tried to feed the USSR through Gorbi. Only that eccentric with the letter M turned out to fail everything in the world.
    1. ivachum
      ivachum 9 February 2012 15: 37
      No, they will say that "William Engdahl" is Putin's pseudonym ...... laughing
  16. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk 9 February 2012 15: 38
    So I always knew that in the US there are smart and competent experts!
    ... But why are they so few? crying
    1. Mercury
      Mercury 9 February 2012 16: 05
      Quote: Andrey from Chelyabinsk
      So I always knew that in the USA there are smart and competent specialists! ... But why are there so few of them?

      there are not a few of them ... :) do you think it’s only us that no one needs sensible people? Nope, they are needed there except as slaves ... because to give power to EXPLANATORY people means to sign a prison sentence :(
  17. Coba
    Coba 9 February 2012 15: 55
    You get euphoric early.
    As William Engdahl remarked, will the elite have enough intelligence?
  18. 755962
    755962 9 February 2012 15: 57
    The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on February 9 that a delegation of representatives of the Syrian opposition visited Beijing last week, Reuters reported.
  19. Mercury
    Mercury 9 February 2012 16: 09
    By the end of the 1980s, due to abnormal financial policies, the Western world was again on the verge of major upheaval and even collapse ...

    A little more, a little more ... as always - the last king of the era was the most harmful ...
  20. serg792002
    serg792002 9 February 2012 16: 23
    Good article. 5 points. Especially the paragraph about our "elite".
  21. Odinplys
    Odinplys 9 February 2012 16: 27
    Everything is of course good Russia China Europe ... Kaput America .... At the moment, this is certainly true ...
    But ... China today is also possible the only chance (in the current world situation) with the help of Russia ... to lower the states ... to resolve their issues in disputed territories. to strengthen at the expense of Iranian oil ... who in this case will help Russia, China as a Friend-Excellent ..., or put on the feet of a future enemy ... ???
    It takes time to figure out all this ... and the fascist Israeli-American regime ... is unlikely to set aside ...
    Think Putin ... !!! You cannot make a mistake ...
    1. GRIGORIY1957
      GRIGORIY1957 10 February 2012 23: 02
      Quote: OdinPlys
      But ... China today is also possible the only chance (in the current world situation) with the help of Russia ... to lower the states ... to resolve their issues in disputed territories. strengthen due to Iranian oil
      ... who in this case will help Russia, China as a Friend, Excellent ..., or put on the feet of a future enemy ... ???


  22. smile
    smile 9 February 2012 16: 54
    From time to time, smart people come up here. weighted articles like this one (although unification of us, China and Europe, unfortunately, is impossible in principle - well, we have different interests, problems and methods for resolving them), but there is nothing about how the Pindos themselves react to such articles, but it would be very curious.
    1. saruman
      saruman 9 February 2012 18: 12
      Unification is not possible without intercepting world trade. She is known to be controlled by the Anglo-Saxons by almost 70 percent. Since it is mainly maritime trade. I myself came across this. When breaking through Chinese and Korean contracts. All major container companies are controlled by the Anglo-Saxons. I tried to send by rail, so that faster and cheaper - like in a blank wall. It seems technically nothing complicated, but lowering !!! If you want by railway, please, but first by sea from Qingdao or Shanghai to Vladik (Nakhodka), then later on expensive railway tariffs to Europe. It’s possible to drive oil to China via railroad across the common border, it’s possible to drive different chemistry there, but lowering goods in the opposite direction !!!
      Remember the Great Game of Russia and the British Empire. The British were most afraid of it when Russia began to build railways to Asia. This is an interception of world trade. Russia lost the big game in 1917.

      That's what I mean ... Now Russia needs the construction of a transport bridge Europe-Asia, i.e. construction of highways, additional railway lines, high-speed railway, etc., serving infrastructure and relevant modern logistics. This is an extremely expensive project, therefore it can only be implemented by the state (you cannot do without attracting foreign capital). Currently, only this project can act as the unifying core of the Berlin-Moscow-Beijing AIM (no Delhi - until the Pakistan-Afghanistan problem has been resolved).
      The implementation of such a project will finally solve the geopolitical problem of Russia and push the Anglo-Saxons to second roles.
  23. st.moss
    st.moss 9 February 2012 17: 20
    1. wolk71
      wolk71 9 February 2012 17: 31
      and what more is there nothing to look for in the internet?
  24. wolk71
    wolk71 9 February 2012 17: 24
    That's right, Yeltsin pegged the ruble to the dollar (which J.V. Stalin refused) and received a complete collapse of the Russian economy, and even with such advisers as Chubais and Gaidar. The "redhead" would be put in prison for 25 years.
    1. GRIGORIY1957
      GRIGORIY1957 10 February 2012 23: 16
      Quote: wolk71
      That's right, Yeltsin pegged the ruble to the dollar (which J.V. Stalin refused) and received a complete collapse of the Russian economy, and even with such advisers as Chubais and Gaidar. The "redhead" would be put in prison for 25 years.



  25. Trudy
    Trudy 9 February 2012 17: 50
    William Engdahl - respect and respect! Right again! I want dear commentators to post a couple of articles on a topic close to the one being discussed.
    The first is posted on InoSMI in April 2011, when the war in Libya was just beginning:

    US faces war with Russia and China (Press TV, Iran)

    The second article is fresh.

    The Chinese offer Moscow a military alliance against the United States and NATO

    On January 30, the organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China, the newspaper "People's Daily" published an article "China and Russia should create the Eurasian Alliance." It seems that Chinese experts are seriously concerned about the escalation of tension that is happening around Iran. Great suspicion in Beijing is also caused by the new US military strategy that threatens the Middle Kingdom. But what do Chinese experts suggest to Russia?

    The Chinese argue that in the emerging environment, the goal of the Americans is to conquer the world. And Eurasia in this situation will be the "main field of action." Right before our eyes, Washington surrounds and isolates China and Russia - they are "its last strategic goal."

    According to experts from the Middle Kingdom, so far in Moscow they do not really pay attention to what is happening. Although they are trying to “resist the US military force directed against Iran,” selling military aircraft and missiles there and to Syria. It turns out that in this situation our countries pursue common interests and therefore "must jointly restrain US actions to put pressure on weak countries, as well as tame their strategic ambitions in creating an empire."

    According to the publication, the Eurasian Alliance is also necessary because, separately, China and Russia are far behind the United States. And, united, our countries "have powerful power." They have a vast territory, a large population, numerous armies, and possess nuclear weapons. So the United States, even together with NATO, will not be able to effectively surround us and even more so isolate us. Moreover, such a close alliance will inevitably attract other participants, for example, Iran and Pakistan.

    Such an alliance will not cost countries economically. On the contrary, cooperation will save a lot. Chinese experts recommend "Chinese leaders to reconsider the non-alignment policy during the Cold War, to change measures to resolve international affairs that rely solely on economic interests and peaceful goals."

    Next, the People's Daily publishes frightening ideas that could not be imagined in recent years in the Chinese press. "At the same time as the attack on the sea, China needs to gradually conquer the western part of Eurasia." This supposedly allows him to get more opportunities for the policy. Which countries the Chinese call "Western Eurasia", the authors do not specify. They probably mean the Middle East and the oil-rich Gulf region. But what if we are talking about Western Europe: England, France, Spain? However, most likely, this is not so, and Chinese analysts, as sometimes happens, forgot to look at the globe.

    From Moscow, the Chinese plan for joining forces looks very tempting, but little thought out and unaccounted for some realities. How can the Russian authorities create a full-fledged anti-Western alliance with China if all the country's money is stored in Western currencies? And Russian officials keep stolen money in American and European banks. However, it is possible to start unification on an economic basis, which is also not forgotten in Beijing. There is only one question - will our countries manage to do this?
    Link union- against- usa-ina
  26. djsa1
    djsa1 9 February 2012 17: 58
    But Chubais is still at large, and he holds a rather strong position. Therefore, draw conclusions.
    1. wolk71
      wolk71 9 February 2012 20: 15
      Shit in the water does not sink (red)
      1. GRIGORIY1957
        GRIGORIY1957 10 February 2012 23: 25
        Quote: wolk71

        Shit in the water does not sink (red)

  27. Per se.
    Per se. 9 February 2012 18: 15
    The article makes an impression, very strong, I will not hide, - a lot right in the eye, not in the eyebrow. The states have long been assimilated in their parasitism at the expense of the rest of the world, to a certain country of Satan, where material wealth and the cult of consumerism are the highest meaning of life. In this sense, denying God, the communists, no matter how funny it sounds, were closer to the commandments of Christ, especially in terms of promoting camaraderie, mutual assistance and moderation. But, okay, that's not the point. Union with China ... If we follow the logic of William Engdahl, Russia is literally a storehouse of natural resources, and China is a "factory of the XXI century", but Russia still has a scientific potential, which, it must be understood, is still superior to the Chinese in military-technical matters (help is needed). Let's "merge in ecstasy" on the US evil? China, a country that does not hide its desire for hegemony, a country that had, and, one must understand, still had territorial claims to Russia! The states, these helminths of mankind, will sit out overseas, if anything, and we are very close, we do not need to provoke fate to turn the Ural Mountains into a kind of second "Chinese wall". It is necessary to be very careful with China against the United States; an alliance with India is another matter.
  28. vrnfox
    vrnfox 9 February 2012 18: 54
    dear ones, it will be as always: whoever comes to us with a sword will die from the sword and die
    Alexander Nevskiy
  29. Nechai
    Nechai 9 February 2012 19: 26
    Quote: Andrey from Chelyabinsk
    .. But why are there so few of them?

    Kennedy, analyzing the successes of the USSR and the failure of the USA in space, said that they - the Russians had defeated us at the school desk, in the classrooms of mathematics and physics ...
    For us, that usually sounds - CABINETS OF MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS. And for American society THIS WAS A REVELATION. Subject training ONLY in educational institutions for elite offspring. And among them, few people are interested in knowledge. All the rest in the municipal educational institutions are content with conceptual education. In Europe, the same picture. Conceptual education (Fursenko's model and dream), let me remind you, is when the teacher announces the topic of the lesson: "Look, children, this is a cow. They milk it and get milk. Today we will learn how to write its name correctly, We will learn what breeds of cows exist. feed and how much feed she needs. " Etc. They train normal such plowmen, and do not give any systemic knowledge. The main thing is that the students do not have logical thinking, are not able to analyze the situation and do not synthesize the appropriate algorithms for their actions. Ideally they DIDN'T KNOW THINKING! And they would be great performers.
  30. Tatanka Yotanka
    Tatanka Yotanka 9 February 2012 20: 21
    I believe that Russia paid an exorbitant price for the privatization carried out by Mr. Chubais according to the recipes of his American advisers.

    and Putin said, “In due time, many of our today's oligarchs got billions of dollars as a result of unfair and dishonest privatization, it’s a fact, they themselves now acknowledge
    but the appointment of Chubais as chief electrician and nanotechnologist is at least surprising
  31. Nikolay-
    Nikolay- 9 February 2012 20: 33
    In any country there are fools and scoundrels, but the overwhelming majority are normal, adequate people. We met with the thoughts of one of them, who was also smart. It is sad that, in the event of a war, it is “normal” people who have to fight each other, because there is little use for fools in any business, and scoundrels in any business are looking only for benefits, spitting on principles.
  32. valery dv
    valery dv 9 February 2012 21: 03
    I live in America for many years, I am interested in the politics of years, I never heard the name William Yangdal. I wonder where? China benefits from everything. Its policy is built on the net. And now they have made Iran sell oil cheaper. Both for America and for Russia there is no more insidious enemy than China. Many will laugh at me, let's see what will happen in ten years. I would very much like Russia and America to unite before this threat.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 9 February 2012 23: 15
      valery dv.
      Do not understand or am I still sleeping?
    2. GRIGORIY1957
      GRIGORIY1957 10 February 2012 23: 33
      Quote: valery dv
      I would very much like Russia and America to unite before this threat.

  33. nemec55
    nemec55 9 February 2012 22: 41
    Do not be mistaken about the technological power of the United States - all our successes were possible only thanks to talented researchers who emigrated from Germany during the Second World War and from the former USSR in the 1990s. It was necessary to pass a law back in the 90s: I entered a university and sign a document prohibiting it leave for permanent residence in another country, relax, take a walk, sunbathe please stayed, a criminal case ....
  34. sichevik
    sichevik 10 February 2012 00: 00
    What Pindos that the Chinese can not be trusted !!! NO ONE TO BELIEVE !!! Both those and others, for their own benefit, will be sold offal. This has been more than once. The most faithful friends and allies betrayed at the most inopportune moment. Of course, at a certain stage, you can use them as allies, but no more. And you need to learn from them betrayal, volatility and inconstancy. Stop being honest and true to your word. Nobody needs this, especially to us. And the most faithful and reliable of our friends and allies should be our army and navy - the naval and air forces. It is in this direction that we need to work.
    1. GRIGORIY1957
      GRIGORIY1957 10 February 2012 23: 37
      Quote: sichevik
      Stop being honest and true to your word.

  35. old rocket man
    old rocket man 10 February 2012 00: 02
    the article is useful and correct, and, most importantly, truthful to the last word, but life has taught me to be suspicious of praising the enemy, and Europe is as much an enemy as the United States, why would such curtsies come our way? the role of the raw materials appendage, only now of Europe and China, and the buffer between China and Europe, which simply wants to take America’s place in the world, is still assigned. The question is whether China wants this, and another question: -and do we need it? one enemy and acquire two, and even at hand? My opinion is that Russia has only two allies, is its army and navy, and one hope is faith in its own forces and its people.
  36. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 10 February 2012 00: 43
    .. well, it’s not for nothing that the author receives money ......... from our FSB :-))))))))
    will be realistic, he is opposed to his country so that it does not .. such people are considered traitors in the homeland .....
    with a similar article, for example, with a condemnation of the activities of Russia, all of him and I, including morally, would have rotted ..........
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 10 February 2012 00: 53
      that's for sure, well, maybe not from the FSB, but not from the CIA for sure, but still a traitor and a provocateur !!!
  37. djsa1
    djsa1 10 February 2012 02: 36
    sichevik +1000
  38. Patriot
    Patriot 10 February 2012 10: 57
    Stop a crazy "American cowboy" can only Russia, China and Europe.
    Alas, part of your elite holds their wealth in Western banks, stupidly linking the future of Russia with the sinking Western Titanic.

    People. Do not flatter yourself on this topic. For while OUR COUNTRY is ruled by Jewish circumcised lads headed by a putler this will never happen. For it is these geeks who are now the masters of the entire infrastructure of our country, which the peoples of the USSR have been building for decades. Well turn on the TV, power, politics, economics, 80% of this is cut. And, believe me, while we see the power of the putler in RUSSIA, our country will not do anything substantially bad to America. Nothing. Demonstratively yelp BEARS WILL GO. Especially before the elections. They will be allowed to do this in order to fool the Russian brother. So that he thinks that his government is defending Russian interests everywhere and in everything. And all this is because the Jewish clans of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc., have been running in America for decades. - these are the real masters of Wall Street. And our Jewish "masters" are very closely connected with them. They are almost like brothers with them. And maybe they also have family ties.
    Well, you yourself judge whether you will argue with your friend, relative or just the OWNER.
    China, I think, too, will not contradict the United States, because this is its market. And, the Russian market is much smaller and poorer than the US. If the American market for Chinese industry overlaps or simply collapses over time, then tens of millions of unemployed will appear in China. And this is already fraught with internal problems in their country. And why should they unite with Russia if they are steadily capturing our country through the expansion of the Chinese into the territory of our country.
    Anyway, I'm just shocked as the Russian Ivan almost voluntarily and completely surrendered my country to foreigners. And our wise ancestors did not even allow the scraps to settle in cities, and even more so to infiltrate the power structures of even the lowest levels. But, what is very funny, in this situation, they still make themselves political dividends with the slogans: We are for the Russians. We are for the poor. "From the lips of the pruning, the Kremlin clown and the jester Zhirik, it sounds like STEB!
    And real Russian Patriots, such as Leonid Ivashov and Boris Mironov, are brazenly and with impunity screened out even at the stage of registration of documents.
    By the way, Boris Mironov has many books in which he writes about the real situation in the country, the army, etc.
    GOOD LUCK TO ALL. And down with Putin’s blinders. As a citizen of the Russian Federation, I do not need a guided revolution in my country. But, this ghoul putler my country did not bring anything good. Only evil. By their deeds, you will recognize them.
  39. elk
    elk 10 February 2012 12: 05
    What traitors? Reasonable people live all over the world and express their own opinions. The life of any empire has limited time and it is economically justified. The whole history of mankind is the creation, development and collapse of empires, we observe these processes.