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Results of the week. “Do not go, children, to Africa for a walk!”

Multi-pass and multi-vector

The Russian parliamentary parties are trying to urgently “clean” their own ranks. The political parties decided to take such measures after the news of the flight of the ex-deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Denis Voronenkov to Ukraine. Recall that Voronenkov fled from Russia after a criminal case initiated against him about a raider seizure of real estate in Moscow.

They say that even Wikipedia knew that the singer-deputy of the State Duma Maksakova had German citizenship, and “United Russia” did not know ... They say that such multi-passports as Maksakova (“ER”) and multi-vector ones like Voronenkov (KPRF) and in others batches - in order, but either cleaning the rows is worse than cleaning the Augean stables, or “one of two”.

In general, there is one thing on the surface: one of the few countries in the world willing to accept suspected perpetrators of economic corruption crimes (and not only economic) (and Voronenkov in the Russian Federation is accused of raiding and fraud) is Ukraine “Square in all respects”.

Comments from our readers:

What kind of dirt in the State Duma gathered, or better than the Verkhovna Rada.

Now it only remains that postebatsya over them, but the evil is that the obedient Duma is very convenient for the president, but for the development of the country is detrimental. When the power between themselves "sang", it is not unanimity, it means that there is no one to pull out in time. No compromising to stoke violations of colleagues. From here in the country, many disarray. The path has been trampled, now it will be at the slightest shuher "To Lithuania" to run as in I.Grozny.
Interestingly, they piled a suitcase with a change of linen, or there are accounts abroad and other valuables.

How many more such Voronenkov-Maksakovs in the State Duma and the governors are swum? Percent 99?

About saboteurs and concerns

During his speech at the FSB board, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed concern over the lack of readiness of the Ukrainian authorities to peacefully resolve the conflict in the Donbas and Kiev’s attempts to organize sabotage and terrorist activities in Russia.

Results of the week. “Do not go, children, to Africa for a walk!”

As soon as the president was worried about the Ukrainian saboteurs, the border guard of the FSB of the Russian Federation reported on the detention of a representative of the radical group Asker. We are talking about a twenty-year-old Seit-Ibragim Zaytullaev, who, prudently taking with him the certificate of a member of the Chubarov-Dzhemilev gang, tried to get to the Crimea bypassing the checkpoint ... No, well Poroshenko, which means we can say that he personally saw Russian soldiers in Donbass with passports, military tickets, driver's licenses and portraits of President Putin in his pockets, and the Crimean frontier guards cannot really be found to have an IDB member’s identity certificate at the violator of the state border ...

Comments from our readers:

Banishing liberoids
I didn’t understand something well - did they just report to the president yesterday, or did he expect that honest workers would come here all the way from Ukraine? Since the beginning of the civil war in Ukraine came the same spies and saboteurs, who were caught in batches!

It's good. In my opinion, many have noticed: when Vladimir Putin expresses surprise or concern, some good events always follow.

So it is necessary to declare the Ruin a TERRORIST state and promote it in the international arena.

Waiting for an American lethal weapons or outcome?

The Ukrainian army is trying to take the Donbass in ticks in order to subsequently crush. Apparently, Poroshenko is preparing a large-scale offensive in the near future. Such a kind of preparation for the next meeting of the "Norman Four" in the format of negotiations of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

During the week, the DPR reconnaissance informed the command that the Ukrainian troops intend to drive in between Donetsk and Gorlovka. The “speaking Ukrainian helmet” Tymchuk, who wrote on his page on the social network about “receiving information about the lack of ammunition” from the LDNR troops, also published an indirect confirmation of such intentions. Like, while they have problems with ammunition - you need to take advantage of the situation. Ukroantuziasma added the American senator McCain, unfading in his Russophobia, who said that he “saw these brave Ukrainian guys fighting against the Russians themselves - without the support of American weapons”. Speaking at the Munich Conference, McCain said:
Russians kill Ukrainians every single day, they just kill them. But things can go better, and this is a test for the new American administration.

This is another series of Marlezonsky (crossed out ") McCain ballet, in which the" soloist "is trying to force the administration to purchase weapons to incite a new stage of hatred in Ukraine - with an eye on a new confrontation with the Russian Federation. But everyone remembers how McCain, unable to win, described Trump earlier ...

Comments from our readers:

Ticks something from shit and sticks.
Seriously, zadolbali "all propalschiki." Poproshenko is only capable of the next operetta. For something more: a) no ammunition; b) Russia is near.

In order to once again destroy the infrastructure and ruin the production, they have enough reserves. Even some "points" will not be enough. A front line stupidly selling a number, throwing corpses. Drug herd with force mobilization (which is already under 100k heads) and drive them to the assault. And next will be followed by contractors and mercenaries from PMCs and engage in stripping. Once again, Russia will say: "not to succumb to provocations" and abide by the "Minsk", which, as we know, is "no alternative", and will voice another concern at the UN Security Council. And, perhaps even in five days, an order will be given on military assistance, which will arrive in time for the time when the APU, clearing the territory of the population, will reach the borders with Russia.

Uncle lee
Many have thought that this is the reborn Russian Peace, and this is a war of oligarchy for loot! That's the background ...

Zakhar, this is a man's act!

The famous Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin said that he intends to stay in the Donbas and take up arms to protect the region from Kiev aggression. According to Prilepin, who he had previously expressed during an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, he took the post of deputy commander of the battalion (for work with personnel) of a special assignment of the Armed Forces of the DPR.

Opinions of the representatives of the “interested public” were divided. From the approval of the act and the words of support: “Zakhar is a man!” To the statements “And what can Prilepin change?” One can discuss a lot about this, but it’s foolish to deny the fact that people like Zakhar Prilepin have always been called "Salt of the Russian land". You can relate to Prilepin himself and his work as you like, but there’s no need to dispute that Donbass would have been under the Nazi occupation long ago if it were not for the volunteers who challenged the Maidan ghouls and their foreign inspirers.

Comments from our readers:

Leo Tolstoy fought in the Crimean War, commanded the battery, was an officer artilleryman. Lermontov fought in the Caucasus. Maybe Prilepin will write about the war in the Donbass ...

So what? They served in the Russian Army, and did not assemble a detachment for war.

Good luck, zamkombat! Be alive and let your soldiers come home alive!

You can talk a lot on the topic of Novorossia and help her, or you can, based on Prilepin’s deed and without saying a lot of words, do business. Good luck to you, Comrade Prilepin!

"Viktor Leonov" argues with American uniqueness

American TV channels continue to come out with "urgent" reports, which report on the actions of the Russian warship "Viktor Leonov". The reconnaissance ship of the Russian Navy moves along the eastern coast of the United States (approximately in 120 km from it - in international waters) at an average speed of about 10 nodes.

More recently, in the United States were clearly surprised by the presence of the Russian Navy fleet ships that are generally capable of crossing the Atlantic. Having convinced themselves that the Russian warships had long been sawn into scrap, the American "partners" suddenly saw that the "approaches" of the Russians began to happen more and more often. And if so, then a new (well-forgotten old) tradition arose in American rhetoric: “The Russian threat!” Well, they can’t come to terms with the fact that not only the American Navy is allowed to draw routes in the oceans.

Comments from our readers:

Russians are coming, Russians are flying, Russians are swimming.

What's the big deal? Why are Americans so surprised? They send their ships to the Black Sea, where they have nothing to do at all, and we are still worried about the Indians, treacherously evicted by the US government on a reservation in the state of Delaware.

He was just wondering where it would be better to build the Stalin Strait ...

Pilot? - Sometimes ... Actually, I'm an endocrinologist.

Colonel-General Viktor Goremykin, head of the Personnel Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, gave an interview to Izvestia, in which he answered pressing questions concerning the personnel sphere of the country's armed forces: staffing with officers, training officers, and the number of contract soldiers.

Of particular interest was the statement by General Goremykin about a new approach to the training of pilots. We are talking about the training of the crew of ITS officers with higher education. It was noted that if they are perfectly familiar with the flight technique, then why not transplant them from the hangars at the helm. Saving ... It seems that universities that train pilots may not be required at all.

The decision, of course, is interesting, but somehow too “optimization”. Does it mean that the Russian Defense Ministry is ready to resort to similar methods in other areas? And does it mean that every technical officer should not swear by the fact that sooner or later he will be seated in the chair of the aircraft commander for the sake of departmental economy? ..

Soviet classics in the subject:

Comments from our readers:

"for the first time in 2016, training was conducted for pilots from engineering officers with higher education. These are people who graduated from specialized military colleges, who thoroughly knew the structure of the aircraft and the principles of its mechanisms" ...

One might think that in our Air Force-VKS there was an oversupply of IAS specialists ... Now they are not just pilots-pilots, but, by land concepts, a driver, not drivers ... They can even eliminate any damage in the air ...
No, that's what Russia has always been strong about - so is the unpredictability of the decisions made ... Especially at the level of "princes" -the heads ... Well this is necessary - they have found a way out ...
But on the other hand, not a word about the training of future specialists of the same IAS ... How many schools were cut and destroyed at the time ...

Maybe according to the reports at the top and well, but looking at the real state as it is not to be believed. The conditions of service of the officers (especially the younger ones) are terrible. Due to the lack of junior officers, the loads are not really high, the concerns and way of life of the subordinate commanders are not very interesting. Most of the contractors did not support the officers, and the commanders do not trust them, shifting their tasks to junior officers. The optimization of the officer corps is very far from ideal (or rather, just the norm).
And the officers will understand me: the jacket will still remain a jacket (guys just do not be offended, in some ways you guys are very heroic).

Without being afraid of incurring anger, I can say that the majority of personnel officers are smart-ass hit. Working (and not serving) is mostly in their own interests. Above the frame - only the sun, so said. Of course, there are responsible officers, but ... Remember, servicemen, how the transfers were carried out from place to place, how the ranks were assigned and put on posts! ohhhh ...история this is silent. And Goremykin, a guy from a higher society is no exception to the rule. You can talk and argue that Serdyukov is so not so good, and everyone around him was white, white and fluffy, but! Roughly speaking, from the enormous mass of officers who are proceeding, roughly speaking, the reforms can and should be distinguished by excellent efficient specialists. What was not done, who could, he fell in, and the rest-guly guy! So the hole was formed, the fact that it was plugged - it does not mean anything, and the quality of the supplied personnel of the "new look", in particular, the reviews are not particularly flattering. Wait and see what's next. I wish that June 22 did not happen again, and the situation with the training of officers at all levels of management was not repeated as before the start of the 1941 war of the year.


An alternative to coal from Donbass can only be the supply of coal or gas from Russia. There is no opportunity to bring coal from South Africa, RIA reports News message of the Minister of Energy of Ukraine Igor Nasalik.

Less than three years later, as the Ukrainian authorities suddenly remembered that people lived in the Donbas. Ours, they say, are people. What a blockade ?! Well, everything has diverged there, otherwise we will set special forces on the blockers! We want - they say - to trade with "separate areas", and that's it. We don’t want to pay pensions, we don’t want to restore banking services, but we want coal. Tse w our ... oligarchic ... Tse w pennies in our wallets.

As a result, the state of emergency in the fuel and energy sector of Ukraine was declared during the week, and the pravoseki (well, those prohibited in the Russian Federation, as Roscomnadzor bequeathed) were so excited that they promised Poroshenko to arrange the ATO right under his windows. They say: remove your dogs, but not that ...

Seeds, friends ... It's time to cook the seeds again ...

Comments from our readers:

They rush about like wild madmen, wait faster for the summer, and then they don’t even think about it.

Alexander Romanov
Quote: himRa
“Poroshenko will not understand you! in pursuit of profits, in fact, you support the separatists.
You think narrowly, you need to be larger in Ukrainian, in European style:
“The Patriots are blocking the supply of coal in order to prevent the financing of terrorists, who are actually Russian troops, who without this financing will not be able to fight. But the blockade is in the interests of Russia, which is beneficial for coal to be supplied not from the Donbass, which it occupies, but directly from Russia.

The government says that a country without Donetsk coal will not survive, but it does not interfere with blocking supplies, because the blockade is carried out by the soldiers of the Interior Ministry units and deputies from the ruling coalition who beat the Interior Ministry employees who are trying to lift the blockade. And the Donbass needs to be returned, because our people are there, but you cannot deliver medicines and food there, because they are terrorists.

Behind all this "fuss" hides the next stage in the struggle of various financial groups.
At stake is the assets of the Donetsk oligarch. For this, it is necessary to “squeeze” two metallurgical plants in Mariupol from Akhmetov, which are precisely using anthracite from the “occupied territories”.

Groisman, Avakov represent a group in power, not interested in strengthening Poroshenko, and, perhaps, they have an agreement with the same Akhmetov. Therefore, Groisman is now telling tales of outages.

The president may not respond for two reasons. First, he does not want to publicly enter into direct conflict with the nationalists, despite all the harm they bear. At the moment, the nationalists, among them the volunteer battalion fighters, pose a serious danger to the Ukrainian authorities. ”

It is possible that the blockade is part of some kind of behind-the-scenes political bargaining with Donetsk, Lugansk or Moscow, and perhaps just a fight against Rinat Akhmetov, whose assets are primarily affected by the blockade.

If the participants of this "big game" do not have time to stop in time, they will arrange a real energy crisis not only in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but also in the whole center of Ukraine

Full Limpopo ...

14 February, the New York Times, citing anonymous sources in the US administration, indicated that the Russian military had allegedly launched a ground-to-ground cruise missile unit. According to the publication, it violates the INF Treaty 1987 of the year. Russia rejected the accusations, stating that they had not officially filed evidence of the said deployment.

One gets the impression that in the West there is only one branch of power left - and the “fourth”. And this is the media. There is another twig. These are unnamed (anonymous, but sooo authoritative sources that no one knows or has seen). And these sources, covering their faces with a palm, and broadcast that Putin has a photo of Trump with women of “reduced social responsibility”, that Russia has transferred something somewhere, or that in Russia Sport dope Aki bread. Then the statements of these sources are launched on the info-carousel, and they spin up as fast as the sponsors of the promotion have enough money. And you say: Limpopo ... Oh yes, it’s already ours ...

Comments from our readers:

You need to officially get out of it! As they say, an experienced verifier can find 40 flaws on one spade, and if you throw a spade out, then there will be only one drawback - no spade!

Well, yes, and the Americans are just trying to achieve this. When withdrawing from this treaty, the Americans, in response, can deploy their missiles both in Europe and in the Middle East. Flight time to major cities - less than half an hour. You are just trying to empty the sphincter. Do you think fools are sitting in the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff? Everything has been analyzed there for a long time, and no matter how much we want to have such small and medium-sized missiles, there are much more disadvantages to this for our country. It is necessary to think sometimes, than to do it from an easy chair.
What does it mean to withdraw from all contracts? Do you know what it is, how many are there and what is it about ?? Can the Minister get your defense and foreign affairs in one person? But our people at the top even misunderstand, probably, once they still sign something with the Americans and do something?

And I immediately film "DMB" I remembered:
- Comrade Warrant Officer! Or maybe bahnem?
- Sure bahnem, but later!

Bearded on tanks

The Lebanese television channel Al-Manar reports that the militants of IG (prohibited in Russia) for the first time in a long time conducted a full-scale tank attack in the north of Iraq, a few kilometers from the state border with Syria. This territory is under the control of the Kurdish armed groups, as well as representatives of the Arab militia. Reported attacks in the areas of Ain-Talaoui, Ain-Sharai, Ain al-Hassan. In total, positions of the anti-Igilov forces attacked more than 200 militants. Tank attack was repelled by the militia. At the same time, 50 terrorists were destroyed during a defensive operation.

Against this background, there are reports from Syria, which say that the igilovtsy are also carrying out an offensive west of Ar-Raqqi, where the positions of the Kurdish militia are. The militants are storming positions in the area of ​​the settlements of Baiyud, Vidian, Kabir, Suvaydiya, and others. This operation, as reported by the igilovtsy themselves on the resources controlled by them, “became a retribution for the actions of the unfaithful Kurdish forces.

Comments from our readers:

I wonder how many tanks took part in this tank attack?

Till 6 T-72 / T-62 / T-55 + BMP and the fighters + bombers with VOGs.
In Syria, they are now squeezing Kurds: the main forces were withdrawn from al-Bab and the surrounding np and were thrown at Raqqa. In Al-Bab and the surrounding NGOs, only local militia remained (which, on the whole, ceased organized resistance), a number of women with the mission of Amaliya dead (), to explode / die).

You exaggerate the cessation of resistance in al-Bab. The Turks cannot take Kabasin and Bzaa in any way and are stuck in the northern suburbs of the city.

Tehran prefers Boeing

Dmitry Rogozin's visit to Iran was officially canceled for some "technical reasons": allegedly because of a breach of "confidentiality". Presumably, this is just an excuse, an excuse. The fact is that Iran is building its strategy without regard to Moscow, which is economically largely dependent on the West, and Moscow does not like the independent strategy of Iran. Tehran, for example, is not averse to cooperating with Washington and even buying planes in the United States, despite the new sanctions and the fact that Washington considers Tehran to be the number one terrorist country. Such a flexible policy of Iran does not fit into the rigid Moscow patterns.

Mr. Rogozin himself refused to comment on the information in the press about the failed visit to Iran: "I do not comment on what I will comment on the press ..."

Sources of "Kommersant" They say that the reason for Rogozin’s drastic step was the announcement by Iran of information about the upcoming visit: initially Rogozin asked for confidentiality. The parties hoped to discuss “quite sensitive topics,” a source in the government apparatus noted, for example, “there was a difficult conversation about the reasons for the Iranian partners' orientation on purchasing aircraft from Western countries”: “We provide Tehran with tremendous support, and they take equipment from those who humiliates with sanctions. "

The publication reminds that recently, in early December last year, Iran Air signed a contract with Boeing Corporation for the supply of eighty aircraft: fifty Boeing-737 and thirty Boeing-777 for ten years.

But Russia is not shining with Iran. In 2016, Kommersant notes, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft signed a memorandum of understanding with one Iranian airline for the supply of Sukhoi Superjet 100, but this document does not commit Iran to anything. Here Russia is not lucky: the prospects for the contract are in the hands of the US Treasury. If the Ministry of Finance does not allow, the transaction will not be in principle, because American components are installed on the SSJ-100.

The press wrote about the “cross” on the SSJ-100 program back in 2015. It's no secret that the “Sukhoi SuperJet 100” was created on the basis of foreign technologies. Foreign nodes in the final product range from 40% (manufacturer's estimate) to 80% (data from independent experts). The company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" in the financial report for the second quarter of the year 2015, as passed "BBC", recognized the risks associated with the sanctions of Western countries against Russia. It was noted that the tightening of sanctions will actually put an end to the SSJ-100 program.

To strengthen the alliance with Iran, Russia has only one possibility: to use any probable mistakes of the D. Trump administration. The latter is fast for ill-considered decisions and statements and easily finds enemies at the international level. However, even Trump, who is difficult to consider a great thinker, understands that it would be useless for Americans to abandon a peaceful airplane deal with Iran: after all, it is necessary to raise the home economy. In addition, it will allow to drive the existing wedge between Iran and Russia deeper.

And on the offended carry water.

Comments from our readers:

And why should Iran buy our "Superjet"? They are assembled from components of the type from the world on a thread on the basis of common liberal values. It should be at least one supplier-co-op forgetting, and the assembly end.

I said it more than once. All these conversations about the "alliance" of Iran are not worth a damn. The Iranians in the mass are fans of Western culture and the Western way of life - both under the Shah and now. They dream of a close rapprochement with the West. All this hype in the press and officialdom can not deceive those who know the Iranians well.

That's right, everything fits, Iran is not ours. Iran today has more sovereignty than Russia. By its inconsistent policy, the Russian government itself has driven itself into a dead end. Well, wait and see.

Not much taken over, Mr. Trump?

The time has come to really rein in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other sponsors of Al-Qaida, IG (banned in the Russian Federation) and other Islamist groups. The US is eager to confront the terrorists, but at the same time Mr. Trump intends to restrain Iran, and its struggle with the "IS" is therefore doomed to failure. Predictable outcome: Russians, Iranians and Syrians will win in the region with or without America.

The parties leading the fight against IG, al-Qaida and other jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq are calling on Trump to come to their senses, abandon the anti-Iranian strategy and launch real, rather than verbal, opposition to Islamist terrorists in the Middle East. But it seems that President Trump, whose political actions resemble the adventures of his fellow Republican Bush Jr., does not heed the voice of reason.

Comments from our readers:

Things are not that simple for Trump! Globalists from the former Obama and Clinton team with their political backing, supported by real actions materially and financially, dominate Trump. We see clearly this, for example, in the same Europe with the increased armament of the NATO countries. A similar reserve, for sure, left behind him the Obama regime - Clinton on BV.
Trump has too little real power (the sabotage by judges of individual US states of Trump's law on restricting the entry of foreign migrants into the United States showed this) to counter this challenge of the Obama regime - Clinton and the inertial processes of globalists in the world, because all of this was paid for and fulfilled by them.
Most likely, Trump will be forced to bend over to the globalists, despite his electoral political statements. Trump doesn't have a proper team - he simply has no one to rely on. And then it just sucks, and it will float with the flow of the former (a little different from the early) American course.

Personally, my opinion: the Anglo-Saxons (whether Obama, Trump, or some other hypothetical leader of the Western world) are a priori incapable of speaking because of a distorted world view! Try to take away his favorite toy from a contented child - you will see a tantrum. And now, they have shown that the exclusivity and supremacy of America are essentially heavenly castles in the atrophied brains of the western elite, and they have received the American circus from very ambiguous steps and statements. Any sane person at the mention of the United States will simply make ...
America is a mockery of the planet today (and very dangerous because of its large aircraft and nuclear weapons), an offended child, if you bring it to simple ...

The United States in the Middle East have long relied on the Sunnis, and nothing and no one can change this choice.
While the Americans are covering up the Saudis regime, all their appeals to rein in their hands are a simple shaking of the air.
The project itself ISIS (banned in Russia) - an attempt by the United States to redraw the BV map, eliminating the Iraqi Shiite and secular Syrian regimes, replacing them with Wahhabis, Saudi supporters.
The goal is the subsequent elimination of Shiite Iran as a strong regional player and sworn enemy of Israel.

Deep contradictions and selfish interests

There are many deep contradictions between Turkey and Syria, says columnist Elena Gromova. The snag is that the Erdogan regime has repeatedly expressed itself in the spirit of absolute disrespect for the sovereignty of Syria. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmush said that his country "will not give up El-Bab to Damascus."

The goal of Turkey is not at all the struggle with the “IG” “On the contrary,” Gromova writes, “Erdogan rendered this organization every kind of assistance, in particular, bought oil from terrorists on the cheap and supplied them with weapons. And now he suddenly became a fighter against terrorism? ”Participating in the battles for El-Bab, Ankara pursues“ its selfish interests ”.

According to the latest reports, Turkish troops entered the center of Al-Bab. Erdogan intends to reach Raqqah - in order to clear a large part of Syrian territory from the "IG". However, clashes with the Syrian army can begin at any of the sites where Turkish troops will interfere with the Syrian.

Comments from our readers:

Ally strange, but necessary. Politics is the art of checks and balances, temporary alliances, and occasional skirmishes. I am not surprised at such perturbations of Russian-Turkish relations. These are political maneuvers in the existing geopolitical field.
Erdogan did not like Obama, Obama did not like Erdogan. If Trump keeps himself and loves Erdogan, then Erdogan will again begin to play his game, trying to solo and push his ideas.

The main thing in the war is victory, but more importantly - to divide the post-war world and territory. Recall Tehran-43, Yalta-45 ...

I would not want to Syria shared.

Polite Aibolit annexed Limpopo

A material appeared on REN TV, announcing another raffle made by Russian plowers Vovan and Lexus. We will remind that earlier European and Ukrainian politicians and businessmen, including Petro Poroshenko and Igor Kolomoisky, became victims of prankers. This time, the pranksters decided to reach the American congressman Maxine Waters, who had recently become known for two reasons. The first - her performance on the air interrupted the material channel RT. The second - in the course of a speech in Congress, she stated that Russia "is carrying out an invasion of Korea."

During the conversation, one of the prankers introduced himself as Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman and said he was “concerned about the possibility of Trump’s lifting the anti-Russian sanctions.” Waters actually confirmed such intentions Trump. Then pranker decided to increase the effect, stating that "Russian hackers hacked Limpopo servers during elections in this country." “They broke into their servers and helped establish the mode of their political puppet by the name of Aibolit,” he noted.

Maxine Waters, by the way, expressed a desire to “specifically” democratize the tyrannical regime of Dr. Aibolit, seated on the throne by the Kremlin.

“If anything,” she said by phone, “the United States will be on your side, guys. And these new incursions into these places ... I do not know how many people there are from our intelligence agencies ... But we need more information on this. When I talk to them, I will have to make a concrete statement. ”

We will wait for the next call pranker. We encourage them to contact Mr. McCain directly. Only the famous veteran can cope with the invasion of the Putin-Medvedev hordes in the looking-glass.

Comments from our readers:

Well, actually it is a sin to laugh at the sick and holy fools. But these two manage to laugh is not evil and really funny. Well, so far we have not gone over the edge, and it’s also impossible to say that people walk along the brink. And it would also be useful for amerikosy to know who they picked up for themselves there (although I doubt that Americans would take it all as a joke: they are disgusting with geography, and with history too).

Warrior with machine gun
The most important clowns in this situation are those to whom they call, and the boys are young, show all people that incompetent, uneducated and inconsistent with their position BOLVANI occupy serious posts.

Most importantly, the plan for seizing power in Limpopo was developed by a KGB officer K. Chukovsky and was corrected several times (Barmalei, 1925; Aibolit, 1929; Doctor Aibolit, 1936; Overcome Barmalei! ”, 1942). The CIA guys will have something to read in the near future.

No good intentions detected.

Recently, two Russian Tu-160 bomber approached the French coast, without violating the airspace of the state. To escort them, two Mirage 2000-5 fighters and one Rafale fighter were raised into the air. French Air Force aircraft accompanied the “White Swans” until the pack was handed over the “Baton” to the Spanish F-18, reports with reference to the Jean Guisnel publication.

The representative of the French Defense Ministry noted that the Tu-160 "did not violate the country's airspace, which starts 22 kilometers from the coast, their speed was about 900 km / h, and during the flight they did not come closer to the French coast than 100 kilometers" . "However, their maximum speed in 2200 km / h theoretically allows them to overcome these 100 km in about three minutes," a representative of the French Air Force told the publication. “Given this speed, the reaction from our side was necessary if they changed their course and headed towards the French airspace,” he explained.

The interviewee also said that the crews of the Tu-160 "did not act as if they had good intentions."

It is difficult to say, note how a bomber should demonstrate the “good intentions”. He didn’t fly into someone else’s sky, dropped neither bombs, nor leaflets with the call “Give up!” And Putin’s signature - isn’t this enough for the French?

Comments from our readers:

And how does the aircraft demonstrate good intentions? Friendly to flap a wing to flying escort planes?

Rather, let the rockets in the direction of their strategic objects instead of fireworks, expressing their love to them !!
On their Russophobia and clinical fears, they are completely crazy! The clinic is powerless here! And the samopiare against the background of this hysteria, bloated from scratch, rolls over all the limits of cretinism!

This is all journalists hysteria for every reason. And there was a time when French pilots with the same stars on the wings fought with ours against the Luftwaffe. Let's hope that the French pilots, paying tribute, accompanied our White Swan as an honorary escort. The reminder is in La Bourget.
Our pilots didn’t have any complaints.

Diplomatic protest

The secretary of the Japanese government, Yoshihide Suga, said that official Tokyo is protesting Russia's naming of the five nameless islands of the Kuril ridge. Earlier, on the basis of the decree of the head of the Russian government, Dmitry Medvedev, on the initiative of the Russian Geographical Society, five Kuril nameless islands were named. One of the islands is named after the Soviet military commander, General Kuzma Derevyanko, who signed the Japan surrender act from the Soviet Union.

The Kyodo news agency transmits a statement by a Japanese official: “Such actions (of Russia) are extremely regrettable and do not respond to the strengthening of ties. We sent a protest 13 February to Russia through diplomatic channels. "

What protest, Mr. Yosyhide Suga? Your media recently said that "Russia is transferring Japan to the northern territories under pressure from sanctions." Such publications have greatly strengthened the friendship between Moscow and Tokyo - or have they strengthened only slightly, causing fraternal misunderstanding?

Comments from our readers:

Tyts ..., here they are, they don’t like it, and I, as a mechanic, protest against the deterioration of the quality of Toyota! And what, yapy, will correct, not?

It’s time to rename all these habomi with iturus. Not only did we have commanders who crushed the Japanese aggressors?

And for what? Let the primordial (Ainu) names remain - precisely as proof that in ancient times there did not even smell yupps!


Became known "Trump's cunning plan." The head of the press service of the Presidential Administration of the United States, Sean Spicer, during one of the briefings, stated the position of Donald Trump in the Crimea. According to Spicer, the American president "is counting on Russia returning Crimea to Ukraine." And this will happen, as the press secretary of the White House noted, against the background of the de-escalation of the Ukrainian conflict. In other words, according to Spicer, Trump "is confident that the conflict will end as soon as the Crimea is returned to the jurisdiction of Kiev."

Meanwhile, one of the ministers of Trump demanded that the NATO states fork out.

The meeting of the NATO defense ministers was visited by the American Mr. Mattis, nicknamed Mad Dog, who heads the Pentagon. He visited there with the aim of introducing a new “Trump doctrine” into the minds and hearts of NATO: go for it, member of NATO, and brave America will protect you!

Some "experts" from Russia are convinced that Trump’s cunning plan, which is a continuation of Putin’s “cunning plan,” has been launched. In Moscow, apparently, they do not believe in the KhPT, since, according to some sources, the Kremlin ordered the state media to reduce the positive coverage of the activities of the US president. This is reported by Bloomberg and Deutsche Welle. "BBC" notes that this decision reflects the Kremlin’s concern that the new US administration will treat Russia worse than expected.

In a column on the Deutsche Welle website, journalist Konstantin Eggert wrote: “An acquaintance working for the VGTRK holding, including the Russia channel, told me that the editorial board received instructions from February 15 (which, in turn, the Kremlin apparently instructed ). Its essence comes down to a short phrase: "Trump is no more."

As for Mr. Mattis, we recommend him to adopt the slogan “Stop feeding Brussels!”

The mad dog should look quite steep in the eyes of the European establishment: it will not make an uncool impression, and then Donald Trump’s statements will hang in the air, which is bad for presidential authority.

Why does Trump and Mattis "require" money from NATO? The reason is simple: both, especially Trump (a successful businessman), understand that Washington’s announced military “restructuring” and the arms race alone will not pull. Therefore, the "partners" who wish to defend themselves against the "threatening" Russians will have to fork out. Suppose not all of two percent of GDP, but defense spending should be raised this year - otherwise the world gendarme will get angry.

And in order for Europe to feel American solidarity, from the White House there will be angry voices from time to time addressed to Putin: “Return Crimea!”

Comments from our readers:

What are you so excited? Trump is an experienced negotiator, and the first rule in the negotiations is to load your opponent with problems to bargain for maximum concessions. And you can be sure that the real goals of the negotiations will be hidden until the last moment.
Therefore, before meeting Trump with Putin, we will repeatedly hear about the Crimea, Donbas, nuclear weapons, and much more. But what they will actually negotiate about is the biggest state secret both in Russia and in America.
So no need to relax, just look and wait.

Tambov Wolf
Well, it's you for nothing. Here, on the "VO", many wrote that TrumpUsechka, Trampushka, our man, etc. And that we, de together everything and everyone, and Shnevmerlyuyu will give us so. What, Democratic guys, Trampushka turned out to be a goat, but to admit it somehow is not comme il faut? Wait, there will be more. Never USA our wolves are not comrades. Remember this, lisping.

If NATO member countries begin to fulfill their spending obligations at 2 percent of GDP for defense, the alliance will only become stronger. For many, many years, the United States turned a blind eye to this, and now they rightly believe that it cannot go on like this. Therefore, I do not understand the joys of some of our politicians from financial quarrels in NATO. This will not lead to its disintegration, but only to strengthen. Everyone agrees to pay on equal terms - 2 percent of GDP. Not immediately, of course, but in 3-5 years they will bring the level of expenses to the required level.

* “Do not go, children, go for a walk to Africa!” - K.I. Chukovsky "Barmaley"

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 19 February 2017 05: 31
    During his speech at the FSB board, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed concern over the lack of readiness of the Ukrainian authorities to peacefully resolve the conflict in the Donbas and Kiev’s attempts to organize sabotage and terrorist activities in Russia.

    Not far-fetched attempts are left ... But they will not succeed in destabilizing the situation in Russia. But for a big trouble, for them and their under-state, they can run into.
    And if not the first but already a bell; GDP signed a decree recognizing documents in Russia by Donbass residents and Luhansk.
    1. vovanpain
      vovanpain 19 February 2017 07: 26
      Quote: aszzz888
      But for a big trouble, for them and their under-state, they can run into.

      It seems that we have already run into it. Waiting for Trump to have his hands untied, when Europe will see clearly or when Poroshenko will withdraw heavy weapons from Donbass is equally long, stupid and almost hopeless. The first signs of this were noticeable yesterday in Munich - Lavrov deliberately sharply spoke with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg and at a press conference he mockingly warned that Russia would lift counter-sanctions from Europe only after Minsk-2 was fully executed. And like a bolt from the blue, a statement was made that Russia recognized the passports of the DPR and LPR. by evening, a dosed leak from the FSB board leaked to the press: hi
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 19 February 2017 08: 02
        Lavrov deliberately sharply spoke with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg,

        ... and this is a fact, Viktorovich faked them on the battery laughing
        1. Alena Frolovna
          Alena Frolovna 19 February 2017 11: 52
          GDP signed a decree recognizing documents in Russia by Donbass residents and Luhansk.

          It is not necessary to be a seer in order to predict the future: in the near future, citizenship of the national republics will try to obtain not only the residents of Kiev occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but also the rest of New Russia - Zaporizhzhya, Odessa, Kharkov, Nikolaev, Dnipropetrovsk and Kherson regions. Well, and one more guess: it is possible that soon finding a job in Russia with a Ukrainian passport will be very, very problematic. But with the documents of the people's republics, this can be done easily. So let’s look then, by how many millions the population of Ukraine will decrease ...
  2. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 19 February 2017 05: 31
    Soviet classics in the subject:

    Lyokha and Oleg, why! worked, and worked the topic ....
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 19 February 2017 05: 41
      Became known "Trump's cunning plan."
      time is really reminiscent of "a century ago", we found (we are old people) the turning point of eras, well, roughly speaking .... HPP & HPT ... it is not yet clear who plays as “white”. politics and "otherworldly forces" are so closely intertwined ....
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 19 February 2017 09: 19
        Russian parliamentary parties are urgently trying to "clean up" their own ranks.

        Well, without a special "cleaner" they are unlikely to do: they have "their own shirt closer to the body."
        1. Alena Frolovna
          Alena Frolovna 19 February 2017 11: 43
          Multi-pass and multi-vector

          A story worthy of Rabelais:
          rats rushed into the water turbidity.
          And there were so many of them on the ship,
          that he suddenly stopped drowning.
          Around me is a milen of rat muzzles
          and in the mirror is the same miserable.
          One time they’ll gush over the side -
          then, you look, and the ship will come up.
          from a certain Eugene
          1. Andrey Yuryevich
            Andrey Yuryevich 19 February 2017 19: 24
            he is the same: If Russia is dear to you

            from nature,

            don't be foolish

            into patriots!
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 19 February 2017 05: 39
    Maxine Waters, by the way, expressed a desire to “specifically” democratize the tyrannical regime of Dr. Aibolit, seated on the throne by the Kremlin.

    Vovan and Lexus surpassed themselves ... so to breed a loshara from the US Senate smile talented guys.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 19 February 2017 05: 50
      Quote: The same Lech
      Maxine Waters, by the way, expressed a desire to “specifically” democratize the tyrannical regime of Dr. Aibolit, seated on the throne by the Kremlin.

      Vovan and Lexus surpassed themselves ... so to breed a loshara from the US Senate smile talented guys.

      the “trolls” are talented ... you don’t need to praise them, tomorrow they’ll “divorce you (otherwise, there aren’t any such?) the new reality with the“ prankers ”has already gotten them., these ... call at any time of the day, trying to imitate such moral freaks like these “Vovan and Lexus” ... do you naively believe that they will not touch you? Yes, they don’t care Who to “troll” if only to be on the wave and in the “trend” ....- Pandora's Box...
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 19 February 2017 06: 36
        I will support you in the fact that this can happen to everyone for a more serious reason. We laughed at the dark-skinned American who does not know geography and for some reason, to our surprise, Soviet fairy tales. Politically, it’s funny and minus American politicians. But if you encourage pranksterism, then tomorrow you can really be bred, and on an imaginary misfortune with your family. Then it will be no laughing matter.
        1. Same lech
          Same lech 19 February 2017 07: 01
          But if you encourage pranksterism, then tomorrow you can really be bred, and on an imaginary misfortune with your family. Then it will be no laughing matter.

          Everything is so ... gullible people have always been and will be.
          There are a lot of examples when gullible citizens are bumped into the phone for money, posing as investigators, traffic cops, bailiffs and employees of the housing department ...
          but citizens ... you can’t be so naive when you are bred as suckers without presenting any documents and evidence ... excessive credulity to any words is expensive ... they learn either by their own example or by someone else ... everyone chooses it for yourself.
          1. B.T.V.
            B.T.V. 19 February 2017 07: 45
            Quote: The same LYOKHA
            . learn either by example or by someone else ... each chooses it for himself.

            I was saved from attempts to "breed" several times by corrosiveness, when you start asking a lot of questions off-topic, they immediately turn off. In general, I adhere to two rules: I try not to answer calls from unfamiliar numbers; do not get excited, if you already answered.
            1. Alena Frolovna
              Alena Frolovna 19 February 2017 11: 16
              And in Africa, and in Africa on the black Limpopo sits and cries sad in Africa (President) Hippo. He is in Africa, he is in Africa under a palm tree, and on the sea from Africa (with horror) looks tirelessly: is he not traveling in a boat (with a gang of Russian hackers, Quakers, the bloody Putin paratrooper Buryat - operational alias) Dr. Aibolit?
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Olgovich
    Olgovich 19 February 2017 07: 01
    As soon as the president was worried about the Ukrainian saboteurs, the border guard of the FSB of the Russian Federation reported on the detention of a representative of the radical group Asker. We are talking about a twenty-year-old Seit-Ibragim Zaytullaev, who, prudently taking with him the certificate of a member of the Chubarov-Dzhemilev gang, tried to get to the Crimea bypassing the checkpoint ... No, well Poroshenko, which means we can say that he personally saw Russian soldiers in Donbass with passports, military tickets, driver's licenses and portraits of President Putin in his pockets, and the Crimean frontier guards cannot really be found to have an IDB member’s identity certificate at the violator of the state border ...

    It is incomprehensible rivals of the authors: after all, the offender was detained, and well. What's wrong?
  7. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 19 February 2017 07: 30
    Spring is just around the corner, everything is becoming even more active, the libernas in our country will trample on their rallies - the aggravation of the spring will go “on all fronts!” So, as they say, it will be even more complicated and even more interesting.
  8. The comment was deleted.
    APASUS 19 February 2017 09: 02
    Honestly, I don’t really believe in all kinds of prankers who got through to the president, but with Limpopo it turned out just fine!
    So they came up with a sense of humor, well done, well !! For this special thanks, it’s so subtle to ridicule Americans with their policies ..........
  10. midshipman
    midshipman 19 February 2017 09: 03
    Dear Alexey and Oleg, it would be nice and instructive for everyone if you would bring a list of escaped Russian Government Ministers and governors to live in other countries. As well as the amount of capital that they managed to export from the country. I have the honor.
  11. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 19 February 2017 09: 06
    ... people like Zakhar Prilepin have always been called "the salt of the Russian land."
    I respect And we must admit that not only one country, but Russia is rich in salt. I am proud that I am Russian. Belief in Victory is our All.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 19 February 2017 19: 27
      great movie "Father of a Soldier" ... I watched 100 times, and still I will ... soldier
      1. s.melioxin
        s.melioxin 19 February 2017 22: 07
        Good evening, Andrey. Here on such films We were brought up. Therefore, we remember, do not forget, and try to increase, to the best of our abilities and capabilities. Health, good luck to you.
  12. Political department
    Political department 19 February 2017 09: 22
    The most important news of the week is the recognition of passports of citizens of New Russia! This is a very serious step of Putin and launches many political processes .. We still suppose Svidomo!

    "Putin leaked," something fell silent ..... bully
    1. tanit
      tanit 19 February 2017 09: 58
      Not for long. If they don’t come up with anything else, now it’s about starving and stolen nickel rails.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 19 February 2017 10: 10
      And what does Strelkov have to do with it? If you don’t take Strelkov away, now both Slavyansk and Mariupol would be in the DPR.
      1. Political department
        Political department 19 February 2017 10: 18
        Quote: siberalt
        And what does Strelkov have to do with it? If you don’t take Strelkov away, now both Slavyansk and Mariupol would be in the DPR.

        I used to respect and support Strelkova .... He was touchy and with ambitions! So everything is right here! (no offense)
        PS He shouted that Putin leaked everything .. .. It was unpleasant to read (to put it mildly) hi
      2. Baloo
        Baloo 20 February 2017 08: 28
        And what does Strelkov have to do with it?
        Slavyansk was already in the DPR.
        Do not take Strelkova maybe in Banderlog already hosted the Donetsk. This is my couch opinion, I do not impose it on anyone. What will they say from Donetsk?
  13. andrew xnumx
    andrew xnumx 19 February 2017 10: 40
    It is necessary at all costs to prepare Donbass and Lugansk for unexpected attacks in any direction. First of all, I repeat, the maximum saturation with anti-tank weapons and continuous mining in threatened areas. It is quite possible to do this quickly. Then, when the blows are determined, it will be possible to maneuver reserves and pull up heavy equipment. The main thing is not even boilers, but that the APU get stuck in heavy battles, incurring losses. Then the whole world will once again see the vileness and treachery of the modern Ukrainian leadership.
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 20 February 2017 16: 45
      Then the whole world will once again see the vileness and treachery of the modern Ukrainian leadership.
      Andrei, imagine you are riding a train and want to tell your neighbors what’s there outside the window. Are you sure everyone will want to listen to you? Is "progressive humanity" not aware of what is happening in LDNR, Syria, Libya, Iraq and further on the list. And when Yugoslavia was bombarded by progressive humanity, they did not know how Kosovo thugs stole organs (also in Bandera, and the tamashka and sukashvili, and the current so-called Minister of Health of Ukraine, were involved in this. Banderlogs carefully ironed the private sector and houses to squeeze people out, demolish houses, ease their future offensive. Since any house is a small fortress, all countries have already mastered the tactics of fighting in the city. Bandera needs the territory of Donbass with its hydrocarbon reserves, I’m eating more uranium. Polroshenko and the Kiev organized crime group want to squeeze Akhmetov’s business. Stealing lard and hiding (reselling) and dumping them in London is the whole philosophy of this Kiev gang. And helping the people of Donbass to survive and defend their right to life doesn’t only Russia can save the Donbass. They probably joked here on the next branch: the GDP sent a telegram to Poproshaychenko: “Petrtchk. Remember Ossetia.” All hope that this is not a fake.
  14. tundra
    tundra 19 February 2017 10: 41
    However, their maximum speed of 2200 km / h theoretically allows them to overcome these 100 km in about three minutes ”, \\\\\\\\\\
    The guy obviously frog legs overeat.
    If there weren’t good intentions, then why fly up to 100km,
    cruise missiles and a greater distance fly faster.
    Harness pancake harder, worse than Durka's patients.
  15. izya top
    izya top 19 February 2017 14: 19
    just wonderful fellow
    The Ministry of Education proposed combining chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, ecology and geography into a single discipline in a single subject, lawyer Tatyana Montyan said on Facebook.
    It will be called Man and Nature with a total teaching volume of 3 hours a week. The corresponding letter was sent to the profile committee of the Verkhovna Rada.
  16. Baloo
    Baloo 19 February 2017 14: 34
    Rumor has it that such multi-passers as Maksakova (“ER”) and multi-vector ones like Voronenkov (Communist Party) and in other parties - in order, but either the cleaning of the ranks is worse than the cleaning of the Augean stables, or “one of two”

    And how to understand this, they say? With so many special services, there is no end to principle and sloppiness. We are waiting for action and nervously smoke aside. angry
    1. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 19 February 2017 16: 02
      Voronenkov escaped from Russia after a criminal case instituted against him

      Quote: Balu
      We are waiting for action and nervously smoke aside. angry

      Yes hammer on them! They escaped to the address. There (in Ukraine) they have the very place. Mishiko, too, came to Ukraine not easy. Reservation of traitors and thieves.
      1. Baloo
        Baloo 19 February 2017 17: 46
        Yes hammer on them! They escaped to the address

        It's a shame for the state, for people who honestly and conscientiously do their job and can barely make ends meet. How so, this madame with a German passport and a deputy of the Duma ??? angry .
        1. Svarog51
          Svarog51 20 February 2017 03: 56
          I agree with you completely. I will add the prophetic words of Gleb Zheglov: “If there is a devil in the world, then he is not a goat-legged stag, but a dragon with three heads. And these heads are cunning, greed and betrayal! And if one bites a person, the other two will devour him to the ground!” negative
  17. den-protector
    den-protector 19 February 2017 15: 38
    With regard to potential fugitives (offended creative personalities persecuted by "honest" businesses and bureaucrats, shorter than explicit and hidden traitors), as usual, we have no changes. First, law enforcement, I’m not afraid of the word, the authorities will initiate a criminal case (in the opinion of those oppressed by the totalitarian regime - from scratch), they will let the villain go over the hill (there’s a good thing), and then they intensively begin to search for him, declare him in all kinds of searches, generally imitate violent activities to restore the rule of law. Maskva lives according to its concepts, and Zamkadye lives in general according to the laws of the Russian Federation. Only the people see it all, the people can’t be fooled by any zombies, you can’t be distracted by any moronic sense-shows.
  18. Michael_59
    Michael_59 20 February 2017 10: 47
    Are there really naive ones waiting for adequacy from Trump? He is a businessman, his goal is loot, the filthy SGA made the main money in wars, preferably on other continents. Do you want peace? .