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Day of the military topographer of the Armed Forces

Today in the Russian Federation celebrates one of the holidays that make up the calendar of the RF Armed Forces. It's about the date that was set by order of the Minister of Defense of Russia in 2003 year. This is the Day of the military topographer. As the starting point of the holiday of military topographers, this date was chosen due to the fact that February 8 (new style) 1812 of the year in the Russian Empire on the basis of the decree of Alexander I established the Provision for military topographical affairs.

Day of the military topographer of the Armed Forces

The topographic service in the modern Armed Forces is responsible for topographic and geodetic support, which is a special component of the military technical service.

The spectrum of the main tasks solved by military topographers is very wide. This is not only the creation, updating and accumulation of topographic maps, the formation of geodesic catalogs and their subsequent delivery to the headquarters and the troops themselves, but also the production of digital, electronic maps and other means with terrain data.

Also military topographers solve the following tasks:

Preparation of initial geodetic and gravimetric bases for ensuring missile launches, flights aviationfiring artillery and combat use of radio systems of various purposes;
production of special maps, photographic images of the area and other means of topographic and geodetic information and the provision of troops to them;
edition of graphic combat documents;
performance of geodetic and cartographic works of federal purpose.

The most important task of the Topographic Service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is the production of types of geospatial information, which is essential for modern troops. Electronic maps and plans of settlements are created using automation equipment, including complexes of automated workplaces ARM-EK. Astronomical, geodetic and gravimetric data are obtained through the use of PNGK-1 mobile navigation and geodetic systems, as well as Geonika-T systems and other hardware-software complexes.

"Military Review" congratulates military topographers on their professional holiday!
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  1. Finches
    Finches 8 February 2017 06: 11
    ABOUT! It is necessary not to forget to congratulate my sidekick - he graduated from the Military Topographic School - one of the oldest military educational institutions in St. Petersburg. Established in 1822 .... and, disbanded by the "effective" manager from furniture production! Here is the infection, the second time this today ..., the reformer of all time remembered out of place!

    With your professional holiday comrades topographers!
  2. Coffee_time
    Coffee_time 8 February 2017 06: 30
    Happy holiday surveyors !!! I wish you success in the forefront of maps and terrain !!!
  3. Dmitry Potapov
    Dmitry Potapov 8 February 2017 06: 36
    The tablet freezes, the site does not work, Google has imposed sanctions, there is no connection with the tower, EW tools work, but it does not concern you, subtle, at first glance it is not very significant, but very necessary work, men (and girls) too!
  4. Sergey Ui
    Sergey Ui 8 February 2017 06: 46
    While the enemy draws maps, we change the landscape laughing
  5. Glory1974
    Glory1974 8 February 2017 13: 42
    Happy holiday to all topographers!
    If the school was dispersed, who is involved in topographic support? The fascists in 41 had color maps. And in 2002, for the whole division, we have one color in the division commander, the rest have black and white copiers.