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Determined participants in the program USAF T-X

According to the blog bmpd, 1 February 2017, the partner corporations Northrop Grumman (USA) and BAE Systems (Britain) officially announced their refusal to participate in the US Air Force T-X competition, which provides for the replacement of Northrop T-38 advanced training aircraft, as it would not be in the interests of companies and their shareholders. "

Previously, Northrop Grumman, in partnership with BAE Systems, L-3 Communications and Scaled Composites, planned to offer a specially designed Northrop Grumman Model 400 aircraft to the T-X program tender. She already had the first prototype of the machine, which was built in secrecy. The first flight took place in Mojave 24 August. It is assumed that the aircraft has a high proportion of composite materials in the design, and it is known that it is equipped with a single General Electrcic F404-GE-102D engine.

Northrop Grumman Model 400

It is believed that the main reason for refusing to participate in the TX project is the cost of contract work: in the US aviation industry there is an opinion that the final choice of TX will be made based on the lowest price of a technically acceptable model. Northrop Grumman, fearing after investing in the project to remain without orders for the model, chose to refrain from developing it.
A few days earlier, Raytheon Corporation left the tender with its T-100 combat training aircraft, a modification of the Italian Leonardo M-346 Master. This company, in turn, could not get its Italian partner Leonardo 30 a percentage reduction in the price of the T-100 offer. As a result, the partnership between Raytheon and Leonardo was terminated, and T-100 (M-346) dropped out of the TX project.


As a result, the two main giants of the American aircraft industry, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, will fight for the TX. The first in partnership with South Korean Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) is offering the T-50А aircraft (a serial version of the KAI T-50), and Boeing together with the Swedish group Saab AB specially developed the Boeing TX (BTX-1) aircraft, the first flight of which was held by 20 December 2016 of the year.


Boeing tx

The American Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) also intends to take part in the program, hoping to develop its aircraft in partnership with the Turkish state-owned aircraft manufacturer Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI).

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  1. Observer2014
    Observer2014 3 February 2017 15: 25
    T-100 -Somewhere, I've probably seen this plane about 15 years ago bully laughing
  2. NEXUS
    NEXUS 3 February 2017 15: 30
    T-50A (not to be confused with PAK FA) painfully resembles our Yak-130.
    1. newcomer
      newcomer 3 February 2017 15: 42
      our yak star. is a success.
      1. Palch
        Palch 3 February 2017 16: 14
        So this is the Yak-130. Or rather a glider. After Yak got into a mess with pasta, the documentation for the glider was divided equally and the rights of sale were the same. They are now selling to the whole world, and we only at home too. So this is the same Yak, only the filling is imported ...
    2. Arh
      Arh 3 February 2017 16: 21
      Quote: NEXUS
      T-50A (not to be confused with PAK FA) painfully resembles our Yak-130.

      Well, you shot, hit a point))) laughing wassat bully
    3. Stas157
      Stas157 3 February 2017 16: 26
      Raytheon Corporation left the tender together with its T-100 combat training aircraft, which is a modification of the Italian Leonardo M-346 Master. This company, in turn, could not get a 30% reduction in the price of the T-100 offer from its Italian partner Leonardo.

      If the analogue of the Yak-130 costs $ 35 million, then a 30% reduction will be 23 million. The Yak-130 itself is offered for 15 million, and our MO bought it for only 9 million dollars, and this time with the ruble falling, it’s possible cheaper! In this regard, it is interesting to calculate the ruble exchange rate in military spending. On airplanes, he has a maximum of 24 rubles per dollar.
  3. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 3 February 2017 15: 38
    Well, who would doubt that the Lockheed Martin and Boeing monsters would win. They have a lobby, and there will be more opportunities than others. Hence the result1
  4. fa2998
    fa2998 3 February 2017 15: 39
    Quote: NEXUS
    similar to our Yak-130

    So the Americans have to offer it. You don’t need to spend on development, the plane is in series. And the price (and Trump is a businessman) is probably much lower than what the American manufacturers offer. Both the Harriers and the Berretts put into service and not only this is. hi
  5. newcomer
    newcomer 3 February 2017 15: 45
    Yes, I have no doubt that the loghid will win. too deeply he got into the trough of the budget.
  6. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 3 February 2017 16: 02
    The T-50 Golden Eagle is the most proven of them. This is a South Korean "mini" -F-16.
    Israel almost took it. But the Italians lobbied, Nathaniu somehow promised Berlusconi
    buy their product
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 3 February 2017 16: 16
      Quote: voyaka uh
      Israel almost took it.

      That's right! Israel, but the Yak-130 took Italian production, and is the largest foreign buyer of this aircraft.
  7. Damir
    Damir 3 February 2017 16: 17
    Aaaaaaa fig turnaround situeviny !!!!! At one time, this Italian half-poker was developed in cooperation with ours .... and after some sort of showdown, our Russians actually gave the Italians a ready-made glider (I don’t remember the details, but the fact is that our bureaucrats didn’t look at the small text in the footnote agreement). by the method of Ostap Ibrahimovic about a relatively honest weaning .... and it turned out in Italy a training aircraft M-346 and we have a Yak-130 .... this is how our experts developed a training aircraft for "our Western friends and partners ...
    1. pafegosoff
      pafegosoff 3 February 2017 16: 32
      What does the small text have to do with it? Serdyukovshchina, Kasyanovschina and Chubayshchina ...
      1. Damir
        Damir 3 February 2017 16: 39
        it may well be so ....
      2. Palch
        Palch 9 February 2017 09: 38
        Do not touch the holy !!! You don’t know what .... these were all secret operations of our government on the collapse of the decaying west !!! Carefully read the materials, including VO, and you will understand that not everything is so simple ..... they were even awarded to everyone ... and even very ... but ... no one should know about this !!!
    2. nebche
      nebche 4 February 2017 04: 29
      In those days, no one read the “small text”, but everyone “knew” that “abroad would help us” and would buy our products “for expensive”. But in the countries of victorious imperialism a different opinion.
  8. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 3 February 2017 16: 30
    It means that the Americans do not want to fly on Yakovlev’s. It's not about the price. Zapadlo Americans to study on the aircraft design Yakovlev Design Bureau. Because the T-100 did not pass.